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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 25 3.60
2 Power Metal 7 3.14
3 Thrash Metal 7 2.57
4 Traditional heavy metal 6 2.50
5 Alternative Metal 6 3.67
6 Hard Rock 3 3.67
7 Industrial Metal 3 3.00
8 US Power Metal 3 3.00
9 Speed Metal 2 2.00
10 Nu Metal 2 2.50
11 Proto-Metal 1 2.00
12 Non-Metal 1 1.00
13 Funk Metal 1 2.00

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LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT Spontaneous Combustion (as Liquid Trio Experiment)

Album · 2007 · Non-Metal
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Damn, is this a tough listening experience or what?!

Now, I love Dream Theater, and of course I enjoyed their Liquid Tension Experiment side-project, so it'd make sense that when this album was released, marketed as "Liquid Trio Experiment" due to the absence of guitarist John Petrucci, it was something I had to have in my collection.

And there it shall remain until my dying days, though sadly not by choice, but more due to my obsessive collecting disorder (is this a real thing?).

'Spontaneous Combustion' is nothing more than improvised jazz fusion jams and rehearsals. It's so musically self-indulgent I struggle to see what made them think it was something worth releasing that people would want to hear. I struggle even more to comprehend the fact that there is probably someone out there that genuinely listens to this and enjoys it.

But nope. Not me.

I can appreciate the amazing chemistry and versatility of all the musicians involved, and while there's maybe a few cool "moments" dotted around, it's not something I'll ever come back to or make an effort to find among the midst of mindless self-indulgence. As a whole, the album is just boring, and features nothing of any real substance.

Plus, it irks me that these guys can release and sell an album featuring nothing more than a staggering 78 minutes of mindless noodling, and it's still better than anything I could come up with.

Sometimes it sucks being a collector.


Album · 1998 · Alternative Metal
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Stuck Mojo's brief flirtation with rock stardom came in 1998 with the release of their third album, 'Rising'. Having garnered a loyal following due to their relentless touring and insanely energetic performances, the rap rockers scored big when they filmed a music video featuring superstars of World Championship Wrestling, at the time one of the hottest shows on television. This gave the band an unprecedented amount of promotion that they'd never had before, as the video received heavy rotation on WCW's flagship show; 'Nitro'.

(It was also how guitarist Rich Ward met wrestling legend Chris Jericho... his future Fozzy bandmate).

Brimming with groove metal riffs and rapping vocals, Stuck Mojo's sound is simple and effective; heavy, energetic, and full of attitude. Ward's instantly recognizable guitar tone and style makes for some truly memorable headbanging anthems, and rapper Bonz is on fire lyrically, lashing out at governments, society, and celebrating all things America! What 'Rising' lacks in intricacy it more than compensates for in enthusiasm and machismo.

'Crooked Figurehead', 'Rising', 'Southern Pride', 'Enemy Territory', 'Dry', 'Pipe Bomb'... the whole bloody album is just one great song after another. Even goofy hip hop bonus track 'Suburban Ranger' has a nice charm to it.

Sadly, rap metal is usually considered the black sheep of metal subgenres. Which is a huge shame, as 'Rising' is such a great album that blended old-school metal with a legit rapper, as opposed to a singer who can rap. Stuck Mojo have toured with some heavy hitters such as Pantera and Machine Head, and it's evident in their music, that if metal fans can open their minds just a little bit, there's a true gem of a record waiting for them.


Album · 1997 · Industrial Metal
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My introduction to Rammstein originally came when I heard their song 'Engel' on the 'Mortal Kombat: Annihilation' soundtrack sometime around the year 2000. I was 13 years-old, I shamefully loved that film at the time, though I realize now how terrible it is (but the soundtrack sure does kick ass!). With that said, I initially mocked the band. I thought 'Engel', with its German lyrics, sung in a ridiculously deep, baritone voice, was bloody hilarious.

I was wrong.

1997's 'Sehnsucht', Rammstein's second album, is a huge improvement upon it predecessor. The compositions are much more polished and the overall performances are more confident than before. Here is a band who have their sound, they know who they are and what they're doing, and they fully embrace every aspect of their music. The guitar riffs are much weightier than before, and the keyboards play a much more integral role. Vocalist Till Lindemann's deep, raspy vocals, despite sometimes seeming fairly repetitive, fit the music perfectly.

There's plenty of elements here that gives the album a more "industrial" feel, and with its improved production, darker lyrics and continuing Rammstein's trend of shocking and sexual imagery, 'Sehnsucht' gives the band the "bigness" their music needed.

With hits such as 'Tier', 'Engel', 'Bestrafe Mich', 'Eifersucht' and one of the groups most famous songs, 'Du Hast', 'Sehnsucht' isn't just a landmark album in industrial metal, but in heavy metal in general.


Album · 1995 · Industrial Metal
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Released in 1995, 'Herzeleid' is Rammstein's debut album, which mixes industrial metal with various electronic and dance influences, a heavy emphasis on shock value, sexual imagery and lyrical themes. The German vocals are an interesting touch, which makes it all the more surprising that they'd go on to have the success that they would.

Full of tasty guitar riffs, infectious keyboard melodies and groovy dance beats, 'Herzeleid' is a cohesive effort full of catchy songs that firmly establishes who this band are and where they're going, spearheading the Neue Deutsche Härte ("New German Hardness") movement that was sweeping across the nation.

Unfortunately, some of the tracks are a little repetitive and mundane. While tracks like 'Du Riechst So Gut', 'Heirate Mich', 'Laichzeit' and 'Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen' belong on any Rammstein compilation, others, such as 'Asche zu Asche', 'Seemann' and 'Rammstein' are all fairly passable.

I've struggled to write this review, with no witty one-liners or closing statements, this is just simply a good album. It's not the groups best release, but it's definitely worth picking up.

MAGNUM Kingdom Of Madness

Album · 1978 · Hard Rock
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Oh Magnum... one of "those bands". They never really had that one massive hit that would forever engrave them into the hearts and souls of music lovers the world over, but they had a strong enough body of work that would permanently etch them their place on hard rock (and sometimes even heavy metal) compilations. Your old man has probably heard of them, but can't name a single song of theirs. Classic dad rock.

Magnum's music is heavily keyboard-driven (cheesy 70's keyboards, at that!), with big, bombastic vocals and a progressive touch. If they're typically considered "before your time" then 'Kingdom of Madness' probably sounds naff today, but give it a chance, because it's a solid debut with some fun, high-energy tracks.

While there are a few fairly dull songs on here, the good songs are truly something special. Magnum, and AOR in general (that's "adult oriented rock"... whatever the hell that means!), has never really been my cup of tea, but special praise must go to songs like 'In the Beginning', 'Invasion', 'Lords of Chaos', 'All Come Together' and the title track, all of which have converted me into a Magnum fan.

And I'm not ashamed of it.

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