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Zolar X is a proto-punk glam rock band, established in 1973, recently staging a comeback. From 1973 to 1981 Zolar X became legendary on the west coast USA for dressing and acting like space-aliens 24 hours a day. They spoke ceaselessly in an "alien language" of their own invention, which would amuse, but often infuriate the public at large. They are referred to as "Los Angeles' first glam rock band" in the 1998 book Glam by Barney Hoskyns. Zolar X's origin is included in author Marc Spitz and Brendan Mullen's quintessential 2001 book on the Los Angeles punk scene We Got The Neutron Bomb. In the 1970s, Zolar X's outlandish image was matched by over the top performances, otherworldly stage sets, and their unique brand of glitter-space-rock. They were the house band at famed Los Angeles nightclub Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, which was recently immortalized in George Hickenlooper's 2004 documentary read more...
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ZOLAR-X Timeless album cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Proto-Metal 2004
ZOLAR-X X Marks The Spot album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
X Marks The Spot
Non-Metal 2007
ZOLAR-X Zap! You're Zolarized album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Zap! You're Zolarized
Non-Metal 2007

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ZOLAR-X Space Age Love album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Space Age Love
Proto-Metal 1974

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Album · 2004 · Proto-Metal
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siLLy puPPy
Referred to as the first LA glam rock band according to the 1998 book “Glam” by Barney Hoskyns amongst others of the same opinion, the bizarre ZOLAR X was proof of the fact that success in the music industry is a mere roll of the dice with not talent, originality or even popularity in live settings dictating the whims of Lady Luck. Such is the case with one of the most popular mondo bizarro proto-punk pioneers of the LA glam rock scene formed in 1973 who not only were famous fort heir catchy proto-punk space anthems that captured the anti-pomp anxiety gestating in the West Coast scenes during an era of hippie entitlement but most noted for their outrageous appearance and behavior as they dressed and acted like space aliens and even invented their own language and so committed were they that the band lived the part and stayed in character 24/7. Having taken the live LA glam rock circuit by storm, for a short time they ruled the scene. Not bad for a bunch of freaks who claimed they came from Zolaria, Plutonia!

Having caught the public’s attention with their bona fide detachment from anything terrestrial and sort of resembled kitschy alien action figures that looked like a possible rock band from Mr Spock’s home planet of Vulcan (note their pointy ears!), ZOLAR X equally caught the city by storm with their exquisitely constructed space-infused rock compositions that left no attendees un-rocked during their live performances. Yes, the world had been invaded by these freaks who came in peace (although the toy ray guns may have lead some to conclude otherwise) but despite all the attention getting raucous rockers they churned out coupled with some of the most outrageous live performances of the entire LA glam rock scene, ZOLAR X skirted through the 70s without a record deal and as a result of the ensuing ventures into drug related addictions and other tales of woe entered the following decade placed in the rare category of having been classic live performers who never released a single album.

Despite the elusive opportunities smacking them on the face and then provokingly running away, ZOLAR X were at long last redeemed when long time fan Jello Biafra finally collected more than a decade’s worth of material and then better late than never released the collection TIMELESS on his Alternative Tentacles label in 2004. So at long last, after decades of degradation and every personal setback humanly (or is that “alienly” possible?), the glitzy space rockers finally garnered the attention they deserved and jumped back into their time capsules to work on previously unfinished endeavors as LA’s best rock ’n roll obscurities that somehow missed the train and ended up stranded at the station for 30 years. Only this time they were up to the challenge and have been releasing new albums and touring ever since. TIMELESS is more than a collection of tracks that paints the picture of a band who was in the same league as their hugely successful contemporaries but is a history lesson delving into the timeline of that alternative universe where this album would be considered more of a “greatest hits” collection rather than a tribute to “lost opportunities.”

TIMLESS cuts right to the chase with a short little introductory narrative “Recitation” in their invented language sounding like they are in a sound portal but sets the perfect tone for the reckless rocker “Timeless” which indicates immediately what made ZOLAR X, so well, different. Immediately they not only exude a self-prophesy in that title and simultaneously display their influences and who they influenced. There is of course the obvious “Ziggy Stardust” era of David Bowie but not as much as you’d expect. There’s a clear nod to the heavy proto-punk scene of The Stooges and New York Dolls but they also display a much heavier approach entering proto-metal territory with riffing that was much heavier and faster than anything other glam rockers other than possibly The Sweet were churning out at the time.

ZOLAR X had the knack of creating catchy pop laden melodies brazened with the perfect punk angst frosted with psychedelia and even ventured into the progressive rock world with their amazingly complex compositions “Horizon Suite” and “Plutonian Elf Story,” the former which sails through three distinct segments and lasts well over 10 minutes while the latter offers a humorous journey into their space kitsch laid out in prog fashion. While their appearance and stage antics seem to have gotten most of the lion’s share of attention, the musicianship of these alien forces is also quite astonishing as the riffs are catchy, tight and to the point. ZOLAR X were keen songwriting machines and every track shines its own unique light onto their overall sound. ZOLAR X was founded by Stephen Della Bosca who renamed himself Ygarrist, and was the songwriter in chief as well as an accomplished guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist. The rest of the band just fell into place with band members adopting equally looney names: Zany Zatovian on the space bass, Eon Flash and Rom Eclipse on drums and we can’t forget to name Rogan on keys!

TIMELESS is the ultimate testament to these forgotten legends who never found their just dessert in the brutal dictates of the 70s LA music scene and leaves me wondering how many other crazy talented acts were also left behind in the mad rush for finding the next money making enterprise in the greedy money grubbing days of record company executives. ZOLAR X proves they are indeed one of the greats who crafted a sound and image infinitely more diverse than any of the bands they would influence and light years away from the limiting sounds of The Stooges, The Kinks or other similarly sounding acts. Whether it be the bluesy rock ’n roll shuffles that remind of glam rock’s antecedents or the heavy punk infused rockers that got them noticed and cited as pioneers in the field, the story of ZOLAR X is an interesting one and TIMELESS perfectly demonstrates the band’s evolution from their formation in 1973 to their ultimate initial demise in 1981.

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