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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Traditional heavy metal 144 3.63
2 Progressive Metal 119 3.34
3 Black Metal 116 3.91
4 Hard Rock 110 3.18
5 Doom Metal 104 3.85
6 Non-Metal 93 3.68
7 Thrash Metal 88 3.82
8 Power Metal 74 3.45
9 Proto-Metal 61 3.60
10 Atmospheric Black Metal 58 4.04
11 Death Metal 56 3.92
12 Gothic Metal 52 3.34
13 Metal Related 43 3.50
14 Avant-garde Metal 40 3.67
15 Industrial Metal 36 3.63
16 Symphonic Black Metal 30 3.27
17 US Power Metal 29 3.60
18 Technical Death Metal 24 3.88
19 Melodic Death Metal 24 3.96
20 Melodic Black Metal 21 3.98
21 Stoner Metal 20 3.48
22 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 18 4.03
23 Death-Doom Metal 17 4.12
24 Folk Metal 17 3.53
25 Symphonic Metal 14 3.04
26 Funeral Doom Metal 13 3.58
27 NWoBHM 13 4.23
28 Sludge Metal 13 3.92
29 Hardcore and crust 11 4.00
30 Speed Metal 10 3.60
31 Alternative Metal 10 3.45
32 Depressive Black Metal 9 4.28
33 Drone Metal 8 3.81
34 Grindcore 5 4.10
35 Groove Metal 5 3.50
36 Funk Metal 5 3.80
37 Brutal Death Metal 5 3.70
38 Death 'n' Roll 5 4.20
39 Metalcore 3 3.00
40 Nu Metal 2 4.00
41 Glam Metal 2 2.50
42 Crossover Thrash 1 5.00
43 Mathcore 1 3.00

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Album · 2017 · Atmospheric Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Wolves In the Throne Room took a good while to come up with a true black metal successor to Celestial Lineage; Celestite, the album that came between that and this, was fairly evidently a momentary diversion into electronic ambient music for the sake of stretching their musical muscles rather than a long-term future direction for the group.

With Thrice Woven, they return to the atmospheric black metal field with the lessons learned from Celestite integrated into their sound, with various ambient interludes woven into the album. These are always delicately and carefully constructed - we're not going full dungeon synth Casio keyboard early Mortiis here - and both the ambient sections and black metal sections are great, but at the same time they feel like just that - distinct sections which don't really feel like part of a cohesive whole. They do sit next to each other real purty though.

Whilst this isn't as essential as some Wolves In the Throne Room work, at the end of the day even second-tier Wolves represents a great ride as far as atmospheric black metal goes, and the wolves would seem to be secure on their thrones for the time being.


Album · 2017 · Death-Doom Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Harsh vocals and a deliciously poisonous death-doom murkiness make a big return to Paradise Lost's sound on Medusa - as does an unexpected dose of traditional doom metal at points. As the album cover suggests, the band here take a bit of inspiration from traditional doom metal throwbacks like Uncle Acid here - not to the extent of fully adopting some kind of Sabbath or Candlemass-worshipping sound, but at least to the extent that their death-doom material here isn't wholly devoted to slow, churning dirges like on Gothic but include livelier songs - Blood and Chains could be described as "death 'n' roll-doom" in its embrace of a catchy hook, whilst album closer Until the Grave is a pocket epic that perfectly fuses the slowest moments of death metal with the fastest of doom.

Highly impressive, this is a great little album which blows away all the memories of Sisters of Mercy-inspired synthpop from the middle of their career; listening to this makes me feel like Paradise Lost never left metal behind in the first place, and has convinced me that I really should give some more of their earlier album a second chance to win me over.

AHAB The Call of the Wretched Sea

Album · 2006 · Funeral Doom Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This is the debut album by the German funeral doom outfit Ahab, and as you might guess from their name and the title it's a Moby Dick-inspired piece. Drawing heavily on the similarly-themed demo The Oath - The Hunt and Ahab's Oath are rerecorded tracks from there - it showcases a group with a delicate and nuanced understanding of their chosen subgenre, who are able to add their own twists and turns to the funeral doom metal formula and refresh it. Daniel Droste, in particular, is a star player on the album for his light but significant use of keyboards - check out that mournful droning organ tone that the album kicks off with and which excellently sets the atmosphere.

SWANS Omniscience

Live album · 1992 · Non-Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The most melodic and accessible phase of Swans' discography came to a close with Omniscience, and whilst White Light From the Mouth of Infinity and Love of Life have seen recent reissues it seems like Omniscience must stay out in the cold a little longer. That's a shame, because whilst I wouldn't call it essential Swans, it's an intriguing live journey into a musical realm that is suggested in part by those studio albums and the Burning World, and in part by the various Skin/World of Skin side project albums, ant yet not quite reached by any of them - a piece of the puzzle which stands by itself and has its own contribution to make.

XASTHUR Subliminal Genocide

Album · 2006 · Depressive Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Continuing and intensifying the approach of To Violate the Oblivious (even the cover art looks similar), Subliminal Genocide finds Xasthur main man Malefic continuing his project of applying atmospheric black metal techniques to depressive black metal mood and subject matter. Oppressively doomy and refreshingly experimental by turns, the album feels like a sort of weird opposite of psychedelia - whilst psychedelic music tries to open up your mind to wild vistas, Xasthur's music is more numbing, yielding an anaesthetic haze in which everything winds down until only the music is left. Maybe it's not a wild divergence the from the rest of his black metal material, but it's a decent entry in his discography.

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    Not exaggerating: the entire lineup of Decapitated has been arrested on a kidnapping charge.Not many details are out as yet, beyond the fact that the allegations arise from an incident after a show on their current US tour. Obviously, there's going to be a huge question mark over whether they'll be able to complete the tour now. (No word yet on whether any shows are cancelled.)EDIT: To be absolutely clear: this is the Decapitated that hails from Poland, not the one from the Philippines. Warthur2017-09-09 15:46:21
  • Posted 4 months ago in Adrenaline Mob in traffic collision, Dave Z dead
    Russell Allen's put out a statement on behalf of the band:[quote]Yesterday I was involved in an accident that took the life of my dear friend and band mate David Z Rock and left 3 of our crew in critical condition. I'm overwhelmed with sorrow. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love we have received from around the world. Please continue to pray for David's family during this difficult time. And those in critical condition.I want to personally thank Marine Lance Cpl. Patrick Dumon for his bravery in assisting me pull our Driver Jason from the wreckage and for attending to his wounds. And for helping me to secure and attend to Jane once I was able to get her free from the fire. Without his selfless act of courage I would not have been able to get them clear of the RV before it was engulfed in flames. On behalf of my band and crew I thank you.[/quote]Yeesh, "engulfed in flames", what a nightmare. Rest in peace Dave and let's all spare a thought for everyone who's still fighting for life or staring down a long healing process here.
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    Stained Class by the skin of its teeth.


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