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cKy are an American alternative metal band, formed under the name of Camp Kill Yourself, and later Camp, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1997. As their name indicates, the band has close ties with the people behind the CKY Crew and the TV show Camp kill Yourself, producer Bam Margera being the brother of drummer Jess Margera.
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CKY - Too Precious To Kill (Black Friday Exclusive 2018) (Vinyl)CKY - Too Precious To Kill (Black Friday Exclusive 2018) (Vinyl)
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cKy, Vol. 1cKy, Vol. 1
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CKY Volume 1 album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Volume 1
Alternative Metal 1999
CKY Volume 2 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Volume 2
Alternative Metal 1999
CKY Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild
Alternative Metal 2002
CKY An Answer Can Be Found album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
An Answer Can Be Found
Alternative Metal 2005
CKY Carver City album cover 3.77 | 4 ratings
Carver City
Alternative Metal 2009

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CKY Disengage the Simulator album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Disengage the Simulator
Alternative Metal 2000

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CKY B-Sides & Rarities album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
B-Sides & Rarities
Alternative Metal 2011

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CKY Volume 1

Album · 1999 · Alternative Metal
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CKY are a band I have always liked. Oddly enough, I have never really seen a lot of criticism thrown against these guys, especially nothing too harsh, cause these guys can actually play and write some rather unique metal tunes. And this being their debut proves my point.

Warning, this is a debut album. In fact, its pretty much a self funded project at best. The production was actually done by the band, and it's pretty impressive what they where able to do on a shoestring budget.

Now sound wise, the band have worked out a rather effective formula. A great riff makes a song. Now, I will admit, this album is chocked full of amazing riffs. Guitar riffs and grooves that I believe will stand the test of time. But that's it. The main thing going for these guys at the time was their ability to create some really stellar guitar riffs. Song writing wise, these guys wouldn't tap into their full potential until their 2nd album I think...and I mean it, there are some absolute tunes on that album. This album does have tunes but it does lack some lustre...but, this is also a rather interesting listening experience.

Another problem I have with this album is that it rather all over the place. In many ways, this album is a collection of 9 songs, with each song pretty much being a collection of the bands influences. Some songs eminate their later style, but some songs pretty much show the band with their favourite band's on their sleeves. Now don't get me wrong, this album isn't like Avenged Sevenfold's “Hail To The King” with blatant rip offs, but a well trained ear can hear certain musical moments emerging.

The opener “96 Quite Bitter Beings” doesn't really need describing. If you haven't heard this song then you are incredibly young or incredibly old. The riff, being the pinnacle of the song, really is the highlight and focus. The rest is alright though.

The oddest song on the album has to be “The Human Drive In Hi-Fi.” A disco funk song. Who would have expected it. It's rather enjoyable a very wrong way.

“Lost In A Contraption” sees the band going in a rather middle eastern vibe, mainly with the guitar riff. Most bands have done this, but I'm surprised to see these guys going in this kind of direction. In many ways, this could be an ode to classic metal, which I feel this song pretty much is.

“Knee Deep” is a song I remember from “Viva La Bam.” It was one episode where Bam challenged his dad and his uncle as with rockstars and their final performances was with CKY, where they would be performing this song. The song itself is probably one of the bands more heavier moments with a rather doomy main riff. The middle riff is the real hookline though.

The album's comical moment comes in the form of “My Promiscuous Daughter.” With some rather obscene and graphic lyrics, it is a rather funnier direction for the band.

“Sara's Mask” is probably one of the most interesting songs on the album. A slower more ballad type of song, it really does have some rather beautiful instrumental moments and some nice vocal arrangements too.

In conclusion, this album has some strong points and weak points. I would recommend this to anyone, because it pretty much is a very accessible album. It's all over the place direction wise, but it does have something for everyone. Better things would come for the band, but as a debut, this is pretty impressive.


CKY An Answer Can Be Found

Album · 2005 · Alternative Metal
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These guys are a bit of a guilty pleasure.

I have reviewed these guys before, with favourable comments as well, and I'm glad I haven't seen any backlash, because to be honest, I don't think people care about why these guys where popular once (and even then, having the brother of a Jackass member in your band will only get you so far).

The reason these guys have survived and are still making music, is because their fans (and people like me) still like them, and to be honest, thats the most decent way to go.

It seems to be this is the album where the mass atention of the band seemed to die down, and Bam's career was going into a more sleepy mode (he was getting married and all that) as did attention to this band. So what did CKY do? They made a more relaxing album to add to the calmness of the time.

Yea this album can be quite calm alot of the time. Everything is kind of relaxing. All the songs dont jump out at you. Theirs no real fast songs or confusing moments to make you wake up from sleep. It's just relaxing. In fact, this is almost the anti skater album at time. This album is great relaxing music, or background music.

It also has some really poppy moments on it at times. And it says theirs no keyboards on it, but I think I can detect a moog now and then (could just be effects pedals to the max). I think this is the album where they matured. I also think that comparing it to their last album (Carver City), it's a real showing of progression. In fact this seems to be the more calmer side to CKY, whilst Carver City was their more experimental side.

This album also saw the band working as a 3 piece, which to be honest, is mainly what the band is anyway (bass isn't really a prominent figure). The instrumental work on the album is as its always...very underlooked and underated. The way these guys compose and play their songs really is a wonder. I don't think these guys have ever used power chords ever. Everything is to do with melodic riffs. The album is drenched in a melodic 4/4 style, with harmony lacing through out it. Their is some hidden complications going on behind this really listen with open ears. The guitar work on the album is also pretty fantastic, and Kirk Hammet should listen to these guys so he can learn how to use a wah pedal right.

Derons vocals really are shown to their full capactiy. This guy is a real underlooked vocalist. With lyrics in CKY songs, I never really dwell on the lyrics too much, because to be honest, it seems to be that the lyrics are only their to accompany the amazing vocal melodies. Although I do admit, their lyrics are really good. Whatever they are singing about...good on them.

1. Suddenly Tragic - Great start to the album. Great chorus. The whole song is a melodic thrill ride. Pretty cool vocals as well. 9/10

2. The Way You Lived - Like many songs on the album, this song has quite a soulful aproach. I really mean it, all I could think about during this song was how Stevie Wonder it sounded at like times. Love the guitar work. A very nice relaxing song. 7/10

3. Dressed In Decay - Again, a very relxing song...and another soul influenced song. The chorus is a very nice soul influenced chorus. 8/10

4. Familiar Realm - The single from the album. Yes this was the first song I heard from it, mainly cause it had a video. Probabbly one of my favourite CKY songs. The riffs in this song are really to be marvelled at. The guitar solos are pretty killer as well. Great chorus too. 9/10

5. All Power To Slaves - One of the best songs on the album. A beautiful composition with amazing guitar work throughout. Love the use of synths (or are they synths :D). The odd changes throughout do make the song more enjoyable. 9/10

6. Tripled Manic State - One of the most rocking and poppy songs on the album. Great catchy chorus. 9/10

7. Behind The Screams - A nice spanish acoustic instrumental. 6/10

8. Deceit Is Striking Gold - Some pretty killer riffs in the song. Great chorus and some interesting lyrics too. 7/10

9. As The Tables Turn - A filler song. Pretty standard CKY to be honest (well their had to be one) 5/10

10. Sniped - One of the best and most interesting songs on the album. Derons vocals are incredibly diverse on this song. I love the chorus on this song. 9/10

11. Don't Hold Your Breath - A cheesy ballad to end the album? Well it's not really a ballad, but its still a nice way to end the album. Very calm and pretty. 7/10

CONCLUSION: This isn't their best album, and to be honest, it's probabbly one of their weakest, but even then, it's still CKY. They aren't trying to be someone they're not. I wouldn't even say this album is weak, I just prefer the others to it really. This is still a great album, and it is an interesting listen, whilst also being very enjoyable as well.


CKY Carver City

Album · 2009 · Alternative Metal
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Ok, I admit it, I'm a bit of fan of these guys. Now of course I was brought up with Jackass and all that crew (although to be honest I prefered Viva La Bam and the CampKillYourself crew rather than the rest of them.) Now with watching these shows, I had discovered quite a few bands, especially this one, mainly because the drummer is Bam's brother. But believe me, I got into them for more than that.

The sound these guys make is just amazing. I don't know why skaters love this band so much, because their music can at times be dramtically different to the fast punk music that is usually associated with these guys. The best tag anyone can give these guys is alternative metal, cause their sound is incredibly unique. Their very melodic, have quite nifty guitar riffs (even today 96 Quite Bitter Beings is a bit of a struggle to play), great grooves throughout and alot of experimentation (especially on this album). In my past these guys came and gone, with their first album really being an interesting soundtrack for me, and Familiar Realms being a great song.

Now when I heard in 2009 that they had a new album, I was intrigued, so as usual, I checked out the first single, and I loved it, so it was natural to buy the album. And I'm glad I did.

I think this album isn't as strong as their earlier efforts, but I have to admit. it's different. The songs aren't as memorable, but as an album I think it sticks out. Again they have progressed with their sound, with the use of moogs and synthesizers (which I love) and pretty experimental moments which will make people go "say what!"

This album is incredibly enjoyable throughout. Their isn't a mad collection of stand out songs, but their are no bad or weak moments either, making it a pretty impressive effort on their behalf. As an album it's more enjoyable, than listening to seperate songs. I think it's because that this may be a concept album. I'm not completely sure, but their defiinitly seems to be connecting ties throughout the album, mainly dealing with murder, the report of murder, peopes reaction to murder and even songs that seem to come from the killers point of view, which I admit is pretty smart. The lyrics are really well written too.

The album flies by as well. It's not too long and everything just fits together so well, you kind of wonder why the album passed so quick. I also reccomend the special edition of this album because you get 4 bonus tracks, with 2 of them, called Fisherman's Wharf Pt.s 1 & 2, being really impressive and killer instrumentals. Ohh, and the artwork is pretty cool too.

1. Hellion's On Parade - The time changes throughout are pretty cool. I love the moog bits in the middle. Great chorus. 10/10

2. ...And She Never Returned - Nice chorus and use of coxals. Great kick ass riff. 9/10

3. Rats In The Infirmary - The chorus is pretty cheesy, with the gang vocals. Pretty cool though, and he guitar solo is pretty interesting and impressive. 9/10

4. Imaginary Threats - One of the most melodic songs on the album. Their is some really great atmospheric moments. Great chorus. 10/10

5. The Boardwalk Body - Grear lyrics, very story like and great images used. Great time and mood changes throughout. 9/10

6. Plagued By Images - The intro riff is amazing. The moog gices the song an etheral atmosphere. The mood changes throughout add to the dramatic nature of the song. 10/10

7. Karmaworks - One of the more laidback songs on the album. Good chorus and a kick ass riff. 9/10

8. Woe Is Me - Pretty kick ass song. I love how the vocals are so diverse around quite simple riffs. Great changes near the end and a kick ass chorus. The vocals are pretty impressive too. 10/10

9. A#1 Roller Rager - This was the first song I heard from the album, and it just made me want to buy it. Just a great poppy song, and the moog bits throughout are just so funny and always make me smile. Great song to put you in a good mood. 10/10

10. Old Carver's Bones - One of the most interesting songs on the album. Pretty dark and disturbing full of evil riffs and some nice discords. This song has great changes throughout. Pretty epic to be honest. 10/10

11. The Era Of An End - Pretty cheesy. A nice wee ending. 8/10

CONCLUSION: This album is highly enjoyable and I would reccomend it to everyone, even non metalheads might like a song or 2. This album prooved that these guys have alot more music to make in the future.

RIP Ryan Dunn :D

CKY Carver City

Album · 2009 · Alternative Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Time Signature
Hellions on parade

Genre: alternative metal

I bought this release in a local record store in the discount department, so it didn'y cost me much. What a bargain that was.

The opening track "Hellions of Parade" is a slab of noughties alternative metal with elements from seventies heavy rock, and it also contains some nice guitar work and time changes. So is the second track, "... And She Never Returned", which contains riffage that reminds me of Coheed And Cambria and some really nice vocal melodies. "Rats in the Infirmery" is more of a grungy track with elements of 80s new wave music. "Imaginary Threats" combines elements of grunge and heavy metal, and it also contains some really catchy riffage - and also here there is a feel of 80s new wave pop/rock which complements the heavy parts quite well. "The Boardwalk Body" is another track with a 70s hard rock drive to it, as are "Plagued by Images", "Karmaworks", and the heavier "Woe Is Me". "A#7 Roller Rager" is more along the lines of Coheed And Cambria, while "The Old Carver's Bones" is a sort of dark progressively inclined metal song, and "The Era of an End" is a baalad of sorts, and, unforunately, a quite boring way of concluding an otherwise very interesting album.

The will probably appeal mostly to fans of 90s alternative metal, but I think that fans of traditional metal, hard rock and progressive metal might appreciate it too.

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