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Stoner Metal is a sub-genre of metal music that rose into prominence in the early 1990's, pioneered by bands such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Sleep, as well as the grunge band Soundgarden. The genre is known for it's fusion of the sludgy riffing of doom metal, the fuzzy distortion of psychedelic rock, and various other styles of music such as blues rock and southern rock.

The origins of the genre is often attributed to early metal bands like Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer. The former's Master of Reality album of 1971 was especially influential in the development of the genre, sometimes even being cited as the first stoner metal album. Space Rock pioneers Hawkwind are also noted to have a substantial impact on the genre, with many stoner rock and metal bands taking elements from space rock. Stoner Metal pioneers Monster Magnet covered Hawkwind's "Brainstorm" on their 1993 album Superjudge. Hardcore punk is also sometimes cited as influencing the genre, with Kyuss's Josh Homme and John Garcia stating Black Flag's My War album of 1984 as having an impact.

Some stoner metal bands took more from blues rock and southern rock, and blended it with their own take on the stoner sound. Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch are among these acts, with the former starting out as a crossover thrash/hardcore punk band in the 80's before bringing in a southern/stoner sound on their 1991 album Blind. Speaking of hardcore, bands such as High on Fire and Kylesa are often considered stoner-sludge metal due to their common usage of hardcore punk elements.

Stoner-doom metal: Stoner doom was pioneered by bands such as Sleep and Cathedral, who started their careers playing traditional doom metal. While much of stoner metal takes influence from doom metal, stoner doom puts more emphasis on said influence. Notable examples include Sleep's Dopesmoker, Cathedral's The Carnival Bizzare, Electric Wizard's Dopethrone, and Acid King's Busse Woods. Some stoner doom releases are placed under doom if there is more of a focus on doom than a balance between the two.

Stoner Rock, while having much in common with it's metal offshoot, has less of a focus on the metal aspect of the sound and is included in the Hard Rock sub-genre on MMA.

- Biography written by Unitron.

Sub-genre collaborators (shared with Doom Metal and Drone Metal):
  • Nightfly (leader)
  • MorniumGoatahl

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KYUSS Welcome To Sky Valley Album Cover Welcome To Sky Valley
4.43 | 48 ratings
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ELECTRIC WIZARD Come My Fanatics... Album Cover Come My Fanatics...
4.42 | 19 ratings
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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Wiseblood Album Cover Wiseblood
4.37 | 15 ratings
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CATHEDRAL The Garden of Unearthly Delights Album Cover The Garden of Unearthly Delights
4.31 | 25 ratings
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CORROSION OF CONFORMITY Deliverance Album Cover Deliverance
4.33 | 18 ratings
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SLEEP Dopesmoker Album Cover Dopesmoker
4.25 | 28 ratings
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DOWN Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow... Album Cover Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow...
4.31 | 12 ratings
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ELECTRIC WIZARD Dopethrone Album Cover Dopethrone
4.21 | 36 ratings
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YOB The Illusion of Motion Album Cover The Illusion of Motion
4.33 | 9 ratings
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SHRINEBUILDER Shrinebuilder Album Cover Shrinebuilder
4.37 | 7 ratings
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DOWN Down III: Over the Under Album Cover Down III: Over the Under
4.25 | 12 ratings
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THE SWORD Gods of the Earth Album Cover Gods of the Earth
4.17 | 16 ratings
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TWIN WIZARD Glacial Gods

Album · 2020 · Stoner Metal
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"Glacial Gods" is the debut full-length studio album by US, Wisconsin based stonner/doom metal act Twin Wizard. The album was independently released in March 2020. Twin Wizard was formed in 2020 when drummer Anthony Dreyer gave up his fight to the name of his former band Telekinetic Yeti. Dreyer was fired from Telekinetic Yeti in 2019, but refused to stop using the name and for about a year two versions of the band existed. Dreyer actually went into the recording sessions for "Glacial Gods" with the intent to release the album under the Telekinetic Yeti, but apparently he changed his mind during the sessions, and opted to form Twin Wizard.

Like Dreyer´s former act Twin Wizard is a duo project featuring Dreyer on drums and Brad Van on lead vocals and guitars, and like the case is with Telekinetic Yeti´s debut album "Abominable" from 2017, there is no bass on "Glacial Gods". Instead Van uses a downtuned 7-string guitar to create the heavy bottom stoner doom metal riffs. So same drummer, new lead vocalist/guitarist (and still no bass).

"Glacial Gods" is an album loaded with brick heavy groove laden guitar riffs (70s Black Sabbath did not live in vain) and energetic and quite adventurous drumming (Dreyer is an absolute beast on the drums). Van is a great vocalist with a raw voice and a commanding delivery. Sometimes I´m reminded of Jared Warren (Big Business, Melvins), and that is a huge praise comming from me. So the musicianship is definitely one of the great assets of "Glacial Gods".

Another great asset is the songwriting which is strong throughout and also the album flow which works really well. The heavy riffs and beats are structured but still in a loose and organic fashion which suits this type of material well. The band also succeed in incorporating more atmospheric/psychadelic parts, which are great for the variation of the album. As the whole thing is packed in a powerful, detailed, and well sounding production job, "Glacial Gods" ends up being not only an entertaining listen, but a high quality stoner/doom metal album too. So upon conclusion Dreyer´s departure from Telekinetic Yeti, may not have been such a bad thing, as "Glacial Gods" to my ears is an upgrade from "Abominable" (2017) (which is a great album in its own right). A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.


Album · 2017 · Stoner Metal
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"Abominable" is the debut full-length studio album by stoner/doom metal act Telekinetic Yeti. The album was independently released in March 2017. The band formed in 2015 and it´s a duo project featuring Anthony Dreyer (drums) and Alex Baumann (guitars, vocals). As a bit of an oddity in music as heavy as this there is no bass on the album. The guitarist uses a downtuned 7-string guitar though, so it´s still incredibly bottom heavy music.

Stylistically it´s quite energetic (especially the drumming, which I could listen to all day) stoner doom, which is about 50% instrumental. So the shouted vocals are relatively sparse. They aren´t the most interesting feature on the album either though, so it´s not a huge loss (although they aren´t awful or anything like that. Just pretty standard for the genre). Brick heavy groove laden riffs (heavily influenced by 70s Black Sabbath) and the above mentioned energy packed and quite creative drumming are the greatest assets of the band´s music, and also the sometimes atmospheric/psychadelic moments and transitions between songs. Those parts work really well for Telekinetic Yeti. They also strike a good balance between structured parts and what sounds more like jamming organic sections. It´s no easy feat to provide an organic touch to structured music, but this is something Telekinetic Yeti excel in.

I´m quite impressed by how well sounding the album is considering that this is an independent release. The guitar tone is heavy and fuzzy like you´d expect on a stoner doom album, and the drums have a great organic tone to them.

The material are pretty varied for the genre too, and every track on the album is worth a listen. Upon conclusion "Abominable" is a great debut album from Telekinetic Yeti, and although this lineup split-up in 2019, without releasing anything further, Baumann has opted to continue the band with a new lineup, so maybe a sophomore studio album will appear some day. Dreyer went on to form Twin Wizard, which is highly recommendable too. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

KYUSS Blues For The Red Sun

Album · 1992 · Stoner Metal
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It grooves, it jams, and it sounds like the dudes are having a lot of fun. Tracks bounce back and forth between halfway energetic rockers to total lethargic chill tunes, probably dependent on whether the band members were drunk or high at the time. The songs kinda do their thing for anywhere between 1 and 7 minutes, and eventually the whole thing is over.

For me, quite boring. Riffs and vocals are generic, and rhythm section may as well not be there, just doing the basic minimum to back the tracks most of the time. There’s no mood or passion to it, they just jam in a rather repetitive way until they get bored and start a new track. The more conventional songs are just a step away from Grunge, which isn’t a good thing to my ears.

I can see people enjoying this the same way one would rock out to some butt rock, but unfortunately I’m not one of those people.

KYUSS Wretch

Album · 1991 · Stoner Metal
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Kyuss’ debut album is an incredibly generic affair even though it helps set the stage for a new genre of metal. They aren’t really doing anything super unique though, just making the already existent Stoner Rock a bit heavier. Some of the songs have some really fun, groovy riffs and rhythms, namely the first two tracks and the beginning of “The Law.” Unfortunately, “the Law” is a nearly 8-minute track that cannot hold that momentum for even a fraction of it’s runtime.

Therein lies a huge problem here; though it has its moments, every song is overlong and repetitive, and for some reason, usually repeating boring chords as opposed to the riffs that are actually good. The songwriting is very standard, the lyrics suck, and the vocals are annoying. Even if you like “fun” metal, I don’t see this doing too much. Not bad by any means, but not to my taste.

CATHEDRAL The Ethereal Mirror

Album · 1993 · Stoner Metal
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"The Ethereal Mirror" is the 2nd full-length studio album by UK doom metal act Cathedral. The album was released through Earache Records in February 1993. It´s the successor to "Forest of Equilibrium" from 1991 and features two lineup changes since the predecessor as bassist Mark Griffiths and drummer Mike Smail have left the band. The former has not been replaced and the bass on the album is therefore performed by guitarist Garry Jennings. New drummer is Mark Wharton. The remaining part of the lineup are lead vocalist Lee Dorrian and guitarist Adam Lehan.

While "Forest of Equilibrium (1991)" is probably among the most brick heavy and dark doom metal releases out there (even occasinally featuring an extreme metal edge), "The Ethereal Mirror" works a bit like a transition album from their gloomy early days to the more uplifting and also predominantly more upbeat stoner doom of the subsequent releases. "The Ethereal Mirror" features a bit from both worlds. It´s the last Cathedral album to feature two guitarists in the lineup, but the two guitarist lineup make sure they go out with a bang, as there are loads of harmony guitar work featured throughout the album. In addition to that the music features heavy riffs and rhythms, and Lee Dorrian´s raw shouting vocals in front. His vocals are less dark and eerie compared to his performance on the predecessor, but still suitably dark for a doom metal release, and he occasionally still sounds like a mad preacher confined to the asylum.

Because of its transitional nature "The Ethereal Mirror" is a relatively varied doom metal release. Tracks like "Ride" and "Midnight Mountain", and to some degree "Grim Luxuria", are pretty much stoner doom metal tracks (the two former with an upbeat rhythm), while tracks like "Enter the Worms", "Jaded Entity", and "Phantasmogoria" are pretty slow and dark doom metal tracks. "Fountain of Innocence" and "Imprisoned in Flesh" show a psychadelic direction, but no matter what they do on this album, Cathedral succeed, because the tracks are all well written and memorable.

They are also delivered with the right amount of passion and skill, and while Lee Dorrian is proabably a bit of an aquired taste, and he doesn´t always hit the notes 100% clean, he is a great asset to the sound on the album, and provides the music with something unique. It´s definitely one of his best and most varied vocal performances on a Cathedral album. "The Ethereal Mirror" features an organic, powerful, and detailed sound production, which further enhances the listening experience and suits the material perfectly. To my ears it´s a high quality doom metal album and a 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.

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Movie · 2001 · Stoner Metal
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Corrosion Of Conformity’s Live Volume: The Movie was recorded live in Detroit at the Harpo's venue and released in 2001. This was the band’s first and to date only live DVD and captures the band live in support of their America’s Volume Dealer album from 2000. Jimmy Bower, who plays alongside Pepper Keenan in the fantastic Phil Anselmo fronted super group Down, provides the drums for this live concert as the band were in between losing and reuniting with long time Drummer and founding member Reed Mullin.

The band really hammer home a strong and confident performance, aided by Bower’s fine drumming. Each member puts in a good show, the guitars are big and heavy as they should be, the bass really stands out and Pepper’s vocals stand up very well in the live environment.

The setlist is strong, concentrating mostly on the band’s Pepper Keenan era material. Standout tracks include ‘Wiseblood,’ and ‘King Of The Rotten’ as well as the big hits like ‘Clean My Wounds,’ and ‘Albatross,’ which go down a storm live.

The sound mix is pretty great, really conveying the heaviness and southern edge to some of the riffs and letting you hear what each member is doing perfectly for most of the duration.

In terms of camera work and visuals the DVD is also pretty successful and it has certainly aged better than some of the concert DVDs that were released around that era, some of which are now feeling comparatively dated.

If any complaint were to be leveled at this Live DVD it would be that the editing is perhaps a little overenthusiastic, there is a lot more double-exposure than one would expect, things brake into slow motion at unexpected points and there is sometimes a seeming desire to get across how much fun the fans are having, even at the expense of the visuals.

If you can forgive this one flaw then there is a lot to enjoy about C.O.C’s Live Volume: The Movie and I would highly recommend it.

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