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Angel is a glam rock and heavy metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in the mid-70s by Punky Meadows and Mickey Jones. It was signed to Casablanca Records, and had the image of dressing in white.

Angel was discovered by KISS bass player Gene Simmons performing at a nightclub and was signed to Kiss’s record label Casablanca.

Angel's image of dressing in all white was a deliberate contrast to Kiss, which wore black. Angel sported an androgynous image and elaborate stage sets. It was slammed by rock critics, and Frank Zappa ridiculed the all-male band’s female appearance in the song “Punky’s Whips.” Angel never achieved mass commercial success but acquired a following as a cult band.

Its first album was the self-titled Angel and consisted of guitarist Punky Meadows, bassist Mickie Jones, vocalist Frank Dimino, keyboardist Gregg Giuffria, and drummer Barry Brandt. This lineup would hold for the following two albums, Helluva
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ANGEL Angel album cover 4.42 | 6 ratings
Hard Rock 1975
ANGEL Helluva Band album cover 4.09 | 7 ratings
Helluva Band
Hard Rock 1976
ANGEL On Earth As It Is In Heaven album cover 3.38 | 4 ratings
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Hard Rock 1977
ANGEL White Hot album cover 3.38 | 4 ratings
White Hot
Non-Metal 1978
ANGEL Sinful album cover 2.67 | 3 ratings
Non-Metal 1979
ANGEL In The Beginning album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
In The Beginning
Hard Rock 2000
ANGEL Risen album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Hard Rock 2019

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ANGEL Live Without A Net album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Live Without A Net
Hard Rock 1980

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ANGEL Can You Feel It album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Can You Feel It
Hard Rock 1989
ANGEL An Anthology album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
An Anthology
Hard Rock 1992

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Album · 2019 · Hard Rock
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Kev Rowland
Back in 1978 I was given a cassette by a mate of mine to see what I thought of the music. It was the new greatest hits collection by a band I had never heard of, and as this was a good old TDK-90 there were no images. I took it home and that night fell in love with the music of Kiss, and the compilation ‘Double Platinum’. It was quite a shock when I first saw what they looked like to be honest. As well as soon being a fully paid up member of the Kiss Army when it launched in the UK, I not only was wearing a denim jacket with Kiss emblazoned across the back, and buying every album I could find by the band, but was also seeking out bands that had some connection. That was how I came across Van Halen, but the band which really made the impact on me was Angel. Signed to the same label as Kiss due to being discovered by Gene Simmons, there was something about their melodic heavy keyboard-driven music which fascinated me. The first album I bought was ‘On Earth As It Is In Heaven’, but quickly realised that their masterpiece was ‘Heluuva Band’. Frank DiMino had an amazing voice, Punky Meadows had great licks while in Gregg Giuffria they had one of the greatest pomp keyboard players. But they burned hot and they burned fast, and by 1981 it was all over. Giuffria made a name for himself with his own band and in House of Lords, but I was saddened by the loss of the band who I felt never really gained the acclaim they deserved,

I never lost my love for Angel, and in the Nineties when my daughters were looking for a present for me, I asked for the import double CD set ‘Live Without A Net’. There was another album in 1999, but although singer Frank DiMino and drummer Barry Brandt gave it some authenticity it just didn’t have the impact or passion I expected. So when an email turned up in my inbox a few weeks ago offering me the new Angel album I was totally shocked as I wasn’t aware that Punky and Frank had been working together again after all this time as I thought that Punky had left the music business altogether. Checking the web I can see he did, but returned with an album in 2015 which featured among others Danny Farrow (rhythm guitar, vocals) and keyboard player Charlie Calv, who along with bassist Steve Ojane, and drummer Billy Orrico comprise the new line-up.

Even before I listened to it, I looked at the cover and it just made me smile. At the top there is the ambigrammatic logo (it looks the same upside down), and there are all the band dressed in white staring at the photographer, just as they did on all their original albums (apart from the debut). Punky just doesn’t look his 69 years, and if Zappa was still around today, I am sure he would enjoy penning a sequel to “Punky’s Whips”. If the cover took me back to being a teenager once again, the music did so even more. The keyboards aren’t quite so front and centre as they used to be, but Frank is singing as well as ever, and Punky is relishing the opportunity to be more central than when he was always vying with Gregg for musical dominance. There are also now two guitars in the line-up, whereas there only used to be one, so it is no surprise they have come more to the fore.

The production is superb, and the hooks are there for all to hear. It isn’t a perfect album, in that there are a few places where it drags, but if this was edited down to the length of their albums in the late Seventies then I am sure we would be asking exactly where it sits in the pantheon. Would it be above ‘Sinful’? Probably, but although it wouldn’t topple ‘Helluva Band’, it would be pushing hard. Talking of which, my favourite song from the band has always been “The Tower”, so I was somewhat surprised, and concerned, to see that they had decided to re-record that as the closer of the 17 numbers . The initial keyboards are quite different, but when the drums come in it is very close indeed to the original, but the band aren’t trying to recreate what was achieved back in 1976, but rather show they understand where they came from.

I have been listening to this a great deal, and while I am fully aware that is probably in many ways because I loved them so much some forty years ago, but this is a great album which certainly doesn’t sound as if they have been away for so long. Angel are still one helluva band.

ANGEL Helluva Band

Album · 1976 · Hard Rock
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Kev Rowland
Angel were discovered playing in a bar by Gene Simmons, who promptly convinced Casablanca to sign them to provide a totally different image to that of Kiss. A friend had introduced me to the joys of the painted ones, and we both wondered what Angel were like so went out and bought an album each. While I had ‘On Earth As It Is In Heaven’, my mate had ‘Helluva Band’, and on close musical inspection it was obvious who had the better album. It must be twenty years since I last heard this, and I am indebted to Nick who lent it to me. I had been searching for it on the web (typical, I have since found one for sale), but when doing the index I saw that Nick had reviewed it in the past. An email later and I was playing “The Fortune” and had been transported back in time. So is this just a nostalgia trip on my part or is it any good? The answer has to be certainly the latter. While the rhythm section provided the background, and Punky Meadows the guitar (he was supposedly the inspiration for Zappa’s “Punky’s Whips”) the two highlights of the band had to be keyboard player Gregg Giuffria and vocalist Frank Dimino. Gregg is the only member of the band to have surfaced since their demise, in both Giuffria and House Of Lords. The music was strongly based around his keyboards, giving the hard rock band a much more pomp sound. Frank had one of the highest vocals in rock, more in common with Jon Anderson than any other hard rock singer. The combination of these factors with music that was very melodic although not mainstream gave Angel their own distinctive sound.

Sadly they never gained the fame that they deserved although they did have a few hit singles in the US. Apparently Frank and drummer Barry Brandt got back together and recorded an album under the Angel moniker in 1999, but it came to nothing.

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