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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Traditional heavy metal 144 3.63
2 Progressive Metal 120 3.34
3 Black Metal 116 3.91
4 Hard Rock 109 3.21
5 Doom Metal 103 3.85
6 Non-Metal 89 3.68
7 Thrash Metal 88 3.82
8 Power Metal 74 3.45
9 Proto-Metal 64 3.59
10 Death Metal 56 3.92
11 Atmospheric Black Metal 56 4.04
12 Gothic Metal 52 3.34
13 Metal Related 43 3.50
14 Avant-garde Metal 40 3.67
15 Industrial Metal 36 3.63
16 Symphonic Black Metal 30 3.27
17 US Power Metal 29 3.60
18 Technical Death Metal 24 3.88
19 Melodic Death Metal 24 3.96
20 Melodic Black Metal 20 3.98
21 Stoner Metal 20 3.48
22 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 18 4.03
23 Folk Metal 17 3.53
24 Death-Doom Metal 16 4.09
25 Symphonic Metal 14 3.04
26 NWoBHM 13 4.23
27 Sludge Metal 13 3.92
28 Funeral Doom Metal 12 3.54
29 Hardcore and crust 11 4.00
30 Speed Metal 10 3.75
31 Alternative Metal 10 3.45
32 Depressive Black Metal 8 4.31
33 Drone Metal 8 3.81
34 Grindcore 5 4.10
35 Groove Metal 5 3.50
36 Funk Metal 5 3.80
37 Brutal Death Metal 5 3.70
38 Death 'n' Roll 5 4.20
39 Metalcore 3 3.00
40 Nu Metal 2 4.00
41 Glam Metal 2 2.50
42 Crossover Thrash 1 5.00
43 Mathcore 1 3.00

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Album · 2011 · Avant-garde Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This is the first Thy Catafalque album crafted by Tamás Kátai as a solo performer (with guests on vocals and cello), rather than as a collaboration with Juhász János on guitar - and to be honest, if I hadn't looked that up I wouldn't have guessed, because this pristinely produced exercise in blackened avant-metal with ample folk, prog and electronic influences and experimentation feels like a whole-band effort. The entire scope of Thy Catafalque's sonic universe is brought together in album centrepiece Vashegyek, a 14 minute tour de force which should win you over to Thy Catafalque's approach even if no other composition on here does. Pick it up if you like the idea of atmospheric black metal by way of early Tangerine Dream as performed for an Eastern European folk festival.

SWANS The Glowing Man

Album · 2016 · Non-Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
A solid followup to To Be Kind, and a substantial improvement on it. Swans' post-rock sound here remains strongly influenced by other artists in this realm - substantial sections of The Cloud of Unknowing in particular make me think of this incarnation of the group as Godspeed You Black Swans! - but the musical twists and turns into other styles feel better judged and the material is less padded out. At points they go to places you never expected to visit with Swans; in particular, at one point The World Looks Red/The World Looks Back shifts gears and starts sounding booty-shakingly funky, but it somehow works within the wider context of the composition.


Album · 1983 · Metal Related
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
With Jonathan Kane and Roli Mosimann's duelling percussion creating the impression of an angry heroin-addicted trash can stomping down the street intent on mugging you, the Swans' debut album is as pure an expression of their early No Wave sound as you could expect to find. Though subsequent releases like Cop can become introverted and impenetrable, the sound of Filth hooks you instantly with its raw ugliness; far from being indirect or oblique, it comes at you straight and true and confronts you with a hideous musical vision.

Whilst heavier albums in terms of sheer downtuned riffage have emerged over the years, few releases have ever felt so misanthropic and violent. I am fairly sure nobody was bloodily beaten to death during the recording of this album, but if they were I'm not sure it would change the sound appreciably.

ULVER Childhood's End

Album · 2012 · Non-Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The "covers album" tends not to get a good rap, but anyone who knows anything about Ulver would know full well that they'd take an off-beat approach to the idea. Here, they take a leaf from David Bowie's Pin-Ups and give a highly individual spin to a brace of 1960s psych and garage rock deep cuts.

Just as Bowie gave his selection a glam rock spin in keeping with his musical approach at the time, here Ulver recast the songs they select into a distinct mode of their own - a mixture of psych-aligned proto-prog and gothic darkness, like what might happen if the Doors and the Cure got to jamming.

As the cover art implies with its incorporation of one of the most iconic and harrowing images of the Vietnam War, this reinterpretation with the aid of hindsight teases out the darker aspects of the flower power era - a time when the sunniest pop to ever grace the airwaves was churned out even as a war that traumatised a generation and made the whole world question the innocence and good intentions of US foreign policy raged.

The end result is a classic example of how a distinct and original artistic statement can be put together even if it doesn't wholly constitute original material - plus the individual interpretations of the songs are some great goth-psych stuff on top.

SABBAT Karisma

Album · 1999 · Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
With its six tracks tending towards respectable lengths, the Japanese Sabbat clearly hadn't lost their appetite for long-form songwriting since The Dwelling but didn't take it to such an extreme here, instead presenting a terser album of high-energy, thrashy, catchy as hell black metal. The production drags out the guitar front and centre, and Temis Osmond makes good use of the spotlight.

Where the line is drawn in Sabbat's discography between thrashy black metal and blackened thrash is a tricky one, but here I'd say that the uncompromisingly aggressive stance of the second wave black metal spearheaded by the Norwegian cabal (and, of course, Sabbat's fellow countrymen Sigh) it sits on the black metal side of the equation, particularly since Sabbat's well-honed love for Venom doesn't quite extend into the sort of carefree sloppiness of Venom's classic releases.

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  • Posted 15 days ago in Decapitated arrested on kidnapping charge
    Not exaggerating: the entire lineup of Decapitated has been arrested on a kidnapping charge.Not many details are out as yet, beyond the fact that the allegations arise from an incident after a show on their current US tour. Obviously, there's going to be a huge question mark over whether they'll be able to complete the tour now. (No word yet on whether any shows are cancelled.)EDIT: To be absolutely clear: this is the Decapitated that hails from Poland, not the one from the Philippines. Warthur2017-09-09 15:46:21
  • Posted 2 months ago in Adrenaline Mob in traffic collision, Dave Z dead
    Russell Allen's put out a statement on behalf of the band:[quote]Yesterday I was involved in an accident that took the life of my dear friend and band mate David Z Rock and left 3 of our crew in critical condition. I'm overwhelmed with sorrow. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love we have received from around the world. Please continue to pray for David's family during this difficult time. And those in critical condition.I want to personally thank Marine Lance Cpl. Patrick Dumon for his bravery in assisting me pull our Driver Jason from the wreckage and for attending to his wounds. And for helping me to secure and attend to Jane once I was able to get her free from the fire. Without his selfless act of courage I would not have been able to get them clear of the RV before it was engulfed in flames. On behalf of my band and crew I thank you.[/quote]Yeesh, "engulfed in flames", what a nightmare. Rest in peace Dave and let's all spare a thought for everyone who's still fighting for life or staring down a long healing process here.
  • Posted 2 months ago in Classic Heavy Metal Album Battle Round 3: Poll 1
    Stained Class by the skin of its teeth.


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