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Industrial metal is a heavy metal musical genre that draws from industrial music and many different types of heavy metal, using repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals. Founding industrial metal groups include Ministry, Godflesh and Fear Factory.

Industrial metal's popularity led to some criticism from other artists associated with the industrial scene. Subsequently, it is most well-known in various European permutations. Industrial metal groups have produced many acclaimed music videos.

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MARILYN MANSON Mechanical Animals Album Cover Mechanical Animals
4.43 | 27 ratings
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MARILYN MANSON Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) Album Cover Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)
4.54 | 12 ratings
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MARILYN MANSON Antichrist Superstar Album Cover Antichrist Superstar
4.28 | 24 ratings
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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Alien Album Cover Alien
4.26 | 23 ratings
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KILLING JOKE Killing Joke (first album) Album Cover Killing Joke (first album)
4.80 | 4 ratings
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MINISTRY Psalm 69 Album Cover Psalm 69
4.22 | 16 ratings
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RAMMSTEIN Mutter Album Cover Mutter
4.05 | 34 ratings
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RAMMSTEIN Reise, Reise Album Cover Reise, Reise
4.05 | 30 ratings
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NINE INCH NAILS Ghosts I–IV Album Cover Ghosts I–IV
4.14 | 13 ratings
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SAMAEL Solar Soul Album Cover Solar Soul
4.30 | 6 ratings
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MARILYN MANSON Portrait Of An American Family Album Cover Portrait Of An American Family
4.10 | 12 ratings
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ALCHEMIST Austral Alien Album Cover Austral Alien
4.33 | 5 ratings
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Album · 2001 · Industrial Metal
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Here is a tragic example of a band frittering away everything when they should have been at the height of their game. In interviews leading up to the release of this one, the band would note how they'd added all these industrial effects and screams and so forth, but said that they felt that this simply made their songs ugly and obscured their inner beauty. This new release would be the real Stabbing Westward - the band simply writing what they felt like, irrespective of fan expectations.

There were two absolutely enormous problems with this approach. Firstly, however you parse that statement from them it seemed to confirm everything anyone had ever said about Stabbing Westward being shallow or insincere. Either they were telling the truth in the interview and they'd never really "felt" their distinctive industrial rock sound, in which case they'd been bullshitters all along, or they weren't being honest in the interview and they were simply changing their sound in response to the commercial tide shifting away from industrial rock, in which case they had become bullshitters now.

The other big problem is that their brand new sound - you know, the one which was supposed to be Stabbing Westward simply playing what was in their hearts without any consideration of fan expectations or commercial demands? Well, as it turned out, it sounded suspiciously like radio-friendly, commercial alternative rock of the most bland and inoffensive sorts.

The lesson embodied in this album is simple. If you are going to throw away your signature sound, make sure you're replacing it with a sound that's exciting enough to be worth the risk.

WHITE ZOMBIE Astro-Creep: 2000

Album · 1995 · Industrial Metal
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White Zombie's final word (not counting compilations and the remix album Supersexy Swingin' Sounds) in sleazy grooved-out industrial metal for creeps and sex cultists might not be the most refined or subtle industrial metal offering out there, but - like Rob Zombie's solo debut Hellbilly Deluxe, which it is the closest White Zombie album to in style as well as chronologically - it's far more fun than the more po-faced styles of pop-industrial rock peddled by the likes of Marilyn Manson in the mid-1990s (Manson having never quite been able to laugh at himself since the Portrait of an American Family era).


Album · 1998 · Industrial Metal
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This sumptuous feast of gothy industrial rock may well be Stabbing Westward's finest hour. They still obviously take a lot of influence from Nine Inch Nails, but there's a genuineness of emotion underpinning the album which had been lacking in some of their earlier work; the band really convince you that they believe in what they are doing here. Lead singer Chris Hall, in particular, doesn't seem to worry too much as to whether he's mastering his Trent Reznor impersonation but simply sings from the heart. The classic problem of long albums (this one runs for over 64 minutes) - namely, filler - is avoided this time around and the end result is a career high point.

MINISTRY From Beer to Eternity

Album · 2013 · Industrial Metal
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"From Beer to Eternity" is the 13th full-length studio album featuring original material by US industrial metal act Ministry. The album was released through 13th Planet Records in September 2013. The rough tracks for the 11 track, 54:43 minutes long album and 7 additional tracks were recorded by the band in December 2012 at Al Jourgensen´s 13th Planet Records compound in El Paso, Texas. Only a few days after the band finished recording the tracks, guitarist Mike Scaccia died on stage of a heart attack, while playing with his other band Rigor Mortis. Scaccia had been a part of the Ministry lineup for the period 1989 - 1996 and again from 2003 until his death, and his influence on the band´s sound should not be underestimated. The loss of his friend and bandmate has resulted in Al Jourgensen stating that "From Beer to Eternity" will be the final Ministry album. He said the same about "The Last Sucker (2007)" but reformed the band again in 2011. From the comments he has made in various interviews and statements, he appears truly devastated about the death of Mike Scaccia though and another reformation is probably unlikely to happen.

If "From Beer to Eternity" is indeed the final Ministry, they fortunately go out with a bang. A harsh, varied and adventurous release, which features Ministry´s trademark industrial metal sound but also features a couple of surprises like "Hail to His Majesty", "Lesson Unlearned" and "Thanx But No Thanx". Especially the latter which opens with 3 minutes of Sgt. Major (who was also featured on "Rio Grande Blood (2006)") reciting the William S. Burroughs poem "A Thanksgiving Prayer", is a very unique sounding Ministry track. And a great one too. The chaotic sampled hell of "Side FX Include Mikey's Middle Finger (T.V.4)" deserves a mention too and also the fast and pounding "Punch in the Face".

The material is well written and varied throughout though and as "From Beer to Eternity" also features a professional, detailed and powerful sound production, this is all in all a very strong release. The thrashy repetitive guitar riffs, the pounding programmed drums, the distorted vocals (and occasional clean ones) and all the atmospheric voice and sound samples together make up a distinct sound that only Ministry can create. A 4 star (80%) rating is fully deserved.

STABBING WESTWARD Wither Blister Burn + Peel

Album · 1996 · Industrial Metal
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Stabbing Westward got away with shameless Nine Inch Nails worship on their debut album, but this second release was really the time for them to assert a distinct identity of their own and they don't quite manage it. Although little musical growth over Ungod is shown, and whilst some songs tend to plod along (I Don't Believe is kind of terrible as an album opener in this respect because it doesn't establish any momentum) when the album is on form it's an enjoyable evocation of the experience of being a spoiled teenager in the 1990s. Enjoyable, but not as deep or meaningful as the lyrics are trying to be.

industrial metal movie reviews

MARILYN MANSON Guns, God And Government Live In L.A.

Movie · 2009 · Industrial Metal
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Marilyn Manson may divide opinion, he may be taken too seriously by some and not seriously enough by others and it just makes sense that if you don't already like Marilyn Manson then this Blu Ray isn't something you should buy. I'm not going to get into a debate with anyone about whether or not Marilyn Manson albums have been declining in quality over the years but I will say that if you think they have, then the track listing of this concert is perfectly suited to you, with all the material dating before the divisive 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' album.

You may already know this; but for those who don't, this Blu Ray is not a simple transfer of the previously released DVD 'Guns God And Government,' which featured footage from all around the world on different nights. The Blu Ray is taken entirely from one concert in LA during the same tour but also features the same bonus features as the original DVD (chiefly a documentary/montage entitled 'The Death Parade')

The concert is just over and hour and a half in length and features sixteen tracks, including the unreleased 'Astonishing Panorama of the End Times,'as well as seven tracks from the then new Holywood album in addition to a selection of live favorites from older albums. The band features John 5, Twiggy Ramirez, M.W. Gacy and Ginger Fish, in what many fans have come to consider the classic line up.

The video quality is pretty incredible and its surprising just what a huge improvement this is over the previously released DVD, especially when the house lights are up. When the lights are up, this 2002 concert looks better than many live Blu Rays filmed as recently as last year and the team behind this Blu Ray have clearly done an excellent job. In addition to the sterling video quality, the sound is utterly fantastic and as with the video it honestly rivals the majority of modern concerts on Blu Ray.

The performance is excellent, right from the start you know you are in for a theatrical and over the top experience as Manson arrives on stage in a chariot pulled by bikini girls to a stage featuring huge backdrops of crucified fetuses, crucifixes made of various rifles and revolvers, a tonne of dry ice and even naked dancers. The set also contains the infamous slit walk and 'growing,' as well as several costume changes for Manson and one or two minor costume enhancements for the rest of the group.

If you didn't already know, while the band do perform live Marilyn himself sings over a prerecorded live vocal track when he is doing anything theatrical such as the stilt walk or standing behind the pulpit and from repeat viewings I have begun to think that while he sang live over the track on the night, these vocals were erased from the mix and replaced with the live track entirely although I am not 100% certain.

The Blu Ray specs are as follows: 1080i HD Widescreen (1.78:1) LCPM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS HD Master Audio.

In summary this is an absolutely excellent product in and of itself, doubly so if you prefer this period in Manson's history, and an extra star is warranted if you aren't put off by the vocal track not matching up to Manson's mouth movements.

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