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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Rage Against the Machine Album Cover Rage Against the Machine
4.01 | 66 ratings
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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE The Battle of Los Angeles Album Cover The Battle of Los Angeles
3.89 | 49 ratings
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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Evil Empire Album Cover Evil Empire
3.83 | 31 ratings
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BIOHAZARD State Of The World Address Album Cover State Of The World Address
3.84 | 12 ratings
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RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Renegades Album Cover Renegades
3.63 | 22 ratings
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Album · 1995 · Rap Metal
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1995’s ‘Use Your Brain’ is the second album by Swedish rap rockers Clawfinger. It follows in the same vein as its predecessor, ‘Deaf Dumb Blind’, with similar compositions and a nearly identical sound, but it seems to lack the same youthful exuberance that made the latter such an engaging listen.

Mixing rapping vocals with metal guitar riffs long before the likes of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park gained worldwide fame, Clawfinger’s groove-laden music has always been about uncompromising, in-your-face attitude. With a dirty, gritty sound, and lyrics that spit in the face of political correctness, they’ve never been afraid to put themselves on the line.

Utilizing simple, yet striking guitar work with electronic samples, the band have an effective and fairly distinctive sound. Vocalist Zak Tell’s rapid fire delivery, which blends rapping with hardcore and punk rock elements, goes well with the music, and certainly paints a picture of an angry and frustrated band.

But unfortunately, ‘Use Your Brain’ just simply isn’t as good as the band’s debut. While it’s not a bad album, ‘Deaf Dumb Blind’ was consistently strong throughout, while here, we’re treated to a few moments of sheer genius being smothered by an abundance of filler material. But despite the weaker tracks, songs like ‘Power’, ‘Die High’, ‘Do What I Say’ and ‘Pay the Bill’ are all strong enough to stand next to anything the band have done before, and are all good reasons to at least give this album a chance.

BODY COUNT Violent Demise: The Last Days

Album · 1997 · Rap Metal
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"Violent Demise: The Last Days" is the 3rd full-length studio album by US heavy/crossover metal act Body Count. The album was released through Virgin Records in March 1997. There´s been one lineup change since "Born Dead (1994)", as bassist Mooseman has been replaced by Griz, who also handles loops and samples. "Violent Demise: The Last Days" would be the last Body Count album to feature drummer Beatmaster V, as he died of leukemia shortly after recording the album. The album is dedicated to him.

The music on "Violent Demise: The Last Days" is unmistakably the sound of Body Count. That means a hybrid rock/metal style which includes elements from rap, hardcore/punk, crossover thrash, traditional heavy metal, and blues. Calling this rap metal would be wrong, although several tracks on the album features rap style vocals, but Ice-T predominantly sings/shouts.

The 16 track, 46:09 minutes long album features both "regular" tracks and quite a few shorter intros/interludes. Typically with Ice-T talking about what the next track is about in a humourous fashion. The lyrical themes ranges from tales about gang violence/ghetto issues, social/political commentary, and bragging about sexual adventures ("Strippers" is for example quite explicit). The quality of the material is generally pretty high, and for the most part relatively metallic and aggressive in sound.

"Violent Demise: The Last Days" features a well sounding and powerful Howard Benson production, which suits the music well. The musicianship is also on a high level, and all in all "Violent Demise: The Last Days" is a pretty good quality release by Body Count. Definitely a step up from the rather disjointed "Born Dead (1994)". It doesn´t quite match the excellence of the debut album, but it´s still enjoyable in it´s own right and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.


Live album · 1999 · Rap Metal
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I'm not usually one for listening to live albums. Sure, if I like a band, I'll certainly go out and buy everything they release (damn collector OCD), but for the most part, I prefer the crisp and clear sound of a studio recording. However, with that said, Stuck Mojo were, and always will be, a live tour de force, and any live offering from these rap metal pioneers will certainly be worth the purchase.

Performing music that is tailor-made for mosh pits, Stuck Mojo were always about energetic performances that leave all their contemporaries in the dust, and it's clearly evident that the crowds featured on this album, from recordings in Atlanta, Georgia and Barcelona in Spain, are at an absolute fever-pitch throughout.

What makes the Mojo so incredible live is the boundless passion, showmanship and banter between each member. While the songs are mostly performed as they sound on their respective studio recordings, it's the stuff that takes place between the songs that make this such a joy to listen to. In particular, vocalist Bonz and guitarist Rich Ward confidently and charismatically engage the fans in such a way, that's it just as much fun to hear them talk as it is to hear them play.

'HVY1' consists of pretty much every Mojo classic from what could be considered "chapter one" of their career. 'Rising', 'Enemy Territory', '2 Minutes of Death', 'Southern Pride', 'Mental Meltdown', 'Not Promised Tomorrow' and 'Throw the Switch'... they're all here! The inclusion of two new songs, 'Reborn' and 'My Will', serves as icing on the cake, and a hidden track which is mostly five minutes of the band rambling on stage and interacting with the audience is an absolute joy to listen to.

As I've said before, I've never really been the biggest advocate of live albums, but I truly cannot praise this release enough! Not only are the songs performed immaculately, but it's the chemistry between the band members and the audience that make this essential listening for anyone looking to be a true performer.


EP · 1996 · Rap Metal
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'Violated' is a six-song EP by rap metal band Stuck Mojo, released prior to the groups second album, 'Pigwalk', and originally intended only for European audiences.

The disc consists of four studio recordings, including early versions of 'Violated' and 'Back in the Saddle' (titled 'U.B.Otch' here), which would go on to appear on the 'Pigwalk' and 'Rising' albums respectively, (and much-improved, I might add). A Black Sabbath cover, and EP exclusive 'Pizza Man' are also included, and these are probably the only reasons to own this disc. Especially the latter, which is actually a really cool song, despite only being just over two minutes long!

Then there's two live tracks. Personally, I'm always sceptical about early rock releases like this with "live" songs. The quality is very raw, and the audience sound pretty fake, but either way, they're not really songs I'm bothered about.

Stuck Mojo are easily one of my all-time favourite bands, and guitarist Rich Ward is one of my absolute heroes as a musician, but overall, this release is one for the die-hard fans (and surely I'm not the only one!). The music is rough and gritty and the attitude and energy is easily apparent, but there's not really anything here that is either relevant or not improved-upon with later recordings.

STUCK MOJO Violate This

Boxset / Compilation · 2001 · Rap Metal
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Consisting of various demos, b-sides and other "rarities", Stuck Mojo's compilation album 'Violate This' works as a nice bookend to the first chapter of their career. With constant tension between the members, the band were falling apart, and while this line-up would eventually call it quits, it would be six years of periodic gigging as-and-when anyone was available, before the band would bounce back with a new vocalist and a new album.

With that said, 'Violate This' is a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the demos are completed and mastered, or at the very least, of a high quality, while some of them are very primitive, and taken directly from cassette tapes. The better quality ones are the standout tracks by far. 'Ten Years', 'Revolution', and in particular, a re-recorded version of 'Not Promised Tomorrow' off of their debut album, are all fantastic offerings that make this a worthwhile purchase.

Most of the other songs are hit-or-miss though. There's demos from some of the bands most beloved tracks, though the raw sound and the differences to the arrangements make these far inferior to the finished products. There's a couple of covers which feature Devin Townsend on vocals, though the quality is so naff they're not very listenable. And there's a number of demos from the groups early days. While the rap/rock crossover was already apparent, there's a more funk and groove vibe than a metal one. The songs are alright, though nothing special, serving only to show how the Atlanta foursome have evolved from their humble beginnings.

Other than the aforementioned, 'Hate Must Be a Gift' and 'No Pride, No Respect' are also noteworthy songs. Though sadly, everything else is mostly forgettable, and will probably only appeal to die-hard fans (are there any others besides me?!). Overall, 'Violate This' isn't a bad release, and there's enough good material to justify owning it. And the booklet, which features a biography, liner notes and pictures, is a nice touch. But if you're new to Stuck Mojo, or just a casual fan, go with any of their studio albums instead.

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