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Metal Related is a term used on Metal Music Archives (MMA) in regard to artists that, although they do not play metal themselves, still have a place within the metal scene.

On MMA the aim is to build up a complete picture of the metal music genre and its associated scene, and the Metal Related Genres umbrella sub allows the inclusion of related bands and side projects of metal musicians to be included in the site database, along with artists that exist on the fringes of the metal scene by including elements of metal in their music, but haven't ever made a fully fledged metal album. There are also sections for some of the more closely related genres to metal.

There are five sections to the metal related section on MMA: Hard Rock (encompasses heavy psych and heavier progressive rock and more), Hardcore & Crust (punk genres that can sometimes be metallic), Metal Related (releases with metal elements), Non-Metal (mostly a catch all for releases that don't otherwise fit, but also sometimes used for related bands and side-projects to be included on MMA) and Proto-Metal (artists involved in the early development of the metal genre). Each sub-genre is governed by its own rules and policies, some with dedicated teams and some handled by the site admins. More can be learned about each by listing their individual sub-genre pages.

Nothing is ever added directly to the parent Metal Related Genres page. It is merely an umbrella sub used to group the five child sub-genres in one place.

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WISHBONE ASH Argus Album Cover Argus
4.57 | 32 ratings
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4.91 | 10 ratings
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JIMI HENDRIX Are You Experienced? Album Cover Are You Experienced?
4.50 | 45 ratings
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THE WHO Who's Next Album Cover Who's Next
4.48 | 39 ratings
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NEAL MORSE Sola Scriptura Album Cover Sola Scriptura
4.48 | 36 ratings
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TRANSATLANTIC Bridge Across Forever Album Cover Bridge Across Forever
4.55 | 23 ratings
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QUEEN Queen II Album Cover Queen II
4.42 | 67 ratings
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KING CRIMSON Red Album Cover Red
4.38 | 102 ratings
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KING CRIMSON Larks' Tongues In Aspic Album Cover Larks' Tongues In Aspic
4.37 | 93 ratings
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KING CRIMSON In The Court Of The Crimson King Album Cover In The Court Of The Crimson King
4.36 | 101 ratings
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NEAL MORSE One Album Cover One
4.62 | 14 ratings
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JIMI HENDRIX Axis: Bold As Love Album Cover Axis: Bold As Love
4.43 | 34 ratings
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.. Album Cover
The Sweet Smell Of Unrest
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.. Album Cover
Fountains Beneath Hell
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.. Album Cover
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.. Album Cover
Eye Flys
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CHELSEA WOLFE She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She

Album · 2024 · Non-Metal
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siLLy puPPy
The queen of modern freaky downer chick music is back after taking time off since 2019’s “Birth Of Violence” to get sober as well as to make an unlikely collaborative release with the grindcore band Converge not to mention another buddy project with Tyler Bates for the “X” film score. Of all these game changes it was certainly the sobriety issue that has haunted California native CHELSEA WOLFE since her childhood. Something had to give and she chose the alcohol. Good call. Take it from me. Hangovers suck.

WOLFE returns with a collection of 10 interesting tracks that deviate significantly from her previous output. While she’s delved into everything from alternative rock, ethereal wave, neofolk, psychedelic rock and industrial rock to even sludge metal, a few elements have been fairly consistent in her sound. CHELSEA has always been and remains a Goth girl and the whole Gothic rock scene of the 80s ranging from Depeche Mode to The Cure still finds a major role in her musical journey.

New to her musical palette is trip hop, the kind of hypo-trance dance music that Portishead and Tricky were dishing out in the 90s. On SHE REACHES OUT, WOLFE has infused a number of influences into her eclectic witch’s brew this round. In addition to the post-industrial and trip hop elements that provide the meaty sinew of the album’s run, the album has moments that will bring all kinds of artists like Bjork, Massive Attack Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and even TV On The Radio, the latter making the most sense of all due to TV On The Radio’s very own guitarist Dave Sitek sitting in the producer’s chair this time around.

SHE REACHES OUT TO SHE REACHES OUT TO SHE is a rather dark album with ominous electronic tones accompanied by industrial beats. WOLFE’s contemplative vocal style doesn’t struggle to be heard but merely surrenders to the musical flow leaving certain tracks finding her muted and overwhelmed while on other slower ballads such as “Place In The Sun” regaining the fortitude to take the bull by the horn and lead the orchestrated musical procession. The cavernous nature of the production is one of the greatest achievements as it allows the musical delivery to reveal WOLFE’s vulnerability and thus connection to a world oft perceived as too large and too overwhelming to navigate.

While the downer vibe is persistent from the first second to the closing of “Dusk,” the tracks are actually quite varied within that context allowing a fascinating album to feel cohesively unique and also finding a new footing for WOLFE as she takes on the world without the crutches of alcohol. The album has been declared one of WOLFE’s most ambitious and carefully crafted and that would be no exaggeration. This is one of those album’s where lyrical poetic proses intersects with meticulously crafted melodies augmented by the layering effect of industrial electronica and then set to various beats, the lion’s share finding their way in the trip hop realm but the beauty of the album is that tracks often deviate from their initiating style and close with a totally new stylistic approach.

In other words, the album sounds fresh and organically composed as the creativity was obviously firing on all pistons. The album effortlessly connects the industrial rock past with the modern world of mixing, production and electronic wizardry. WOLFE is certainly up to the task as her singing style is as strong as ever made all the more invigorating by the excellent musical accompaniments. The album really does breeze by way too fast as there are really no duds on board and the album shines in trip hop splendor much like the perfection of the Portishead albums some 25 years ago. This is a proud moment for CHELSEA WOLFE where she has turned the corner and found her creative mojo has only become stronger without the detrimental dependency of abusive substances.

ANATHEMA Alternative 4

Album · 1998 · Metal Related
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Quite plainly, one of my personal favorite albums ever released. Despite that, I have trouble finding the right words to paint such a picture. If you’ve heard the album, it speaks for itself. If you haven’t yet heard it…

Imagine your world has just been shattered. Not in any vague sense, no – the person you care about and trust most in the whole world has just betrayed you. Initially you feel intense, stabbing pain; the world as you knew it is no more. Your vulnerable, unguarded heart takes the full brunt of the blow from the one you least expected to ever hurt you. Or, maybe you always knew. The pain sets, stays, and eats away at all you are.

Then the implications set in. If the person you cared about most in the whole world betrayed you, how can you trust anyone? How can you trust yourself? It was you who let your guard down around them, after all. Anxiety. Pain. Insanity. Pain. Paranoia. Pain. A desire to escape, by any means necessary…

Then comes the anger, the hate. They did this to you. They should be the one suffering for this. You’d love a chance to pay that back. You dare, you hope for them to make another mistake and give you any excuse.

But as time passes, memories remain. And there were so many good memories. There was love, once. Flashes of passion and genuine feeling come back, and once more the unavoidable pain starts again. It hurts because you loved them. It still hurts because a part of you still loves a part of them.

Regret. Genuine, existential regret. One of the worst feelings a human can feel. What have you lost? What have you become? Could things have gone differently? Is it your fault? Can you have one more chance?

Eventually, there is acceptance. It is the only way to carry on. But this isn’t exactly a happy ending. It’s simply s transition that allows time to keep moving. Flashes of everything still hit. The toll of the experience still weighs heavy. An unfortunate shade of misanthropy might persist. But one must keep living, and moving forward. An “It is what it is” and a carrying on towards destiny.

Breaking from that, the only weakness here is the title track, which doesn’t fit with the theme, mood, sound, or anything at all really. It’s fine on its own, but far below the quality and power of the rest of the album.


Live album · 2012 · Metal Related
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The Incident had a somewhat mixed reception as far as Porcupine Tree albums go, and heralded the start of the hiatus which was only alleviated just recently with the release of Closure/Continuation. Octane Twisted, then, is one of the last documents of the pre-hiatus version of Porcupine Tree, hailing as it does from the Incident tour and leading off with the 55-minute song cycle which formed the first CD of that album in initial versions. (More recent rereleases take the less wasteful and more economical approach of putting all the songs on one CD - for they will fit.)

As it stands, I think I faintly prefer this live rendition of the epic to the version on the album - it feels a bit looser, more organic, the band a little more comfortable with the direction it represents. Following this up with a nicely selected clutch of tracks from across the Porcupine Tree back catalogue, Octane Twisted is about as good a presentation as this material had.

Nonetheless, I don't find it as compelling as, say, the live albums from the Fear of a Blank Planet period, the band feeling perhaps a touch tired at this point - suggesting that the hiatus was, perhaps, a creatively necessary and inevitable thing at this point. It's also hard to deny that things perk up a bit on the second half; The Incident has its merits, but it still feels like it wasn't quite the album it could be, that something was a little askew in the process which prevented it from hitting the standards of preceding albums.


EP · 1982 · Non-Metal
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"Evilive" is a live EP release by US hardcore punk act The Misfits. The EP was released through Plan 9 Reocords in December 1982. "Evilive" was re-released in October 1987 in a live album format featuring 5 additional tracks. 7 tracks were recorded December 17, 1981, at The Ritz in New York City and the remaining 5 tracks were recorded November 20, 1981, at On Broadway in San Francisco.

"Evilive" is an authentic sounding "warts and all" type live release and I´d be surprised to learn that the band had added any overdubs to the recordings, because this is really raw and savage sounding. It´s not what I would call bootleg lo-fi sound quality, but it´s close. It´s probably a true document of what The Misfits sounded like on stage in late 1981, and while the sound quality isn´t exactly pristine, and especially Glenn Danzig´s vocals fade in and out as he moves around stage, and he don´t always master singing the in the same volume, it´s still a pretty charming live release if you can enjoy them simple and raw. The hard edged and fast-paced "We Are 138" (featuring Henry Rollins from Black Flag on backing vocals) is especially chaotic in the vocal department.

The Misfits burn through classic tracks like "London Dungeon", "Horror Business", and "Night of the Living Dead" like there´s no tomorrow, and it´s as close to actually being at the venue as you can possibly get. Audience noise, sound issues, playing mistakes and all the things which makes a real sweaty rock/punk/metal concert worth attending. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.


Live album · 2010 · Metal Related
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Recorded on the Fear of a Blank Planet tour, this show from (as the title implies) Atlanta was one of several considered for a live release, before the band eventually settled on the show from Holland to form the basis of the Anesthetize live album and blu-ray.

Eventually, Atlanta would see release on a download basis (initially to raise some money to help Japan bassist Mick Karn's family during his final illness), and whilst its set list has much in common with Anesthetize, the atmosphere here is so absolutely electric that many Porcupine Tree fanatics will want to have both shows to hand, and the slightly shorter track list makes the thing more digestible to boot.

This is absolutely the sort of thing you could put on to instantly hook a curious listener on the late 2000s sound of Porcupine Tree, with an excellent group of songs drawing heavily on In Absentia, Deadwing, and Fear of a Blank Planet, with a pinch from Nil Recurring and some archival dives into Stupid Dream and Signify to round out the running time.

By this point, Porcupine Tree had honed their sound wonderfully, intensive gigging having refined the Blank Planet material to perfection. Whilst prior phases of the band could be pigeonholed as space rock or indie-prog, here the group were in a sonic realm all of their own, following no bandwagon or genre and guided only by their own inspiration. The result is marvellous.

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Movie · 2010 · Metal Related
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Porcupine Tree's live performances in the wake of Fear of a Blank Planet are pretty well-documented - as well as this live release you also have live albums like Atlanta, Ilosaarirock, and We Lost the Skyline from this era - but Anesthetize deserves to stand head and shoulders above all but Atlanta, which is close to the same standard but a mite shorter. Released both as audio and as a DVD of the performance, it's a stunning performance which sees them offering a host of compelling tracks from what at this point was a very rich repertoire indeed. After this would come the Incident and then the hiatus, but for my money this perhaps represents the peak of what Porcupine Tree were doing in the 2000s.

PENDRAGON Past And Presence

Movie · 2007 · Non-Metal
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Pendragon's Past and Presence captures a very special concert put on by Pendragon in celebration of the band's history. Recorded in Poland as a special treat for their very appreciative Polish fanbase, the concert saw a host of past members of the band making special guest appearances - with all the current and ex-Pendragon members present taking to the stage for show closer Stan and Ollie (a good call, since the song was essentially written as a goof-off piece to round off the band's sets with a happy party number, much like Marillion's Margaret).

Aside from 2AM from Kowtow (present as one of several encores), the songs here are all vintage Pendragon from their very earliest days - you have all the tracks from The Jewel and the Fly High Fall Far EP here, plus some delicious rarities otherwise only available in inferior versions on the Once Upon a Time In England compilations. Two decades have come and gone since the band recorded the versions of the songs we're most familiar with, and the additional experience really does show. Many of the songs here blow the original studio versions out of the water - even songs which sounded pretty decent on the original recordings, such as The Black Knight.

I'd go so far as to say that this show is, perhaps, the best way to experience Pendragon's material from before The World came out. Certainly, I would strongly encourage people to pick up the limited edition version which comes with a 2CD audio version of the show, because the audio stands up really well on there and I actually find I listen to the CD more than I watch the actual show. The main limitation here is that the material in question is a bit rough and naive, but the band couldn't really fix that without abandoning the idea of a nostalgia show.

NEAL MORSE Morsefest! 5015

Movie · 2017 · Metal Related
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Morsefest! 2015 is a live release by US musician Neal Morse. Morsefest! shows are without a doubt the most special Neal Morse shows that a fan could attend – a two day event with a different Neal Morse set each night. Morsefest! 2015 was released on either a 2x blu-ray or 4 x CD/2x DVD package in 2017. Strictly speaking it is The Neal Morse Band playing on the release – Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Gillette & Bill Hubauer – but Morsefest! 2015 was released under just Neal Morse's name likely due to the event's focus on his albums ? (2005) and Sola Scriptura (2007).

While the focus is indeed on those albums, with ? played in full on night one and Sola Scriptura in full on night two, the set is varied with various extra tracks. The Neal Morse Band had released their debut album The Grand Experiment earlier in 2015 and that album also gets a fair airing across the two nights, particularly in the first half of night one with The Call, the title track and the limited edition bonus track New Jerusalem gets played, while Waterfall was featured on night two complete with some instrument changes for various band members. Three Spock's Beard songs are also brought out, Go the Way You Go on night one and At the End of the Day and Wind at My Back on night two, the latter two featuring Nick D'Virgilio first on drums then co-lead vocals. An edited version of Transatlantic's near eighty minute whole album epic The Whirlwind closes the second night, with further guest vocals by D'Virgilio and guitar by Phil Keaggy, who also makes an appearance on night one and was the support act for the event. Finally the band brings to the live stage for the first time a lesser known Neal Morse epic called A Whole Nother Trip, which appeared on his first solo album while still a member of Spock's Beard amongst what was otherwise a bunch of pop songs. There is also a cover of the song MacArthur Park, originally released by Richard Harris, which has been given the prog treatment by Bill Hubauer on challenge from Mike Portnoy. Neal Morse hates the song apparently and always swore he'd never cover it, but there you go. Hubauer sings lead on it.

The main draw to the Morsefest! 2015 live release is of course the full performance of two of Neal Morse's best known albums. ? is basically one long song in and of itself and is treated like the crowning piece of what Morse describes as a night of epics – a fair description when the shortest song is about seven and a half minutes long. For me personally the performance of Sola Scriptura is the key focal point of the two night show though. That's my personal favourite Neal Morse album, not to mention the one that really got me into his music. It's also one of his heaviest and most metal works which along with various parts of The Neal Morse Band's music gives a metallic edge to those otherwise symphonic progressive rock fuelled double concert.

Morsefest! 2015 is one heck of a show if you're into progressive rock. The scope is tremendous not just through the double show but each night's set is over two hours a pop as well. The amount of musicians on stage at one time goes far beyond the core band – far too many to recite in a review. Suffice to say there's a lot of people involved to pull this off. The sound and picture quality of the blu-ray release is excellent and you certainly get a lot of music for your money. The only fault with the set is that one listed bonus feature called Prog Jeopardy is completely missing from the release. Not sure what the story is there, perhaps it was planned and had to be cut for some reason and they forget to change the inserts before going to the press, who knows? But you weren't buying this for the bonus features anyway right?

There are several of the Morsefest shows released by the time of writing this review in September 2020 so which one holds the most appeal to each fan will of course be different. 2015 was a no brainer for me due to my particular love of Sola Scriptura. Someone else may think 2014's focus on Testimony (2003) and One (2004) or 2017's Testimony 2 (2011) and The Similitude of a Dream (2016) to be better options for them. Regardless any Neal Morse fan owns it to themselves to pick up at least one of these releases for his most special and exclusive concerts.

PORCUPINE TREE Arriving Somewhere...

Movie · 2006 · Metal Related
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Focusing on the more metal-oriented material from Deadwing and In Absentia - though notably steering it back in a more rock-oriented direction in order to allow this material to sit a little more comfortably beside the "indie prog rock" stylings of Stupid Dream, Lightbulb Sun and Recordings (picks from all of which surface here). Fans of their earlier psychedelic and space rock styles might be disappointed that those aren't represented, but on the plus side there's a liberal sprinkling of rarities here such as the glorious Buying New Soul as well as Revenant, So-Called Friend and Mother and Child Divided, those three songs having only appeared on various special editions of Deadwing. Not the definitive Porcupine Tree live experience, but a pretty decent one nonetheless.

BLIND FAITH London Hyde Park 1969

Movie · 2006 · Proto-Metal
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Blind Faith -London Hyde Park 1969 dvd. An excellent concert.Quite simple concert.A beautiful day and a hundred thousand people in London´s central Hyde Park listens Blind Faith in their first big gig.Absolutely wonderful.For me the historic value of this concert.Rating 4,0 stars for me.Concert will be held 07/06/1969.Performers lineup eric clapton lead guitar,steve winwood phenomenal vocal and keyboards, rick grech on bass and of course phenomenal ginger baker on drums.This is an example of the unique combination of two large groups of Cream and Traffic rights in the Great introducetd in London´s Hyde Park.Really very interesting concert series watch it again on dvd.I highly recommend.

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