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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 37 3.41
2 Traditional heavy metal 12 2.75
3 Thrash Metal 11 3.09
4 Alternative Metal 9 3.89
5 Power Metal 9 3.11
6 US Power Metal 7 3.14
7 Groove Metal 3 2.67
8 Hard Rock 3 3.67
9 Industrial Metal 3 3.00
10 Nu Metal 2 2.50
11 Speed Metal 2 2.00
12 Proto-Metal 1 2.00
13 Funk Metal 1 2.00
14 Non-Metal 1 1.00

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FOZZY Happenstance

Album · 2002 · Traditional heavy metal
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With their debut album, Fozzy may have reclaimed their throne as the true pioneers of heavy metal, but sadly there are still many songs out in the open being used by other bands, and so Fozzy return once more to take back what was stolen from them by the likes of Judas Priest, Scorpions and Twisted Sister.

But seriously…

Fozzy are back with their second album, once again a combination of covers and originals, all under the fictional backstory that these are Fozzy compositions stolen from them whilst they were trapped in Japan due to contractual obligations. But while the first album may have been treading the waters to see if the group can get away with such a gimmick, with ‘Happenstance’ the band dive right in at the deep end.

Everything about this album is a step up from ‘Fozzy’. The band sound amazingly tight, and Chris Jericho really comes into his own as a vocalist, and will surely impress anyone who doubted a pro wrestler would be able to sing. However, the true highlights of this album are the four Fozzy originals. I’m not exaggerating here, but…


Nobody would expect it from a band called ‘Fozzy’, but the four originals ‘To Kill a Stranger’, ‘Happenstance’, ‘Crucify Yourself’ and ‘With the Fire’ are all beyond words. Seriously awesome metal tunes, and this isn’t a case of "awesome because it’s so cheesy" or anything like that. This is straight up, ass-kickin’ metal. Rich Ward’s riffs blow away anything he ever did in Stuck Mojo (and I love Stuck Mojo), and Chris Jericho takes his place alongside the likes of Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and Ozzy Osbourne. These songs should be heard by everyone.

The covers, as before on their previous album, may not have been my ideal choice of songs to do, but the band step up none-the-less and make such awesome renditions that it’s easy to forget these songs are covers to begin with. I know fans of W.A.S.P and Iron Maiden etc, will find this blasphemous, but yes, I think all these covers improve upon the original versions. But sadly, it's the covers that knock this album down from five stars to four (and that's only because I don't do 'half ratings').

Overall, I cannot stress enough how amazing the originals are. If you’re put off by this bands comedy antics, the fact their name is ‘Fozzy’ or their singer is the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, don’t be. Get this album, and spread the Fozzpel.


Album · 2000 · Traditional heavy metal
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Dio, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister. All these bands have one thing in common: They’re thieves!

After twenty years stranded in Japan, the true pioneers of heavy metal have returned, Fozzy!

It was a careless contract-signing that left Moongoose McQueen and the rest of Fozzy stuck in Japan, and with demo tapes finding their way all over the world, bands like Iron Maiden and Motley Crue were more than happy to steal Fozzy’s songs and claim them as their own, thus, stealing the very genre Fozzy created from under their noses.

Okay, comedy aside, Fozzy is a fantastic band, and for those who aren’t familiar with the group, they are really a metal band formed by wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich Ward, mostly playing covers but using their humorous back story as a way of separating themselves from other cover bands.

As a huge fan of both Chris Jericho and heavy metal, it was only natural that when this album was released I had to snap it up, and what an impressive debut album. Jericho has a great voice, though at times it does feel a bit weak, but he definitely shows a lot of confidence on the two Fozzy originals, where he obviously gets to sing his own style with a voice he is comfortable with.

Unfortunately, I personally find the choice of cover songs a bit hit-or-miss. Songs like ‘Blackout’, ‘The Prisoner’ and ‘Riding on the Wind’ are all great songs that in my opinion far surpass the originals, and whilst all the other covers completely dominate the originals material, the choices are quite lackluster. I have to be honest, but songs like ‘Stay Hungry’, ‘Eat the Rich’ and ‘Live Wire’ are not the first songs I’d choose to cover.

The two Fozzy originals are great as well. ‘End of Days’ and ‘Feel the Burn’ are amazing samples of what this band are capable of, and a sure sign of the greatness to come.

STUCK MOJO Here Come the Infidels

Album · 2016 · Alternative Metal
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Eight years after their last studio album and Stuck Mojo are back to breathe new life into the rap metal genre which they helped pioneer in the early 90's. While I loved 2007's 'Southern Born Killers' and even 2008's 'The Great Revival', the more hip-hop oriented rapper Lord Nelson and the commercially tinted songs (full of gospel and pop influences) put off a lot of fans.

However, a 2014 reunion show which saw the return of classic Mojo vocalist Bonz had the band once again retracing their metal roots. And while the newly revived classic line-up wouldn't last, it did plant the seeds for a new album which would take the band back into a more heavier direction.

And heavy, it is!

With new vocalist Robbie J. Fonts, Stuck Mojo have truly released a beast of an album that takes them right back to their 'Pigwalk' days. Brutal, unrelenting and uncompromising, 'Here Come the Infidels' is a great record that perfectly blends metal and hip hop whilst trying to give the genre the integrity it deserves. Rich Wards guitar riffs are as killer as ever (check that guitar tone!), and long-gone are the lyrics about friendships and "mom's favourite song", we're back to the anti-political, anti-social, anti-everything Stuck Mojo that we all know and love.

And it is glorious!

The album starts off with some of the bands best material, however, towards the end it does start to slowly creep back into that commercial rock territory. While songs like 'Tambourine' and 'Blasphemy' aren't bad by any stretch, they kind of feel a bit out of place on a release that started off as an all-out metal return to form.

Still, with that said, 'Verbal Combat', 'Rape Whistle', 'Charles Bronson', 'The Business of Hate' and the title track, 'Here Come the Infidels', are all some of Stuck Mojo's best songs, and are all perfect examples of why rap metal crossovers shouldn't be so casually disregarded. And if nothing else, surely this makes up for 'The Great Revival'... right?

PANTERA Cowboys From Hell

Album · 1990 · Groove Metal
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Often mistaken for Pantera's debut album, 1990's 'Cowboys From Hell' saw a complete rebirth for the band, after four previous releases as an 80's glam band, they changed their sound to a heavier, more groove-based metal, did away with the spandex and hairspray, and with a big record label backing them, they really were a whole new band! And hell, you'd be forgiven for thinking so! I'd been a fan of the band for years before I ever knew they released albums before this one! Aw... the pre-internet days...

Hailed for keeping metal alive in the 90's, and highly regarded as the kings of what is known as "groove metal", as influential as this band would go on to become, I sometimes feel that a lot of the praise heaped upon 'Cowboys...' is almost hyperbolic. It's not a bad album, in fact it's very good, but I guess maybe it's become so highly revered by metal fans that when I came around to hearing it it'd been just a little bit overhyped.

Guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who would go on to become one of the most famous guitar players in metal, pumps out riff after riff, with the rhythm section of Rex Brown on bass and Vinnie Paul on drums perfectly giving the music it's famous groove. The icing on the cake is vocalist Phil Anselmo, who's brutal yet melodic singing can be enjoyed by thrash metal fans trying to cling to the 80's sound, or the more hardcore audience of the early 90's. Pantera had a versatile sound that helped them appeal to so many people.

With some groove-laden classics such as 'Cowboys From Hell', 'Domination', 'Psycho Holiday', 'Shattered' and one of the bands most famous songs, 'Cemetery Gates', it's easy to see why this record is so beloved! However, for all the good songs on offer here, there are a couple of absolute stinkers that plod along aimlessly, filling up space that would have been better left empty. And that's why, for all the love this album has received over the years, I can't see it as any more than "good".

But hey, a good album is still an album worth getting.


Album · 1994 · Groove Metal
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The early 90's was an odd time for metal. With most of the previous decades heroes being driven underground, going through a phase of substandard releases, or shamelessly trying (and failing) to latch onto the grunge scene that was taking the world by storm, heavy metal needed some fresh new faces to take the reins and steer the genre to pastures new.

With groove metal bands like Pantera standing tall, hardcore heroes like Biohazard bludgeoning their way into the action, and later bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit taking the music in totally different directions, there was one band that fused elements of all these subgenres together, and so with the immortal lyric of "let freedom ring with a shotgun blast" did Machine Head burst onto the scene.

With some very fat, grooving riffs, plenty of middle-finger attitude and hard-hitting lyrics, Machine Head exemplified metal in the early 90's, when fans were care-free and passionate, ravenous for the next headbanging anthem. And there's plenty of 'em here! 'Old', 'The Rage to Overcome' and 'Davidian' (one on the bands best songs), are all reasons why Machine Head would be one of the bands to usher heavy metal into the post-grunge era of modern music.

The album does plod along at times and comes across as repetitive, which is why it only gets a three-star rating from me. Robert Flynn's vocals suit the music perfectly, although the overuse of harmonics (and in particular, stabs in the music with harmonics filling the gap) does become a tired trick after hearing it in the third or fourth song. But overall this is a solid debut, and 'Davidian' is easily one of the finest metal songs to come out of the 90's, so it's a damn good album just for that.

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