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Goregrind is a genre mixing Death Metal and Grindcore. Bands playing in this style feature extremely violent or medical terminology for lyrics, extreme, and for artwork (often times very real pictures), a deviation from the political messages of most Hardcore bands, and many bands make use of pitch shifted or extremely low guttural vocals. The credit for the first Goregrind band goes the United Kingdom's Carcass, formed in 1985 who's debut Reek Of Putrefaction became a favourite of DJ John Peel. Other notable early Goregrind acts include Sweden's General Surgery formed in 1988, United States' Impetigo formed in 1987, and the Netherland's Last Days Of Humanity formed in 1989.

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EXHUMED Gore Metal Album Cover Gore Metal
3.90 | 5 ratings
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GENERAL SURGERY Left Hand Pathology

Album · 2006 · Goregrind
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"Left Hand Pathology" is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish death metal/goregrind act General Surgery. The album was released through Listenable Records in October 2006. General Surgery were originally active in the 1988-1991 period and released three demos and the "Necrology (1991)" EP before disbanding. The members have since been part of other prolific Swedish death metal and grindcore acts such as Dismember, Afflicted, Crematory and Regurgitate. General Surgery reformed again in the early 00s (although it´s only guitarist Joachim "Jocke" Carlsson and lead vocalist Grant McWilliams who remain from the lineup who recorded the "Necrology (1991)" EP) and have been putting out a string of releases since 2003.

So while "Left Hand Pathology" may be a debut album, it´s an album featuring seasoned musicians, who know how to handle their instruments. Stylistically General Surgery pretty much continue where they left off with "Necrology (1991)". Early Carcass influenced goregrind/death metal complete with gory pathology oriented lyrics and bizarre song titles like "Mucopurulent Mayhem", "Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology", and "Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater". The music style is also very similar to early Carcass, even down to the "juicy" growling vocal style, although the occasional old school Swedish death metal part is also heard. The latter is a minor element of the band´s sound though, and overall it wouldn´t be wrong to label the music style on "Left Hand Pathology" goregrind Carcass worship.

General Surgery was one of the first Carcass worship acts but upon returning to the scene in the early 00s, several other artists had picked up the torch, and today they are just one of many. So the novelty of being one of the first acts to pay tribute to the legendary British act has worn off. At this point it´s purely about the quality of the music and in that department the material on the 14 track, 33:53 minutes long album is decent. The playing is tight, the songwriting effective, and the sound production is raw, powerful, and detailed, so overall the product is of a relatively high quality. The "relative" word is used here because the songwriting is too one-dimensional in the end, and the tracks are hard to tell apart even after many listens, and there is no arguing the material could have prospered from more variation. Had more of the tracks featured a degree of variation like the closing track "Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology", which is an absolutely brilliant track, my overall impression of the album had probably been different, but as it is it´s simply not varied enough.

When that is said "Left Hand Pathology" is still an entertaining release while it plays and if you can´t get enough of early Carcass worship albums this is definitely one of the places to go. Just take it for what is is. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.

THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS Forensic Fugues and Medicolegal Medleys

Album · 2002 · Goregrind
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siLLy puPPy
Goregrind is that not so cuddly mix of grindcore and death metal but more often than not it sounds a lot more like the former with only traces of the latter but what really sets this demonically possessed noisefest from the rest of the extreme metal pack is its utter obsession with all things putridly disgusting! Whether it be bizarre mutilations, diseased decaying corpses with maggot colonies or just good old fashioned forensic pathology, goregrind is the place to run to when melodic death metal has just become too tame for its own good.

This little prickly subgenre got its start in the 80s with Carcass and its shocking slap in the face debut “Reek Of Putrefaction” which when compared to the hairspray friendly metal bands that were in heavy rotation on MTV must’ve been quite disturbing indeed. Carcass followed up with the equally demented “Symphonies Of SIckness” but then sorta got tired of the whole shtick and moved on to a more technically infused variation of death metal. The band itself grew tired of it but many fans wanted more and the style continued on with an ever growing legion of noisemakers squealing out lyrics recited from an anatomy textbook.

One of the downfalls of this style of music is that it all starts sounding the same unless any given artist can find some way to stand out. Well that where THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS comes into the picture. Formed in Scotts Valley, CA just north of Santa Cruz, this trio that has consisted of Dr. Jack Putnam, MD (drums, vocals), Dr. Morton Fairbanks, MD (vocals, guitar, bass) and Dr. Guy Radcliffe (bass, vocals) started as a mere goregrind era Carcass cover band but the most remarkable thing of all is that they claim to be legit medical doctors who were either fully licensed MDs or in the medical school final stages. Of course they soon got bored with just covers and decided to continue on where early Carcass left off. After an early lineup with an EP sampler, this band released its debut FORENSIC FUGUES AND MEDICOLEGAL MEDLEYS in 2002.

Admittedly derivative and existing as a fictitious band that continued what Carcass may have done after “Symphonies Of SIckness,” THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS does indeed sound exactly like 80s Carcass with those wickedly distorted grind riffs, squealed and snorted vocals and all the best goregrind subject matter as evidenced in tracks like “NH2(CH2)4NH2 & C5H14N2 (Putrescine & Cadaverine)” and "Algor Mortis: The Linear Rate of Cadaveric Cooling.” In fact this sounds so authentic it makes you wonder if this was actually Carcass releasing material under a different band name and of course there has been much speculation about the authenticity of the whole MD shtick given the band’s website was found out to be owned by a member of Exhumed.

Nevertheless the band claims it’s the real deal often posing for photo ops even if they have never played live. The gray-haired dude is the bassist who was 63 years old when he did an interview on MTV about the whole thing. So whether or not this is the biggest hoax in grindcore history or the final infiltration of the metal universe into the most unlikely of establishments remains to be seen but one thing is for sure and that is if you just have never gotten over Carcass moving on to tech death and you really, really wanted more of what they had to offer with their timeless classics of the 80s then you really, really must hear what THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS have amputated from the past. No new albums since 2007 so that means this band only released two actual albums. Perhaps they saw the limitations as well.

ШУМОВАЯ ЭКЗЕКУЦИЯ Pedicabo Ego Vos et Irrumabo

Album · 2011 · Goregrind
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siLLy puPPy
When wading through the sea of mediocrity with bands that fall into the slam death metal, brutal death metal and grindcore derived camps, it’s always nice to discover a diamond in the rough. More often than not these styles of extreme metal are one-dimensional and treat the music as a competition as would an olympic athlete with the sole focus of making louder, harder, faster and more grotesquely brutal sounds than everyone else. So it’s always a joy to find an album that not only exercises those very athletic abilities of the musicians but also pays attention to making the album interesting!

Sometimes an interesting act comes from a ridiculous unknown setting on planet Earth and that’s exactly the case with ШУМОВАЯ ЭКЗЕКУЦИЯ (shoo-MO-ba-ya ehk-zeh-KOO-tsee-uh) which means The Noise Execution in English. This band formed in 2006 in the extreme western part of Kazakhstan in the mining city of Aktau which sits on the shores of the Caspian Sea. This city that no one has heard of is primary known for its unique block address system where no streets have names and instead addresses only consist of three numbers which is also known as the micro-region block system. But i digress. Apparently this city has angsty youth who want to bang their fucking heads and that’s exactly what this brutal death metal / goregrind group of noisemaking boyz is all about.

The band was formed in 2006 from the ashes of two local bands called Inferno and Endless Maze. The two masterminds of Artem Cheremiskin (vocals, guitars, drum programming) and Vasily Shmelev (bass) have been the main instigators of these brutal sonic assaults. The band released two demos and two EPs before unleashing this noisy debut full-length album PEDICABO EGO VOS ET IRRUMABO which charmingly translate from Latin into “Fuck You Both.” Bwa hahahaha! The band’s lineup was cemented by the time this came out in 2011 and included Artem “Dying Pigus” Goregrinder (vocals, guitars, drum programming), Vassilly “Bass in Face” Punisher (bass), Allen “Speed As Fuck” GUTerrorist (guitars) and DimAnus “Hair Smashed Face” Smoke on vocals. And yes, the music is as fucking crazy as the member’s names.

This is a short album that just squeaks over the 26 minute run but for this style of aggressive and over-the-top incessant rampage of sound, it’s about the right length. Things start off with full bombast that find the rampaging guitar riffs accompanied by pig squeals and deep guttural growls that find that happy zone somewhere between slam death metal and goregrind. The tracks are never very long with only a couple reaching over three minutes. Once again perfect for the densely packed freneticism that occupies almost every moment of this album but the ALMOST part of that statement is what makes this album interesting. True that ШУМОВАЯ ЭКЗЕКУЦИЯ demonstrates a fairly established version of goregrind for the album’s run but it’s the little things that are added to the mix that make this one fun to listen to.

Firstly, there’s a call and response between the guttural growls and the pig squeals so it’s kind of a beast and the beast sort of affair but it’s most rooted in death growls. Secondly, there are all kinds of other styles of metal involved. There are hairpin turns that drive into thrash metal riffing, crust punk, neoclassical guitar solos (think moments of Necrophagist) and weirdest of all a few times when the metal is dropped for some kind of avant-garde jazz with reggae beats most prominently at the end of “Изуродованная блядь.” These surprises are usually brief but effective in catching you attention as even the most brutal metal can be hypnotizing if it’s a one-trick pony the entire duration. Personally i’m lovin’ this one quite a bit. It has all those über-brutal elements of death and core metal but finds enough creative fortitude to mix in myriad elements of surprise. Aktau, Kazakhstan makes good metal. Whodda thunk it?


Album · 2002 · Goregrind
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Vim Fuego
See that splattery carcass on the front cover? How do you feel looking at it? If you feel revulsion or disgust, look no further. You won’t like this at all. If you’re curious or morbidly drawn to it, this could be of interest. If you’re sexually aroused, then you have some serious problems, and this is a great soundtrack for a date.

Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis is a couple of noisy Mexicans who love mixing gruesome gore with sadistic sex. While many would say the only remarkable thing about the band is their lengthy name, goregrind/pornogrind fans have a bit of a soft spot for these cheerful chaps. Ginecologic Cryptococcidioidomicosis (better known as Isaac to his Mum) on drums, vocals, and intro samples, and Infection Cutane and Sensational Genital (called Hugo when he’s down the pub) on guitars, bass, and vocals play noisy, downtuned, sludgy, amorphous grindcore. The aim of this music seems to be to play seemingly random rhythms as fast as possible, while simultaneously filling as many bass frequencies as possible with gargling, throbbing, beautiful noise. Thousands of bands the world over do it. Some do it better, a lot do it worse. The important thing is at least they are doing it.

So, once you get past the gaping chest cavity on the front cover, the CD inside is covered with intestines. Take it out and you reveal a collage of sexual horrors on the back inlay, which include gaping orifices, multiple organs, bodily fluids, and various glorious, sickening perversions. Packaging and presentation is a big thing with this style of music. If you’re going for disgusting, you need gross in as many elements as possible.

Oh yeah, there’s some music here too.

First off, there’s an intro called “Toward The Apocalipsex”, to lull the unwary into a false sense of security. It’s a little unexpected, combining despairing cries with acoustic. This is well executed for a band playing in a genre often known for endless churning distorted chords, rather than finger picking.

It leads into second track “Uruporfironogenodescarboxilandome Y Pustulandome Con Tu Anorgasmia Exaclorobencenosisticarial Sexo Traumatizante” (I love copy and paste with these song titles!), which starts with a movie soundtrack sample combining shagging and slaughter before the music bursts forth in all it’s filthy glory. Often bands of this ilk can’t write a riff to save themselves, and cover their deficiencies with incessant grinding, persistent blast beats, and as much gutturality (is that a word? Fuck it, it is now!) as possible.

Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis set themselves apart by crafting a lot of memorable riffs, although the riffs don’t exactly shine through the musical murk, and the song construction seems somewhat haphazard. The top end is also not neglected, with plenty of squeally guitar silliness that isn’t exactly leads or solos, but the icing on the top.

The lyrics are rendered indecipherable through a combination of lengthy medical terminology, distorted, garbled vocals, and Spanish. Hey, I’m not being discriminatory here. I’m sadly monolingual, but I’m betting even a dedicated Mexican grind lover couldn’t tell you what was being growled here.

Third track “Grotesque Mucopurulence (Disgorge's Sensation)” throws in something a little different. The vocals are indecipherable English this time.

By now it should be obvious what the remaining tracks are going to sound like. Rather than list all ten with their medically improbable names, describe the disturbing samples, and attempt to explain what differentiates one song from the next, it is easier to say the band has a formula, but this is not formulaic. These guys know what sort of noise they like to make, and are pretty fucking good at it.

This music is underground for a reason. If you’re feeling brave or adventurous, exhume and enjoy. If you’re struggling to keep your lunch down, no one will think less of you for it. And if you’ve been whacking off whilst listening to this, I really don’t want to know what sort of porn you have on your hard drive.

PHYLLOMEDUSA Phyllomedusa, The Destroyer

EP · 2017 · Goregrind
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Vim Fuego
Ever listened to a harsh noise or grindcore demo and wondered how the musician... no, performer, because this may not be music, is actually making those hideous/beautiful sounds? Have you considered what instruments might actually be involved? Is this created by over-amplified, distorted strings, or by some evil Dr Frankenstein electronic circuit soldered together with crowbars? And is that a human voice, altered beyond bestial into impure noise too dirty to be called white? Drums or machines? Are the microphones used in the recording process broken, or can human-created devices tolerate such stresses far beyond the red-line? Is this just the hideous nightmare outpourings of a cybernetic entity spontaneously formed inside a labyrinthine silicon chip?

In short, have you ever wondered where the boundary between noise and music is?

Here it is, right here.

Don’t try to understand or interpret “Phyllomedusa, The Destroyer”. Like quantum physics, it just is, and it’s beyond the understanding of most humans. There are two correct responses. The first, and more usual, is to recoil like pain receptors flinching from a flame. The other is to seek more, yearning for further stimulation of already overloaded pleasure sensors, like an overdosing addict knowing death will result but plunging the needle ever deeper in search of that elusive final apocalyptic high.

Few will tolerate this. Fewer still will find gratification. But which urge is stronger- fear of the potentially unpleasant and painful, or the desire and drive of Sacher-Masoch’s perversion?

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