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Trapeze were an English rock band formed in March 1969, by vocalist John Jones and guitarist/keyboardist Terry Rowley (who named the band), with guitarist Mel Galley, singer/bassist Glenn Hughes, and drummer Dave Holland. The band had a fairly fluid line up, finally dissolving in 1994, and although they never found commercial success themselves, several members went on to join better known bands, including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, and Uriah Heep. The core and most familiar line-up of the band was Glenn Hughes, Mel Galley, and Dave Holland. After Glenn Hughes' departure in June 1973, Galley and Holland kept the band together with constantly varying members until 1979, when Holland went on to join Judas Priest. Holland tried to revive the band in 1990, after leaving Priest, but the band finally broke up in 1994. Their first three albums remain their best known and most commercially successful.

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TRAPEZE Trapeze album cover 3.00 | 3 ratings
Proto-Metal 1970
TRAPEZE Medusa album cover 3.76 | 8 ratings
Proto-Metal 1970
TRAPEZE You Are The Music... We're Just The Band album cover 3.81 | 4 ratings
You Are The Music... We're Just The Band
Proto-Metal 1972
TRAPEZE Hot Wire album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Hot Wire
Hard Rock 1974
TRAPEZE Trapeze(1976) album cover 2.50 | 1 ratings
Hard Rock 1976
TRAPEZE Hold On album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Hold On
Hard Rock 1978
TRAPEZE Running album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Hard Rock 1978

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TRAPEZE Live In Texas: Dead Armadillos album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Live In Texas: Dead Armadillos
Proto-Metal 1981
TRAPEZE Trapeze Live: Way Back To The Bone album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Trapeze Live: Way Back To The Bone
Proto-Metal 1998
TRAPEZE Welcome To The Real World: Live At The Borderline 1992 album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Welcome To The Real World: Live At The Borderline 1992
Proto-Metal 1998
TRAPEZE Live at the Boat Club album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live at the Boat Club
Proto-Metal 2003

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TRAPEZE The Final Swing album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
The Final Swing
Proto-Metal 1974
TRAPEZE High Flyers: The Best Of Trapeze album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
High Flyers: The Best Of Trapeze
Proto-Metal 1996
TRAPEZE Hot Wire / Trapeze album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Hot Wire / Trapeze
Proto-Metal 2008

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Album · 1970 · Proto-Metal
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A band whose line-up sounds like a supergroup, Trapeze was home to vocals / bass Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Gary More, Iommi, solo, and more), guitar / vocals Mel Galley (Whitesnake, Phenomena), and drums / percussion Dan Holland (Judas Priest). The band formed as a five-piece and cut their self-titled debut in 1969. Shortly after, two members left, and Trapeze recorded two albums with this line-up until Hughes left in ’73 to join Deep Purple. Despite the short life span of this line-up, Hughes / Galley / Holland remains the best-known incarnation of Trapeze.

I first picked up this album several years ago while exploring bands that featured members who had been or were in Deep Purple. I had heard the name Trapeze two decades earlier when reading about the Judas Priest story and Dan Holland’s former band was mentioned. At the time I bought this album, I also bought “You’re the Music… We’re Just the Band” (the follow-up to “Medusa”) shortly after. This third album much better captured what I had expected from a Glenn Hughes band. The guitar sound was punchier and rocked out more, the vocals were more soulful, and the music had more swagger. Initially I was disappointed with “Medusa” and for a few years it remained untouched.

Jump to 2015 and there’s me putting together a six-CD playlist of proto-metal songs and scrounging around in my CD collection, and then Trapeze turns up. I only ever liked one track from this album, “Makes You Wanna Cry”, because it had a cool groove, some sweet power chords, Galley’s sincere guitar solo workout which was good enough to feel, and some great simple but funky bass, not to mention Holland’s solid drumming. Strangely enough, as I only ever gave this song so many repeat listens, I had the impression that Hughes’ vocals were really different from how he would sing on future recordings. I thought he sounded closer to the likes of Ozzy Osbourne on this song. Listening to the whole album through for the first time in years, I can now easily hear the power, the rough edge, and the soul in Hughes’ singing on all the other songs. A bit raw mind you, but it is unmistakably Glenn Hughes. Here, however, I am puzzled. I had to suspect that Mel Galley might have had the lead vocal duties. He wrote the song. Did he sing it? I searched around the Net but only found that he had taken over lead vocal duties after Hughes left. Could he have been the lead vocalist on this one track? The annals of Internet rock history are not speaking.

But this album, I have discovered at last, is more than just one good song and it rocks harder and heavier than I first gave it credit for. This time I am hearing “Medusa” not from a background of Deep Purple but from recent proto-metal explorations and this album is quite a fine taster of early heavy rock. Many have cited the Free similarities; however, most of Free’s work did not reach this level of hard hitting. And though there are moments when Hughes may sound a bit like Paul Rogers, Hughes puts much more power into his vocal deliver. The instrumental side of the band can really slam at times, even in songs like “Black Cloud” and “Touch My Life” which do start out sounding more like Free.

Trapeze went beyond simple blues-based and laid back or funky hard rock on “Medusa”. The title track and “Jury” start off with acoustic guitar but break into a heavy and grave atmosphere that is not far off from some of the proto-doom metal sounds that were on vinyl at the time.

The sound on this album is simple and clear. Vocals, guitar, bass, and drums with some bongos added on a track or two and acoustic and clean electric playing simultaneously on another track or two. “You’re the Music…” has a denser sound with more of a whump, whump feel. “Medusa” sounds more like a smack, crack that really works to bring out the impact of the music.

I am glad that I came back to this album. Now when I read how it is one of the greatest underrated and most overlooked albums of its time, I can understand why others feel that way. Out of so many proto-metal albums I have reviewed, this is one of the few to really deliver a steady, solid round of hard rocking and heavy hitting numbers, with a few touches of delicate acoustic in the mix for seasoning but without spoiling the flavour.

TRAPEZE You Are The Music... We're Just The Band

Album · 1972 · Proto-Metal
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Before buying "Medusa" I had never heard a Trapeze song before. But I knew about Glenn Hughes from his work with Deep Purple and less so from his work on Black Sabbath's "Seventh Star". With DP his voice was soulfull and rock 'n' roll, and the music was rockin' and funky. I expected that would be what I would find with Trapeze. Reading the reviews on Amazon, I figured "Medusa" would be the album to go with, but honestly I was not too thrilled. The album was good but never really hit me. Hughes often sounded a bit more like early Sabbath Ozzy and the music was more like Free meets early Judas Priest.

This album, however, is what I thought Trapeze would be like. It's a combination of seventies funk/rock plus hard rock. The album opens with a blistering guitar attack of heavy chords with a thumping beat. The song lightens up a bit after the intro but the album already has my attention. The next two tracks have Hughes giving us his voice in full range, with so much range and variety I can't believe it's the same guy on Medusa. Sometime during all that touring in the U.S. he seems to have really found his voice. From Uriah Heep-like shrill screams to thick-throated soulful laments Hughes comes across like three different singers before the album is half through. Indeed, he is credited with "all voices" in the jacket.

The songs come out funky or heavy, with tracks like "Way Back to the Bone" and "Feelin' So Much Better Now" letting the heavy guitar beast out of the cage. Mel Galley totally cooks on some of the solos and Dave Holland gives his drums a good workout. All three members seem to have found new sounds and new ideas with which to work and they are giving it everything they have.

Though the sound quality is a slight bit muddy on this album, the talent and energy more than make up for it. I'm glad I found the Trapeze I was looking for.


Album · 1970 · Proto-Metal
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TRAPEZE is a very unique band. Some called it a LED ZEPPELIN pier. I don't argue with that as I've heard the Zep touch indeed, but Glenn Hughes brought his funky groove too and I heard some doom/bluesy element of BLACK SABBATH. 'Medusa' is my introductory record to the band, recommended by a close friend who really dug classic rock and he said this is a must try. After couple of spins, I must say, it's a good album but not sure whether it can match any of the first four LED ZEPPELIN albums.

'Black Cloud' is a massive opener, I can safely say this is the best song they made here and good choice of putting it as the first track. 'Jury' is slow and very BLACK SABBATH to these ears. However, I found it a bit repetitive with the 8-minutes duration, but the song itself is dynamic and lively, I like it too. 'Your Love Is Alright' puts Hughes groove into life, a good one and better than the next track, 'Touch My Life'.

'Seafull' is a beautiful bluesy ballad and I was told that this song is quite famous in Indonesia back in the 70s. It was featured in a slow rock compilation and many older folks knew this band from this song. The last two songs are okay but don't have the appeal like the first two. All in all, a good record, I gave this 75%, and maybe this don't reflect the true score as I'm only a casual fan of classic rock, but yeah good record.

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