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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 99 3.44
2 Heavy Metal 42 2.98
3 Thrash Metal 35 2.66
4 Power Metal 23 3.00
5 Rap Metal 16 3.50
6 Hard Rock 14 2.79
7 US Power Metal 13 2.77
8 Nu Metal 10 2.80
9 Non-Metal 7 3.00
10 Industrial Metal 7 3.43
11 Groove Metal 7 2.71
12 Alternative Metal 7 3.71
13 NWoBHM 6 3.00
14 Gothic Metal 5 2.40
15 Heavy Alternative Rock 3 2.33
16 Funk Metal 3 2.67
17 Metal Related 3 2.33
18 Speed Metal 3 2.00
19 Symphonic Metal 3 3.67
20 Crossover Thrash 2 3.00
21 Death-Doom Metal 1 1.00
22 Glam Metal 1 4.00
23 Neoclassical metal 1 2.00
24 Proto-Metal 1 2.00

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PANTERA The Great Southern Trendkill

Album · 1996 · Groove Metal
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How did one of the most influential metal bands of the 90’s (and of all time?) turn out to be so disappointing? I mean, like a lot of metalheads, I’ve always held Pantera in such high regard, but it wasn’t until I properly took the time to listen to their albums that I found myself not really enjoying a lot of it.

The groundbreaking ‘Cowboys From Hell’ and ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ feature some of metals most beloved songs, but I find are also brimming with filler material. ‘Far Beyond Driven’ even made it to the number one spot in the Billboard charts! How??? That album, in my eyes, saw a huge decline from its predessors! And how did they follow that up? With an even more lacklustre mess of an album; ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’.

There’s no denying that the band had been getting progressively heavier with each release, and ‘Trendkill’ is by far their heaviest album to date, but it’s just so chaotic and cluttered that I truly struggle with it. Phil Anselmo’s once-impressive vocals, blending screaming, shouting, singing and all sorts, is just one incomprehensible death metal growly shout after another. And the guitars, once groove-laden and full of pumping, memorable riffs, now sound like generic, throwaway leftovers. Messy and uninspired, the band was at odds when making this album, with the music and vocals being recorded in completely separate locations, and it shows.

The production sounds rather dated as well. While the music’s sheer intensity and brutality make it heavy, the sound itself is rather weak and tinny, struggling to live up to the standards of the bands previous releases.

If I was forced to pick out any highlights, ‘Living Through Me (Hell’s Wrath)’ and ‘Suicide Note Pt. 1’ are probably the best two songs. The title track is alright too. But to be honest though, I’m just really not into this album, and struggling to really see what all the hype was about regarding Pantera.


Single · 1993 · Heavy Metal
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I always thought singles to promote live albums was a bit pointless, unless there was a certain novelty to it (like, say, playing with an orchestra). Promoting the ‘Live Shit: Binge & Purge’ box set, ‘One’ is a decent enough little package which features four cuts from the album, but true fans were going to buy the bundle regardless, which thankfully, would later be released in a smaller box, with the same CD’s but featuring two DVD’s instead of three VHS tapes (remember those?!).

Featuring four tracks, ‘One’ (which includes a small jam), ‘Whiplash’, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ and ‘Last Caress’, these are all staples in the Metallica live set, and there have been countless live versions recorded over the years, making this single pretty redundant.

Still, if you’re a die-hard fan you’ll want this for your collection, if such collectors actually exist, but otherwise, get the ‘Live Shit’ box set, as that’s definitely still worth the investment. And in fairness, if you’re actually reading this review then I’m going to assume you already own it, anyway.


EP · 2013 · Heavy Metal
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2013’s ‘Covertá’ is the second EP, and third overall release, by American groove metal band Adrenaline Mob, and features eight tracks, all of which are covers by various well-known classic rock and metal groups. There’s always a number of ways to view these types of releases; are you a fan of the original compositions? Are you a fan of the covers? Is the selection of songs any good? Do they hold up well on their own?

To be honest... the answer is mostly no to all of these.

I mean, there’s some heavy hitters such as Van Halen, Dio, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Doors... but none of the covers are really all that good, and mostly sound uninspired and bland. Which is a shame considering the absolutely monumental amount of talent involved. No doubt the musicianship is incredible, and the sound and production makes all these tracks a lot heavier and polished than their originals, but in this case, that’s not enough to win me over.

In fact, the only two covers I find remotely interesting are Black Sabbath’s ‘The Mob Rules’, (which was already covered on their debut EP), and Rainbow’s ‘Kill the King’. But realistically, I either prefer the original recordings, or covers by other bands.

Overall, after a fantastic debut album, this is a fairly disappointing EP. Of course, these types of things aren’t really meant to be taken too seriously, and are just filling time between studio albums, which is why this is probably best saved for fans of the musicians involved.

DREAM THEATER New York City 3/4/93

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2006 · Progressive Metal
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‘New York City 03/04/93’, released in 2007, is the fifth album in the live series of Dream Theater’s official bootlegs. With only two albums under their belts, this is an interesting look at the band in their early days, especially as there are some who consider the Kevin Moore years their best.

Featuring most of the songs from their first two releases, ‘When Dream and Day Unite’ and one of my all-time favourite albums, ‘Images and Words’, the set list is incredibly strong, despite the limited material they had on hand. The performances are (mostly) impeccable (hey, it’s Dream Theater!), and the sound quality is really good, considering this is a “bootleg” lifted directly from the soundboard. The band all sound clear, and the audience is audible enough without sounding fake.

With the likes of ‘Pull Me Under’, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Take the Time’, ‘A Fortune in Lies’, ‘Learning to Live’ and ‘The Killing Hand’, it’s evident that even after only two albums, Dream Theater had a wealth of solid material to choose. Also included is a work-in-progress of ‘A Change of Seasons’, the 23-minute epic that’d end up getting its own EP release. It’s for this alone that most die-hard fans will be interested in hearing this album, especially as the version played here is quite different from the finished product.

However, since I’ve always preferred studio albums to live ones, I can only look at what I get out of this release, and in that case, it’s the things that I’ve learned:

1. Even Dream Theater make mistakes! (Yep, it’s true, there’re quite a few bum notes in there!!!)

2. Even in his younger days, vocalist James LaBrie struggled replicating all the recorded vocals live. Bless ‘im for trying, though.

3. Dream Theater’s early shows had intermissions. Weird.

Strange things to take out of this, I know, but there we go. ‘New York City 03/04/93’ is a nice little nugget of joy for fans of Dream Theater, but as far as live albums go, it’ll take a lot to improve upon ‘Live at Budokan’, ‘Score’ or ‘Live Scenes from New York’.

KISS Dressed To Kill

Album · 1975 · Hard Rock
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Another Kiss album, and not a lot different than the previous two. Short, sleazy, rock songs about the usual 1970’s affair... sex, women, partying, sex, drinking, women, and occasionally, something different, like sex, women and partying all at once.

It’s easy to see how this might have been a bit more revolutionary in the 70’s, but these albums sound pretty tame and immature by today’s standards. The production is decent enough, and the playing is consistently good (though again, pretty laid back), but after two previous albums of similar material, ‘Dressed to Kill’ just tends to bore.

‘Room Service’, ‘Getaway’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ (admittedly, an early Kiss classic), are the only really half-decent tracks here worth remembering. Still, it’s only half an hour long, so it’s not doing any harm, and Kiss will always be a guilty pleasure of mine, and everyone else’s.

With that said, despite three pretty mediocre releases, the next album is where my fandom for the band really begins, for it’s the album that changed my life. The best is definitely yet to come...

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