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  • Posted 26 days ago in ONI (AUS) | Incanation Superstition | Due NOV-2022
    ***RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT SoAR-001*** It is with great pleasure, in what we hope is the first of many excavations of past Australian Extreme Metal classics, to announce – ONI - Incantation Superstition; Oriental infused Dark and Brutal Australian Death Metal served on 12” Vinyl for the first time. Emetic, twisted scriptures of Tsun Tzu (Art of War) and the Book of 5 Rings. Compositions of unfettered insanity interwoven through unwieldy spasms of anguished malevolence. This is hell. This is ONI. Between 1999 and 2003 ONI was given life by virtue of a four-piece dark and brutal death metal band, comprising members of past and present Adelaide luminaries such as TzunTzu, Beyond Mortal Dreams, Martire, and Darklord. ONI combined oriental influences with dark, brooding and highly proficient death metal ferocity. By the cessation of ONI’s life, they had produced 8 tracks over three assorted releases and contributed to several compilations. It is with honour, Sphere of Apparition Records can present ONI - Incantation Superstition, dealt on 150 copies of 12” traditional black Vinyl. The release serves as a 32-minute compendium of their catalogue and includes a cover of Slayer’s Altar of Sacrifice. Mastered by Ignis Fatuus (Impetuous Ritual / Portal / Grave Upheaval) the sound has maintained the original, nostalgic sonority from the early 2000’s. Meanwhile, new artwork has been furnished by Pahl Hodgson and includes a montage of assorted band photos and fliers which act as part of the inlay component. ONI has risen and hell...shall not...be denied! Pre-Orders Commence: 17-SEPT-2022. PHYSICAL: https://www.sphereofapparitionrecords.com/oni DIGITAL: https://sphereofapparitionrecords.bandcamp.com/ A Hint of what's to come: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VAbzYoLE14 https://linktr.ee/sphereofapparitionrecords
  • Posted 2 months ago in Sphere of Apparition Records | Brisbane | AUS
    CURRENT VINYL CACHE - SPHERE OF APPARITION RECORDS: www.sphereofapparitionrecords.com https://linktr.ee/sphereofapparitionrecords 7” ANATOMY / VOYAGE LONG BLACK – Suncrusher / Poison Blood Split $12 CAULDRON BLACK RAM / SEMPITERNAL DUSK Split $11 DEAD CONGREGATION - 7" Rehearsal 06/2005 $14 FUNERARY PIT – Winds of Hell $11 JESUS ANAL PENETRATION - Axe-Periment in Religion Pic Disc $11 LAMPADES – τρίτος $12.50 ONI / WARKULT Split Gatefold $12 SHACKLES – Inquisitor’s Curse $8.50 THE AMENTA – Mictlan 7” $9 TOTAL ISOLATION / SEDIMENTUM Split $16.50 10” MLP CAULDRON BLACK RAM – The Poisoner $20 CARCINOID / CHARNEL ALTAR Split $28 CRUCIAMENTUM - Convocation of Crawling Chaos (Available in Milky Clear and Swamp Green) $24 DEAD CONGREGATION - Purifying Consecrated Ground (Available in Oxblood, Silver/Grey and Black) $24 12” LP ABSCESS LORD / ENCOFFINATE Split $35 BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS – From Hell $28 BRODEQUIN – Methods of Execution $44 DEFEATED SANITY – Passages into Deformity Pic Disc $35 DECONSECRATION / RE-BURIED Split LP $35 EXIMPERITUS – šahrartu $38 GORATORY – Sour Grapes $34 GRAVEHILL – When all Roads Lead to Hell $35 GRAVE UPHEAVAL – Demo LP $28 GRAVE UPHEAVAL – Untitled (2nd Album) 2LP $35 IMPETUOUS RITUAL – Blight Upon Martyred Sentience $28 IMPETUOUS RITUAL – Bane of Europe $27 INTERNAL SUFFERING – Awakening the Rebel Black Vinyl $34 / Orange $45 INTERNAL SUFFERING – Chaotic Matrix (Clear Vinyl) $45 INTONATE – Severed Within $30 LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY / STOMA – (Red Vinyl) 138mins Body Disposal / Gory Human Pancake $30 LORD GORE - Scalpels for Blind Surgeons $34 MALEVOLENT CREATION – The Will to Kill $42 MORTA SKULD – Surface $40 NOCTAMBULIST – The Barren Form (Orange w/black splatter) $45 PORTAL – Hagbulbia $43 QUESTION - Gnosis Primordial $30 PUTRIDITY - Mental Prolapse Induced Necrophilism $32 STARGAZER – A Merging to the Boundless $30 TURRIS EBURNEA – Turris Eburnea $30 (slight sleeve corner damage) TRAUMATOMY – Transcendental Evisceration of Necrogenetic Beasts $30 ULCERATE – The Destroyer of All 2LP $44 V/A – Ancient Meat Reviewed / A Tribute to Cold Meat Industry $25 WACO JESUS – The Death of Commercial Scum $40 WORMED – Exodromos $36 Sphere of Apparition2022-04-26 22:10:11
  • Posted 6 months ago in Sphere of Apparition Records | Brisbane | AUS
    ***DISTRO UPDATE*** DECONSECRATION | QUESTION | GRAVEHILL | DECREPISY & MORE: Discord and turmoil abound, our order from Mexico’s Chaos Records - www.chaos-records.com - has arrived and been added to our web store: www.sphereofapparitionrecords.com All prices in AUD and excl. P&H LP’s: DECONSECRATION (USA) / REBURIED (USA) – Split Black LP: $35 GRAVEHILL (USA) – When All Road Leads to Hell LP: $35 QUESTION (Mex) – Gnosis Primordial LP: $30 CD’s: DECONSECRATION – Demo CD: $15 DECREPISY – Emetic Communion CD: $19 MORBID MESSIAH (Mex) – Disgorged in the Coffin CD: $17 GATEWAY (BEL) – Flesh Reborn CD: $17 TEMPLE OF THE VOID (USA) – Of Terror and the Supernatural + Demo CD (Reissue): $19 We also have the following on order which we should receive over the next four to six weeks. From Greece’s Repulsive Echo Records: Malevolent Creation - The Will to Kill LP Morta Skuld - Surface LP Create a Kill - Summoned to Rise CD Extreme Violence - Unearthing the Abomination CD Gutted – Bleed for us to Live CD Morta Skuld – Surface CD Inveracity - Circle of Perversion Cassette Monstrosity - The Passage of Existence Cassette Malevolent Creation - Dead Man Path Cassette ***Cassettes can be posted as Letter mail to save postage costs, however, SOARx takes no responsibility for damages to cases and tapes. *** Crypts of Eternity VII Fanzine: Yet another high-quality, English-written old school fashioned B&W fanzine to be added to our distro from Lima, PERU. Pre-order enquiries for any of the above titles can be sent to [email protected] ---- www.sphereofapparitionrecords.com FB: @sphereofapparitionrecords


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