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Funeral doom is a sub-genre of doom metal which has many of the hallmarks of more traditional doom, e.g. low tuned guitar work creating an extremely heavy sound and slow tempos. The tempos in funeral doom are generally even slower and often likened to and give the impression of a funeral dirge. It contains death doom elements and often shares the growl style vocal work of that sub-genre as well as cleaner mournful vocals. The use of keyboards is common, generally used to create atmospheric ambient passages. Bands such as Sketicism, Thergothon, Esoteric and Evoken are considered pioneers of the genre in the early nineties.

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ESOTERIC The Pernicious Enigma Album Cover The Pernicious Enigma
4.61 | 9 ratings
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ESOTERIC The Maniacal Vale Album Cover The Maniacal Vale
4.42 | 11 ratings
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ESOTERIC Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum Album Cover Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
4.44 | 6 ratings
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ESOTERIC Metamorphogenesis Album Cover Metamorphogenesis
4.38 | 9 ratings
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MONOLITHE Monolithe I Album Cover Monolithe I
4.45 | 4 ratings
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AHAB The Divinity of Oceans Album Cover The Divinity of Oceans
4.40 | 5 ratings
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ESOTERIC Epistemological Despondency Album Cover Epistemological Despondency
4.36 | 6 ratings
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SHAPE OF DESPAIR Shades of... Album Cover Shades of...
4.39 | 4 ratings
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SKEPTICISM Stormcrowfleet Album Cover Stormcrowfleet
4.29 | 7 ratings
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ESOTERIC Paragon of Dissonance Album Cover Paragon of Dissonance
4.14 | 7 ratings
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MOSS Sub Templum

Album · 2008 · Funeral Doom Metal
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Now for something completely not different. Moss is a band hailing from the weirder side of doom metal- the occultist side. This area of doom has created some pretty weird and admittedly disturbing material, and UK's Moss is no exception.

If you've heard slow doom metal, you've never heard it like this. Most of the band's second album Sub Tempulum's monolithic 73 minute LP is devoted to the low rippling guitar screeches of Dominic Finbow with the slow cymbal crash on occasion. What I presume to be "vocals" of Olly Pearson's are distant, hoarse screams with indiscernible lyrics (not a big surprise). Honestly even with your basic "doom metal tools" laid perfectly out there for them Moss just seems to make a below-average album. Something I noticed is that Sub Templum is rather similar to Sleep's Dopesmoker, except just more repetitive, lower quality, and less fun. I myself as a fan of doom metal should know better than to expect much more from an obscure occult metal band, especially one from the doom genre, but I was nonetheless disappointing. This was even after I saw the decent album art. I'll pass on this one.

SKEPTICISM Lead and Aether

Album · 1998 · Funeral Doom Metal
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Skepticism's debut was such a strong funeral doom album that they could have persisted in a purist funeral doom style forever, which is why I kind of respect them for getting a bit experimental with their influences on Lead & Aether, even if I find the results a bit middling. With shorter compositions in general (by funeral doom standards), the band take the time to work in a range of additional styles (including a bit of world music) to add additional accents to their funeral doom foundation. However, the album seems to lose my interest a little more easily than the debut does, and in particular the mixing of the vocals makes them feel weak and overwhelmed and not in a good way.

AHAB The Oath

EP · 2007 · Funeral Doom Metal
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"The Oath" is an EP release by German doom metal act Ahab. The EP was originally self-released in 2004 on CDr format and later through Deviant Records in January 2007. The latter release is limited to 150 handnumbered 12" vinyls. So "The Oath" is basically a demo that has later been reissued as an EP.

There´s not much demo quality about this release though. It´s professionally recorded and while it´s not polished it features a suiting gloomy atmospheric production to go along with the band´s brand of ultra heavy and atmospheric funeral doom. The sound production suits the music and visa versa. The music features very heavy beats, heavy riffing (pretty intricate at times and often using harmonies), atmosperic keyboards, and deep unintelligible growling vocals (and occasionally chanting clean vocals). The tracks are cleverly composed, which is where the band really excel. They are also skilled musicians, but if the material aren´t well written, that´s usually of little use. "The Oath" features four tracks and a full playing time of 35:22 minutes. "The Hunt" and "Ahab´s Oath" would, in re-recorded versions, make it unto Ahab´s debut full-length studio album "The Call Of The Wretched Sea (2006)", while "The Stream" and the short outro track are both exclusive to this release.

"The Oath" is what I´d call a very promising first release by Ahab. A release where their fascination with Moby-Dick (the 1851 novel by Herman Melville) and the ocean in general are initiated along with their brand of atmosperic funeral doom metal. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

SHAPE OF DESPAIR Angels of Distress

Album · 2001 · Funeral Doom Metal
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Shape of Despair is a Finnish funeral doom band which is aptly named; this is because they stick roughly to the general sort of shape and sound that funeral doom metal bands are expected to and don't offer all that much in the way of unexpected twists or sharp corners to spice up the reheated leftovers they are offering. Angels of Distress ticks most of the funeral doom boxes whilst never, to my ears, quite adding something special of its own to the genre's blueprint aside from some unconvincing gothic touches. Funeral doom fanatics will probably enjoy it, but I feel that few of them would rank it amongst the best works of the genre.

SKEPTICISM Stormcrowfleet

Album · 1995 · Funeral Doom Metal
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Skepticism play firmly in the funereal doom style, so those who have heard the likes of Esoteric know what to expect from Stormcrowfleet: expanded tracks, monolithic riffs, and a slow pace that risks crossing over into drone doom. Skepticism offer a rough, lo-fi take on this genre which helps to distinguish their ugly, organic roar from the cleaner, purer tones of drone. Eero Pöyry's keyboards stand in contrast to the gutteral guitar work of Jani Kekarainen to yield an album which disproves any suggestion that funeral doom metal compositions are boring and samey. Yes, these are gloomy dirges, but they're never simply dirges and there's always a bit more to them than just gloom.

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