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4.06 | 41 ratings | 5 reviews
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Album · 2004


1. Reise, Reise (4:11)
2. Mein Teil (4:32)
3. Dalai Lama (5:38)
4. Keine Lust (3:42)
5. Los (4:25)
6. Amerika (3:46)
7. Moskau (4:16)
8. Morgenstern (3:59)
9. Stein um Stein (3:56)
10. Ohne dich (4:32)
11. Amour (4:50)

Total Time: 47:52


- Till Lindemann / Lead Vocals
- Richard Z Kruspe / Lead Guitar,Backing Vocals
- Paul H Landers / Rythmn Guitar,Backing Vocals
- Oliver "Ollie" Riedel / Bass Guitar
- Christoph "Doom" Schneider / Drums/Electronic Percussion
- Christian "Flake" Lorenz / Keyboards
- Guest Choir / Dresdner Kammerchor
- Viktoria Fersh / Guest vocal, Moskau

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

It's the same dilemma that countless bands and artists have suffered before; 2001's 'Mutter' was a monumental album that made German industrial metal band Rammstein international superstars. So what now? Having spawned five hit singles and firmly establishing themselves as the premier band of their specific genre, it would be hard for anyone to release a follow-up that would live up to expectations.

But 'Reise, Reise' is a damn good effort.

Cranking up the heaviness that worked so well on their previous release, 'Reise, Reise' has ditched all the dance and techno elements of the bands earlier work, and in its place is a thunderously heavy album with massive guitar riffs and plenty of haunting keyboards. The sound is slightly muddier and grungier than before, but it's still a well-crafted assortment, with plenty of headbanging anthems that are almost instantly recognizable as Rammstein.

Of course, the main attraction with a band like these lot is their live show, and these songs are tailor-made to be played in huge arenas with plenty of pyro, choreography and imagery.

With skull-crushingly heavy hits such as 'Mein Teil', 'Keine Lust', 'Morgenstein' and 'Stein um Stein', eerily melancholic ballads like 'Armour' and 'Ohne Dich', and all-out cheesy pop-inspired songs like 'Amerika' (one of the bands most famous hits) and 'Moskau' (with infectious female backing vocals), there's a wide diversity of songs on 'Reise, Reise', that ensures that even while it doesn't reach the same heights as its predecessor, Rammstein still sit firmly atop the throne as the kings of industrial music.
Although it does have its shallower and more simplistic moments, such as the lazy Yank-baiting of Amerika, Reise Reise is actually one of Rammstein's more diverse albums, with a more guitar-oriented sound for the most part contrasted against the occasional diversion like the dance-based (and impossibly catchy) Moskau. Somewhat less monolithic and monotonous than prior Rammstein works, Reise Reise ends up with the opposite problem - namely, that it's sufficiently diverse that you're bound to find some songs resonate with your tastes less than the others. Still, at least it shows Rammstein attempting to evolve and progress their sound rather than sticking in the industrial rock niche which had served them so well previously.
The Angry Scotsman
I am living in Amerika and Dieses Album ist wunderbar!

A guilty pleasure, perhaps...if it sounds really good then it doesn't always have to be technical, complex and cerebral! Good thing since Rammstein isn't any of those things. However, they do make some awesome sounding music, but unfortunately suffered from inconsistency. With "Reise, Reise" Rammstein finally make a solid album, from start to finish.

As with all their work this album is difficult to classify, falling best under Industrial Metal often featuring heavy, repetitive, (and usually simple) songs making heavy use of keyboard. There is also a strong alt/groove metal influence on the album, utilizing angular crushing riffs and a hefty dose of syncopation, all pushed along by straightforward drumming. While songs may be repetitive in nature (though not as badly as one may think) there is good variation from song to song.

To top it off, Till Lindemann's vocals are absolutely perfect. Fit the music, each song and section perfectly. Also, his voice is just awesome. Till's voice is deep and powerful. Even when he is singing clean! If you are someone who NEEDS lyrics...well his are almost entirely in German so that may be a problem for you. I personally like to "feel" vocals, make sure they fit and flow with the music, which they do here. 3 semesters of German at Uni also helped enough that I can get the basic ideas and know enough to lines as to not feel utterly clueless, which is nice since Rammstein can tell some intriguing stories...

The album kicks off with the title track which truly fits the word "epic". Right off the bat you also know what you are getting: Simple, heavy, and damn powerful. Still some touches of musicianship though.

Mein Teil is one of my all time favorite Rammstein songs, opening with a creepy bass and militaristic drum rhythm, and a cold keyboard melody. Alternates between this and some awesome riffing, all the time telling a real life story of a butcher who wanted a "well built" man to come to his house. The epic chorus translating to "Then you are, what you eat, and you know, what this is. It is my part" should be a big enough clue as to why he was there.

"Dalai Lama" is a powerful building song, while "Keine Lust" has a very alt metal feel to it. "Los" is pretty different, very cool and a bit trippy!

"Amerika" is one of the bands better known songs and a highlight of the album. Typical heavy/light keyboard tinged Rammstein song, with some nice subtle touches and even a keyboard solo! The song is a scathing criticism of globalization, as the chorus points out "We're all living in Amerika. Amerika, ist wunderbar" and going on to equate American culture with coca cola, wonder bra, and sometimes war. The band can be trolls but if anyone had any doubt, the lines "This is not a love song, I don't sing my mother tongue, no this is not a love song" should spell it out pretty clearly. All very true points and some interesting stuff to munch on, or if you'd like you can just mosh out to the awesome riffing, breakdowns and let yourself be swept up by a very catchy song.

"Moskau" is my least favorite and a kind of weak song. Even for laughs the dance pop feel is a bit much for me haha! Things pick up with the frenetic "Morgenstern" and the mildly post-metal sounding "Stein Um Stein". The album ends on a fantastic note. Pushing along at Rammstein's moderate pace "Ohne Dich" is a powerful and beautiful song of longing. Till's voice really is beautiful. This is followed by the much darker "Amour" where, yet again, Till's vocals are superb and fit the music perfectly. A very moving song, sit back and let it happen. Also you can hear Rammstein's softer moments musically, and it's really nice. Please look up and memorize the lyrics if needed, they really add another touch to the whole song.

Very good album, one weak song, a few moments that don't really work but overall, few complaints can be had. Straightforward but surprising album, a must for fans of Rammstein but also highly recommended for newcomers as this may be their best album. Please give this a listen.

Four Stars

After the successful achievements of Mutter, weird and eccentric Germans Rammstein unleashed another album upon us.

I have never been the biggest fan of Rammstein, but I’m really starting to respect them now, because they were album to release 2 amazing albums.

This album has a more experimental side to it than Mutter had, but the same quality of songs is still present, and at times is better. This album, like Mutter just has good song after good song.

1. -Reise, Reise – I love the doom like quality of the song. This song also has some battle metal elements (the use of accordion). The orchestration is also amazing. (Rammstein are almost symphonic at most times).

2. Mein Teil - Very powerful chorus. The vocals are also very eerie and remind me of another crazy German industrial band, Einstürzende Neubauten

3. Dalai Lama - I guess the song is about the man himself, I don’t know, I don’t speak German. Very eerie song nonetheless. I love the clean vocals with the piano accompaniment. Till is actually a really good singer.

4. Keine Lust - I love the video for this song, It’s so phatt (what a terrible joke). Amazing song with great hooks and a great chorus. One of the best on the album.

5. Los - Very weird song with a weird narrative over a funky acoustic riff. I like the contrast between the 2.

6. Amerika - Wow, they sing in English…kinda. Amazing chorus, very anthemic. I love the keyboard solo in the song.

7. Moskau - Is this the girl from Tatu in this song. They are obviously trying to confuse us, with a song that’s so catchy and is not only in German but in Russian as well. All in all it’s a very addictive song.

8. Morgenstern - I love the intro. The chorus is pretty cool. Word of warning, this song is mammothly heavy.

9. Stein Um Stein - Love the change in tone in this song. Another weird but pretty cool keyboard solo as well.

10. Ohne Dich - Ballad of the album. Not as strong as Mutter in my opinion. The orchestration is really beautiful.

11. Amour - Nice calm way to end the album.

CONCLUSION: Just as good as Mutter in my opinion. True metal at it’s best, passionate and powerful.

Members reviews

Call them Neo's as in Nazi but that description is far from the truth although the music at times has that feel what you are getting is some of the best and innovative contempary Metal that has been composed in the last twenty years and with a driving German influence throughout. German is the predominate language sung and even with hardly any English they have still become modern Industrial Metal Legends which is no mean feat considering how difficult it is for bands to break markets in a foreign language. One other most important matter is Rammstein sounds exactly that and they have their own sound and style and there for me lays the attraction.Orchestration but not in an obvious fashion,mandolins on one track, Accordian, Oboe, Blues Harp and Choirs as backing vocals and with the band you have one full on album.

Reise Reise was released in September of 2004,comprising 11 tracks with Reise Reise the title starting proceedings and with that typical driving approach and theme thats makes one pay attention because with Mein Teil which follows the album increases tempo and more drive with Till Lindemann's vocals that are so distinct because of his German accent which provides the colour in the bands front and sound. Jumping to track 5, Los which is one great blues number done Rammstein style and the Blues Harp used is testimony to that but the most popular and biggest track is Amerika with its sing a long chorus of Were all Living in Amerika,Amerika its Wunderbar, if you are not hooked you will be quick. Moskau is up next and could be considered to be up there with Amerika but the last special song on the album is Ohne Dich a metal ballad for me but a little more extreme and is one wonderful composition with that soaring chorus sung by Till, wonderful stuff.

Without a doubt I rate Reise Reise 5 stars as with two of the bands other releases that comprise the bands six studio releases. Different and original and what a welcome change to modern metal this band has created,with this album as with the three releases that proceeded.

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