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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Non-Metal 123 2.87
2 Alternative Metal 111 2.91
3 Progressive Metal 64 3.99
4 Hard Rock 63 3.29
5 Avant-garde Metal 57 3.99
6 Black Metal 47 3.46
7 Metal Related 37 3.38
8 Thrash Metal 36 3.69
9 Traditional heavy metal 33 3.83
10 Technical Death Metal 25 4.06
11 Proto-Metal 25 3.80
12 Death Metal 17 3.85
13 Glam Metal 13 3.50
14 NWoBHM 13 4.15
15 Industrial Metal 12 3.79
16 Doom Metal 11 3.86
17 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 10 4.25
18 Power Metal 10 3.75
19 Symphonic Black Metal 9 4.22
20 Funk Metal 9 4.11
21 Hardcore and crust 8 3.31
22 Folk Metal 8 3.63
23 Death-Doom Metal 8 3.38
24 US Power Metal 8 3.63
25 Groove Metal 7 3.50
26 Metalcore 7 4.00
27 Neoclassical metal 5 3.40
28 Sludge Metal 5 3.80
29 Grindcore 5 3.00
30 Melodic Black Metal 4 4.13
31 Brutal Death Metal 4 3.25
32 Gothic Metal 4 3.38
33 Drone Metal 4 3.38
34 Stoner Metal 4 4.13
35 Symphonic Metal 3 4.17
36 Atmospheric Black Metal 3 4.17
37 Melodic Death Metal 3 4.17
38 Mathcore 3 4.00
39 Speed Metal 3 3.17
40 Nu Metal 1 2.50
41 Crossover Thrash 1 5.00
42 Deathcore 1 3.50
43 Depressive Black Metal 1 3.50

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BUCKETHEAD The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

Album · 2006 · Progressive Metal
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As the year 2006 rolled on, the strange artist known as BUCKETHEAD was releasing multiple albums per year with his 17th overall solo offering THE ELEPHANT MAN’S ALARM CLOCK as the first of three for the year. Yet another album recorded in The Slaughterhouse with Dan Monti and Albert lending a hand in the production process as well as Del Rey Brewer contributing some of the songwriting of the all instrumental three quarters of an hour long plus experience. There are a few scant words uttered by Bootsy Collins. As any true BUCKETHEAD fan knows, there are a gazillion different styles of his playing ranging from the sappy slow and melodic resulting in utter gagdom all across the spectrum to the most convolutedly complex weirdness every recorded, at least on Earth. THE ELEPHANT MAN’S ALARM CLOCK has become one of the more popular albums in BH’s early egg laying days for it fits on that wide spectrum somewhere in the middle of the extremes with highly accessible melodic approaches nestled in all of the avant-garde weirdness we’ve come to expect.

The combo effect of funk and metal has always proven to be a strong suit for Mr BH and there is plenty of both on this energetic release that provides ample amounts of head banging fury along with the expected avant-guitar solos while funk bass rules the roost for significant chunks of playing time and bandmate from Praxis in the form of Bootsy Collins even makes a cameo appearance on “Bird With A Hole In The Stomach” where he adds a monstrosity of a space bass solo at the end. An unusual feature for BH at this point anyway is the four part “Lurker At The Threshold” which is a dedication to H.P. Lovecraft. While it may sound like a prog behemoth in writing, all four tracks clock in under ten minutes and go through several BH styles such as slow and mellow melodic introducing features that slowly ratchet up the temp ladder with funk guitar, heavy distorted riffing and guitar solos.

The track “Droid Assembly” is worth mentioning as it has that classic detached groove that i could totally envision BH doing his famous dance to. The electronica based drum sound is followed by a series of angular avant-garde-isms that create a unifying factor of danceability while avant-prog guitars and bass lines flounder all over the place. The cutely named “Fizzy Lipton Drinks,” a reference to the 1971 film “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory” starts out with an industrial metal type of groove but quickly becomes one of those riff and solo numbers but also jumps into an avant-parade of strange riffs, grooves and guitar squealing as if a pig were sacrificed in the making of this production. Unfortunately the track ends with an annoying bout with silence before a *hidden track* appears. I hate these but was a very nought-y thing to do in the early years of the millennium. After enduring a forced period of meditation we finally get a total funkified only affair with Bootsy Collins making a return and BH adding some counterpoint guitar licks which goes on for a few minutes allowing the two to really get down and dirty.

THE ELEPHANT’S ALARM CLOCK is yet another excellent album in the early BH years when he was only getting started releasing multiple albums per year. While many tout this one as one of his absolute best, i find it a little repetitive at times and doesn’t come close to the mind blowing diverse elements and avant-grooviness of album’s like “Monsters And Robots.” After all, “normal” is for mere bands that didn’t obtain their strange and otherworldly powers in chicken coops. This album is nonetheless a great introductory work to BH’s overall early works and a mandatory edition for those more into his less adventurous and more in tune with melodies and established rock and metal elements in music. It’s certainly an excellent album even if it doesn’t rank high in my own personal world but one thing IS for sure and that is that it is indeed a captivating listen throughout its entirety.

UNEXPECT Fables of the Sleepless Empire

Album · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
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Sonic shockwaves detonated once again a long five years after their second album “In A Flesh Aquarium” when the erratic and eclectic avant-garde musical maestros UNEXPECT simultaneously took the prog and metal communities by storm. The crazed and quirky Quebecois jugglers of supersonic entropy unleashed their followup FABLES OF THE SLEEPLESS EMPIRE which continued the forceful cross-pollination of musical genres like abducted animals that are stuffed into a meat grinder and stuffed into a sausage casing. The dizzying inaccessible mess of sound was resurrected for a second haunting like a circus of doom returning to town and unleashing intoxicated circus clowns out to destroy everything they touch with the musical equivalence of classically trained jugglers passing musical genres around like flaming chainsaws. Like it’s predecessor FABLES delivers all the goods of weaving the ultimate tapestry of several metal styles, gypsy folk, electronica and even tango amongst others and impregnates them into a Western classical underpinning that allows it all to explode into one of the most satisfying examples of controlled chaos in all of contemporary extreme musical expressions.

Infused with bombastic metal riffs and black metal shrieks, ghoulish chants or histrionic outbursts of tormented recitations, the unhinged male vocal contributions of SyriaK and Artagoth are diluted in their abrasiveness by the female vocal loveliness of Leïlindel’s folklore femininity and newbie Borboen’s Paganini flair of violin playing with a style more often reminiscent of a circus gypsy having an extremely high-octane episode. In between it all lies the unique 9-stringed bass lines of ChaotH that connect the dots but only after an enterprising journey through several progressive tornado run riffs of spirited vigor. And then add on the strange lethargic intros that ratchet up the tension while languishing in tranquil torpidity before launching into tumultuous musical terror that bombards the listener with incessant excess all the while creating just enough of a melodic hook to keep your head from exploding. Ah, uneasy listening at its zenith, UNEXPECT raise the bar of musical complexity like a pole runner carrying the Olympic torch all the way up Mt Everest in under 61 minutes.

To say the least, there is nothing to compare UNEXPECT’s music to except, of course, UNEXPECT itself. While very much in vein of “In A Flesh Aquarium,” FABLES does seem to be more focused which is neither good or bad but merely different. The main difference being in the fact that on FABLES musical motifs are allowed to retain a longer shelf life as every musical idea in the universe isn’t as prevalent as on “Aquarium” where a listening experience is equivalent to riding in the eye of a tornado and watching all the notes whizz by in utterly unpredictable ways. Here at least, despite being bombarded by the myriad mega-stimuli, there is a concerted effort to let the hooks sink in a little deeper before the ultimate uprooting and casting off into turbulent atmospheric disturbances. True to their vision with a slighty more polished touch, UNEXPECT retain the crown of most chaotic crazy and creative masters of the avant-garde metal universe. While this one took me longer to gestate in my psyche before the alien forces hatched, i find FABLES OF THE SLEEPLESS EMPIRE to be equally as brilliantly inventive as “Aquarium.” Although it would take another five years and no albums later, the capricious creative ones announced that the band would continue no longer. Now THAT was truly UNEXPECT-ed!

XEXYZ Death Mountain

Album · 2017 · Black Metal
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Eleven years later and who’da thunk that the chiptune meets black metal antics of Rev would find a new light with a new album in the form of DEATH MOUNTAIN. After the intriguing album “Primeval Mountain” which i really enjoy listening to once in a while we get a fairly weak followup. On the first album Rev utilized his best Summoning inspired frantic screaming sessions with some excellent black metal riffs while the chiptune features simply took the place of the keyboard parts found in atmospheric black metal. On DEATH MOUNTAIN however the focus is mainly on the chiptune melodies themselves leaving the black metal in the background which makes this a lot less satisfying than the previous.

“Primeval Mountain” was pretty much a novelty in the first place and although i really liked it and wished it could have been longer, i feel that there really wasn’t a need for a followup as this idea has a short shelf life and this second release is so ridiculous in many ways that it actually makes the whole thing a mockery in many ways. Yeah, i know the idea was half-baked in the first place but i actually love unorthodox ideas however that doesn’t mean they deserve a whole series of expressions. XEXYZ is the perfect example of why such an idea was fun once and should be abandoned and other ideas pursued. This just feels half baked. The black metal parts are weak, the vocals are weak, well everything feels weak actually.

I’m not sure why this was ever deemed a good idea. Even a “Primeval Mountain Part 2” would have been a better plan than this. It just seems unfocused as sometimes the chiptune ideas are dominant, sometimes the black metal ones rule but they never gel together quite like they did on the first album. Whatever the reason for releasing this, i just don’t like it nearly as much as the debut. While there are a few tracks that are OKish, the album just doesn’t gel. Please Rev, enough is enough. Let your idea stand and move on. You lost the whole “feel” from the first album with not only the colorful Zelda-esque album cover but on basically every track on the album. You may not have been aware of what made the first album so unique obviously so don’t go down this path anymore. It’s just not working.

BUCKETHEAD Inbred Mountain

Album · 2005 · Progressive Metal
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At the closing of the year 2005, the artist known as B-U-C-K-E-T-H-E-A-D released his 16th studio album INBRED MOUNTAIN on Travis Dickerson’s fledgling label TDRS Music and continues the mega weirdo hybrid experimentation procedures that had been occurring throughout the chicken lover’s heeeeeeeeestory

Experimental music expanded after “Kaleidoscalp” and much furr-thurr into the wEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIrd and wild musical west as guitars gallop, bass lines bounce, percussive drumbeats detonate and riffs raucously reverberate around a series of sensational sonic possibilities

It’s just WEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIRRRDDD i say! Funk guitars mix it up with metal. Flamenco prances where it doesn’t belong. DJ electronic percussion beats get all dope in the most inappropriate ways while strange new hitherto possibilities





WEEiiiirrr D D D

! 1 ! ! ! 2w19 ! ! 1 ! !1 ! !

everYthing CANbhrd hear

there are nursery rhymes: 3 blind mice (1ST track] there is traditional metal chords and riffs [evREEwear) there is funk and soul there is

Basically this is a brilliant excogitation of many elements of music intermingled and forced against their will to perform unthinkable acts together that should be illegal in many states and provinces around the globe but the laws simply haven’t kept up with the perverted masterminds of musical prowess who insist on forcing different musical genres to get it on in the most unorthodox procedures and in the process create a vortex into unthinkable alternate realities

OMG! Love it i do but not his best, but excellent non the incest (INBRED MOUNTAIN woo hoo ˙©†´

oh and BANJOS occur….. yes they occur in strange fashion . sTRANge inDEEd inDID in.Idoh4

CARCASS Reek of Putrefaction

Album · 1988 · Grindcore
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While the 80s was finding heavy metal to be catching on amongst the public, a few sick minds were going places that Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi wouldn’t have dared! As thrash, death and doom metal were in their nascency, so too was another fledgling subgenre in the metal universe. Coming out of the same English city as the Beatles, Liverpool was a much grimier place than in the 60s and the members of CARCASS were busy stitching together all the most extreme elements of thrash, noise rock and hardcore punk to create their new uneasy listening experience. Although their early pioneering sound has been tagged as splatter death metal, hardgore and goregrind, the style has become universally known as grindcore, and just one look at the album cover collage of autopsy photos of their debut album REEK OF PUTREFACTION is enough to signal a very sick and disturbed musical experience awaits whoever dares play this one!

The band’s roots go back to the days when Bill Steer (guitarist) and Ken Owen (drummer) played together in a school band which led to Steer joining the D-beat punk band Disattack. After a few lineup changes in Disattack, the band changed its name to CARCASS but kept a lot of the punk influences as they sashayed their aggressive noise into metal territory. The new style was fairly original at the time with only Napalm Death even close to where they were going. Their debut album REEK OF PUTREFACTION perfectly displays a midway point between the hardcore and crust punk in the vein of Discharge alongside other angry punk rockers of the early 80s with the early old school death metal sounds that were emerging from the other side of the pond. REEK OF PUTREFACTION was an instant hit on the UK Indie Chart and thus CARCASS was one of the pioneering bands for ushering in a whole new wave of extreme metal above and beyond the more mainstream metal bands dominating the pop charts.

REEK OF PUTREFACTION is one of those albums that i have a love / hate relationship with. On one hand i totally dig the complete anarchic musical experience that has been laid down. The birth of grindcore was a messy affair with the lo-fi indie underground production values made all the more filthy sounding via down-tuned guitar abrasiveness, overdriven bass and blastbeat drum freneticism. The tempos can be blitzkrieg lightning fast or sort of meander on slow burn. Borrowing from the punk playbook, CARCASS adopted the “microsong” approach with no less than 22 songs laid out in the short playing time of 39min 47sec. I also totally love the beautifully titled “Genital Grinder,” “Maggot Colony,” “Microwaved Uterogestation” and “Manifestation Of Verrucose Urethra!” Oh, it’s just so wrooooong, but in a right way ;) On the second hand, REEK comes off as a grandiose experiment that was meant to create a certain reaction but doesn’t quite leave an invitation for repeated visits. Innovative for sure, pleasurable rarely. Luckily CARCASS would continue to evolve and soon become one of the most memorable melodic death metal bands of the 90s but for album number one, a quite memorable but only occasional interesting listening experience.

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  • Posted 35 minutes ago in Extreme Metal
    I agree with Khaliq. YouTube is your best friend for sampling and listening to albums that aren't available any more or waaaaaaay behind your price range. As far as where to start, tough one. I start with bands i don't know well simply by picking out the most popular and seeing if i share that opinion. Often i do, but sometimes i find the LEAST popular album my favorite. For example i'm currently listening to Deep Purple's Who Do You Think You Are and i love it a lot more than most everyone seems to.There is way too much music to be experienced, agreed. I often go to the used music stores and let whatever presents itself to me be the deciding factor but i also actively scout things out and order online. I don't really focus on any particular sub genre but i do find myself working extra hours to afford the luxury of buying as much music as i can stand. Currently i have hundreds of albums on the "to listen to" pile which means i have put the brakes on new purchasing for now because i've run out of room!
  • Posted 6 days ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V2
    Wow. Who'da thunk this would have happened!!!Former MORBID ANGEL Frontman DAVID VINCENT Releases Video For Country Single, 'Drinkin' With The Devil'Former Morbid Angel Frontman David Vincent Releases Video For Country Single, 'Drinkin' With The Devil' -
  • Posted 8 days ago in The most extreme metal genre
    The word "EXTREME" needs to be coupled with a secondary identifying factor. Extreme metal can have many contenders since metal itself has many elements. Each of these elements such as dissonance, distortion, loudness, speed, bizarre, spacey etc can all be more extreme in one band than another band but aren't necessarily more so compared to each other, so i would take different elements of metal and rank the most extreme of eachExtreme:As far as dissonance, bands like Kayo Dot take the cake.As far as complexity, Unexpect rulesAs for distortion, black metal's buzzsaw guitar probably, especially in war metalAs for speed, neoclassical, power and brutal death seem equalAs for filthiness, raw and anarchic, grindcore winsAs for surreal and detached from reality, funeral doom like Esoteric fits the billAs for technically focused, bands like Gorguts winAs for glaciated endurance, drone metal like Earth takes the cakeAs for too campy and pop oriented to tolerate, glam metal / rockers like Nelson come to mindAs far as over-the-top gorey lyrics, Carcass and their Symphonies of Sickness hasn't been toppedAs for blasphemous lyrics, black metal hands downAs for brutality in vocals, death and black tie (however some sludge and core could easily fit here)As for theatrical stage appearance, black metal for sureAs for utterly ridiculous, pornogrindIf you ask me for the absolutely most extreme metal music possible that takes as many of all these elements together (no one has done all of them as far as i know) i'd vote for mathcore bands like PSYOPUS with avant-garde bands like UNEXPECT and GORGUTS coming in a close secondSo after all that i guess i'd vote for GRINDCORE and its subs as well siLLy puPPy2017-06-15 21:16:28


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