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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 103 3.41
2 Heavy Metal 45 2.96
3 Thrash Metal 39 2.72
4 Power Metal 27 2.93
5 Rap Metal 18 3.50
6 US Power Metal 15 2.87
7 Hard Rock 15 2.73
8 Industrial Metal 11 3.27
9 Nu Metal 10 2.80
10 Groove Metal 10 2.70
11 Non-Metal 8 3.13
12 Alternative Metal 7 3.71
13 NWoBHM 6 3.00
14 Gothic Metal 5 2.40
15 Heavy Alternative Rock 5 2.80
16 Funk Metal 4 2.50
17 Metal Related 4 2.50
18 Symphonic Metal 4 3.25
19 Speed Metal 3 2.00
20 Crossover Thrash 3 2.67
21 Glam Metal 2 4.00
22 Death-Doom Metal 1 1.00
23 Neoclassical metal 1 2.00
24 Proto-Metal 1 2.00

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NICKELBACK All the Right Reasons

Album · 2005 · Heavy Alternative Rock
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Following on from the success of 2001’s ‘Silver Side Up’ and 2003’s ‘The Long Road’, it’s now 2005, and Nickelback are unarguably one of the biggest bands on the planet. Appealing to rock and (some) metal fans, while also endearing themselves to pop fans and casual radio listeners, the band were at a point where they’d been able to establish a sound, as well as a name and reputation, that would keep them in the spotlight.

However, while I found their albums to continually improve with each subsequent release, 2005’s ‘All the Right Reasons’ doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor. But there’s really not any particular reason, other than the songs just don’t seem as good. The sound is the same, the production is the same, sure, there’s probably a bit more emphasis on soft radio rock here, but it’s still not that different than what the Canadian foursome did on ‘The Long Road’. But overall, the songs just aren’t as good.

Which is kind of weird, seeing as how this album features some of Nickelback’s biggest hits (outside of 2001’s ‘How You Remind Me’), ‘Photograph’ and ‘Rock Star’, both of which were huge radio hits for the band. There’s also some great rockers such as ‘Animal’, ‘Next Contestant’, ‘Someone That You’re With’ and the emotional and thoughtful ‘If Everyone Cared’. But yet, there’s just something about this release that doesn’t resonate with me as much as what came before it.

But don’t be deterred, as it’s still a good album! The performances from everyone involved are of a high standard, and the band clearly knows what works for them and how to get the most out of it. By 2005 Nickelback would be known more for their hits than their albums, and as it stands, this probably won’t appeal to everyone. And while I don’t think it’s as good as 2003’s ‘The Long Road’, ‘All the Right Reasons’ is still a solid, hard rock release with some good songs that definitely won’t be amiss in any collections.


Album · 1998 · Power Metal
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‘Oceanborn’ is the second studio album by symphonic metal legends Nightwish. Released in 1998, it comes just one year after their debut, but already there’s a marked improvement in every aspect of the band and their music.

For starters, everything is more polished. The compositions flow a lot better and don’t seem as disjointed as before. The interplay between all the musicians, in particular, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen is fantastic. Full of exciting melodies and energetic performances, the music sounds much more vibrant and alive on this release. There are also more varied influences on this album, such as ‘Swanheart’ with its folk influence, ‘Moondance’ with its exotic flavour, and a wide use of neoclassical runs used throughout. It makes for a much more refreshing album.

Then there’s the production. Wow! A huge improvement! While ‘Angels Fall First’ always sounded raw and, in my opinion, a little flat, ‘Oceanborn’, again, sounds much more alive. Everything is clear and well balanced and it suits the music perfectly.

However, despite all the praise, there are still a few filler songs, and in general, a lack of that “big” sound that Nightwish would develop more over the years. But it’s not really a criticism, as this is a really good release. And songs like ‘The Riddler’, ‘Gethsemane’, ‘Passion and the Opera’, ‘ Stargazers’, ‘Sacrament of Wilderness’ and their amazing rendition of the classic ‘Walking in the Air’ are all great signs that this band are developing and maturing at a fast rate, and are definitely destined for bigger things.

BEYOND TWILIGHT For the Love of Art and the Making

Album · 2006 · Progressive Metal
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After two incredible albums of high-quality progressive metal, Danish band Beyond Twilight shoot themselves in the foot by getting a bit too artsy and fancy with 2006’s ‘For the Love of Art and the Making’. The clue is clearly there in the title. At 38 minutes in length, and featuring 43 tracks, each barely a minute long, the idea behind this release is that the tracks can be played in any order and, depending on how you listen to it, it supposedly can bear different meanings each time.

Yeah, alright.

Can anyone truly say they listened to this more than a couple of times without losing interest? Just as you start to enjoy one segment it skips straight to the next. And everything is so disjointed, no matter what order you play it in. In fact, I tried it a couple of times in random orders, and nothing flows smoothly at all. Additionally, it’s near-impossible to really understand any of what’s going on without actually knowing the lyrics. Bugger that!

It’s a huge shame, as Beyond Twilight’s previous two releases, 2001’s ‘The Devil’s Hall of Fame’ and 2005’s ‘Section X’ are genuinely fantastic albums. These guys are amazing musicians and have an instantly distinctive sound of their own. And while the idea behind ‘For the Love...’ is interesting and massively ambitious, they just weren’t able to make anything substantial come out of it.

I give the album two stars simply because there is some great musicianship and performances, and there are a couple of moments that are pretty neat (if, by pretty neat, you don’t mind songs that last barely a minute). But overall, this album is a huge disappointment, and at the time of writing this review the band haven’t done anything since. Coincidence? I doubt it. Art for art’s sake? Art over substance? Whatever. This album sucks.


EP · 1999 · Power Metal
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Released shortly after the bands second studio album, ‘Interlude’ is the 1999 EP by German power metal band, Iron Savior. While their debut album was decent enough, their follow-up, ‘Unification’ was a solid release, with some strong compositions and performances. But sadly, they seemed to have gone back a step with this rather mundane, by-the-numbers disc.

Broken into two parts, live tracks and new tracks, there’s not really anything here that stands out. The live songs, taken from the bands 1998 Wacken Open Air festival performance, are okay. They’re nothing amazing, although the crowd seem into it, which is pretty nice to hear, but I think I’d prefer the studio versions.

Then there are the new compositions, and man... these suck. I just totally can’t get into any of them, and not for any particular reason either, they’re just not doing anything for me. The best one is a bloody Judas Priest cover, which in itself isn’t bad, but speaks volumes about the bands original output here.

Overall, this is one for die-hard fans... if any actually exist.

PANTERA Official Live: 101 Proof

Live album · 1997 · Groove Metal
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I don’t really like live albums. The few that I do, I very rarely listen to. I’ve just always been a studio albums kind of guy. And that’s for the bands I like. So what does that leave for a band like Pantera? Their live album, 1997’s oddly-titled ‘Official Live: 101 Proof’ doesn’t stand a chance.

Pantera are one of those bands that I just don’t get. Highly revered and beloved amongst metal fans, their albums hold up as some of the greatest of all time... but they’re really not. I find each album has a couple of excellent tracks, such as ‘Cowboys from Hell’, ‘Cemetery Gates’, ‘Walk’ and ‘Revolution is My Name’, and then a whole load of filler tracks. But it’s those singles that manage to keep the bands reputation intact.

This album mostly mixes the two. There’re a handful of tracks I enjoy, and then a load that I don’t. But I’d just much rather listen to the studio version. For what it’s worth, the production is good, with the band sounding incredibly energetic, raw and aggressive, and Phil Anselmo is a crazy frontman who’s between-tracks waffling can be fairly entertaining.

But overall... no. This just doesn’t work for me.

While I have all of Pantera’s groove metal output (from 1990’s ‘Cowboys from Hell’ and onwards’), the truth is, their 2003 greatest hits compilation, ‘Reinventing Hell’, is pretty much the only album I need.

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