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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Non-Metal 117 2.88
2 Alternative Metal 107 2.85
3 Progressive Metal 57 3.98
4 Hard Rock 55 3.28
5 Avant-garde Metal 52 3.93
6 Black Metal 43 3.43
7 Metal Related 36 3.36
8 Thrash Metal 36 3.69
9 Traditional heavy metal 33 3.83
10 Technical Death Metal 25 4.06
11 Proto-Metal 23 3.78
12 Death Metal 14 3.75
13 Glam Metal 13 3.50
14 NWoBHM 13 4.15
15 Industrial Metal 11 3.68
16 Doom Metal 11 3.86
17 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 10 4.25
18 Power Metal 10 3.75
19 Funk Metal 9 4.11
20 Symphonic Black Metal 9 4.22
21 Folk Metal 8 3.63
22 Hardcore and crust 8 3.31
23 Groove Metal 7 3.50
24 US Power Metal 7 3.64
25 Metalcore 6 4.00
26 Sludge Metal 6 3.83
27 Neoclassical metal 5 3.40
28 Melodic Black Metal 4 4.13
29 Gothic Metal 4 3.38
30 Grindcore 4 3.00
31 Drone Metal 4 3.38
32 Brutal Death Metal 4 3.25
33 Atmospheric Black Metal 3 4.17
34 Melodic Death Metal 3 4.17
35 Mathcore 3 4.00
36 Speed Metal 3 3.17
37 Stoner Metal 3 4.17
38 Symphonic Metal 3 4.17
39 Death-Doom Metal 2 3.00
40 Depressive Black Metal 1 3.50
41 Crossover Thrash 1 5.00
42 Nu Metal 1 2.50

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BUCKETHEAD Bermuda Triangle

Album · 2002 · Metal Related
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The year 2002 was the beginning of the prolific years for BUCKETHEAD as it was the first time he released more than one solo album within a 365 day period and after dipping his toes in the fertile ground of metal meets electronica cross-pollination in the 90s he finally went full force with “Funnel Weaver” which included metal guitar riffs and licks mixed with drum sample loops, sound effects and electronic accoutrements. On BERMUDA TRIANGLE he takes those ideas and evolves them from the initial stages that made “Funnel Weaver” sound like a rough draft for something greater. Add the turntable and hip hop extraordinaire Extrakd to the mix and you have a recipe for one of the coolest avant-electronica tinged metal, rock and folk this side of that scary sector of the Caribbean where planes and ships have been vanishing from the face of the Earth for eons.

BERMUDA TRIANGLE indeed has a theme going on, well at least as far as the titles are concerned which all correspond to the sea, sailors and all things associated with the mysterious sector of the inner Atlantic Ocean. Everything about BERMUDA TRIANGLE is a major step up from “Funnel Weaver.” The tracks are more developed even though not necessarily longer however a couple do top the four minute mark. Also they are more diverse in style, mood and dynamics with lots of genres being jostled around like an empty bottle of rum on the poop deck as some like “Flight” are raucous filthy metal guitar riffs with hyperbolic drum tempos while others such as “Seas Of Expanding Shapes” consist of acoustic guitar chords strumming along with twitchy glitchy electro-beats bobbing up and down like a buoy in a stormy night. Also included are wildly freaky electronic effect tracks such as “The Triangle Part 1: Extrakd” which utilize all kinds of tricks and trinkets for bizarro mondo electro-dynamics.

What’s also cool about this one is that the music consists of a diverse sonic palette as well lots of vocal samples. Out of the 19 tracks you will here metal, blues, rock, funk, folk and healthy doses of avant-garde. The creativity is off the charts on this one and despite this being highly experimental in nature has the right kind of hooks to sink in deep from the first listen. Oh, and the production is top notch as well! BERMUDA TRIANGLE remains one of my favorite early BUCKETHEAD albums since it is consistent, varied and really takes the listener on an uncharted journey. The electronic parts are just as clever as the compositions and skillfully utilized that everything seems to fall into place. With few stumbling blocks i find this to be a highly satisfying release that shows BH at his peak in the electro-fusion world. Many of my favorite early albums are when he collaborates since he tends to hook up some of the most fertile musical minds in the biz. BERMUDA TRIANGLE has it all. Plenty of mysterious, awe-inspiring freaky types of tracks and nice subdued somewhat “normal” types to pacify the listener’s jittery nerves. This one makes me want to book a cruise from Miami to Bermuda and watch episodes of Gilligan’s Island today!

BUCKETHEAD Funnel Weaver

Album · 2002 · Alternative Metal
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Long, long ago before the infinite series of PIKEs became the new reality for BUCKETHEAD, there was a time when the chicken lover released only one album per year. However that trend did not begin with the PIKE series. Oh no. It started back in 2002 when a whopping four albums were released and BUCKETHEAD’s 7th album “FUNNEL WEAVER” was the first of the year which would spark a trend that would never let up and in fact only exponentially increase as time elapsed. To be fair BH was involved in many side projects and with other bands like Praxis, so to say he was merely sitting on a nest hatching his own eggs would be erroneous.

Right from the beginning it was apparent that BH had a love for DJ electronica as much as his passion for classic metal riffing and although the electronica had always been a part of the music, on “FUNNEL WEAVER” it becomes a key element of the it. This album is very strange in that it consists of an hour long play list of 49 tracks with each hovering around one to two minutes in length and the longest only a mere 2 min 54 sec. Despite the number of short tracks, they all share the same theme. These instrumental tracks are mostly based on heavy metal guitar riffs, licks and occasional solos revolving around electronic samples and drum machine loops with a few vocal samples dispersed randomly throughout.

Some of these are pretty cool with clever riffs spliced up with house beats and bizarre samplings of sound effects but i have to say that 60 minutes of it gets a little tiresome. On the plus side is that no track outstays its welcome since its a constant parade of guitars and electronic beats mixing it up. Overall this one presents lots of interesting ideas but in the end it all feels a little hollow like these are all demos for developing other tracks that never went anywhere. Not one i listen to often but occasionally break it out just because it takes me to a strange musical world that only BH could have come up with.


EP · 2001 · Non-Metal
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“KFC SKIN PILES” is basically a collaborative effort of BUCKETHEAD with Extrakd and Bryan Mantia that focuses on DJ turntables mixed with experimental guitar and lots of movie samples with “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” getting the lion’s share of attention. While the music ranges from funk and rock to even Disneyland themes (“Pirate’s Life For Me”), this short EP is designed to be broken out for dance raves and housequake party action. Samples from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” can also be heard.

While this isn’t my favorite type of album, it’s perfectly suited for what it’s intended for. Yeah, it’s a tad repetitive but once you’re all lubricated at a social event and ready dance on the tables, who gives a flying fuck. Danceability aside, this EP is ok but even within the dance genres that are numerous there exist better albums to crank out since there’s too much diologue that breaks the flow and the virtuoso guitar assaults come from left field and distract from the intended mission. Think of this more as an experimental dance party and you’re on to something. Intriguing in an experimental industrial way but not totally satisfying either.

MARDUK Dark Endless

Album · 1992 · Death Metal
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MARDUK released their dirty full-length debut “DARK ENDLESS” in1992 after their blasphemous demo “Fuck Me Jesus” the previous year and continued with their feet in both the black and death metal worlds much like other early black metal bands like Darkthrone. Black metal elements include Andreas Axelsson shouted and screamed anguished vocal style, blasphemous anti-Christian lyrical content as well as the black metal fashion statements of spiky leather things and corpse paint and while the music itself is more remnant of old school death metal, it also exhibits at this early stage some of the transitions of becoming black metal with buzzsaw guitar frenzies and blastbeat drumming madness. On the composition side of things though this does indeed sound a lot like old school death metal of the early 90s with heavy distorted riffing and the stylistic meanderings throughout the album. The band added a second guitarist in the form of Magnus Andersson as well.

This debut album by MARDUK is a mixed bag for me as it seems that the two styles of metal are more of a hindrance for a cohesive whole sound than one would hear on more developed blackened death metal as heard by bands like Behemoth. After a rather sinister sounding piano piece that sounds super creepy and twisted, “DARK ENDLESS” seems to fall in a stale rut fairly quickly but still manages to pack enough punch to keep the album from totally falling into the abyss. While the compositions seem to be more sophisticated than some of the contemporary black metal bands of the era, unfortunately the musicianship is a little lackluster at times with Joakin Grave’s percussion standing out as the weakest link.

While MARDUK has never been one of the most original bands in the black metal world, they have persevered for their tight wickedly evil black metal style that has come to perfect the old school black metal sound that they would adopt after this debut album. However, on this one things just sound off as the their fusion prowess was clearly not firing on all cylinders. “DARK ENDLESS” in the end comes off as a decent raw and filthy early blackened death metal album with all the shock and awe one would expect but ultimately fails to deliver the goods in an ultimately satisfying way. Despite the lack of perfection on this one, it’s a decent listen and i simply love the album cover! Wisely they would abandon the death metal side of their equation and ultimately master the black metal side quite well.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 257 - Blank Slate

Album · 2017 · Alternative Metal
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BUCKETHEAD (as Bucketheadland) / Pike 257 - Blank Slate / 14th release of 2017 / All instrumental / Contains 6 tracks / Clocks in at 30minutes 19seconds / everything played by Buck-buck-buckethead

“Blank Slate” (5:54) starts with a cheery anthemic guitar lick and a beefy bass and drumbeat and then ups the ante with some serious distortion and alternative metal riffage. The main gist is the less distorted intro lick inserts itself into the more distorted grungefest from time to time and the two styles switch off. After a while it picks up speed a little more and has a bridge type of change-it-up. Not a bad track. Has some good songwriting on this one

“Opened To The Air” (6:57) begins with a cleaner more subdued guitar and subtle cymbal action. It stays warm and cozy for a while as a melody takes its time to slowly unfold. After a long two minutes of warming up the drums get a little excited but then NOTHING! Well nothing new that is. It reverts back to cute and cuddly lullaby time again. Was hoping for some dynamics shifting around but this one stays in the clouds with no earth, wind or fire to be found. Well some electric guitar work does finally make an appearance at the end but too little too late and this one is waaaay too long

“Wind Of Hollow” (3:30) begins suspiciously close to the last track only this one is more ethereal with ambient swirls of sound swishing around in the background. The tempo is slightly more upbeat but still in the land of lollygagging. Still though, the atmosphere is more Floydian and therefore a space rock vibe complete with Waters and Gilmour guitar worship in action. Tempo remains fairly mid-paced at the peak of things

“Task In Trunk” (3:30) is another on clean guitar and slo-mo mode. Drums seem a little too strong for the light and fluffy stringed instruments. Melody seems to be canned as it sounds like a gazillion other tracks in the PIKE series. Meh

“Solar Staple” (7:31) offers a much needed uptempo step up from the dreamy filling of this PIKE. It begins with a feisty drumbeat and bass accompanied by a jittery guitar riff and then some power chords kick in. It continues a receptive chord sequence that eventually allows the lead guitar to take the stage to solo around. Another predictable and overdone style of PIKE track at this point. Meh

“Lockun" (2:57) totally goes against the grain and cranks out some ferocious thrash metal with staccato chord and blistering blitzkrieg riffs that remind me of classic Pantera before turning into a spidery guitar lick that slips in between thrashy riff sections. While not the most brilliant track of BH’s career, this IS the best track on this PIKE but too little, too late to save this PIKE from being a cold turkey. At least there’s one track that i truly love and this is it!

This PIKE is totally pleasant but unthrilling suitable for background music but pretty ho hum and uninspiring. Nothing original, just recycled PIKE ideas that weren’t really needed to be repeated

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