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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 786 3.45
2 Thrash Metal 483 3.54
3 Progressive Metal 292 3.70
4 Technical Death Metal 184 3.69
5 Heavy Metal 154 3.55
6 Black Metal 131 3.39
7 Melodic Death Metal 99 3.76
8 Hard Rock 90 3.47
9 Technical Thrash Metal 77 3.75
10 Brutal Death Metal 69 3.61
11 Non-Metal 64 3.46
12 Sludge Metal 62 3.58
13 Stoner Metal 60 3.62
14 Crossover Thrash 56 3.39
15 Grindcore 55 3.26
16 Doom Metal 53 3.63
17 Death-Doom Metal 49 3.50
18 Alternative Metal 49 3.44
19 US Power Metal 48 3.68
20 Metal Related 45 3.67
21 Groove Metal 44 3.63
22 Power Metal 43 3.65
23 Gothic Metal 40 3.52
24 Industrial Metal 30 3.67
25 Atmospheric Black Metal 30 3.38
26 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 30 3.77
27 Avant-garde Metal 30 3.62
28 Death 'n' Roll 28 3.25
29 Metalcore 27 3.57
30 Hardcore Punk 24 3.69
31 Melodic Black Metal 20 3.48
32 Symphonic Black Metal 19 3.37
33 Traditional Doom Metal 16 3.81
34 Speed Metal 15 3.27
35 Deathgrind 14 3.54
36 Goregrind 12 2.79
37 Proto-Metal 12 3.75
38 Stoner Rock 10 3.90
39 Crust Punk 9 3.44
40 Deathcore 8 3.50
41 Depressive Black Metal 7 3.43
42 Glam Metal 7 3.21
43 Heavy Alternative Rock 7 3.64
44 Symphonic Metal 6 3.50
45 NWoBHM 5 3.60
46 Mathcore 5 3.40
47 Cybergrind 5 3.80
48 Drone Metal 4 3.50
49 Funeral Doom Metal 4 3.75
50 Folk Metal 3 3.33
51 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
52 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
53 Melodic Metalcore 3 2.67
54 Rap Metal 3 3.50
55 Nu Metal 2 3.00
56 Funk Metal 1 3.50

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SIEGES EVEN Playgrounds

Live album · 2008 · Progressive Metal
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"Playgrounds" is a live album release by German progressive metal act Sieges Even. The album was released through SPV Records/Inside Out Music in July 2008. It succeeds the release of the band´s seventh full-length studio album "Paramount" from September 2007. It was the last release by Sieges Even before they disbanded. They split-up in mid-2008, so they were probably already disbanded when "Playgrounds" was released.

The material featured on the album was recorded during the tour supporting the release of "Paramount" (2007), and the 10 song tracklist features no less than 5 tracks from the album. The remaining part of the tracklist comprise 3 tracks from "The Art of Navigating by the Stars" (2003) and 2 tracks from "A Sense of Change" (1991). So "Playgrounds" only features material from three out of the band´s seven full-length studio albums, and predominantly focuses on the last two studio releases. The show is incredibly well performed. All instrumental performances are brilliant and lead vocalist Arno Menses delivers his lines with great conviction and skill. It´s sometimes to a point where you´re in doubt if this was truly recorded live, but there are some audience noises here and there to make sure this sounds like an authentic live release. Menses also speaks to the audience on a few occassions, telling which song they are about the hear, making a joke about one of the songs being a hit in Lichenstein, because it sold 3 copies...etc.

The track selection works fine and there is a focused red thread throughout the show in terms of flow. While the tracks from the two preceding studio albums work well it is still nice to hear "The Waking Hours" and "These Empty Places" performed by this lineup of Sieges Even. I´m temped to say that these versions are better than the original studio versions. "Playgrounds" features an organic, powerful, and well sounding production, which suits the material perfectly, and upon conclusion it´s a high quality swansong release by Sieges Even. Hopefully one day I´ll be forced to revisit this review and delete the word "swansong". A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

SATYRICON Rebel Extravaganza

Album · 1999 · Black Metal
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"Rebel Extravaganza" is the 4th full-length studio album by Norwegian black metal act Satyricon. The album was released through Moonfog Productions in September 1999. It´s the successor to "Nemesis Divina" from 1996, which was a very successful release for Satyricon, considerably heightening their profile on the international black metal scene.

Following up a successful release is always a difficult task, and Satyricon chose to do the only right thing, which was to write and record a totally different sounding release to "Nemesis Divina (1996)". A "Nemesis Divina" number 2, would probably have pleased some fans of the band, but a release like that would always have been measured aganst its predecessor and would probably have been regarded the lesser release. With "Rebel Extravaganza", Satyricon have created a bleak, harsh, and cold sounding black metal release which is pretty unique sounding in their discography. Some people hear an industrial influence, but I suspect it´s the harshness and coldness of the sound production, which make people hear that, because the actual music does not feature industrial influences. This is dark, aggressive, and raw sounding black metal through and through. Definitely the band´s most harsh release up until then.

Most songs on the 10 track, 60:38 minutes long album are pretty long (two even exceeding the 10 minutes mark) and they are generally not easily accessible although all feature recognisable vers/chorus structures, but they also feature many other sections, which make most of them relatively challenging listening material. The word progressive will probably be misunderstood if used here, but I´ll risk it and call some of the material on "Rebel Extravaganza" progressive inclined. The almost 11 minutes long "Tied in Bronze Chains" which opens the album is for example quite the elaborate song, featuring many different sections.

Upon conclusion "Rebel Extravaganza" is a bold and quite adventurous black metal release by Satyricon and it´s overall a high quality album. It´s not through and through the most consistent release, and a few more memorable moments and tighter song structures could pretty surely have made for a more accessible and catchy listen. Satyricon went in the other direction on "Rebel Extravaganza", which is pretty much as uncompromising as they get, and there is a great charm to the harshness and savagery on display here, which can´t be denied. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.


Album · 2001 · Groove Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Nation" is the 8th full-length studio album by Brazilian thrash/groove/alternative metal act Sepultura. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in March 2001. It´s the successor to "Against" from 1998 and is the second Sepultura album to feature lead vocalist Derrick Green, after the departure of original lead vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera in 1996. "Nation" was the last Sepultura album released through Roadrunner Records, as the band didn´t feel the label gave them enough promotional support (a scheduled filming of a music video for "One Man Army" was for example cancelled).

Stylistically "Nation" is pretty much a continuation of the hardcore influenced groove/thrash metal style of "Against (1998)", featuring the occasional ethnic tribal rhythmic moment. Green expands on his already varied vocal arsenal, and in addition to delivering his aggressive raw snarling also sings some clean vocals. The album opens with the heavy groove laden "Sepulnation", and it´s a strong opening to the album. From then on Sepultura treat the listener to many different variations of their style and they can certainly not be accused of being one-dimensional in their songwriting approach. The songwriting is generally pretty creative, and in the end that turns out to be both a strength and a weakness. A strength because "Nation" is a varied and entertaining release throughout, and a weakness because it simply sticks in too many directions and ultimately leaves me wishing for a more stylistic consistent approach. Had that been the case, it´s my conviction that "Nation" would have been an overall stronger release.

The musicianship is strong on all posts, and "Nation" also features a powerful and well sounding production job, so upon conclusion it´s a relatively strong album release by Sepultura. It´s pretty similar in style to "Against (1998)" and I´ve always felt that the two were more or less sibling releases. Also in terms of quality and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is therefore deserved.

SODOM Persecution Mania

Album · 1987 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Persecution Mania" is the 2nd full-length studio album by German thrash metal act Sodom. The album was released through Steamhammer Records in December 1987. It´s the successor to "Obsessed by Cruelty" from 1986 and features one lineup change since the predecessor as guitarist Destructor has been replaced by Frank Blackfire. The original vinyl release featured 8 original tracks and a cover of "Iron Fist" by Motörhead, while the European CD version featured a re-recording of "Outbreak of Evil" (the opening track from the 1985 "In the Sign of Evil" EP) and the material from the March 1987 "Expurse of Sodomy" EP as bonus tracks. The cassette version only featured the 9 vinyl tracks and the re-recording of "Outbreak of Evil".

"Persecution Mania" is quite the leap forward for Sodom in terms of memorable songwriting and better musicianship. It´s still a very raw and aggressive sounding thrash metal release (sometimes bordering early death metal), but the songwriting is audibly tighter, more sophisticated, and generally more interesting than the band´s early releases. The addition of Blackfire to the lineup meant a lot. His playing skills were on a high level and his writing contributions also meant the band had more options and weren´t as limited as before.

The band play fast and aggressive thrash metal riffs and rhythms, but they are also capable of slowing down and playing heavy sections too. Lead vocalist Tom Angelripper plays some powerful and heavy bass lines and his vocals are sandpaper raw and snarling, spitting out apocalyptic lyrics about politics, war, and religion. "Nuclear Winter" opens the album in great style and with that song the dark and aggressive tone is set for the remaining part of the album. Not all tracks are equally sophisticated or interesting, but they are all quite effective and designed to pummel the listener.

"Persecution Mania" features a raw and dark yet detailed sound production, which suits the material well. Sodom were still in the early stages of their career at this point, but "Persecution Mania" is actually surprisingly mature sounding, especially compared to their early raw and unpolished releases. It´s not that they didn´t develop their sound further in the subsequent years, but "Persecution Mania" is pretty much the blueprint for the releases to come. A 3.5 (70%) rating is deserved.

SODOM Expurse of Sodomy

EP · 1987 · Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Expurse of Sodomy" is an EP release by German thrash metal act Sodom. The EP was released through Steamhammer Records in March 1987 and bridges the gap between the band´s debut and sophomore studio albums "Obsessed by Cruelty (1986)" and "Persecution Mania (1987)". The material from the EP are included as bonus tracks on the original European CD version of "Persecution Mania (1987)", and on later re-releases of said album. At the time of original release, the 3 track, 14:50 minutes long EP worked as a teaser release for the album release of "Persecution Mania (1987)" later the same year.

Stylistically "Expurse of Sodomy" is also closer in style to the raw an aggressive thrash metal style on "Persecution Mania (1987)", than to the proto-black/speed/thrash metal sound of "Obsessed by Cruelty (1986)". The sound production is raw and powerful, yet detailed and well sounding and the addition of guitarist Frank Blackfire to the lineup (he replaces Destructor) has meant a lift in quality of the musicianship and songwriting. These guys can play and they can also write an effectful thrash metal tune.

As a consequence of the material from the EP being included on most versions of "Persecution Mania (1987)", the relevance of "Expurse of Sodomy" as an individual release has decreased over the years, but upon original release it was an EP showing great musical progress compared to the early releases by the band. It´s definitely a successful bridge builder between the early releases and the band´s future sound, and more importantly it´s a good quality release deserving a 3.5 star (70%) rating.

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