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SLAYER - Seasons in the Abyss Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
NEVERMORE - The Politics of Ecstasy Thrash Metal
NEVERMORE - Dead Heart in a Dead World Thrash Metal
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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 546 3.47
2 Thrash Metal 335 3.55
3 Progressive Metal 205 3.70
4 Technical Death Metal 131 3.70
5 Heavy Metal 117 3.51
6 Black Metal 105 3.38
7 Hard Rock 80 3.46
8 Melodic Death Metal 65 3.74
9 Brutal Death Metal 51 3.57
10 Stoner Metal 49 3.58
11 Doom Metal 47 3.62
12 Grindcore 46 3.12
13 Technical Thrash Metal 41 3.77
14 Non-Metal 41 3.57
15 Sludge Metal 40 3.61
16 Death-Doom Metal 39 3.40
17 Alternative Metal 36 3.43
18 Groove Metal 35 3.60
19 Power Metal 34 3.69
20 Avant-garde Metal 32 3.61
21 Crossover Thrash 32 3.41
22 Atmospheric Black Metal 28 3.36
23 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 28 3.70
24 Metal Related 27 3.59
25 Industrial Metal 24 3.63
26 US Power Metal 24 3.63
27 Metalcore 23 3.59
28 Gothic Metal 20 3.42
29 Hardcore Punk 18 3.61
30 Death 'n' Roll 17 3.29
31 Symphonic Black Metal 17 3.29
32 Melodic Black Metal 14 3.36
33 Traditional Doom Metal 13 3.88
34 Proto-Metal 10 3.70
35 Goregrind 10 2.65
36 Deathgrind 9 3.56
37 Speed Metal 9 3.44
38 Stoner Rock 8 4.00
39 Deathcore 7 3.50
40 Glam Metal 7 3.21
41 Heavy Alternative Rock 6 3.58
42 Depressive Black Metal 6 3.50
43 NWoBHM 5 3.60
44 Drone Metal 4 3.50
45 Mathcore 4 3.25
46 Melodic Metalcore 4 2.63
47 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
48 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
49 Folk Metal 3 3.33
50 Crust Punk 3 3.17
51 Cybergrind 3 4.00
52 Rap Metal 3 3.50
53 Symphonic Metal 3 3.17
54 Nu Metal 2 3.00
55 Funeral Doom Metal 2 3.50
56 Funk Metal 1 3.50

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CANCER Spirit in Flames

Album · 2005 · Thrash Metal
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"Spirit in Flames" is the 5th full-length studio album by UK death/thrash metal act Cancer. The album was released through Copro Records in June 2005. Cancer formed in 1987 and were part of the early UK death metal scene along with artists like Carcass, Benediction, and Bolt Thrower. They released four studio albums before disbanding in 1996. They reunited in 2003 and released the "Corporation$" EP in 2004, and "Spirit in Flames" is the follow-up to that release. Cancer disbanded again in 2006, but reunited once more in 2013. Since "Black Faith (1995)" there have been some lineup changes as bassist and founding member Ian Buchanan has been replaced by Adam Richardson, and guitarist Barry Savage has been replaced by Dave Leitch. The usual suspects are drummer Carl Stokes, and vocalist/guitarist John Walker.

While Cancer started out playing pretty straight old school death metal on their first couple of releases, they soon started incorporating thrash metal elements, and by "Black Faith (1995)" the death metal elements were almost gone. "Spirit in Flames" more or less continues down the thrash metal oriented path of it´s predecessor, so it´s not a "return to the roots" type of comeback album. The music still features a couple of vague death metal moments, but they are few and far between. Instead the band incorporate both industrial and stoner elements in their core thrash metal sound, and the outcome is relatively eclectic. I hear a lot of Prong influences in the music (I also hear a few nods toward "Grin (1993)" by Coroner), but Cancer are generally less groove oriented. The hoarse shouting vocals style is pretty similar to the delivery of Tommy Victor though.

The material on the 9 track, 39:03 is generally decent in quality, but there´s little here that stands out as remarkable beyond what´s standard for the style. The only time during the album´s playing time, where I´m really captured by the band´s sound is during the latter part of "Solar Prophecy", where Cancer suddenly go into stoner mode, plays some pretty great hard rocking riffs, and add a psychadelic touch to the music. Other than that the music tends to sound a bit stale and uninspired. It´s not particularly bad, but when the catchy and memorable moments are as few as they are here, it would be wrong to call this a high quality release.

The sound production is also of a pretty standard quality. Again it´s not bad, but it doesn´t exactly enhance the listening experience either. The musicianship is on a pretty high level though, and it does slightly save the day. So all in all "Spirit in Flames" isn´t the most interesting release out there and Cancer have certainly released better, but a 3 star (60%) rating is still warranted.

PILGRIMZ Boar Riders

Album · 2008 · Hardcore Punk
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"Boar Riders" is the debut full-length studio album by Danish groove metal/hardcore act Pilgrimz. The album was released through I Scream Records in 2008. Pilgrimz were formed in 1998 and they released the two EPs "Goodday mister president (2006)" and "Small minds Great knowledge (2007)", before recording and releasing "Boar Riders".

The music on "Boar Riders" is a combination of hardcore, groove metal, thrash metal, and sweaty rock´n´roll. The material is extremely energetic and hard hittin´ but certainly not without melodic sensibility or cathy hooks. In fact some of the choruses are obviously written to make you shout along to them. The vocals by Max Vegas (Real name: Max Christensen) are aggressive shouting hardcore styled vocals, often delivered on the verge of hysteria. They can be a bit hard on the ears, but they suit the music perfectly.

The music is hardly original, as all elements are recognisable and have been used before by other artists (Fast thrashy riffing, punk´n´rolled hard rocking riffing, mid-paced groovy riffs, and heavy breakdowns), but the combination of elements makes "Boar Riders" stand out. It´s mostly the very convincing and aggressive delivery of the music which carries the album though. Even the few moments where it all becomes a bit generic sounding, are saved by the raw energy and fierce delivery. The fact that the band are all skilled performers isn´t exactly a minus either.

"Boar Riders" features a powerful and raw sounding production, which suits the music perfectly. Not surprisingly the album is produced by Jacob Hansen and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen. Two very prolific Danish producers. Upon conclusion "Boar Riders" is quite the convincing debut album by Pilgrimz. Fans of high octane energetic groove metal/hardcore with a rock´n´roll twist should be able to enjoy this greatly. A 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

ABORTED Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture

Album · 2007 · Brutal Death Metal
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"Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" is the 5th full-length studio album by Belgian death metal act Aborted. The album was released through Century Media Records in February 2007. It´s the successor to "The Archaic Abattoir" from 2005. Since the predecessor the lineup has been completely revamped and the only remaining member from the lineup who recorded "The Archaic Abattoir (2005)" is frontman and founding member Sven de Caluwé. de Caluwé has among others recruited the quite prolific Australian drummer David Haley (Psycroptic, Pestilence, Ruins, The Amenta) to play on the album.

Lineup changes or not, "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture" pretty much contineus down the same gore drenced death metal path as its predecessor. The melodic elements (mostly in the form of guitar solos and themes) which were introduced on "The Archaic Abattoir (2005)" are also present here. The core style is still relatively brutal and technically well played death metal with de Caluwé´s aggressive and intelligible snarling vocals and deep and unintelligible growling vocals in front. Aborted have more or less played this style since day one, but the melodic elements are new, and bring a more sophisticated end result with them.

The musicianship is on a high level on all posts. The guitar solos are especially well played, but the many tempo changes are also handled with great skill by David Haley. The material on the 11 track, 42:43 minutes long album is generally well written although a bit more variation between tracks and more memorable moments could have lifted the music to an even higher level.

The sound production is a slight issue to my ears, as it´s not sharp enough and sounds a bit woolen. Sometimes rhythm guitar sections don´t reach the listener´s ear with all details, and often the music lacks punch. It´s too bad really as the other elements of the album are of a pretty high class. Still a 3.5 star (70%) rating isn´t all wrong.


Album · 1990 · Thrash Metal
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"Abomination" is the self-titled debut full-length studio album by US, Chicago based thrash metal act Abomination. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in 1990. Paul Speckmann (vocals, bass), and Aaron Nickeas (drums) were also active in Master, who released their debut album around the same time as this album. In fact Abomination undertook at 26 date tour as support to Master, with Pungent Stench sandwiched in between.

Where Master played a raw death metal influenced thrash metal, Abomination is more "straight" thrash metal, although there are many similarities between the two acts, which is of course only natural when 2/3 of the lineup play in both bands. It´s still a pretty raw and unpolished version of US thrash metal though, so don´t expect technical wizardry or anything particularly well played. These guys play loud, raw, and with a savage attitude. The lyrical themes are typical for the time and the genre, which songtitles like "Murder, Rape, Pillage and Burn" and "Possession" bear witness to. So nothing out of the ordinary there.

The sound production is raw, unpolished, and lacking a bit in the power department. It´s not the most well sounding thrash metal production out there, and the music suffers slightly because of it. It´s not a problem that it´s raw, but the lack of power is what kills it. The sloppy musicianship, which some listeners might find charming and authentic, is also a bit of an issue to my ears.

So while the material is as such decent enough even though it´s not exactly original sounding, the sloppy musicianship and unpolished powerless production do drag my rating down a bit. A 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.

D.A.M. Inside Out

Album · 1991 · Thrash Metal
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"Inside Out" is the 2nd full-length studio album by UK thrash metal act D.A.M.. The album was released through Noise Records in 1991. D.A.M. were formed in 1986 and were initially active until 1992 when they disbanded. In addition to "Inside Out", they also released "Human Wreckage (1990)". There´s been one lineup change since the debut album as guitarist Elly has been replaced by Dave Pugh (later of Skyclad fame).

Stylistically the music on "Inside Out" pretty much continues down the same US thrash metal influenced path as the music on "Human Wreckage (1990)" did. Lead vocalist Jason McLoughlin has a rather distinct sounding voice and delivery which is pretty surely an aquired taste, while the rest of the band deliver their parts with conviction and good technical skill. While most tracks are pretty energetic and mid- to fast paced thrashers, the band do take the pace down sometimes. The best example is probably "Winter's Tear", which is a power ballad type track, or at least a track with acoustic parts and singing type vocals.

The material on the 9 track, 44:12 minutes long album is generally of a decent quality, but there are few standout moments that you´ll remember after it´s done playing, and a track like "Winter's Tear", which does stand out, doesn´t exactly stand out in a positive way. The material is overall very standard for the genre, and while it´s not bad quality thrash metal it´s just pretty unremarkable.

The sound production has been improved upon since the debut album and "Inside Out" is overall a very well produced album. So upon conclusion it´s an album that´s a bit up and down (I have to mention the many well played guitar solos as one of the positive things about the album), so a 3 star (60%) rating isn´t all wrong.

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