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Deathgrind is a genre mixing Death Metal and Grindcore. Bands that play in this style typically are heavier sounding and more technical in playing and song structure than your average Grindcore band. Deathgrind is closely related to both Goregrind and Pornogrind stylistically. Notable Deathgrind bands include the United States' Brutal Truth formed in 1990, the United States Cephalic Carnage formed in 1992, the United Kingdom's Defecation formed in 1987, Germany's Blood formed in 1986, and the United States' Righteous Pigs formed in 1987. Bands that play Deathgrind can be found on MMA under both Grindcore and Death Metal, depending on where the emphasis lies.

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TERRORIZER Caustic Attack Album Cover Caustic Attack
4.36 | 8 ratings
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LOCK UP Necropolis Transparent Album Cover Necropolis Transparent
4.42 | 5 ratings
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LOCK UP Hate Breeds Suffering Album Cover Hate Breeds Suffering
4.25 | 4 ratings
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CEPHALIC CARNAGE Misled by Certainty Album Cover Misled by Certainty
3.97 | 7 ratings
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BRUTAL TRUTH Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses Album Cover Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
3.87 | 17 ratings
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Kali Yuga
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Hope For The Future
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TERRORIZER Darker Days Ahead

Album · 2006 · Deathgrind
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"Darker Days Ahead" is the 2nd full-length studio album by US grindcore/death metal act Terrorizer. The album was released through Century Media Records in August 2006. Terrorizer is a bit of a legendary act on the early grindcore/death metal scene as it featured members in the lineup who would later join high profile acts like Morbid Angel and Napalm Death. Terrorizer had actually split-up in 1988, but was given 8 hours of studio/mixing time in 1989 and recorded and mixed their debut album "World Downfall (1989)" with a quickly assembled lineup, who disbanded again immediately after the recording sessions. So it´s not surprising that only half of the lineup who recorded "World Downfall (1989)" return on this comeback album 17 years down the line. That´s drummer Pete Sandoval and guitarist Jesse Pintado, while Anthony Rezhawk has replaced Oscar Garcia on vocals and Tony Norman has replaced Dave Vincent on bass (Norman also plays guitars).

Stylistically "Darker Days Ahead" is a much more death metal oriented release than "World Downfall (1989)" was. It´s still fast, blasting, and aggressive deathgrind, but there are also heavier and more brutal sections here, which often are more death metal oriented than grindcore styled (an example is "Crematorium" but there are other examples of the heavier style throughout the album). Terrorizer are a well playing band, and Rezhawk has a raw voice and a brutal growling delivery which suits the instrumental part of the music well. The sound production is also fairly powerful and detailed, although nothing out of the ordinary for the style. I have to give a special mention to the drum sound though, which has been successfully mixed in a way so the listener is able to hear each and every snare hit clearly even during the most chaotic and furiously fast-paced blast beat sections.

When it comes to the musicianship it´s the drumming by Pete Sandoval which deserves a mention too, because once again it is made abundantly clear how well playing a drummer he is. Sandoval´s work with Morbid Angel is of course legendary and extremely influential, but his drumming here, although typically a bit more simple (well...relatively), is also of an incredibly high quality. Paired with the aggressive growling vocals, and the fast-paced riffs, it makes for a caustic sonic cocktail of raw and brutal deathgrind. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is fully deserved and I may even be a bit cheap with the stars here.

BRUTAL TRUTH Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

Album · 1992 · Deathgrind
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Yes! Finally! A band takes the potential of Grindcore and uses it right!

Brutal Truth’s debut is full of extreme high-energy tracks stock full of insane riffage! There is a huge Death/Thrash influence to this thing, and the riffs are super evil sounding despite the wholly political nature of the album. And thank goodness, for once a Grindcore vocalist enunciates, those politically charged lyrics are easy to follow. The vocals aren’t really special in themselves but they get credit for doing what 95% of Grindcore can’t by being god damn intelligible.

The real sauce here is the musicianship, and holy hell these guys can play. I mentioned the riffage earlier, and it is air-tight. Guitar and bass shred along at insane speeds, ripping off the best riffs I’ve heard in the genre yet. The drumming is inhuman, the blast-beats are probably the fastest I’ve heard yet, and actually manage to be on-time (if not incredibly precise). However, the drums are usually not so much sonic aggression as to drown out the tasty riffs, and the guy knows when to play extreme and when to serve the music. Huge plus!

Incredibly awesome Deathgrind and my personal favorite Grindcore album as of its release.


Album · 2020 · Deathgrind
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"Scarcity" is the debut full-length studio album by US deathgrind act Brave The Cold. The album was released through Mission Two Entertainment in October 2020. Brave The Cold was founded in 2018 by guitarist/bassist/lead vocalist Mitch Harris, and Belgian drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork..etc.) was added to complete the two-piece lineup. "Scarcity" was released only a month after "Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism (2020)" by Napalm Death. An album Harris also played on. Circumstances in Harris life meant he and his family moved back to Las Vegas after living almost two decades in the UK, and his position in Napalm Death is at this moment still undecided. Officially he is taking a break from the band and his touring duties are covered by session musicians. Although Harris hasn´t toured with Napalm Death for quite a few years, his career in music is far from over, and Brave The Cold is the project to prove that.

Stylistically the material on "Scarcity" is a relatively varied form of deathgrind. There are blastbeat parts here, but just as many heavy parts. The hardcore punk influence is strong and although "Scarcity" does not sound like Napalm Death there are still quite a few similarities in the riff department, which is of course only natural as Harris has co-written loads of Napalm Death songs throughout the years.

Harris vocals are aggressive, snarling, and raw, but he also sings clean vocals on the album. He is not the most unique sounding clean vocalist out there, but the clean vocal parts work well and provide the album with a melancholic atmosphere, which compliments the raw aggression of the most brutal deathgrind parts. The musicianship is not surprisingly on a high level given the two musicians featured in the lineup. Verbeuren´s drumming is technical but never in a forced way and he always seem to know exactly what a song needs. When a break or a tempo change is needed, or when to add a little more organic playing. He is just one hell of a drummer, and proves it once again here.

As mentioned above the material on "Scarcity" is relatively varied for the genre, and the tracks on the 11 track, 38:03 minutes long album are all memorable and surprisingly catchy. It´s not often you´ll find a deathgrind album with material as memorable as the case is on "Scarcity" and when it features a unique sound too, it´s hard not to say more than a few praising words about the album. The album features a raw, brutal, and powerful sonding production too, and upon conclusion it´s a high quality release in all departments. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

TERRORIZER World Downfall

Album · 1989 · Deathgrind
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World Downfall is by far my favorite Grindcore album of the 80’s. It’s become really clear to me why most Grindcore doesn’t do it for me while Terrorizer kicks ass.

1. I don’t like silly/humorous music, which a fair portion of Grindcore is. This means lyrically and sonically – Terrorizer is full of hardcore riffs and angry, pessimistic messages that mesh well with the chaotic, manic wall of aggression.

2. Unlike most Punk genres, if you want to play Grindcore, you have to know how to play your instruments… Doing everything as fast as physically possible without having some amazing technique and precision just sounds awful. Terrorizer is full of extreme talent and capability. They nail everything they aim for and always sound precise (save the vocalist… more on that later).

3. If you want to play Grindcore, you need decent production. If you’re just going hard on every instrument as aggressively as possible, and you don’t have some sort of production job that can individualize those instruments, it just sounds like noise. World Downfall has some very good production without compromising the grit or making it sound clean. There is no sheen to it; simply a very good job of making sure every awesome riff is still audible over those pounding drums, and the bass gets some great treatment too.

There is one huge weakness here, else it would be a near perfect grind record. The vocalist.

I know what people say, “you don’t listen to extreme music for the vocals! It’s for the riffs!” Never for a second have I felt that way, and never have I understood it. If vocals are present, they matter, and if lyrics are present, they matter. They are pieces of the art that forms the whole.

The vocalist here doesn’t have a bad sound, and the lyrics are fine. The written lyrics are fine. The words that come out of the vocalist’s mouth hit about 50% of what’s written, 40% of the time shout random words or syllables that are not understandable, and 10% of the time completely skips a verse or chorus and says absolutely nothing. There are no full sentences or lines, at best a few of the words are launched out, sometimes not even in order. It’s like the vocalist had never seen the lyrics before, they just gave him a paper while they jammed and he decided to wing it.

Imagine if any other band member did that with their instrument. The album would sound like absolute crap. Why do vocalists get a pass? Not from me. Really drags down an otherwise top-notch grind album.

SLAUGHTERBOX The Ubiquity of Subjugation

Album · 2011 · Deathgrind
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siLLy puPPy
SLAUGHTERBOX is an extreme metal band that began in the year 2000 in Red Bluff, CA but has since relocated to the Sacramento area. Although the band has technically been together for 20 years it has so far only released one EP titled THE UBIQUITY OF SUBJUGATION which came out in 2011. The lineup on this monstrous burst of sonic chaos is only 19 minutes and 21 seconds with the lineup of Pete Chavez (drums, vocals), Matt Thompson (guitar), Hal Rotter (guitar) and Johnny Bourdon (bass, vocals).

This band plays an excessively brutal form of technical deathgrind with incessantly fast tempos and unrelenting bombastic pomp. The tracks are short and to the point with only one exceeding the three minute mark but in the fiery wake of one listen of this cacophonous din it is quite the enervating experience. SLAUGHTERBOX not only excels at delivering some of the most demanding brutality at breakneck speeds but also engages in some seriously technical workouts much like the mathcore giants Psyopus and Behold… The Arctopus although the music is more focused on following a deathgrind blueprint.

Despite the excessive angst with pig squeals and screaming at the top of the lungs vocal antics, there are occasional clean jazzy guitar segments that only last a short time but offer a surprisingly contrast but the technical wizardry of the album is of very high quality and the musicianship is really about as good as it gets as far as extreme technical wankery is involved. This is literally extreme on every level like a suffocating cloud of sarin gas thrown into a subway. There is no escape from the relentless banter except the few jagged jazzy interludes.

This stuff is as brutal, chaotic and crazy as it gets and considered some of the most technical wankery that can be found. This style of metal will only attract the most insane amongst us but if you’re into Brain Drill, Rings of Saturn, Viraemia or Cytotoxin then SLAUGHTERBOX is your demented deliciousness in full decibelage only this band adds a lot of progressive touches and jazz-metal underpinnings that many similar bands lack and to top it off plays at some of the most frenetic dizzying speeds humanly possible assuming of course these are mere humans playing this shit. Impressive to say the least.

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