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Groove metal is also known as neo-thrash, post-thrash, or power groove, groove metal consists of slow or mid-tempo and down tuned thrash riffs, bluesy guitar solos, greatly emphasized drum work and harsh vocals. Pantera is considered the most important groove metal act and very much revolutionized the thrash metal genre, and were followed by other influential acts like Machine Head. So great was the impact on thrash metal by groove acts like Pantera and Machine Head that already established thrash metal acts changed their style in a more groovy direction. For example, speed metal veterans Overkill took a more groove metal oriented direction on "I Hear Black", as did Exodus on "Force of Habit" and Sacred Reich on "Independent". While these would quickly return to their roots, other bands, such as Anthrax, continued to explore groove metal to the extent that their music was not even considered as thrash metal anymore. In their exploration of groove metal on "Chaos A.D." and "Roots", Sepultura gave rise to the sub-subgenre of tribal metal, whose central feature is primitive and groovy riffage. Many alternative metal bands, especially those belonging to the nu metal wave, would draw on groove metal, and perhaps that is why many post-1993 releases by acts like Anthrax and Sepultura are considered alternative metal releases. Groove metal also found its way into death metal, giving birth to the subgenre of death 'n' roll, which is included under death metal on the MMA.

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PANTERA Cowboys From Hell Album Cover Cowboys From Hell
4.38 | 99 ratings
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PANTERA Vulgar Display of Power Album Cover Vulgar Display of Power
4.29 | 66 ratings
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SOULFLY Dark Ages Album Cover Dark Ages
4.43 | 12 ratings
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SEPULTURA Machine Messiah Album Cover Machine Messiah
4.35 | 11 ratings
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LAMB OF GOD Ashes of the Wake Album Cover Ashes of the Wake
4.17 | 23 ratings
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FIGHT War of Words Album Cover War of Words
4.19 | 18 ratings
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MACHINE HEAD Burn My Eyes Album Cover Burn My Eyes
4.16 | 22 ratings
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SOULFLY Conquer Album Cover Conquer
4.31 | 9 ratings
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DEVILDRIVER The Fury of Our Maker's Hand Album Cover The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
4.34 | 8 ratings
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CHIMAIRA The Impossibility Of Reason Album Cover The Impossibility Of Reason
4.29 | 9 ratings
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LAMB OF GOD Sacrament Album Cover Sacrament
4.12 | 19 ratings
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WHITE ZOMBIE La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Volume 1 Album Cover La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Volume 1
4.13 | 16 ratings
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Machine Messiah
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SEPULTURA Machine Messiah

Album · 2017 · Groove Metal
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"Machine Messiah" is the 14th full-length studio album by Brazilian metal act Sepultura. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017. It´s the successor to "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart" from 2013, and features the exact same lineup who recorded the predecessor.

Stylistically the material on "Machine Messiah" is a combination of thrash and groove metal, and there are even a couple of progressive metal traits to be found, which isn´t a completely new thing in Sepultura´s universe, but it´s less understated here than on previous efforts into progressive territories. The latter is only an influence though and is mostly heard on the instrumental "Iceberg Dances" and the following "Sworn Oath". "Machine Messiah" is overall a rather adventurous release, and in addition to the two tracks mentioned above, there are fast aggressive thrashers like "I Am the Enemy" and "Silent Violence", and heavy epic tracks like "Cyber God" and the title track (which features some really strong clean vocals by Derrick Green), featured on the album. Tracks like "Phantom Self" and "Resistent Parasites" both feature a lot of heavy grooves, but that´s an element, which is dominant throughout the album. So all in all "Machine Messiah" is a relatively varied album.

It´s also a very well written album, and each track stand out and leaves a lasting impression. "Machine Messiah" is a concept album influenced by "the robotization of our society" (the band´s own words). There´s a dark and angry atmosphere surrounding the release, which suits Sepultura well. The musicianship is as always on a high level and a great asset to the album. Green has a strong voice and a commanding and versatile delivery, Andreas Kisser plays one inventive guitar riff and solo after another, Paulo Jr. delivers the heavy bass grooves, and Eloy Casagrande is one hell of a powerhouse drummer. Actually I can´t stop praising Casagrande for what he has done for Sepultura´s sound since he entered the lineup on 2011. His playing is fusion influenced, but he is also true to the band´s thrash/groove metal roots, and the occassional tribal style drumming part. He delivers any kind of rhythm with seamless ease and great conviction. He is a major asset to the band´s sound and the rest of the band should go to great lengths to keep him in the band.

"Machine Messiah" features a powerful and detailed sound production which helps bring the best out in the material, so it´s a high quality release on all parameters. A great sounding production, a well playing band, and very well written can´t really ask for more. In terms of "Machine Messiah´s" place in Sepultura´s by now huge discography, I´d dare say it´s one of their better releases and probably their best post-Max Cavalera album yet. While a lot of water has run under the bridge since the glory days of the early- to mid 90s, and Sepultura have picked up quite a few new influences since then, this may be an album which can bring some of the old fans back into the fold. If not for the Sepultura name, then for the sheer quality of the music. A 4.5 star (90%) rating is deserved.

SEPULTURA Machine Messiah

Album · 2017 · Groove Metal
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Sepultura hasn't gotten a whole lot of appreciation since 1993's Chaos A.D. While Roots does get a bit more appreciation from those who don't have an issue with nu-metal, you won't hear many talking about any of the post-Cavalera albums. Four years after the release of the lengthy titled The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart, which was seen as Sepultura's return to a thrash metal-based sound, the band returns with the much simpler titled Machine Messiah.

Machine Messiah features quite a variety of musical elements, inside and outside of metal, and actually comes across as quite experimental. There's a blend of tribal groove metal and crossover thrash throughout the majority of the album, the latter being most prevalent in "I Am the Enemy". It's one of the most crushing songs the band's released in a while, and instantly got me hooked with its chromatic death metal riffing, rumbling bass sound, and punk-thrash pace. Want more thrash, "Vandals Nest" brings some total old-school thrash mixed with some great melodies towards the end. I must also give mention to the guitar tone on this album, it's got such a razor-sharp punch to it, while having a dissonant tone for the slower bits.

The album opens up and ends on an odd note for Sepultura, with both the title track and "Cyber God" being melodic heavy metal/alternative metal tracks with a bit of a metalcore vibe. This may be seen as a negative for some, but I think it works great and makes these among the best on the album. "Sworn Oath" is another song that displays some of this influence at the beginning, but soon picks up a killer groove with majestic symphonic instrumentation. Derrick Green's melodic vocals on this track are really deep and emotive, and creates a nice contrast to his usual gruff barks. Speaking of said vocals, his gruff vocals on this album remind me a lot of Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke at his most raw and are delivered with great conviction. Just check out his performance on "Silent Violence", that's what I call pure raw power!

Also among the best on the album are "Phantom Self" and the instrumental "Iceberg Dances". The former is a groovy tune that has a middle-eastern sound to it played by an instrument that I can't tell if it's just a guitar or something else. "Resistant Parasites" also features a bit of middle-eastern instrumentation towards the end. "Iceberg Dances" is the best instrumental track I've heard in a while, blending a tribal groove with some unexpected influences. Most notable of these would be the organ that surprisingly fits right in, who knew organ and groove metal would sound so awesome together?

Sepultura's done it, they've made a masterpiece to rival their 80's and early 90's classics. Instead of trying to imitate their classic material, the band blended a wide range of styles and influences that ended up mixing together perfectly. If you're looking for an eclectic groove metal album, look no further than Machine Messiah. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!


Album · 1994 · Groove Metal
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This is the now iconic phrase that is shouted in the opening track of Machine Head's debut album, Burn My Eyes. While I can't say I'm a fan of much of Machine Head's output, they started out strong and had the makings of rivaling Pantera and Meshuggah in the realm of killer groove metal bands. While Machine Head would fall victim to the whiny side of nu-metal (and later Metalcore with some of their more recent stuff to a certain extent), their debut is packed with pummeling grooves and gruff vocals delivered with much conviction.

Burn My Eyes came onto the blossoming groove metal scene in 1994, when Pantera, White Zombie, Sepultura, and Fight were delivering fist-pumping punishing groove metal and Meshuggah were beginning to make their transition from tech thrash to tech groove. Burn My Eyes fits right in, while mixing some Alice in Chains-esque alternative metal and Fear Factory-esque industrial elements to make themselves stand out among the crowd. For every crushing powerhouse like opener "Davidian", there will be a more dreary segment in another song. There's a perfect balance here between pure aggression and melancholic AiC-esque passages, something that wouldn't be reached again until Sevendust's 1997 debut. The opening song and "Block", the former being my favorite on the album, never let up with their crushing riffing while most of the other songs mix the styles up. "A Thousand Lies" and a "A Nation on Fire" are the best examples of this and favorites of mine.

For me this is Machine Head's best album and one that I don't think they'll ever top. It's crushingly heavy, but at the same time can be quite melodic in a way that doesn't come off as whiny like some of their later albums suffer from. If you're a fan of Pantera, Alice in Chains, and especially Sevendust I can only highly recommend this album. Certainly a classic groove metal album. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

CHIMAIRA The Impossibility Of Reason

Album · 2003 · Groove Metal
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The Impossibility of Reason was Chimaira's first record to transition the band from metalcore to groove metal, and it's obvious which genre fit the band more as subsequent releases followed the same line of thinking. It's not hard to understand why The Impossibility of Reason was such a breakthrough record for the band; it's almost perfect production quality bringing out never-before-seen qualities of Chimaira previously not seen under their banner.

Chimaira's 2003 album showcases a new and improved set of tracks, tuning down electronic elements to create a more clean yet powerful album. Rob Arnold has mentioned that bands they've toured with's influence on the band, these compatriots including the likes of In Flames (whose history is almost like the reverse of Chimaira's) and Soilwork. The influential melodic death metal style of these bands is evident on The Impossibility of Reason, an album littered with brash unforgiving sonorous riffs give way to energetic spectacles of raw power. The band holds a candle to the likes of Mudvayne, in fact this album in particular is very similar to Mudvayne's then-studio output (i.e. The End of All Things to Come), albeit with less experimental qualities.

The tracks are nearly all stunning. Not one misses a beat and keeps the sort of power-trip (funnily enough a track on the album) like theme of the album going. The dark, film-score like nature of the album's #1 single 'Down Again' is endearing, as well as the anger-filled 'Pure Hatred' (which I first heard on an episode of Mythbusters in 2004). It might be a bit cliche but Chimaira's closing epic 'Implements of Destruction' is an actual epic, not five minutes of music with eight minutes of silence/noise/sound effects, and is highly recommended. It goes through a variety of drum pattern and stylistic changes, all in an instrumental format. I'd suggest listening to the album to get a taste of it for yourself.

Lastly, the band itself. Chimaira's raw style is owed completely to Andols Herrick on drums and Rob Arnold on guitar. This as well as the Chad Grey-like Mark Hunter on vocals. The guitar section of Chimaira is where the band stands out the most, with the aforementioned Rob Arnold accompanied by Matt DeVries, both of whom would go onto play live guitar and bass respectively for Six Feet Under in 2011 and 2012.

A highly respectable release and a key contributor to the New Wave of American Heavy metal movement, Chimaira and their 2003 album are not to be underestimated. Mind your mind when entering this territory.

WHITE ZOMBIE La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Volume 1

Album · 1992 · Groove Metal
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La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1 is the third studio album from groove/industrial metal band White Zombie.

Switching from the noise metal of the debut and to the doom-thrash of Make Them Die Slowly, White Zombie had began to get in the groove with their 1989 EP God of Thunder. Fast-forward three years later and you get the band's magnum opus, the groove metal classic La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1 (Or simply La Sexorcisto, as there never was a volume 2).

There is no album that epitomizes pure punchy groove metal more than La Sexorcisto, it's just non-stop chugging and crunching riffing with the occasional plodding stoner-doom metal dirge as heard in "Warp Asylum" for example. There are also some thrash metal parts, which is only obvious as groove came from thrash, most heard in "Soul Crusher" (Most likely named after the band's debut album). The album is a pure masterpiece in every way, so it's hard to pick highlights. However, I'd say "Welcome to Planet Motherfucker/Psychotic Slag", "Cosmic Monsters Inc.", "Grindhouse", and classics "Thunder Kiss '65" and "Black Sunshine" are my favorites if I had to choose.

La Sexorcisto also really shows the B-grade horror movie lyricism take form in White Zombie's sound, with many samples as well as just zany lyricism. Many times samples can end up sounding misplaced in a non-industrial metal album, but here the samples are used perfectly. There's no shortage of them, but they sound right at home in Rob Zombie's wacky world.

This album is a bonafide classic, and one of my all-time favorites. Apart from Pantera, groove metal hasn't been played as perfectly and memorably as this. If you're a fan of groove metal, and haven't heard this album, do yourself a favor and take a listen to this masterpiece. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

groove metal movie reviews

LAMB OF GOD Walk With Me In Hell

Movie · 2008 · Groove Metal
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Walk With Me In Hell is a fantastic DVD for fans of Lamb Of God, full of honest and informative interviews, storming live performances and footage from all around the world.

The DVD features four and a half hours of content; including The main feature, the 117 minute documentary `Walk With Me In Hell ,' as well as six entire live songs from various tours that were featured in the documentary. The Second disc features the fantastic 77 minute `Making of The Sacrament,' documentary,' and an entire 40 minute Set from Download and lastly the music video for Redneck.

The main documentary is brilliant, following the band from just having finished recording their fantastic Sacrament album and embarking on a world tour full of interesting encounters, mishaps and mild adventures. Interviews unravel a tale of ups and downs, of bad luck and of increasing success and really give you an idea of what life is like for a touring metal band. From adjusting to foreign food, being cut of from your family and living in a cramped bus with band and crew members for months on end to photo shoots merch signing sessions and radio interview obligations.

The band are both really candid and entertaining, giving honest impressions of situations and not being afraid to look bad, while also cracking many jokes or playing a few childish pranks that never fail to raise a few laughs. Where some band DVDs may over emphasize the comedy aspects, Walk With Me In Hell is very tasteful and has the balance just right. The whole documentary is full of Lamb of God music, both recorded versions playing over footage of busses or set ups, and snippets of excellently shot concert footage that can last up to a minute or two.

Redneck, Again We Rise, Walk With Me in Hell, Now You've Got Something To Die For, Blacken The Cursed Sun, and Pathetic can be seen in full from these various performances featured in the documentary, a nice way to augment Killadelphia without repeating it.

`Making of The Sacrament,' documentary is of the same very high standard, and features a lot of the decision making processes, actual song writing and much footage of practicing and perfecting songs that would eventually make up the album. The band also talk a lot about their place in the world of metal, their music and how each album differs from the last, very interesting stuff for a fan to watch.

The Download set is a real highlight here, the excellent audio and visual quality and extremely energetic performance by the band make for an amazing show. The track list is: Laid To Rest, Again We Rise, Walk With Me in Hell, Pathetic, Now You've Got Something To Die For, Blacken The Cursed Sun, Redneck, and Black Label.

Overall this DVD is highly recommended to fans of the band, featuring tones of content, really interesting documentaries and very well shot, edited and performed live material focusing heavily on The Sacrament album so as not to just repeat the band's previous two DVDs.

LAMB OF GOD Killadelphia

Movie · 2005 · Groove Metal
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Killadelphia is a fantastic DVD that captures Lamb Of God in 2005 just as they were really breaking into the big time, with a mixture of documentary segments and a sixteen track concert that has a total playtime of almost two hours.

The concert is of very high quality, the band deliver music from New American Gospel in a clear and professional way and give tracks from Ashes of the Wake an energy and rawness that improves them similarly. The band are brilliant performers and know how to command an audiences attention, when to play up to the crowd and also crucially when not to, in order to preserve the spirit of the written songs.

Randy is the type of singer who you may expect might not be able to pull it off live, given the intensity, speed and complexity of what he delivers on record; but in reality his live performances are astounding, if anything better than on record.

Performance is only one quality on which a live concert stands or falls, and thankfully a very strong performance is not the only thing which Killadelphia has to offer, the sound is terrific, with a very clear drum and vocal sound, heavy guitar tones and a good clear mix which gives each instrument a fair chance to shine without sacrificing much in the way of heaviness.

Furthermore, the camera work, direction and editing, in addition to the lighting and stage show are excellent bringing a real excitement to the video without having to resort to cheesy wipes or frequent quick cuts like other concert DVDs sometimes do, but which only ever give the illusion of energy.

On top of all this, the track list is excellent with tracks from each of the band's early albums together and performed to the highest quality. Then as if the concert wasn't interesting enough (and there is an option to play only the concert, plus a CD copy of the concert for added value) you get a really candid and informative set of documentary segments which are of the same tone as those on the band's Walk With Me in Hell DVD, and include the infamous fist fight which fans always seem to love.

Overall, Killadelphia is a brilliant DVD, honestly one of the best metal DVDs on the market and an absolute must buy for Lamb Of God fans.


Movie · 2005 · Groove Metal
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Elegies was the first live DVD from Machine Head; recorded, just like their Hellalive album at the Brixton Academy in London, three years later in 2004 and released in 2005.

Like with Hellalive, the band play a mixture of material from all of their studio albums up until that point to an excited british crowd, but this time the band were riding high on the critical success of Through The Ashes Of Empires. Their performance is very strong indeed, with new guitarist Phil Demmel giving the band an additional edge. The dual guitar sections from Through The Ashes Of Empires sound amazing on this DVD, they really take on a life of their own in the live environment.

The tracklisting is excellent, presenting the very best of Machine Head, new songs like ‘Imperium,’ and ‘Seasons Wither,’ sound fantastic alongside the all time classics like ‘Ten Ton Hammer,’ and ‘Davidian.’

The band aren’t afraid to drop some of the more emotional, sophisticated music like ‘Descend The Shades Of Night,’ and the title track from ‘The Burning Red,’ confidently bringing the evening to a chilling standstill, before returning to the blistering metal that made them famous.

Visually and in terms of audio, the DVD is pretty great. I personally would’ve preferred if the film grain filters hadn’t been used so often and that the concert was shown in a straight beginning to end session, without the non-live footage in between songs, but ignoring that, the look and sound is great and when you add that to the incendiary performance you have a really great concert recording overall.

The extras feature a short but interesting history on the making of Through The Ashes Of Empires in addition to some music videos.

To summarize, the Elegies DVD is a must have release that no Machine Head fan should be without.

SOULFLY The Song Remains Insane

Movie · 2005 · Groove Metal
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Soulfly’s DVD The Song Remains Insane from 2005 is a pretty strong release; consisting of all the bands music videos, assorted live footage from various sources, an entire concert and a fantastic documentary about the band.

The music videos are nice to have, but not what anyone would buy this for and the assorted live footage (featuring a cameo apperance from Biohazard during a tribal drum solo) is a great addition which contains host of songs not in the main concert and a DVD-highlight where Chino Marino joins the band on stage to perform ‘Pain,’ from the band’s ‘Primitive,’ album.

The main concert is well filmed, but unfortunately the sound is out of synch with the video and it is therfore pretty annoying, but if you just listen to it in the background the concert is still fantastic, this out of synch problem is a pretty large disappointment for the real meat of the DVD. If you want a full length pro shot Soulfly concert from the Prophecy era that is properly synched, one is available with Digpak editions of the band’s sixth album Conquer.

Thankfully this DVD is saved by an excellent Documentary, which is informative, interesting and well edited. The DVD is still a real good buy at the price, and would be worth five stars if the audio in the main concert was in synch with the video.

Even with that flaw in the main feature, the collection of music videos, a great documentary and the other excellent (and in synch) live material are well worth the interest of Soulfly fans. It may not wholly stand up visually to modern metal DVDs but is still worth exploration for fans.

CHIMAIRA Coming Alive

Movie · 2010 · Groove Metal
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Chimaira’s Coming Alive is an absolutely tremendous package, a true must-own that no Chimaira fan should even consider being without. The set contains a concert DVD taken from the band’s tenth annual hometown Christmas concert, a CD of the same concert minus the final song and as the main feature, a three hour Documentary in four parts that covers everything the band have been up to in the two years prior to its release. First off, the concert DVD is simply put and without hyperbole the greatest concert DVD I have ever bought (and this compliment comes from someone who absolutely loves concert DVDs)

Director Todd Bell is a genius and this film is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, his unique and inspired cinematography really pushes the boundaries of what a concert film should look like. It almost seems like up until now concerts were just filmed and edited in a utilitarian way and Todd Bell is the first person to really ask how else it could and should be done. The only thing that is even close in style is Nine Inch Nails’ amazing looking `Beside You In Time,’ concert and `The Slip,’ bonus DVD, but this goes even further. From the choice of shots, the unusual choices in depth of field and framing and the band’s own excellent light and video show you really get a truly unique and fantastic viewing experience.

From a purely visual perspective this is the finest looking concert DVD on the market, not just from metal bands but even from million dollar rock bands who can afford the best. Don’t think however, that this is just a treat for the eyes because the performance which Chimaira lays down is practically unrivaled and again this is without hyperbole, the energy and passion in the practically note perfect and ferociously heavy concert is breathtaking. Every musician either plays or sings their heart out, with Chris’ cutting backing vocals and Rob’s guitar solos being particularly noteworthy.

Highlights include an extended slightly version of `Severed,’ a Mark-on-guitar featuring `The Flame,’ with a very passionate vocal performance and the stupidly good performance of `The Disappearing Sun.’

The track listing is really great and no Chimaira album is left unrepresented, the band do a good job mixing obvious choices and fan favourites like `Power Trip,’ and `Pure Hatred,’ with surprise inclusions like `Dead Inside,’ and the instrumental closer `Implements of Destruction,’ (which is intermittently inter-cut with credits but not in an intrusive way) and the result is a varied and hugely entertaining concert.

The sound is fantastic, at first unusual given the trend in sounds of recent music DVDs but by the end of the first song you will realise how excellently the actual live sound of Chimaira has been captured, any drummer will love the live tom and snare sounds and everyone can enjoy the guitar tones which actually convey the fact that musicians are playing the instruments rather than a soulless studio perfect style that masks the musicians performance. Palm muting especially sounds fantastic here and I hope more bands adopt this recording and mixing style in the future.

This concert is only one of the two features; The four part documentary on disc one is superb (in addition to the bonus feature of the previous released `Making of Resurrection,’ documentary on disc two.) Only one part has been previously released on the `Making of The Infection,’ bonus disc with the majority of the content being completely new.

The content in question involves following the band around in the build up to the release of The Infection, on release day and on the subsequent tours in a similar manner to Lamb of God’s `Walk With Me In Hell,’ documentary.

If you’ve seen a Chimaira Documentary before you’ll know what to expect and if you haven’t this package includes most of them anyway. If you thought that the band couldn’t make a package to top ‘The Dehumanizing Process,’ you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Overall this is a truly astounding package featuring over three hours worth of excellent and entertaining documentary footage from a very likable and down to earth band, a live CD and possibly the greatest Live DVD ever made.

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