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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 101 3.43
2 Heavy Metal 43 3.00
3 Thrash Metal 37 2.65
4 Power Metal 23 3.00
5 Rap Metal 17 3.53
6 US Power Metal 14 2.86
7 Hard Rock 14 2.79
8 Nu Metal 10 2.80
9 Industrial Metal 10 3.20
10 Non-Metal 8 3.13
11 Groove Metal 8 2.63
12 Alternative Metal 7 3.71
13 NWoBHM 6 3.00
14 Gothic Metal 5 2.40
15 Heavy Alternative Rock 4 2.75
16 Symphonic Metal 4 3.25
17 Speed Metal 3 2.00
18 Funk Metal 3 2.67
19 Metal Related 3 2.33
20 Glam Metal 2 4.00
21 Crossover Thrash 2 3.00
22 Death-Doom Metal 1 1.00
23 Neoclassical metal 1 2.00
24 Proto-Metal 1 2.00

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STATIC-X Shadow Zone

Album · 2003 · Industrial Metal
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With nu metal being at its peak in 2001, it’s no surprise that Static-X’s album that year, ‘Machine’, gave them a huge mainstream push and garnered them a bigger fan base than before. Looking to capitalize on that success (and apparently with record label pressure to boot), it’s even less of a surprise that their third album, 2003’s ‘Shadow Zone’ picks up where its predecessor left off.

While there is a slightly more melodic emphasis to this album than previous releases, ‘Shadow Zone’ is still an unrelenting assault of industrial grooves and pounding, jackhammer guitar riffs, sounding massively overproduced to help make the music as big and beefy as possible. The songs are well written, and Wayne Static’s unique blend of singing, shouting, grunting, and whatever other random noises he makes, helps give the band a bit of their own identity (although, there are a couple of instances where he sounds reminiscent of Korn’s Jonathan Davis).

All the tracks on ‘Shadow Zone’ are very short in duration, with only three of them barely scraping by the four-minute mark by mere seconds, however, this makes the album easy to digest, and while some of the songs are catchier than others, none of them have time to drag on, making this album flow effortlessly. And an abundance of electronic effects give the music a great ambience and vibe.

Songs like ‘Shadow Zone’, ‘Monster’, ‘Destroy All’, ‘New Pain’, ‘Kill Your Idols’, ‘The Only’ and the melodic and eerie ‘So’ are all highlights that make this album worth checking out. While nu metal’s day at the top were Static-X’s best realistic chance at mainstream success, ‘Shadow Zone’ is still a great listen for industrial fans, and any metal fans that like their music intense, heavy and accessible might enjoy this too.

PANTERA Reinventing the Steel

Album · 2000 · Groove Metal
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‘Reinventing the Steel’ is the ninth and final studio album by groove metal band Pantera. Released in 2000, the band members would fall out big-time shortly after, and would end up disbanding a few years later. So with this release bringing their career to an end, all I can do is look back on this and wonder, “what the hell am I missing?!”...

Pantera are so highly revered and beloved by metal fans that I easily fell into the hype, going only by their hit singles from the early 90’s. Sure, ‘Cowboys from Hell’, ‘Walk’, ‘Mouth For War’ and ‘Domination’ are all metal classics which had me anxiously awaiting really digging into their albums, but honestly, that literally was the best the band had to offer. The rest really was just hype.

While their main output was mostly mediocre albums with a couple of decent hits, I really hoped that ‘Reinventing...’ would give the band one final hoorah. But alas, nope, it’s just another generic album. Although there are a couple of moments of goodness, most of the songs sound average and uninteresting. It’s almost as if the band were just going through the motions by this point.

The album is well produced, however, giving the music a solid punch, and like on previous releases, when the band are good, they’re really damn good! But as always, this is very rarely the case. ‘Revolution is My Name’ is an absolute banger, and ‘Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit’ and ‘Goddamn Electric’ are alright, though not quite as memorable. But otherwise, the rest is pretty mundane, by-the-numbers tracks, with jarring riffs that make the album seem disjointed most of the time.

I fell into the Pantera hype for a good fifteen or so years before actually taking the time to really listen to their albums properly, and I’ve got to say, what a huge disappointment this has been. Sure, they’re heavy as hell, and there’s no denying how influential they were in the 90’s, but truthfully, their entire back catalogue just gets a huge “meh” from me.

I think it’s safe for me to ignore this album, and all of their albums for that matter, and just stick to their ‘Reinventing Hell’ greatest hits compilation, which is pretty much all their decent tracks right there.

DREAM THEATER When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987-1989

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2004 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The second release of Dream Theater’s demo series of official bootlegs, ‘When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987-1989’ is a look at the making of the bands seminal debut album. Obviously...

Split into four main sections, there’s instrumental demos, early-Charlie Dominici demos, pre-production demos, and probably the most nerdy aspect of the album is the ‘X-Mas Demo’, which features a super early version of ‘To Live Forever’, which has remained more-or-less unchanged since its creation, as well as an array of random tunes and “messing around” spots that might (but probably won’t) pique the interest of die-hard fans.

The sound is alright, for what it is. Most of these being demos and recorded by the band themselves, there’s nothing massively remarkable, but again, this is for die-hard fans, anyway. Dream Theater are no doubt highly adept at their instruments, and this CD shows that even at a young age, these guys were technical wizards.

But overall, this isn’t really worth even considering to purchase unless you’re the absolute, most highest level of elite Dream Theater fan. And let’s be honest, even if you are, you’ll probably never listen to this anyway.

DREAM THEATER Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2006 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
‘Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996-1997’ is the fifth instalment of Dream Theater’s demo series line of official bootlegs. There’re two important factors here that make this arguably one of the better releases of demo albums. Firstly, the wealth of material on hand, including five unreleased tracks that never made it onto the album, as well as a 20-minute instrumental demo that features plenty of moments that would be expanded upon, and eventually become the bands next and most highly revered album, ‘Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory’.

The second important factor, and certainly an interesting one, is that ‘Falling Into Infinity’ was an album plagued by record label interference, and while the finished product isn’t quite what the band would have desired, this gives fans a chance to hear the songs how they were originally intended to sound.

Of course, by now, I’ve grown accustomed to the ‘Falling Into Infinity’ album (I, for one, really enjoy it), so listening to the demos is cool for a die-hard fan such as myself, but I’m still happy to listen to the finished product instead. The unreleased tracks are all pretty decent, especially ‘Raise the Knife’ and ‘Speak to Me’, but they all sound unfinished. No doubt they’d have been polished up had they made the final cut, but I guess these will have to do.

Overall however, this isn’t something I’d feel inclined to listen to. I’d much rather stick with the original studio album. There’re plenty of differences and nuances to pick up upon though, and it’s intriguing to see how many changes were made to these tracks over time. But that’s about it. Perhaps sometimes record label interference isn’t such a bad thing afterall?

SAVATAGE Streets: A Rock Opera

Album · 1991 · Heavy Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
‘Streets: A Rock Opera’, released in 1991, is the sixth studio album by American metal band Savatage. It sees the band further develop their unique style which incorporates huge influences from musicals and classical music, and features a concept based on the rise and fall of fictional musician D.T. Jesus. Coming at a time when metal was becoming stale to mainstream fans, it was no doubt a risky move by the band to continue this route, but the end result is one of their most highly revered and well-received albums.

Riding a wave of momentum from their previous albums, ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ and its successor, ‘Gutter Ballet’, and once again continuing their working relationship with producer Paul O’Neill (who wrote the original story for the album), the band have hit their stride here, finding their niche and sounding more confident than ever before.

Wonderfully produced, the sound of the album evokes many moods throughout its diverse track list. From heavy rockers, to melodic tearjerkers, the production perfectly captures the essence and mood of each song. At times haunting and eerie, melancholic and depressing, or uplifting, head banging metal anthems, O’Neill has done a tremendous job of capturing the right vibe which suits the style of the band, and gives each member ample space to shine.

With songs such as ‘Jesus Saves’, ‘Somewhere in Time/Believe’, ‘Tonight He Grins Again/Strange Reality’, ‘Ghost in the Ruins’, ‘You’re Alive/Sammy and Tex’ and ‘Agony and Ecstasy/Heal My Soul’, there’s no shortage of Savatage highlights here. Along with Jon Oliva’s hauntingly passionate vocals and Criss Olivas classically-inspired guitar acrobatics, this is a pivotal album for the band, which would see them continue to ignore musical trends in favour of their own musical and artistic integrity, making ‘Streets: A Rock Opera’, a worthwhile addition to the collection of all rock and metal fans.

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