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Death doom as the name suggests is an extreme metal sub-genre that incorporates elements of death metal into doom. It typically incorporates death growl vocals and aggressive down-tuned guitar parts into slower doom tempos though double kick drum patterns may be used. Its roots can be traced back to the eighties when thrash and early death metal bands started to incorporate doom into their sound. Dream Death are an early example which can be heard on their debut album Journey Into Mystery from 1987 along with bands such as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Autopsy.

Death doom also had an influence on Gothic metal and played a large part in establishing the funeral doom sub-genre in the nineties.

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MY DYING BRIDE The Dreadful Hours Album Cover The Dreadful Hours
4.45 | 34 ratings
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SPECTRAL VOICE Eroded Corridors of Unbeing Album Cover Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
4.61 | 10 ratings
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THE RUINS OF BEVERAST Exuvia Album Cover Exuvia
4.52 | 13 ratings
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PARADISE LOST Medusa Album Cover Medusa
4.37 | 26 ratings
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NOVEMBERS DOOM The Knowing Album Cover The Knowing
4.42 | 9 ratings
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MY DYING BRIDE Songs of Darkness, Words of Light Album Cover Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
4.24 | 24 ratings
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MY DYING BRIDE Turn Loose the Swans Album Cover Turn Loose the Swans
4.20 | 38 ratings
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NOVEMBERS DOOM The Novella Reservoir Album Cover The Novella Reservoir
4.33 | 6 ratings
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NOVEMBERS DOOM The Pale Haunt Departure Album Cover The Pale Haunt Departure
4.25 | 8 ratings
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THE RUINS OF BEVERAST The Thule Grimoires Album Cover The Thule Grimoires
4.23 | 7 ratings
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KATATONIA Brave Murder Day Album Cover Brave Murder Day
4.08 | 39 ratings
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THE 11TH HOUR Lacrima Mortis Album Cover Lacrima Mortis
4.20 | 6 ratings
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.​.​.​In the Absence of Light
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ANATHEMA The Silent Enigma

Album · 1995 · Death-Doom Metal
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Much like it took some time for Death Metal to shed its Thrash roots, and Doom Metal to evolve out of Trad Doom, so too did Death Doom undergo a lengthy transitional phase. In the late 80’s into the early 90’s, Death Doom was, more or less, slow Death Metal, and many of the early releases no longer represent what the genre would become. In time, Death Doom added its signature focus on atmosphere and melancholia, and became something completely separate from Death Metal, named more so for the inclusion of harsh vocals and other extreme metal tropes.

The Silent Enigma is one of the earliest examples of Death Doom in its fully fleshed out form, completely forgoing any hint of Death Metal stylistically and taking a full focus on crafting melodic yet crushing pieces of dark atmosphere and morose despair. A surprising amount of energy is found here, with the opening track aggressively assaulting you with poetic shrapnel of hopelessness. A great deal of variety is found in the following tracks, with classic plodding Doom full of panic-attack inducing atmospheres, gentle gothic style interludes, and a few that sit somewhere in between. The penultimate track, A Dying Wish, remains a crowning achievement of Death Doom, the 8-minute track delivering an uncompromising death throe of mourning and regret.

MY DYING BRIDE The Barghest O' Whitby

EP · 2011 · Death-Doom Metal
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This EP, consisting of a single 27-minute epic track, finds My Dying Bride deep in the death-doom style they pioneered, and makes sure to include prominent keyboard and violin parts to introduce new member Shaun Macgowan to the fanbase. Shaun Steels, former member, comes back on a guest session musician basis to provide drums, so between a new member coming in and a post in the drummer's stool still unfilled this is clearly catching My Dying Bride in a bit of a transitional period between lineups, but it's still an interesting release.

Aaron Stainthorpe seems to be trying out a new lyrical approach here, going in for more harsh, sharp snarls than the deep guttural roars usually associated with death-doom. In the latter half of the song he slips back into the stentorian style of clean vocals which has so often been his trademark. Musically speaking, you know what you are getting with My Dying Bride, and you get about 27 minutes of it here. It's good, and I like the experimentation with longer song lengths, but I wouldn't say it's genre-redefining or absolutely essential.

WINTER Eternal Frost

EP · 1994 · Death-Doom Metal
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"Eternal Frost" is an EP release by US, New York/Long Island based death/doom metal act Winter. The EP was released through Nuclear Blast Records in 1994. "Eternal Frost" is a reissue of the material from Winter´s 1989 eponymously titled demo tape plus the addtional track "Manifestations I". Although the droning/ambient noise of "Manifestations I" isn´t exactly worth the price of admission, a reissue of the 1989 demo makes a lot more sense, as the original cassette tape demo was limited to 200 copies, and was at this point in time a sought after object by fans of the band´s 1990 debut album "Into Darkness". Other than the addition of "Manifestations I" one other change has been made to the original demo material from 1989, as the track "Hour of Doom" has been given the new title "Blackwhole". Otherwise nothing has been changed.

Stylistically Winter play an early example of death/doom metal. It´s predominantly bass, heavy guitar riffs, drums, and intelligible growling vocals, and only occasionally lead guitars provide some atmosphere. The heavy organic grooves and the memorable songwriting keep the music flowing and interesting throughout and the fact that not all tracks are ultra heavy doom dirges also provide the EP with some variation. A track like "Servants of the Warsmen" is for example a mid-paced death metal affair, rather than a death/doom metal track.

"Eternal Frost" is a well sounding and very well produced EP, and the fact that most of the material is culled directly from a 1989 demo makes it even more impressive that Winter have managed to produce such a well sounding release. "Eternal Frost" is upon conclusion a good quality death/doom metal release, featuring a relatively unique sound (although the Celtic Frost influences shine through) and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved. If you can´t find neither the demo nor the 1994 EP... despair the material is included on the reissue versions of "Into Darkness" (1990).

WINTER Into Darkness

Album · 1990 · Death-Doom Metal
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"Into Darkness" is the debut full-length studio album by US, New York/Long Island based death/doom metal act Winter. The album was released through Future Shock in 1990. "Into Darkness" is the only item released on the label, so I assume that Future Shock was the band´s own label and that "Into Darkness" in that regard is an independently released album. A few years down the line Nuclear Blast Records picked the album up for a reissue, which is probably the version of the album most listeners are familiar with. Winter formed in 1988 and released an eponymously titled demo in 1989. Two of the tracks from the demo ("Servants of the Warsmen" and "Eternal Frost") were re-recorded and included on "Into Darkness".

While the 1989 demo is certainly a doomy and heavy death/doom metal release, "Into Darkness" takes the heaviness and gloom a step further down the dark hole. The addition of eerie cold sounding keyboards is a contributor to the band´s sound being slightly more atmospheric ("Goden" is the best example of that), but it´s still the brick heavy riffs, the organic bass, and the heavy beats, along with the growling vocals which are the focus of the band´s music. It´s relatively simplistic music featuring only few riffs and ideas on each track, but this is the perfect example of getting the maximum out of very few elements. Celtic Frost is a valid reference here, but Winter aren´t a clone or a tribute act in any way. It could be argued that "Into Darkness" is a rather uneventful release, but you´d be missing the point of the crushingly brutal heaviness and simple songwriting approach. Said approach is the exact charm of the release.

"Into Darkness" features a dark, raw, filthy, and heavy sounding production job, which suits the material perfectly. This really does sound like it was recorded down a black hole and it´s the direct opposite to the many digital, lifeless, and sterile sound productions which many post-2000 artists seem to favor. Upon conclusion "Into Darkness" is a seminal death/doom metal album from the early 90s, and although the album (and Winter as a band) is often forgotten when the early releases by other seminal and contemporary death/doom artists like Paradise Lost, Anathema, Cathedral, and My Dying Bride are mentioned, I´d argue that it´s an error. Winter offer something different and unique here (the guitar tone for example could well fit on a stoner/sludge release), that should be praised and definitely mentioned more often. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.


Demo · 1989 · Death-Doom Metal
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"Winter" is the eponymously titled first demo by US, New York/Long Island based death/doom metal act Winter. The demo was independently released in June 1989. Initially the demo was released on cassette tape limited to 200 copies. While the original cassette tape version of the demo is almost impossible to find these days, all tracks from the demo plus an additional track were re-released on the 1994 EP "Eternal Frost" (on CD). In 1999 the material from the demo was included as bonus material on the reissue of Winter´s 1990 debut album "Into Darkness". So while the original cassette tape version of the demo is a rare find, the material from the demo is available on other releases. Two tracks ("Servants of the Warsmen" and "Eternal Frost") from the demo were re-recorded and included on the tracklist for "Into Darkness" (1990).

The 4 tracks on the 18:22 minutes long demo are early examples of death/doom metal. It´s relatively simplistic in style featuring heavy riffs and rhythms, and intelligible growling vocals, but not simplistic in a way which makes for a tedious listen. There is a nice groove to the tracks and in addition to the doomy heaviness, there are also some mid-paced parts and the use of double bass drums, which give the music a death metal sound (most prevalent on "Servants of the Warsmen" which is a relatively energetic and uptempo track). Although the music occasionally feature lead guitar parts enhancing the atmosphere of the tracks, most of Winter´s sound is made up of just bass, heavy rhythm guitar riffs, drums, and vocals. It´s very basic music, but the organic grooves, and the memorable songwriting ensure that there are more than enough intriguing elements for an engaging listen.

Considering that this is a demo release from 1989 the sound production is very well sounding, and to my ears it´s fully on par with professional sound productions from that time. Upon conclusion this is a good quality early death/doom metal release and definitely worth a listen for fans of the genre. Although all elements have been heard before, and a contemporary artist like Paradise Lost did something similar (although more based on soaring melancholic lead guitar melodies), Winter still sound relatively unique to my ears. I´m not sure what it is exactly that makes them original, but there is something (although the Celtic Frost influences shine through). A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

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Movie · 2004 · Death-Doom Metal
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Considering this was actually released on VHS in 1990, Paradise Lost must surely overestimate the passion and loyalty of their fan club. Filmed in Bradford in 1989 to coincide with the band’s debut album, this is a 30-minute video of the band playing on stage. They barely move around, you barely see glimpses of the crowd, and in fact, you barely see vocalist Nick Holmes’ face due to his shaggy hair constantly covering it.

I’m not really a fan of their earlier, death metal growly material anyway, but even if I was, this video isn’t enjoyable or interesting to watch at all. Re-released in 2004 on DVD, this isn’t worth the 50p I spent on it if not for the fact that I do, in fact, actually like this band, and have a compulsive obsession to own everything a band puts out.

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