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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 105 3.38
2 Heavy Metal 48 2.94
3 Thrash Metal 39 2.72
4 Power Metal 27 2.93
5 Rap Metal 19 3.53
6 US Power Metal 15 2.87
7 Hard Rock 15 2.73
8 Industrial Metal 13 3.38
9 Nu Metal 11 2.82
10 Groove Metal 10 2.70
11 Non-Metal 8 3.13
12 Alternative Metal 7 3.71
13 Heavy Alternative Rock 6 3.00
14 NWoBHM 6 3.00
15 Gothic Metal 5 2.40
16 Funk Metal 4 2.50
17 Metal Related 4 2.50
18 Symphonic Metal 4 3.25
19 Speed Metal 3 2.00
20 Crossover Thrash 3 2.67
21 Glam Metal 2 4.00
22 Proto-Metal 2 1.50
23 Technical Death Metal 1 1.00
24 Death-Doom Metal 1 1.00
25 Neoclassical metal 1 2.00

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DREAM THEATER Los Angeles, California - 5/18/98

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2003 · Progressive Metal
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Aw man... poor James LaBrie. I can’t help but feel that this release is some kind of dig at the fella. Perhaps he’d upset Mike Portnoy or maybe he lost a bet or something? The fact is, this official bootleg by Dream Theater is a pretty substandard album thanks in part to LaBrie’s absolutely horrendous vocals which falter and diminish more and more as the set drags on.

It’s been well documented the issues LaBrie had after rupturing his vocal chords whilst touring in the mid-90’s, but damn, the number of times his voice cracks or wobbles or he just flat out can’t sing like he use to, is painful to hear. But props to the guy for never giving up, since stuff like this must have been a HUGE knock to his confidence.

Besides that, while the musicianship is fantastic as you’d always expect from this band, the only other notable reason that this recording was put out there was because it features the legendary Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden on vocals for a number of songs, (and Ray Alder of Fates Warning too! But that pales in comparison), and to be fair if I was joined on stage by Bruce Dickinson I’d probably want everyone to hear it too.

But even that is mildly entertaining, as it’s literally just a fun jam, and nothing overly memorable. But for what it’s worth, that’s probably the only major selling point of this release. Hell, even the front cover is a shot of Dickinson jamming with the band, leaving poor James LaBrie standing in the background with whatever shred of dignity and self-respect he had left slowly fading away.

Poor LaBrie.

DREAM THEATER The Making of Scenes From A Memory

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2003 · Progressive Metal
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1999’s ‘Scenes From a Memory’ is not only one of Dream Theater’s most beloved and pivotal albums, but also prog’s in general. A monumental success for the band and often cited as one of the best concept albums of all time... that doesn’t change the fact that you’d have to be the most nerdy virgin possible to actually “like” this album.

I mean, it’s mostly snippets of the album is production. Sound interesting? It’s really not. Even for die-hard fans, this is the kind of thing you’d listen to once just for the sake of hearing a documented “making of” release, only to keep it in your collection for collector’s sake.

The second disc features an alternate mix of the entire album, which is mostly why this release gets two stars. The music is fantastic, but why wouldn’t you just listen to the actual, final studio product instead of remixes and snippets and demos.

The only real notable thing here is John Petrucci’s vocal demo for ‘The Spirit Carries On’, which is hilariously entertaining.

SCORPIONS Lonesome Crow

Album · 1972 · Proto-Metal
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‘Lonesome Crow’ is the 1972 debut of one of metal and hard rock’s longest running and most endearing bands, the Scorpions (or, more specifically, just Scorpions, without the “the”). Like countless others, I was introduced to this band by winds of change, being rocked like a hurricane and suffering severe blackouts, so it’s a huge surprise, and kind of an odd disappointment, to discover that the German hard rockers were something completely different when they first debuted.

Commonly referred to as “krautrock”, ‘Lonesome Crow’ is more psychedelic and progressive than what the band would go on to become known for. With a heavy emphasis on non-linear guitar solos and vocal lines that don’t really follow very clear melodies, it’s a bit of a mess of an album, especially if, like me, you were expecting the bands latter riff-fuelled sound to be present here.

Most of this falls down to guitarist Michael Schenker, who’s distinctive playing style is all over this album, but would leave the band before they could record a follow-up, which is where the group really start to develop their more recognizable sound. There is some impressive musicianship, which feels more akin to the progressive rock bands of the day, but for all the competent playing, they’re not very competent at writing catchy songs. Not yet, anyway.

I mean, if I had to really look for positives, then full credit would go to the bands technical abilities on their instruments. But I don’t really listen to albums marvelling at the musicianship if the songs themselves are pretty boring and forgettable. It’s a shame, but in fairness, these guys would certainly go on to evolve and eventually conquer the world, so dismissing ‘Lonesome Crow’ shouldn’t be such an issue, surely?

BODY COUNT Manslaughter

Album · 2014 · Rap Metal
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Body Count’s discography has always been a story of up’s and down’s, a great album followed by a disappointing one, followed by a... you get the idea. And after 2006’s uninspired ‘Murder 4 Hire’, the band went on hiatus. With frontman rapper Ice-T keeping busy with his solo music and acting career, it would be eight years until the crossover thrash, rap rock pioneers would return, and the trend continues, because 2014’s ‘Manslaughter’ is a fantastic return to form for the band.

Featuring some of their most polished and well-written tracks, ‘Manslaughter’ shows that age hasn’t slowed these guys down, and in fact, they sound more energetic and enraged than ever before. The production is amazing, really emphasizing the bands precision playing and incredibly tight guitar riffs, making this by far the heaviest Body Count have ever sounded, and the lyrics and rapping are probably more consistent than they’ve ever been, fitting wonderfully with the music, and still rapping about themes that are as relevant and relatable today as they’ve ever been.

With the likes of ‘Talk Shit, Get Shot’, ‘Pray for Death’, ‘Pop Bubble’, ‘Back to Rehab’, ’99 Problems BC’, ‘Bitch in the Pit’ and an updated cover of Suicidal Tendencies ‘Institutionalized’, this is some of the strongest material Body Count have put out. And while they’ve often been considered a band that courts controversy and is hard to take seriously, the truth is that ‘Manslaughter’ is a very coherent and well put together album.

ADRENALINE MOB Dearly Departed

EP · 2015 · Heavy Metal
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‘Dearly Departed’ is a 2015 compilation by groove metal band Adrenaline Mob. Released a year after the groups second studio album, it features a mixture of original, cover and acoustic tracks.

However, as much as I like this band (and I really like this band!), this compilation, much like their previous EP’s, just does nothing for me. The covers range from average to adventurous, though none of them are ones I’m particularly bothered about listening to, and the acoustic versions of previously released songs are alright, though I prefer the originals.

The only real saving grace is the title track. Originally taken from the 2014 ‘Men of Honor’ album, ‘Dearly Departed’ is a great track, which features some nice guitar work and Russell Allen’s powerfully heavy yet melodic vocals in full effect. But for what it’s worth, I’ll just listen to it on the studio album itself, which is actually a fantastic album.

In fairness to A-Mob, they seem pretty consistent with putting out high-quality albums, with some kind of EP, compilation or filler release in the interim, and for what it’s worth, it’s a nice little nugget for fans, and certainly a harmless addition to the collection, but that’s all this really is to me, an addition to the collection.

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