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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 204 2.43
2 Thrash Metal 140 3.11
3 Death Metal 84 3.09
4 Black Metal 67 2.42
5 Power Metal 62 2.90
6 Progressive Metal 57 2.89
7 US Power Metal 43 2.94
8 Hard Rock 42 2.02
9 Industrial Metal 32 1.47
10 Gothic Metal 31 2.66
11 Alternative Metal 30 1.67
12 Death-Doom Metal 30 2.43
13 Traditional Doom Metal 28 2.43
14 Speed Metal 27 2.78
15 Groove Metal 26 2.13
16 Melodic Death Metal 25 3.22
17 Stoner Metal 25 1.50
18 Hardcore Punk 24 1.60
19 Neoclassical metal 22 2.36
20 Doom Metal 21 2.64
21 Metal Related 20 1.20
22 Sludge Metal 20 1.43
23 Technical Thrash Metal 20 2.88
24 Funk Metal 18 1.39
25 Proto-Metal 16 1.66
26 Folk Metal 15 2.50
27 Grindcore 14 1.18
28 NWoBHM 13 2.42
29 Avant-garde Metal 11 1.55
30 Atmospheric Black Metal 9 2.06
31 Technical Death Metal 9 3.78
32 Heavy Alternative Rock 8 1.81
33 Non-Metal 8 1.25
34 Melodic Black Metal 8 2.88
35 Metalcore 7 1.71
36 Crossover Thrash 6 2.17
37 Symphonic Metal 6 2.25
38 Viking Metal 6 2.33
39 Symphonic Black Metal 5 3.60
40 Drone Metal 5 0.60
41 Nu Metal 5 1.60
42 Death 'n' Roll 4 3.13
43 Brutal Death Metal 4 3.50
44 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 3 2.17
45 Funeral Doom Metal 3 2.00
46 Heavy Psych 3 1.83
47 Rap Metal 3 1.00
48 War Metal 2 2.25
49 Glam Metal 2 1.25
50 Goregrind 2 1.25
51 Deathgrind 2 3.50
52 Cybergrind 1 1.00
53 Mathcore 1 1.00
54 Melodic Metalcore 1 3.00
55 Pagan Black Metal 1 3.50
56 Stoner Rock 1 1.00

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OCTOBER TIDE Rain Without End

Album · 1997 · Death-Doom Metal
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This is one of those albums I’d had on my radar for years, but only just gotten around to. As Death Doom, particularly Melodic Death Doom, is my favorite music genre, I had a lot of expectations for this thing.

Well, 30 seconds into track one, my face contorted into a disharmoniously gleeful smile while listening to the aural form of melodic depression, and halfway through track two I prematurely judged this to be a masterpiece, completely meeting all expectations and more. The incredible part is that the album only grew stronger, the main riffs of “Sightless” and “Blue Gallery” in particular absolutely blowing my mind. THIS was the BIRTH of Melodic Death Doom. This was the origin of the brand of music that had come to be my absolute favorite.

Quite immediately, I began thinking “Damn, these guys really listened to Brave Murder Day and just worshipped the hell out of it.” This was less shoegaze-y and more melodic, but the overall style was uncannily similar. I mean hell, the first track was “12 Days of Rain”… you cannot convince me that isn’t a Brave Murder Day reference! Not that it mattered to me. More of something great = a win for me. I later felt stupid, after 17 listens, upon reading that this was composed by the vocalist/drummer and guitarist of Katatonia. And then I was in awe, because the whole thing was done by JUST those two people. Insane how two people crafted an album better than what full bands can do.

Anyway, to talk of the musical merit… some of the best, most melancholic guitar leads ever crafted. Doomy, yet full of energy and power. Ditto to the drumming, simple but perfectly serving the music, generous amount of double bass. Vocals are harrowing and beautiful. Sparse keys/synths round out the atmosphere perfectly. Lyrics are morose, slightly symbolic and poetic. Perfect album, absolutely flawless.

INTESTINE BAALISM An Anatomy of the Beast

Album · 1997 · Melodic Death Metal
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Although Intestine Baalism were one of the first significant Death Metal bands from Japan, they sound more like something straight out of Sweden. Dismember and Entombed influence runs rampant in this unholy union of brilliant Melodeath leads and pummeling OSDM riffage. Combining the best of both worlds, the band ensures every track has some fantastic leads that make them memorable and discernable from each other, without ever sacrificing brutality or darkness.

The vast majority of this album is straight up Death Metal, and the lyrics check out. Occultic ramblings of sacrifice and violation paint a picture of a twisted and godforsaken underworld, and the music similarly oozes an evil urgency. Even the melodic aspects of this album are much further towards the “evil” end of the spectrum than Melodeath tends to be. It’s clear here that the band enjoyed and was influenced by OSDM more than anything, but their penchant for writing melodic, memorable leads just happened to be smacked right into the middle of it. Which is actually typical of Japanese-style music; which tend to be on the more melodic side, when not going into full blown Avant-Garde territory.

Everything the album sets out to do, it achieves and does well. Even the acoustic interlude is nicely done. Not a weak moment here, no songs that aren’t amazing.

DECEASED Fearless Undead Machines

Album · 1997 · Death Metal
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Thrash Metal was in a sorry state in the late 90’s. Most prominent Thrash bands got infected by the Groove virus or fizzled out into softer styles, and not many new bands were popping up. More extreme and experimental styles of Metal were running both the underground and the mainstream.

But of course, you still got bands like Deceased, who played unrelenting Deathrash in an undisguised love letter to the 80’s. The album is absolutely ripping, full of fantastic riffs and very well composed, lengthy songs. It’s got a Heavy Metal influence, and integrates slower, more melodic portions between the aggression, making the songs varied and effective at maintaining intrigue despite the lengths.

It’s also a concept album about zombies based on the Night of the Living Dead series. How fun is that? I’m also gonna shout out the vocalist Fowley, who not only has a perfect hybrid Thrash yell/Deathgrowl, but is also the drummer! And the drums kick ass! This was pretty much as good as the genre got at that point in time. Never given enough credit or limelight, Deceased remain an underground treasure, but they deserve much more because this is up there with the best of the Deathrash bands.

EMPEROR Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk

Album · 1997 · Symphonic Black Metal
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Much like the debut, Anthems is a crowning achievement of Symphonic Black Metal. Incredibly talented musicians play extreme music with much more competence and ability than most Black Metal players, and the compositions are complex and layered. Every instrument is ever busy, a cacophony of epic darkness assaulting the listener with nonstop force. This thing is dense with complex arrangements, and despite all instruments staying at overdrive territory much of the time, the songs are written well (and production is strong too) so that no piece overpowers the other.

All of the main songs here are fantastic. Never a wasted moment with these compositions, full of unique riffing and deliciously icy keys, ominous choirs, and an insane rhythm section. The vocalist commands presence as well – really getting into some crazed dark fantasy persona in some of these tracks. We get classic Black Metal shrieks, but also some good operatic, layered cleans.

The non-Metal/filler tracks are a weakness. The intro is an offensive example that goes on almost 4 and a half minutes before letting us get to the meat, and the outro is good, but still the weakest real track to end on. Never understood why bands insisted on sandwiching albums between tracks like these. Still a fantastic album, but it hurts the listening experience.

GAMMA RAY Somewhere Out in Space

Album · 1997 · Power Metal
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Land of the Free was a great album, but I feel this one right here is where Gamma Ray finally proved they were one of the greatest Power Metal bands of the 90’s, and an even rival to Helloween. Seriously, all the musicianship here is phenomenal. Incredibly powerful drumming, absolutely loaded with double bass and giving Thrash Metal a run for it’s money at times. The guitars are, of course, a melodic current of catchy tunes and technical prowess. Vocally, Kai has improved yet again, and is in top form here. Even the bass is laying down some nice groove. It’s worth mentioning that this is definitely a bit heavier than the past Gamma Ray album, thanks in no small part to those pummeling drums.

This one has a loose focus on space and sci-fi, but it’s not really integral to the listening experience. At the end of the day, this is just prime Power Metal music. Even the interludes here are good, featuring an awesome drum solo and a nice piano piece. The ballad is strong as well, and even the bonus tracks were worthy of inclusion. The band were just pumping out pure quality at this time. I consider this one a classic.

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