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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 584 3.45
2 Thrash Metal 360 3.55
3 Progressive Metal 232 3.71
4 Technical Death Metal 141 3.72
5 Heavy Metal 126 3.50
6 Black Metal 108 3.38
7 Hard Rock 85 3.45
8 Melodic Death Metal 70 3.72
9 Brutal Death Metal 56 3.55
10 Technical Thrash Metal 52 3.76
11 Stoner Metal 50 3.59
12 Non-Metal 46 3.57
13 Doom Metal 44 3.63
14 Grindcore 43 3.20
15 Death-Doom Metal 39 3.40
16 Sludge Metal 39 3.59
17 Alternative Metal 37 3.42
18 Groove Metal 35 3.60
19 Metal Related 35 3.63
20 Power Metal 34 3.69
21 Crossover Thrash 33 3.41
22 US Power Metal 30 3.62
23 Atmospheric Black Metal 29 3.38
24 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 27 3.74
25 Industrial Metal 24 3.63
26 Metalcore 24 3.60
27 Gothic Metal 23 3.46
28 Avant-garde Metal 23 3.54
29 Hardcore Punk 20 3.60
30 Death 'n' Roll 18 3.31
31 Symphonic Black Metal 17 3.29
32 Traditional Doom Metal 16 3.81
33 Melodic Black Metal 14 3.36
34 Deathgrind 12 3.50
35 Goregrind 10 2.65
36 Speed Metal 10 3.40
37 Proto-Metal 10 3.70
38 Stoner Rock 8 4.00
39 Glam Metal 7 3.21
40 Deathcore 7 3.50
41 Depressive Black Metal 6 3.50
42 Heavy Alternative Rock 6 3.58
43 Cybergrind 5 3.80
44 NWoBHM 5 3.60
45 Drone Metal 4 3.50
46 Crust Punk 4 3.25
47 Melodic Metalcore 4 2.63
48 Mathcore 4 3.25
49 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
50 Folk Metal 3 3.33
51 Rap Metal 3 3.50
52 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
53 Symphonic Metal 3 3.17
54 Nu Metal 2 3.00
55 Funeral Doom Metal 2 3.50
56 Funk Metal 1 3.50

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SAVATAGE Dead Winter Dead

Album · 1995 · Heavy Metal
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"Dead Winter Dead" is the 9th full-length studio album by US power/heavy/progressive metal act Savatage. The album was released through Atlantic Records in October 1995. It´s the successor to "Handful Of Rain" from 1994 and features a couple of lineup changes since the predecessor as guitarist Alex Skolnick has jumped ship, and has been replaced by a returning Chris Caffery (who performed with Savatage in the late 80s and also collaborated with Jon Oliva on the Doctor Butcher project) and former Alice Cooper guitarist Al Pitrelli. Drummer Steve Wacholz had in reality already left Savatage before the recording of "Handful Of Rain (1994)" although he is credited for playing on the album. On the tour supporting "Handful Of Rain (1994)", Jeff Plate was hired as the band´s drummer, and he makes his first studio album appearance on "Dead Winter Dead".

"Dead Winter Dead" is a concept release (their second concept release after "Streets" from 1991), taking place in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war in the period 1990 to 1994. The main characters of the story are a young Serbian man and a young muslim Bosnian girl, who during the story realise the terrors of war and that fighting each other won´t help them have the future they both dream of. The story also features other twists like the old man playing Mozart and Beethoven compositions on his cello in the town square while mortar shells rain down from the sky around him (ultimately killing him). A symbol of beauty destroyed by the ugliness of war.

Stylistically "Dead Winter Dead" is a dynamic and varied release. Everything from mellow ballad type passages, to power ballads, orchestral arrangements and musical style melodies and build-ups, choirs and counterpoint vocal parts, to the occasional harder edged US power/heavy metal track, are featured on the album. All arranged on the tracklist to accompany the storyline. The band are as always professional and well playing, and the two new guitarists do a great job throughout the album. Zachary Stevens sings most lead vocal parts, but Jon Oliva makes a return singing lead vocals on "I Am" and "Doesn´t Matter Anyway" as well as singing backing vocals on "Starlight". While Stevens is a powerful and skilled vocalist, it´s hard not to notice how much stronger the vocal part of the music becomes when Oliva sings. Stevens is a class act, but Oliva is in the world elite of metal singers, and that´s just hard to compete with.

"Dead Winter Dead" is a well produced album and features a mix where all details are clearly audible. So upon conclusion "Dead Winter Dead" is another high quality release by Savatage. It´s one of their most progressive releases in terms of diversity and compositional sophistication, but it´s also one of their least "metal" releases in terms of sheer heavy metal power, and the listener should brace themselves for a more musical style listening experience. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

SULPHUR Thorns in Existence

Album · 2009 · Black Metal
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"Thorns in Existence" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Norwegian black/death metal act Sulphur. The album was released through Dark Essence Records in November 2009. Sulphur was formed in 1999 out of the ashes of the Bergen based black metal act Taakeriket. An act which existed from 1996 to 1999. Sulphur released the "A Relic for the Damned" demo in 2000, but then disappeared for a while before returning in 2005 with the "Outburst of Desecration" demo, which earned them a label deal with Osmose Productions for the release of the debut full-legth studio album "Cursed Madness (2007)".

Stylistically the material on "Thorns in Existence" continues in a similar technically well played progressive black/death metal style as the one Sulphur introduced on "Cursed Madness (2007)". The difference lies mostly in the quality of the material and especially in the consistency of the material and how well the album flows. I´m still reminded of an act like Enslaved, although Sulphur aren´t clones by any means. The vocals are predominantly in the high pitched raspy black metal camp, but there are also more death metal oriented growling vocals featured on the album, as well as the rare use of clean vocals.

The material on the 10 track, minutes long album are well written and relatively varied (the band successfully combine epic atmospheres, brutality, and chaotic darkness within intriguing song structures), and as a result "Thorns in Existence" is an entertaining release throughout the playing time. The album features a powerful and detailed sound production too, and upon conclusion it´s a high quality sophomore release by Sulphur. They may not have the most original style nor the most distinct sounding playing/singing style (which is about the only thing keeping me from rating "Thorns in Existence" higher than I do), but there is still something about the album which reeks high class in all departments and a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

TEXTURES Silhouettes

Album · 2008 · Progressive Metal
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"Silhouettes" is the 3rd full-length studio album by Dutch metal act Textures. The album was released through Listenable Records in April 2008. It´s the successor to "Drawing Circles" from 2006 and features one lineup change since the predecessor as bassist Dennis Aarts has been replaced by Remko Tielemans.

Stylistically the material on "Silhouettes" continues the technical/progressive metal style of "Drawing Circles (2006)". Hard edged angular riffs and rhythms, often delivered in unconventional time signatures, shouting aggresive "core" tinged vocals, and the occasional clean vocal part, and some melodic and atmospheric moments, which are often enhanced by the use of keyboards. Artists like Meshuggah and Gojira come to mind at various points of the playing time, but Textures ultimately don´t sound like those acts, although there definitely are some similarities.

"Silhouettes" features high level musicianship and a powerful, clear, and detailed sound production, which suits the material perfectly. The material is well written, effective, and catchy (even quite melodic at times). It´s also reasonably varied and "Silhouettes" is overall an album with a good tracklist flow. So upon conclusion "Silhouettes" is a high quality release by Textures. There are a few issues which prevent it from reaching higher levels of excellence, and that is predominantly issues with the vocals. Both the raw shouting vocals and the clean vocals are as such well performed, but none of the vocal styles are particularly unique sounding. The raw vocals sound like a thousand other "core" tinged vocals, and the clean vocals are pretty unremarkable too.

So while the material are both well written and powerful, Textures still haven´t found a sound which make them stand out from the crowd of similar sounding artists (like for example the two above mentioned artists have), and that does have an impact on my overall impression of "Silhouettes". Had the vocals stood out more and enhanced the uniqueness of the music and had the music overall had a more original sound, the sheer quality of the product would have warranted a sure 4 star (80%) rating, but as that unique sound is lacking I feel like I´m stretching, when I a rate the album with a 3.5 star (70%) star rating.


EP · 2019 · Technical Death Metal
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"Accursed" is an EP release by US, Colorado based death metal act Vale of Pnath. The EP was released through Willowtip Records in May 2019. Vale of Pnath formed in 2006, released an EP in 2008, their debut full-length studio album "The Prodigal Empire" in 2011, and their sophomore studio album "II" in 2016. Since then there haven´t been any new releases, but there have also been quite a few lineup changes since "II (2016)", which is a possible explaination for the three years between "II (2016)" and "Accursed". Drummer Eric W. Brown is only credited here as a session player, guitarist Eloy Montes has been replaced by Harrison Patuto and bassist Alan Parades has been replaced by Andy Torres. The only permanent members remaining from the lineup who recorded "II (2016)" are guitarist Vance Valenzuela and lead vocalist Reece Deeter.

"Accursed" marks a bit of a musical shift for Vale of Pnath, who on their previous releases were a technical/progressive death metal act in the vein (and quality) of artists like Obscura, Beyond Creation, and Augury. Stylistically "Accursed" is still technical/progressive death metal, but it´s often an artist like The Black Dahlia Murder I´m reminded of instead of the above mentioned artists. The vocal style is now predominantly higher pitched screaming and only occasionally growling, and the music is very melodic and often features neo-classical touches (which isn´t something new in the musical universe of Vale of Pnath though).

Vale of Pnath are very skilled musicians and the speed and dexterity of the playing is impressive. Lighting fast riffs/leads and high level technical drumming. Vale of Pnath were always successful creating dark sci-fi atmospheres and that continues on "Accursed", which features a dark and raw sound, which suits the material well. The songwriting is generally very intriguing. Just the first couple of minutes of "The Darkest Gate" (which is the first regular track on the EP after the short atmospheric opener "Shadow and Agony") features multible musical changes and changes in pace, and Vale of Pnath are obviously skilled composers, who understand how to structure musical elements and ideas to the greatest effect.

When all the positives are said (and there are many positives to mention), "Accursed" isn´t the most original sounding release. Vale of Pnath may be skilled composers and a technically very well playing act, but they lack that last songwriting uniqueness to set them fully apart from other artists in a similar vein. "Accursed" is still a high quality release though and a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.


Album · 2003 · Death Metal
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"The Link" is the 2nd full-length studio album by French progressive/groove metal act Gojira. The album was released through Boycott/Next Music in April 2003. It´s the successor to "Terra Incognita" from 2001. The 2005 remastered Listenable Records re-release of the album is slightly different from the original version, as some intros/outros have been changed.

"Terra Incognita" was a rather typical debut release, as it featured material which were quite diverse and inconsistent in style and quality. It made for a raw and unpolished first impression of Gojira, and while "The Link" is not 100% consistent in style and quality either, it´s audible that Gojira have settled a bit more on a personal sound. The raw yet at times semi-melodic singing style is in place, the heavy angular riffs and rhythms in unconventional time signatures, the atmospheric sections, and the environmental/social issue lyrics are there too. Tracks like "The Link" and "Death of Me" could just as well have been featured on the next couple of albums, but as mentioned above the band hadn´t yet settled 100% into their own personal style, and tracks like "Over the Flows" and "Wisdom Comes" (which is the re-recorded title track from their 2000 demo) are relatively far removed from what Gojira would produce on their succeeding releases. That makes for a diverse but also a bit of an unfocused listen, and it´s probably an aquired taste if stylistic inconsistency is considered a strength or a flaw. In this case I tend to go with the latter opinion, because to my ears some of the tracks disrupt the overall flow of the album.

When that is said "The Link" is still a very impressive sophomore album by Gojira. The album features a professional, powerful, and well sounding production, the musicianship is on a high level on all posts, and the songwriting has improved greatly since the debut, so upon conclusion "The Link" is a high quality release although the adventurous ideas sometimes affect the flow of the album (which is especially the case with the last couple of tracks on the album). A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

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