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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 148 3.62
2 Progressive Metal 126 3.38
3 Black Metal 124 3.97
4 Non-Metal 108 3.74
5 Hard Rock 106 3.29
6 Thrash Metal 81 3.79
7 Power Metal 77 3.45
8 Atmospheric Black Metal 62 4.01
9 Death Metal 56 3.93
10 Gothic Metal 54 3.44
11 Doom Metal 53 3.79
12 Proto-Metal 52 3.52
13 Metal Related 44 3.53
14 Traditional Doom Metal 43 3.87
15 Stoner Metal 38 3.80
16 Industrial Metal 38 3.58
17 Avant-garde Metal 38 3.78
18 Symphonic Black Metal 30 3.27
19 US Power Metal 29 3.60
20 Melodic Death Metal 25 3.96
21 Technical Death Metal 24 3.88
22 Melodic Black Metal 22 3.98
23 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 20 4.00
24 Death-Doom Metal 19 4.16
25 Heavy Psych 16 4.09
26 Hardcore Punk 15 4.07
27 Funeral Doom Metal 15 3.70
28 Folk Metal 14 3.39
29 Symphonic Metal 14 3.04
30 NWoBHM 13 4.23
31 Technical Thrash Metal 12 4.13
32 Sludge Metal 11 3.95
33 Speed Metal 11 3.73
34 Alternative Metal 11 3.50
35 Depressive Black Metal 10 4.25
36 Drone Metal 10 3.90
37 Funk Metal 9 3.78
38 Groove Metal 7 3.64
39 Viking Metal 7 4.14
40 Grindcore 5 4.10
41 Brutal Death Metal 5 3.70
42 Death 'n' Roll 5 4.20
43 Crust Punk 3 4.00
44 Metalcore 3 3.00
45 Pagan Black Metal 2 3.50
46 Nu Metal 2 4.00
47 Heavy Alternative Rock 2 3.00
48 Crossover Thrash 2 4.50
49 Glam Metal 2 2.50
50 War Metal 2 4.00
51 Stoner Rock 2 3.50
52 Mathcore 1 3.00
53 Neoclassical metal 1 4.00

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Album · 2019 · Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Daemon feels like something of a back to basics album for Mayhem - rather than trying the sort of production experiments or thematic weirdness which characterised albums like Grand Declaration of War, Ordo ad Chao, and Esoteric Warfare, they produce some straight-ahead no-nonsense black metal. You could sort of see this as the third of a triptych of Mayhem's "pure" black metal studio albums, along with De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and Chimera.

Of those three, I don't think it quite reaches the consistently high quality of Chimera, and it certainly isn't as groundbreaking as De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, but it's a fun outing which proves that Mayhem are still no slouches, even if they risk going through the motions at this point.

MAGNUM Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow

Album · 2007 · Hard Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This was the third Magnum album after their reunion, and it's another high-quality slab of material from the band - certainly suggesting they still had some fresh ideas to offer. It's not a revolutionary release - still largely in that strange middle ground between neo-prog, the poppier flavours of NWOBHM and melodic rock rock that their classic albums occupy, this time around with substantially less in the way of NWOBHM and more of those other two ingredients. It's a bit more introspective than, say On a Storyteller's Night, as the wistful album opener When We Were Younger strongly emphasises, but it's a delightful development of Magnum's music into a mature style.

LOVEBITES Clockwork Immortality

Album · 2018 · Power Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Awakening From Abyss, Lovebites' debut album, instantly established the power metal credibility of an act whose stage attire initially seemed more appropriate to a poppier context (though they've been evolving that more recently). This second album isn't quite the intense power metal hit which the debut was, and I get the impression the band are taking the opportunity to spread their wings stylistically.

In particular, there seem to be a few more symphonic-esque moments, a few more ballad-esque moments, and in particular a few more pop hooks. Make no mistake, though, they've not abandoned their power metal roots in the slightest and the compositions here are always at least nine-tenths that - they're just experimenting a bit with that last tenth. The end result is an album which is solidly performed and varied enough in its sound to stay interesting, but doesn't quite offer anything as eye-opening as the original. Still, with their music clearly evolving here, I hold out hopes that Lovebites will continue to evolve and refine their sound in future.

HELLWITCH Syzygial Miscreancy

Album · 1990 · Technical Thrash Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Hellwitch's extremely terse debut album (it's only 25 minutes long) has them issuing a torrent of extreme technical thrash, largely occupying the most extreme end of the thrash metal spectrum where it starts to bleed into death metal.

It may seem like splitting hairs to talk about them playing a blend of death metal and technical thrash as opposed to a mix of thrash metal and technical death, but it's arguably accurate: the technical aspects of Hellwitch's sound tend to be more in line with the sort of technical experiments arising from thrash metal (such as the work of Annihilator or Watchtower) than death metal (such as latter-day Death, Cynic, or Atheist). Overall, it's pretty decent, though it feels like a band who'd produced as many demos as Hellwitch had really ought to have more ideas to bring to the table for their debut album than are on display here.


Album · 2009 · Black Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Þ", or Thorn, is a letter mostly found in the alphabets of some archaic Germanic and Scandinavian languages that has largely fallen by the wayside as the languages in question developed into their modern forms - but it's been retained in Icelandic.

This makes it an apt letter for Arckanum's Shamaatae to fixate upon, delivering this set of songs all of which have titles beginning with Þ; after all, Arckanum's songs are all sung in Icelandic and hail back to the ancient eras of myths that provide a common cultural link between the various cultures who had Thorn in their tongues in ages past. Musically speaking, the album eschews the lo-fi approach of Arckanum's early albums for a more direct musical assault, making it in some ways a precursor to Darkthrone's recent blending of black metal aesthetics and traditional metal sounds.

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  • Posted 4 months ago in Favorite Mk. II-era Electric Wizard album?
    I'm pretty keen on Time To Die myself, but I could understand voting for any of those albums - they're so consistent.I agree with UMUR though - doing the poll this way is more interesting because if we took in their whole career, Dopethrone would beat out everything by a mile.
  • Posted 1 year ago in Glenn Tipton no longer touring with Priest.
    Can't keep Glenn away too long, it seems - some nice footage of him rejoining the band for an encore in New Jersey recently:http://www.metalsucks.net/2018/03/21/video-glenn-tipton-joins-judas-priest-on-stage-in-new-jersey/As the reporter notes, it's great to see him on stage, but he does carry himself a little gingerly, like it's a big effort for him just to be there. If it takes that much to do an encore I can see why he wouldn't feel able to do full concerts any more.
  • Posted 1 year ago in MMA Reviewer's Challenge April 2018
    I've just done some playing around with the top album list page (http://www.metalmusicarchives.com/topalbums.aspx?lstReleaseTypes=1&MinNRatings=30&MaxResults=25#list) to see if I can filter it to find promising candidates for this.If you set minimum number of ratings to 0, maximum number of to something like 5, leave minimum average rating value at 0 and set maximum results to 100 you'll get a big fat list of albums with only have at most 5 ratings. Since albums tend to have more ratings than reviews, most of the albums on the list will fit the "no more than 2 reviews" criteria for the challenge.If you want some real obscurities, if you set minimum number of ratings to 1, maximum number to 1 or 2, minimum average at 0 and maximum results to 100 you get a host of real obscurities, all of which should by definition count for the challenge.What I haven't worked out is whether there's a convenient way to list all the releases on the site which have 0 ratings.


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