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SLAYER - South of Heaven Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Seasons in the Abyss Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
NEVERMORE - The Politics of Ecstasy Thrash Metal
NEVERMORE - Dead Heart in a Dead World Thrash Metal
DØDHEIMSGARD - 666 International Black Metal
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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 517 3.47
2 Thrash Metal 330 3.55
3 Progressive Metal 192 3.73
4 Technical Death Metal 117 3.69
5 Traditional heavy metal 105 3.48
6 Black Metal 104 3.36
7 Hard Rock 84 3.51
8 Doom Metal 82 3.67
9 Grindcore 56 3.12
10 Melodic Death Metal 56 3.76
11 Brutal Death Metal 43 3.53
12 Sludge Metal 40 3.54
13 Alternative Metal 38 3.41
14 Avant-garde Metal 33 3.61
15 Groove Metal 33 3.52
16 Power Metal 33 3.70
17 Death-Doom Metal 31 3.40
18 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 29 3.67
19 Stoner Metal 29 3.43
20 Atmospheric Black Metal 28 3.36
21 Industrial Metal 24 3.63
22 Non-Metal 24 3.67
23 Crossover Thrash 23 3.41
24 US Power Metal 22 3.70
25 Gothic Metal 21 3.45
26 Metalcore 20 3.38
27 Hardcore and crust 19 3.50
28 Metal Related 18 3.72
29 Death 'n' Roll 18 3.31
30 Symphonic Black Metal 17 3.29
31 Proto-Metal 17 3.74
32 Melodic Black Metal 12 3.33
33 Speed Metal 8 3.44
34 Glam Metal 7 3.21
35 Deathcore 6 3.58
36 Depressive Black Metal 6 3.50
37 Mathcore 4 3.25
38 NWoBHM 4 3.63
39 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
40 Folk Metal 3 3.33
41 Symphonic Metal 3 3.17
42 Drone Metal 2 3.50
43 Nu Metal 2 3.00
44 Funeral Doom Metal 1 3.50
45 Funk Metal 1 3.50

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Album · 2001 · Thrash Metal
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"Hatesphere" is the self-titled debut full-length studio album by Danish death/thrash metal act Hatesphere. The album was released through Scarlet Records in April 2001. Hatesphere was formed under the Cauterized monicker in 1993, but changed their name to Necrosis the same year. They released three demos under that monicker before changing their name to Hatesphere in 2001.

So it´s safe to say that these five guys aren´t new to the scene or to playing their instruments even though this release is their debut album, and that´s obvious when listening to the album. The musicianship are on a high level on all posts. Lead vocalist Jacob Bredahl delivers aggressive and raw shouting vocals with passion and conviction, while the rhythm section play powerful solid beats and the two guitarists deliver both tremolo picked riffing, more thrashy rhythmic ditto (even a couple of excursions into more groove oriented territory), and a blistering solo here and there too.

Stylistically Hatesphere play a combination of melodic Gothenburg influenced death metal and brutal thrash metal. Think of a mix of early Soilwork and early The Haunted and you´re halfway there. It´s first and foremost about aggression and power though, so the melodic element of the band´s sound is secondary to that, which also means that this is not a melodeath album, even though it bears traits of that genre. The material are generally well written, but also a bit one-dimensional and as a consequnce the tracks can be hard to tell apart even after several listens. So while the music is catchy and powerful while it plays, it´s not anthemic enough in nature to stick beyond that.

The sound production is raw and powerful (credited to Jacob Hansen and Hatesphere). It´s a suiting professional sounding production for the music featured on the album. "Hatesphere" is upon conclusion a both powerful and promising debut album and while there are some issues with the material being slightly one-dimensional, it´s not a major issue in this type of music, and overall it´s still a great album deserving a 3.5 star (70%) rating.

ILLDISPOSED Sense The Darkness

Album · 2012 · Death Metal
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"Sense The Darkness" is the 11th full-length studio album by Danish death metal act Illdisposed. The album was released through Massacre Records in September 2012. The regular version features 11 tracks, while the digipack version features 2 bonus tracks ("War" and "Desire").

The music on the album is in the trademark groove oriented death metal style that Illdisposed have more or less played since day one. They´ve added more contemporary sounding keyboards and melodeath traits along the way, but they´ve always sounded like themselves. On this album the keyboards aren´t present and in that respect it´s a more "regular" sounding death metal album, but still more contemporary sounding than old school. Bo Sommer´s distorted and effect laden deep growling, the groovy riffs and the predominantly mid-paced heavy rhythms are in place, and "Sense The Darkness" in many ways feels like another day at the office.

The songwriting is solid (yet not outstanding), the musicianship are strong, and the album features a powerful sound production that suits the music well (although to my ears the clicky bass drum sound doesn´t do the music any favours). Yet the album doesn´t stand out much in the band´s discography and the tracks have a tendency to sound a bit too much the same. It´s solid enough, but not more than that. It´s obvious that Illdisposed have the skills, and backed up by Massacre Records, the money for a strong sound production, so it´s in the songwriting department they could improve.

They sound too comfortable, too at ease with what they do, and I think "Sense The Darkness" suffers because of it. To my ears it lacks bite and passion. It´s still a reasonably strong death metal album though and while my words are probably a bit harsh, a 3 star (60%) rating is still deserved.


Album · 2013 · Non-Metal
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"Wisdom of Crowds" is the debut full-length studio album by Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse. The album was released through Kscope Music in June 2013. It´s a project created by Bruce Soord (Pineapple Tree), who wrote and programmed the entire instrumental part of the album with Jonas Renkse´s (Katatonia, October Tide, Bloodbath) voice in mind. So "Wisdom of Crowds" is a collaborative effort by the two musicians.

Stylistically it sounds more or less like you´d expect it to sound considering the two artists involved. The instrumental part of the music is electronic/ambient melancholic rock, while Jonas Renkse delivers emotive and melancholic clean vocals on top. He brances out a bit more than what he usually does while singing for Katatonia, but at the end of the day it´s unmistakably the sound of him singing. The arrangements are for the most part tasteful and relatively accesible, but it´s not necessarily instantly catchy music. Some tracks like "Frozen North" and the title track feature strong hooks, but with others you´ll have to work a little more to discover the catchy moments. Most tracks are relatively mellow and ambient in nature, but there are a couple of more hard rocking moments featured on the album too. Examples of that are the Depeche Mode influenced "Radio Star" and "Flows Through You". While "Frozen North" is predominantly a mellow melancholic track there´s also a quite dark and metal oriented section on that track.

The musicianship is on a high level throughout. Renkse is skilled and possesses a distinct sounding voice and Bruce Soord is obviously a clever composer and arranger. The only issue I have with "Wisdom of Crowds" is that the band have opted to use drum programming instead of hiring a real human drummer, because the artificial drum sound does not necessarily suit the otherwise warm and organic sounding music that well. It´s not a major issue, but to my ears more organic sounding drums could have elevated the music to even greater heights. When that is said, there are parts of the album where the programmed drums fit pretty well.

"Wisdom of Crowds" features a detailed and clear sounding production, which suits the music well, so all in all it´s a high quality release and a successful collaborative effort by the two artists. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

SHED THE SKIN Harrowing Faith

Album · 2016 · Death Metal
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"Harrowing Faith" is the debut full-length studio album by US, Ohio based death metal act Shed the Skin. The album was released through Hells Headbangers Records in May 2016. Shed the Skin was formed in Cleveland in 2011 and their first release was the "Rebirth Through Brimstone" EP in 2014. "Harrowing Faith" was mixed and mastered at Unisound Studios, Sweden by Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Witherscape...etc.).

The material on the 12 track, 38:53 minutes long album is relatively standard early 90s influenced death metal. It´s well performed, very well produced (the sound production is powerful, clear, and detailed), and the songwriting is decent too. It´s in the latter department where Shed the Skin could improve though. As written the material is decent enough in terms of being powerful and brutal death metal (mostly mid-paced with both brutal growling vocals and higher pitched screams), but when "Harrowing Faith" has finished playing, I don´t really remember any tracks off it. That´s not unusual for a death metal album, and it´s not always a major issue, as long as the album is enjoyable while it plays, and "Harrowing Faith" certainly is that, but I can´t help thinking of the album as a release with some brilliant moments but also a lot of generic ones. It just doesn´t stand out much.

When that is said, "Harrowing Faith" is still a quality release on most other parameters, and as mentioned above entertaining while it plays. So while my description above may sound a bit negative, "Harrowing Faith" is overall a pretty strong debut release by Shed the Skin. The lack of hooks mentioned above is meant as a constructive criticism in terms of Shed the Skin hopefully adding more catchy moments to future material. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

EXTINKT Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere

Album · 2016 · Thrash Metal
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"Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere" is the debut full-length studio album by Polish thrash metal act Extinkt. The album was independently released in April 2016. Extinkt were formed in 2011, so they´ve had a couple of years to hone their playing skills and songwriting craft...

...and that is audible when listening to "Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere". Extinkt are a very well playing band who obviously know exactly which buttons to push for their music to have most impact. Stylistically the material on the 10 track, 25:08 minutes long album is aggressive thrash metal with a raw snarling vocalist in front. Sometimes the music touches death metal brutality, and sometimes a hardcore influence shines through. A band like Ringworm comes to mind and occasionally there´s an audible Slayer influence in the riff department. The inclusion of a cover of "Sex and Violence" by Canivore, also point in the direction of that act as an influence. So Extinkt aren´t the most original sounding act out there, but they do what they do with great conviction and passion.

Extinkt feature a trio lineup of Dziad (Drums), Uappa Terror (Vocals, Guitars), Tom the Srom (Bass, Vocals). While the instrumental part of the music is certainly well played and performed with great aggression, it´s the vocals which stand out on this album. They are varied and quite intense thrash/hardcore vocals with a rare nod towards death metal growling.

"Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere" features a powerful, raw, yet detailed and well sounding production, which does the material great justice. It´s not often you hear an independent relase with a high quality production job like this. So upon conclusion "Postnuclear Trip to Nowhere" is a high quality release in almost every department. If I have to mention a slight issue it would be the stylistic inconsistency on such a short album. It´s a bit of an odd choice to open the album with no less than two instrumentals, including a cover, and also to experiment with goth type vocals on the closing title track. All within a 25 minutes playing time, which could leave some listeners a bit confused as to the overall direction of Extinkt´s musical vision. Personally though I enjoyed every single minute of the album and its diversity and a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is fully deserved.

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