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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Non-Metal 186 3.02
2 Alternative Metal 155 2.94
3 Progressive Metal 154 3.92
4 Avant-garde Metal 123 3.96
5 Hard Rock 110 3.51
6 Black Metal 98 3.73
7 Metal Related 88 3.57
8 Death Metal 83 3.70
9 Heavy Metal 68 3.78
10 Technical Death Metal 64 4.01
11 Thrash Metal 50 3.66
12 Atmospheric Black Metal 45 3.70
13 Proto-Metal 41 3.90
14 Power Metal 26 3.85
15 Sludge Metal 24 3.69
16 Melodic Death Metal 20 3.75
17 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 19 4.03
18 Hardcore Punk 18 3.42
19 Technical Thrash Metal 18 3.83
20 Folk Metal 17 3.88
21 Doom Metal 16 4.00
22 Death-Doom Metal 16 3.72
23 Brutal Death Metal 16 3.50
24 Symphonic Metal 16 3.78
25 NWoBHM 15 4.07
26 Glam Metal 15 3.57
27 Grindcore 15 3.60
28 Industrial Metal 15 3.60
29 Metalcore 14 3.54
30 US Power Metal 14 3.75
31 Heavy Alternative Rock 13 3.31
32 Funk Metal 13 4.08
33 Deathcore 12 3.25
34 Mathcore 12 3.88
35 Symphonic Black Metal 12 4.08
36 Stoner Metal 11 3.59
37 War Metal 11 3.36
38 Depressive Black Metal 11 3.14
39 Melodic Black Metal 10 4.05
40 Heavy Psych 10 3.95
41 Speed Metal 10 3.45
42 Gothic Metal 9 3.44
43 Groove Metal 9 3.39
44 Neoclassical metal 8 3.69
45 Funeral Doom Metal 8 4.06
46 Drone Metal 6 3.58
47 Pagan Black Metal 6 3.83
48 Traditional Doom Metal 5 3.60
49 Melodic Metalcore 5 3.10
50 Goregrind 5 3.10
51 Crossover Thrash 4 4.25
52 Crust Punk 4 3.38
53 Nu Metal 4 3.50
54 Rap Metal 3 3.00
55 Stoner Rock 3 3.83
56 Viking Metal 3 4.00
57 Deathgrind 3 3.33
58 Cybergrind 1 3.50
59 Death 'n' Roll 1 3.50
60 Electronicore 1 2.00
61 Nintendocore 1 3.50
62 Metal Related Genres 1 4.00
63 Trance Metal 1 1.00
64 Pornogrind 1 0.50

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BUCKETHEAD Enter the Chicken Instrumentals

Album · 2022 · Alternative Metal
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And for the 22nd release of BUCKETHEAD in the year 2022, the chicken lover throws another curve ball and revisits an old friend only in all instrumental form. ENTER THE CHICKEN INSTRUMENTALS has been released outside of the PIKE series and is sort of the companion album for the original ENTER THE CHICKEN album which was released all the way back in 2005. Unlike the original album which was released on Serj Tankian’s Serjical Strike label, this one is only available on BH’s Bandcamp age as a lossless digital recording.

Honestly i don’t see the point in instrumental versions of albums that feature lyrics. I’ve never been a fan and i almost always ignore such releases as they are nothing more than cash in on the diehards endeavors. Having said that even though i wasn’t keen on listening to this, i have to admit that these tracks do indeed make decent instrumentals even if not as awesome as were with the myriad vocalists that appeared on the original ENTER THE CHICKEN. The original is one of my favorite older BUCKETHEAD releases and the fact he teamed up with so much talent was a major plus, something sorely lacking in the PIKE series.

This one doesn’t feature twelve tracks like the original ENTER THE CHICKEN but rather only seven. This one is missing the “Intro,” “We Are One,” “Three Fingers,” “The Hand” and a short “Interlude.” It does feature the track “Shen Chi” which was only featured as a bonus track on later editions of ENTER THE CHICKEN. Actually there are a few vocals featured on this but only on the spoken word sample starting “Botnus,” one of BH’s most popular live tunes and for great reason, this one showcases BH’s guitar shredding abilities as well as a serious riffing machine.

This release is sort of cheating in the fact that both “Nottingham Lace” and “Shen Chi” were already instrumentals on the original ENTER THE CHICKEN so really there are only five stripped down vocalless selections. It seems odd to find an all-instrumental pick of tracks of a 17-year old album but considering BH just lost a bunch of expensive guitars perhaps he’s cashing in to replace them. While i was expecting to hate this instrumental album i was pleasantly surprised that it works somewhat although i still much prefer the original. Another glaring reality is that the material here makes many of the more recent PIKEs sound like generic crap. Luckily there aren’t a lot of vocal-filled BH albums so i doubt this will be a trend.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 327 - Carnival of Chicken Wire

Live album · 2022 · Alternative Metal
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PIKE 327 - CARNIVAL OF CHICKEN WIRE 26th installment of 2022 Everything played NOT by BUCKETHEAD. It’s LIVE, duh! Total playing time 28 MINUTES and 41 SECONDS All instrumental as always! Yep, still true despite being a live album

Well i guess BUCKETHEAD is trying to cash in on some live recordings to replace all those stolen guitars that he lost in recent times. Suddenly a flood of live releases are finding their way out of the coop and for the first time BH has released several live releases simultaneously. Following the odd PIKE out album cover of “Live From A Boombox” comes another set of live numbers titled CARNIVAL OF CHICKEN WIRE.

This one features six tracks and keeps it under a half hour of playing time. A lot of these tracks have been featured on other live releases such as the feisty opening “Jordan” which seems to be a crowd pleaser. After the energetic opener BH slows the tempo down a bit with “The Interworld And The New Innocence” which emphasizes those famous echoey guitar sounds and then builds up steam to a bluesy rock shredding extravaganza. 
 “Redeem Team” picks up the pace again with a melodic guitar riff. The track picks up pace and becomes a crunchy alt metal rocker. “Toy Store” features a nice processed guitar effect sound. This one features some interesting technical workouts. It merges perfectly into another long time crowd pleaser, “Welcome To Bucketheadland” which is basically a BH anthem at this point. “Siege Engine” finishes this release off with an energetic guitar performance but the track itself is rather generic and monotonous.

Overall this is an OK live set but not as interesting as “Live Sprinkles.” Basically the track selection is not that wonderful and although everything is interesting to hear in a live setting, i’m not a huge live album fan in the first place and BH doesn’t do anything remarkable to distinguish from the studio recordings. It truly seems like cashing in is the modus operandi du jour. Oh well. Another PIKE i will never be revisiting.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 326 - Live From The Boombox

Live album · 2022 · Alternative Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
PIKE 326 - LIVE FROM THE BOOMBOX 25th installment of 2022 Everything played NOT by BUCKETHEAD. It’s LIVE, duh! Total playing time 28 MINUTES and 48 SECONDS All instrumental as always! Yep, still true despite being a live album

I absolutely knew once the floodgates were opened for live releases to come out as PIKEs that there would be an incessant flow and it turns out i was correct. PIKE 326 has emerged as another live release titled LIVE FROM THE BOOMBOX. The album cover is notable for falling completely out of character from the comic book PIKE design. This simply features a photo with a BUCKETHEAD and a BOOMBOX photoshopped and posing on a slap of concrete on the shore.

Unlike the previous “Live Sprinkles” which was a staggering 50 minutes long, LIVE FROM THE BOOMBOX clocks in at a standard PIKE running time of around 30 minutes which is personally all i really have an attention span for PIKEs these days so thank dog for that. This one features only six tracks but there are some crowd pleases on board here. The picks are mostly out of the alternative metal camp with “Big Sur Moon” and “Flare” leading the way. BH feistily performs with passion.

“Gory Head Stump” is a bouncy fun number with an incessant bouncing groove that also keeps the energy high however it wouldn’t be a BH live release without a slower number, in this case a classic live number in his playbook called “Soothsayer.” Although it starts out mellow it climaxes with a scorching guitar solo. Likewise “Ghose of Broken Eggs” dishes out some psychedelic wah-wah pedal effects in the beginning and slowly ratchets up the blues rock intensity. The concluding “Fountains of the Forgotten” closes the PIKE with a bit of energetic heft with squealing guitar licks and heavy metal fortitude.

This is a decent LIVE PIKE that features some excellent material from BUCKETHEAD’s vast canon but at the same time there is nothing super compelling about this release either. It’s an OK half hour of live energy but not something that beckons a return visit either. Nice but only good and not much else. Considering the number of LIVE PIKEs coming out i’m sure there will be a whole lot more where this came from.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 325 - Language of the Mosaics

Album · 2022 · Alternative Metal
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PIKE 325 - LANGUAGE OF THE MOSAICS 24th installment of 2022 Everything played by BUCKETHEAD Total playing time 26 minutes and 45 seconds All instrumental as always!

BUCKETHEAD is back with one chicken attack after another. LANGUAGE OF THE MOSAICS is the 24th PIKE of 2022 and there are still fourth months left in the egg hatchery! While BH is throwing in some live albums here and there this year, this one is a bonafide studio album that features BH’s most intense and energetic guitar wankery. This is experimental, progressive and avant-garde as well as pedal to the metal head banging splendor.

This one features seven tracks all titled “Mosaic” plus the corresponding number. This is also one of those blitzkrieg PIKEs where all the tracks run into another. This one is primarily metal oriented with crazy fast tempos, face melting guitar workouts and crunchy riffing however this one is also one of those shapeshifters that allows various stylistic approaches to seep in. Any given style usually takes a few bars before changing it up but then again BH is full of surprises.

This one is truly for the tech guitar lovers. Those who crave wild unapologetic frenetic guitar abuse and love those roller coaster compositional approaches where hairpin turns and upside down loops are guaranteed all but the most adrenaline seeking junkies out there lose their lunch and run far away. Unlike some of BH’s most avant-garde PIKEs of the same ilk, this one is more on the melodic side with catchy riffs and traditional heavy metal compositional approaches but then there are those weird crazy turns towards the bizarre and experimental.

Personally these are the types of PIKEs that suit me best however many of these exist at this point so this is just one more in a large collection. There’s not really much to distinguish this one from many others that have come before which is why i can’t rate it higher. At this point even PIKEs of this caliber which showcase BH’s most technical workouts have been done to death. I just wish BH would up his game in the compositional department or start playing with other musicians and make a totally unique band. Oh well. This is a very good PIKE but not to the point where i will probably ever feel the need to revisit it.

BUCKETHEAD Pike 324 - Live Sprinkles

Live album · 2022 · Alternative Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
PIKE 324 - LIVE SPRINKLES 23rd installment of 2022 Everything played NOT by BUCKETHEAD. It’s LIVE, duh! Total playing time 50 MINUTES and 21 SECONDS!!!! WHAAAAAT? All instrumental as always! Yep, still true despite being a live album

Well i knew once BH opened the floodgates by releasing live releases under the PIKE series that it would trickle and then flow like a firehose but this is where we are at the latter stage of the year 2022 and BH has done it once again by release PIKE 324 as LIVE SPRINKLES which showcases some of the better tracks of his massive canon. Not sure if these were all recorded in one concert or individual from various sources (my guess is the latter) but the entire experience is fairly cohesive.

No idea who’s playing the instruments other than BH on guitars but i just got back from several trips and really don’t care. What’s amazing about this PIKE is that it extends well beyond the 30-minute-ish mark and seeps over 50 MINUTES OF PLAYING TIME!!!! Yes, that’s right! Not that it’s unheard of. The earlier PIKEs varied in length with some equalling playing time before a sort of uniformity emerged. Whatever the case i’m very loath to experience PIKEs these days and only do so because i signed up to review every album so 50 minutes didn’t excite me.

Having said that, this one isn’t really that bad at all! Even though i’m a BH fan i have had bad experiences with live performances and a majority of the PIKEs simply are OK but don’t excite me beyond belief. This one has actually captured me unexpectedly and reminds me of what live rock music is supposed to evoke, namely diversity of moods and a thrilling reinterpretation of studio compositions. LIVE SPRINKLES does just that. BH brings these studio recordings to a live setting and makes them shine as best as he can.

BH compositions are easy to get lost in. All the more so because they are instrumental. What’s cool about LIVE SPRINKLES is that BH actually took the time to place each track in a way that made it all the more impactful. All in all it doesn’t even matter where each track came from in the vast universe of BUCKETHEAD. These live recordings bring them all back to life in an interesting manner where everything connects. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I immediately wanted to give this 2 stars just because it was 50 minutes long! Ugh. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. Probably not quite brilliant enough for a huge “essential” tag but certainly worthy of best of BH live.

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  • Posted 3 months ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V3
  • Posted 5 months ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V3
    [QUOTE=adg211288]Wrong insofar as you can say that of most if not all metal genres. You may as well put power metal under speed metal with that logic, since all (Euro) power metal actually is melodic speed metal. Thrash too, ties back to the early speed metal songs. And then groove metal would be under thrash. As would death metal. And black metal would be under that. Back up and put doom under heavy. Stoner, drone and sludge under doom and so forth. See what I mean? The RYM change of speed metal's place in the hierarchy makes zero sense. It's not only a massive double standard (and yes I know that same double standard exists very openly with the various alt metal subs and that's true of MMA too, but it's the same issue albeit one that's widely accepted for some reason), it's also only going to encourage speed metal deniers like that deathstrike character all the more and lead to incorrect thinking that albums that sound like Battalions of Fear shouldn't be tagged as speed metal, because they don't belong on the heavy metal charts (which they don't). It's bad enough they're also tagged power metal, which they aren't because they're 100% speed metal. RYM has done a few things that have lost them credibility in my eyes (and that's not even getting into some of the things the userbase votes for or against on both music and films), but this one really takes the cake. I can understand them putting USPM under Heavy since the distinction between those bands can be so small, but moving speed metal was ridiculous.  [/QUOTE] Don't agree, totally at least. Speed metal was the bridge between heavy metal / NWOBM and thrash / power metal so i guess it was the intermediate between h.m and p.m / thrash. Not sure they needed to make it a sub of heavy metal. It does deserve its own special place. Yeah, RYM not perfect. MMA not perfect. PA not perfect. We live in an imperfect universe. I've learned not to get upset about all this. The music is beautiful no matter how the data nazis need to categorize it. My point was really that it's easy enough to filter speed metal into its own category no matter if it's a sub or indie genre. I love speed metal!
  • Posted 5 months ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V3
    [QUOTE=adg211288] to RYM's 'genius' (read: hair-brained) decision to make speed metal a sub-genre of heavy metal, this now appears on the traditional heavy metal charts. [/QUOTE] I think that's because speed metal generally IS considered a sub of heavy metal. It is a direct descended of the NWOBHM. You can still easily filter any charts for just speed metal or another other micro-genre so not a biggie really. I think their charts have gotten much better over the years myself.


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