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  • Posted 2 days ago in NIHILISTIC: Underground metal Distro
    09/11/2019:Last distro news:FAITHXTRACTOR (Usa) Proverbial lambs to the ultimate slaughter Tape. Old school death, influenced by old Scandinavian sounds (Members of Estuary, Crucified mortals, Surgikill..)HACAVITZ (Mex) Nex nihil Tape. Fast death black (Members of Escarnium, Remains, Ravager...) HOSTILE FAITH (Chile) Mortal signs... To death Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Death thrashNAHS (South america) Ad inferos ascensionis Demo tape. Obscure underground deathPAZUZU (Costa rica) Revenant of blasphemies Demo tape. Old school death/ DoomPROFANATOR (Mex) Mvtter vicivm Tape. Brutal thrash metal (Members of Castleumbre, Ravager...)SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Fin) A birth in death MCD. Old school death (Member of Solothus)KSHATRIYA (Ita) Il viaggio dell'eroe Tape. Black metalNABEG (Uk) Economic gain/ Ecological ruin Demo tape. Crazy grindcore/ Jazz/ NoisecorePSYCHOPATH (Pol) Hatred outside CD. Thrash metal like mid old Sodom, Kreator (Members of Terrordome, Sacrofuck)
  • Posted 4 days ago in Badges of metal bands
    Are peoples still buying badges of metal bands? I saw the machines to produce your own badges aren't too extremely expensive, but if it's to sit down with hundreds of badges here... I might skip the idea
  • Posted 10 days ago in NIHILISTIC: Underground metal Distro
    19/10/2019:Last distro news:ABSORPTION (Russia) Inevitable doom Demo tape. Old school deathABSORPTION (Russia) / ODOCKH (Russia) Split tape. Old school death/ Black deathFALLEN ANGEL (Usa) Transcend with the dead and rotten Demo tape. Old styled death metal/ Death blackINFESTATION OF EVIL (Usa) By evil infested Demo tape. Old school satanic death/ Black deathOBEISANCE (Usa)/ ORDO CAPER (Costa rica) Split CD. Thrash black/ Death metalSILURE (Fra) Route de troche Demo CD. Cardboard sleeve. Darkened death/ Black deathTHRONEUM (Pol)/ PAZUZU (Costa rica) "In the crypt of the hakeldamach feld" Split CD. Death black/ Old school deathNRVK (Ger) Fecundity of death Demo tape. Black metalNERVOUS IMPULSE (Can)/ KRAWORATH (Rus)/ KERANGKENK (Indonesia) Split CD. Death grind/ Brutal death/ Brutal death STUFFS/ LOW PRICE DEMOS PROMO CDS/ ETCSINNERS BURN (Swe) Mortuary rendez vous Promo CD. Swedish death metal.MASTABAH (Pol) Quintessence of evil Promo CD. Death metal/ Brutal deathVIDRES A LA SANG (Spa) Set de sang Promo CD. Black metalDISINTEGRATED (Den) Murdered in a Clinic Demo CDr. 2nd hand. Death metal.DIONONESISTE (ITA) THE MEANINGLESS OF LIVING PRO CDR/ DIGIPACK. Blackl deathANTUMIA (PANAMA/ GER) ANKORE JAI: DEUTSCH-PANAMAISCHE KOALITION DES KRACHS DEMO TAPE. Black death/ Noisecore/ Grind/ Grind noiseDL.50 (PARAGUAY) VALEMOS MENOS QUE SUS BALAS DEMO CDR. Old styled punk hardcore. INSOMNIA ISTERICA/ DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND SPLIT TAPE. Grindcore noisecore harshnoiseDESPISE & CONQUER (GER) PROMO CDR. Death metal STICKERS:UNDERGANG Sticker - BlackUNDERGANG Sticker - YellowWORMRIDDEN StickerIMPERIAL SAVAGERY StickerTONERLOW StickerPHRENELITH StickerPAZUZU Sticker


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