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1 Non-Metal 122 2.89
2 Alternative Metal 110 2.87
3 Progressive Metal 60 3.98
4 Hard Rock 57 3.28
5 Avant-garde Metal 53 3.93
6 Black Metal 43 3.43
7 Metal Related 36 3.36
8 Thrash Metal 36 3.69
9 Traditional heavy metal 33 3.83
10 Technical Death Metal 25 4.06
11 Proto-Metal 23 3.78
12 Death Metal 15 3.77
13 Glam Metal 13 3.50
14 NWoBHM 13 4.15
15 Industrial Metal 12 3.79
16 Doom Metal 11 3.86
17 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 10 4.25
18 Power Metal 10 3.75
19 Symphonic Black Metal 9 4.22
20 Funk Metal 9 4.11
21 Hardcore and crust 8 3.31
22 Folk Metal 8 3.63
23 Death-Doom Metal 8 3.38
24 Groove Metal 7 3.50
25 Metalcore 7 4.00
26 US Power Metal 7 3.64
27 Sludge Metal 6 3.83
28 Neoclassical metal 5 3.40
29 Melodic Black Metal 4 4.13
30 Brutal Death Metal 4 3.25
31 Gothic Metal 4 3.38
32 Grindcore 4 3.00
33 Drone Metal 4 3.38
34 Atmospheric Black Metal 3 4.17
35 Melodic Death Metal 3 4.17
36 Mathcore 3 4.00
37 Speed Metal 3 3.17
38 Stoner Metal 3 4.17
39 Symphonic Metal 3 4.17
40 Nu Metal 1 2.50
41 Crossover Thrash 1 5.00
42 Deathcore 1 3.50
43 Depressive Black Metal 1 3.50

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BUCKETHEAD Pike 263 - Glacier

Album · 2017 · Alternative Metal
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BUCKETHEAD (as Bucketheadland) / Pike 263 - Glacier / 20th release of 2017 / All instrumental / Contains 5 tracks / Clocks in at 30minutes 57seconds / everything played by Buck-buck-buckethead

“Glacier” (13:50) slowly begins things with a nonchalantly unfolding guitar riff that becomes joined by bass and drums and then the riffing becomes a bit heavier. All stays mid tempo but after a while a cool echo effect takes over for a bit but reverts back to the alternative riffing that is punctuated by slower clean guitar segments. Melodically this track doesn’t change it up too much and is remnant of countless other PIKEs that have come before but the dynamics are mixed up a bit with riff changes and tempo shifts. Nothing is jarring with this one and all is smooth as silk with riffing segments, soloing and predictable chord changes. One of those tracks that’s perfectly listenable and unobtrusive but at the same time has been done many times before and has absolutely no luster to loose not to mention it becomes quite repetitive and outstays its welcome. Nice but not outstanding unless this is the first BUCKETHEAD track you’ve ever heard

“Relic” (4:03) begins soft and sensual sounding like a new wave guitar track but with also sounds a little flamenco in guitar strumming with a little surf guitar style mixed in. Sort of a new sound for BH actually. All stays subdued with clean guitar and a little Spanish guitar flair but never bursts out into anything energetic. The percussion remains light and fluffy and just when it all sounds like it’s ready to burst into a full-fledge production, it steps back and becomes super mellow. Nice track though

“Food” (5:19) completely shifts gears and immediately pumps out blistering adrenaline fueled metal riffs at light speed. The riffs are a bit thrashy as they gallop along with alternative grungy distortion turned up. Between the gallops is a little dance of progressive licks but never hang around too long and jump back into the steady stream of metal madness. Nice melodic development that combines heaviness with a heady flow. Nice track

“Evaporate” (4:06) begins with clean guitar and ambient background. As the melodic flow unfolds it morphs into different riffs and then picks up steam after a while by incorporating a more energetic percussive drive but the ambience remains thick and the clean guitar tone never changes. It never picks up past mid tempo and then slows down again. Pretty mellow track and fairly average actually

“Plate” (3:39) jumps back into metal with jittery riffs and a bouncy rhythm. Sounds like something from the 80s hard rock scene but i can’t put my finger on exactly what. Maybe a tad Van Halen but not quite. The riff dances around for a while and then a sizzling solo takes over until it derails and then the bouncy riff is back. Nice track but nothing OMG original

This is an average PIKE. Lots of nicely delivered tracks with a little bit of originality but for the most part rehashes of ideas already well covered on previous PIKEs. Nice to listen to but not one that compels me to return for future listens. Well played and good but nothing more

INCANTATION Onward to Golgotha

Album · 1992 · Death Metal
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Following in the wake of Morbid Angel came a whole drove of old school death metal bands who were driven to outdeath each other and turn up the brutality and gore to 11 and beyond. While the whole world was taking notice and following suit, the New York City area produced some of the most brutal old school death bands of the early 90s with Suffocation and Mortician ratcheting up the shock value manyfold. Likewise other bands were focusing on the evil as fuck sound and bands like Immolation and INCANTATION were the top dogs in this department. INCANTATION was probably the most evil as fuck of all as heard on their blasphemous debut ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA. This Biblical reference points to the location where Jesus was crucified which shows the early as of yet unseparated aspects of black and death metal and this album very much reflects that fluidity between early black metal Satanism with all the anti-Christianity mixed with the macabre imagery wrapped up in a death metal package as down-tuned riffs churn out walls of distorted sound while blastbeat drum rolls threaten to obliterate any eardrums that stray to close for comfort.

INCANTATION really delivered the goods on ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA. This album is the epitome of morbid, muddy and evil death metal. Everything about this one is scary and sounds like a very bad trip through the blackened tubes to the underworld where any attempt at escape is futile. While the guitar and bass predominantly chug along at frenetic paces all muddied together in a swirl of atmospheric despair, INCANTATION were masters at altering the tempos between the frenetic and super slow creeping style that would become the sounds heard in funeral doom metal as heard from bands such as Esoteric where all is slowed down to a brooding dread that fully allows the terrifying din to unfurl its horrific sonic assault all the while accompanied by the totally unintelligible low-pitched growling vocals of Craig Pillard. The unrelenting hellish soundscapes pummel the senses and leave the listener bereft of any sense of song structure as the riffs whizz by in unpredictable packets of distortion with occasional Morbid Angel type guitar squeals culminating in a lightning fast solo.

While Suffocation clearly won the brutality war as they turned up the extremities like none other, INCANTATION were the dominators of deathened doom where the hellish eddies of sound terrified like no other band of this period. ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA remains a death metal classic for achieving all the aspects that make death metal ever so addicting with the technicality of the musicians impressively wailing away while atmospheric bleakness peaks through at rare moments when the distortion ceases. This remains a highly influential album as it was a clear reference point for bands like Nile on their similarly styled “Seeds Of Vengeance” and newer 21st century tech bands like Portal and Mitochondrion who focus on a bleak and unforgiving atmospheric soundscape punctuated by pummeling riffs and periods of frightening contemplation. Perhaps too muddy for some but that is the aspect i really love about INCANTATION at this stage. The blurring of boundaries between the guitar and bass add a unifying element of gloom that when mixed with the sombre atmospherics deliver the most oppressing extreme metal albums of the early 90s.

SIKTH Opacities

EP · 2015 · Metalcore
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After a near decade absence after their 2006 album “Death Of A Dead Day,” the English progressive metalcore outfit SIKTH dropped a little EP out as an appetizer to keep their fans salivating for yet another full album. Despite only having released two full-length albums, OPACITIES is actually the fourth EP following the twin EP output of 2002 and the 2006 release “Flogging The Horses.” The band members are exactly the same as their previous lineup, so this is very much a genuine SIKTH release and once again the band delivers an outstanding cross-pollination of hard and heavy metalcore fused with their brand of extreme progressive metal that often reminds me of the type Enslaved weaved into their albums such as “RIITIIR.” OPACITIES is a short but sweet EP with six tracks not quite reaching the half hour mark.

OPACITIES pretty much continues the well-known style that SIKTH unleashed on their full-length albums, that being highly caustic core type riffing mixed with progressive song structures. While on the full albums Mikee Goodman utilized his frenetic screaming vocal effect as his main sonic instrument of torture, on this one there is a lot more emphasis on clean vocal delivers. The opening tracks “Behind The Doors,” “Philistine Philosophies” and “Under The Weeping Moon” are the most recognizable SIKTH tracks sounding very much like the noisiest and obnoxious tracks heard on the earlier albums, however the core elements are somewhat toned down and progressive metal riffing is just as and often more prevalent and sometimes it actually sounds more akin to heavy alternative metal styled riffs.

The biggest surprises are the spoken word “Tokyo Lights” which utilizes a poetic approach along with vocalized shadow and sound effects to create a very memorable and bizarre track. With no instruments to be heard. “Walking Shadows” returns with the full furry of progressive core riffing and metal intensity including some trademark frenetic vocals akin to the opening tracks but “Days Are Dreamed” completely changes things up with an etheric atmosphere that introduces a clean vocal track that is not metal at all but rather a progressive rock composition that will probably remind more of the newer Opeth albums than of earlier Sikth releases as the mood is thick and the symphonic touches dominate.

OPACITIES is a quirky little mix of old and new for SIKTH but still manages to deliver a satisfying shot of their unique hybridization of progressive rock, metal and the core elements that they belt out with all the technical precision one would expect. This band has maintained a very high standard and is fairly consistent from one release to another and in that regard OPACITIES will not disappoint especially if you can appreciate the diversity of styles as heard on albums such as “The Trees Are Dead & Dried Out Wait For Something Wild.” This EP rekindles the past but also points to newer directions that the band could possibly carve out and expand on future releases, so it is indeed a satisfying whetting of the appetite for fans to anticipate.


Album · 1973 · Hard Rock
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It's hard to believe that some bands have been around since the beginning of time, well rock 'n' roll time that is. GOLDEN EARRING is one of those bands who have literally been cranking out albums since the days when The Beatles were launching the British invasion to the Americas and they are still kicking around well into the 21st century albeit slowing down on their prolific discography. The band actually formed way back in 1961 in The Hague, Netherlands as The Tornados but soon changed to The Golden Earrings due to the former already being taken. 'The' was dropped in 67 and the plural 's' went bye-bye in 69. As you can imagine with a band's lifespan lasting over a half a century that the lineup would change significantly but vocalist / guitarist George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen who handles bass and keys have been around for the entire GOLDEN EARRING ride through the decades, centuries and yes even millennia!

While new bands were springing up by the second in the early 70s, by the time 1973 came around GOLDEN EARRING were releasing their 9th studio album MOONTAN which just so happens to be their most successful and most praised of their entire career worldwide although they were quite popular in their native Netherlands scoring an impressive amount of hits. While i'm not an expert in the GOLDEN one's discography i have heard a sampling of the singles and MOONTAN seems pretty much like business as usual for the group. Basically GOLDEN EARRING was the Dutch answer to the Rolling Stones and MOONTAN displays these hero worship tendencies perfectly right from the get go with the bluesy rocker 'Candy's Going Bad' that could easily pass as a B-side Stones track back in the day when the English music scene was hot and indubitably impacted their European neighbors to the east. Also obvious in the influence department from time to time is The Who, most clearly heard on the 'Just Like Vince Taylor' track.

Personally i find GOLDEN EARRING to be a somewhat mediocre band of only marginal interest. Everything i've heard from them (with a few exceptions) is quite derivative of the British invasion scene (Stones,Beatles, Who, Kinks) and you'd be hard pressed to even know they were Dutch unless you knew their history. So what in the world makes MOONTAN such the wonderful and the most celebrated album of their career? Well, standing tall above and beyond the call of duty are two tracks that are absolutely phenomenal and i'm sure any homo sapien who has listened to classic rock radio stations will recognize at least one of these tracks instantly. I'm talking, of course, about 'Radar Love' (can't help but hear the bass line when you read this, can you? :P) This of course was their hugest of hits charting in many countries worldwide and has even been covered a gazillion times by bands like U2, Sun City Girls, White Lion and even Def Leppard! OMG :o 'Radar Love' was their turning point when they finally learned how to tell a story with a clever bass line that was backed up by interesting musical interplay and brilliant with all kinds of twists and turns that make the track dance circles around the surrounding tracks.

The other outstanding track on MOONTAN is 'Vanilla Queen' with utterly brilliant oscillating synthesizer intro that was new wave before the term ever entered the vernacular and creates one of the most addictive melodies of their entire career and thus is my absolute favorite Golden Earring track EVERRRRRRR!!!!!! The new wave cedes into a rockin' chorus, an acoustic guitar segment and then delves into a satisfying symphonic rocker building up the tension until it crescendoes lasting a satisfying 9 minutes and 20 seconds. Every time i listen to this album i always want the album to be as good as these two tracks. Everything else just seems so uninspired compared to these gems of rock history. It doesn't help that 'Radar Love' has been played TO DEATH on the radio! It's almost like they've never recorded any other single. Personally i find this album overrated and don't enjoy listening to it. Unfortunately GOLDEN EARRING's most raved about album and my experience with their singles doesn't invite me to explore their music more. However, the two best tracks on here are brilliant but can be found on any greatest hits packages as well. Two brilliant classic tracks, many decent but uninspiring tracks. For me NOT worthy of being listed as #32 in Q & Mojo's '40 Cosmic Rock Albums' of all time. Get the greatest hits instead. That one has 'Twilight Zone!'


Demo · 2007 · Deathcore
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Every once in a while a band emerges that came up with a name that is so utterly ridiculous that it forces me to check them out only because i am stunned that they would actually choose something so ridiculously LAAAAAME. The deathcore band from Bangkok, Thailand ECCENTRIC TOILET is one of those bands. I mean really? How can they possibly think that such a name screams out the deathcore core music that they churn out into the mosh pits of cacophony? And then i realized that i never would have checked them out if it were NOT for one of the most un-metal names you could think up. So here i am reviewing their one and only release, their 2007 demo turned EP - THE ROAR OF CERBERUS and i have to admit that it sounds nothing like i was expecting.

While my expertise in deathcore is probably the least explored dark crevice in all of the metal universe, my exposure to bands like Born Of Osiris and Veil Of Maya has at least given me somewhat of an idea what to expect namely a loud cacophonous din fusion of hardcore punk, death metal and metalcore. While ECCENTRIC TOILET justly fits into that generic description, i wasn’t prepared for the melodic elements that lurk beneath the surface including the clean lyrics alternating with the death growls delivering something of a beauty and beast experience meanwhile atmospheric keys are tucked away beneath the surface and emerge once the din subsides offering glimpses of a symphonic paradise being marred by the boisterous roar of heavy guitar riffs, walls of sound and frantic screams of anguish.

While this EP is only three tracks ECCENTRIC TOILET delivers all the expected deathened core aspects one would expect but with the added layers of keyboards and traditional metal aspects such as melodic guitar solos. While it may seem that this band is trying to put frosting on a vile bitter cake to make it more appealing for a wider audience, i find the melodic aspects are actually quite welcoming and add a new dimension to an often one-dimensional type of metal sound. The third track “It’s Too Late” is particularly symphonic with a tinkling of pianos ushering out the noisefest. Surprised indeed that i’m actually liking this band and i’m honestly looking forward to a fully formed album in the future, but OMG, dudes, flush that name, PLEEEEEAAAAASE! LOL.

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