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RAMMSTEIN - Mutter cover
4.24 | 53 ratings | 6 reviews
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Album · 2001


1. Mein Herz brennt (4:39)
2. Links 2-3-4 (3:36)
3. Sonne (4:32)
4. Ich will (3:37)
5. Feuer frei! (3:11)
6. Mutter (4:32)
7. Spieluhr (4:46)
8. Zwitter (4:17)
9. Rein raus (3:09)
10. Adios (3:49)
11. Nebel (4:54)

Total Time: 45:09

Bonus disc
1. Ich will (3:57)
2. Links 2-3-4 (4:54)
3. Sonne (4:42)
4. Spieluhr (5:27)

Total Time: 19:02


- Till Lindemann / Lead Vocals
- Richard Z Kruspe / Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
- Paul H Landers / Rythmn Guitar/Backing Vocals
- Oliver "Ollie" Riedel / Bass Guitar
- Christoph "Doom" Schneider / Drums/Electronic Percussion
- Christian "Flake" Lorenz / Keyboards
- Bobo / Backing Vocals ( Guest) Nebel
- Khira Le / Childs Voice ( Guest), Spieluhr

About this release

Motor Music/Universal

Bonus disc available 2001 Japanese Release/Universal

Thanks to Matt, Unitron for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Fusing Rammstein's usual threatening industrial drive with the pomp offered by a decent string section, Mutter is Rammstein's imperial phase - an impressive collection of Neue Deutsche Härte anthems that really teases the best out of their early formula. Driving rhythms? Check. Stentorian vocals delivered in German that hover between dazed chants and furious rants? Check. With sounds ranging from the orchestral majesty of album opener Mein Herz Brennt to the synthesiser glitching that kicks off the stompingly heavy Rein, Raus, it's also one of the broader Rammstein releases in terms of the aesthetic palette they allow themselves, which is a big help in terms of maintaining interest.
When it comes to an albums success or failure, timing can be everything.

Such is the case with Rammstein's 'Mutter'. With their previous two albums helping to build an ever-growing fan base, it was the German industrial band's 2001 release that really saw them take the world by storm. And much of that success (from a UK perspective anyway), must have been due to the newly launched Kerrang TV.

Kerrang TV, which specializes in rock and metal music videos, was launched in April 2001, long before the days when music videos were merely a click away on the internet. With 'Mutter' bolstering five hit singles, each of which was a massive hit for the band, Rammstein absolutely dominated the charts for the early years of the rock channel.

And so it was, that Rammstein would go on to become megastars of the industrial metal genre. 'Links 2,3,4', 'Ich Will', 'Feuer Frei' and 'Mein Herz Brennt' were all big hits for the band, and then there was 'Sonne'... the song which would go on to become the group's biggest song, dominating the rock charts that year and firmly placing the band at the top of the rock world.

Full of incredibly heavy, crushing riffs, yet atmospheric, emotional and anthemic, everything about this record sounds "big". Even the few, quieter moments sound monumental, and the deep, German vocals adds so much depth to the darker tone of the album. The music itself is fairly simplistic, but therein lies the beauty of what the band have achieved here. "Less is more".

One of the biggest success stories of 2001, Rammstein's 'Mutter' launched the band into the stratosphere and made them one of the biggest rock acts on the planet, making this monstrous album one that belongs in the collection of every rock and metal fan.
siLLy puPPy
After RAMMSTEIN gained worldwide fame from their album “Sehnsucht” and the single “Du Hast” being on “The Matrix” Soundtrack, they took a few years to create a more ambitious and sophisticated album in MUTTER (mother). Without sacrificing any of the elements that made their previous albums work so well, the music on MUTTER simply perfects everything laid out on “Sehnsucht.” The melodies are more epic and dynamic. The keyboards take on a more symphonic approach as opposed to the techno and the songwriting is much more varied and interesting. The songs have multiple parts and offer pleasant surprises within them. The metal aspects are just as intense incorporating plenty of thrash metal fury and Till Lindemann sounds like he got some vocal training because on this release he doesn't sound quite like a robotic drone. He has evolved into a passionate robotic drone with a broader range in his singing skills. All is still sung in that evil growly native German language.

This is my absolute favorite RAMMSTEIN album. MUTTER was really the peak of RAMMSTEIN's creative ingenuity for after this album they would begin the great recycling project and retreating to familiar ground, but on this fantastically diverse album we are treated to some of the best songwriting that the band ever churned out. Whether it's the symphonic bombastic “Mein Herz Brennt (my heart burns)” or the military march meets metal “Links (left)” or even the über-catchy robotic background chorus-drenched “Spieluhr (music box),” the formula results in a smashing success that keeps me coming back to this one more than any other of their discography. Unfortunately they would never hit on this perfect balance of their influences again but for this one album all the stars aligned almost perfectly. If not for the last couple of tracks that I find a tad inferior to the rest of the album I would give this a perfect rating.
When it comes to industrial metal, I'm not the biggest fan of that certain genre (I never got the hype behind 9 Inch Nails)

But when I was 8, Rammstein had me interested, with their weird appearance, even weirder music videos, and that they were very popular even though they sung in German.

I had never really found them to be a band that would compell me to buy an album of theirs, but I decided to just try it, and I'm an idiot for not pursuing them earlier.

This has to be one of the most perfect metal albums I have ever heard. Every song is as good as the last, and even though the songs are in a different language than my own, the melodies are still very catchy. Their production is also second to none.

1. Mein Herz Brennt - What a way to start an album. Very symphonic metal with the use of an orchestra.

2. Links 2-3-4 - Extremly powerfull and catchy. Reminds me of ants...

3. Sonne - The video for this song always makes me laugh. Very nostalgic. This song is amazing and the chorus is very melodic. I love the female vocal sound used. Very beautiful.

4. Ich Will - Very catchy. I love the female vocal sound in this song. It reminds me of Scooter (they make me smile).

5. Feuer Frei! - I remember when this song first came out, it was in that forgoten movie XXX. It was a terrible movie though. This song is incredibly catchy and the use of synths is amazing.

6. Mutter - Rammstein ballad. Does this even exist. Yes, I also remember when the video for this song came out as well and I remember loving the beauty of this song. It's very reminiscent to a melodic death metal song.

7. Spieluhr - Sounds like Metallica with balls. I love the computer voices. Very jaunty song. The electronics are used very well.

8. Zwitter - My favourite song on the album (not just because it translates to Hermaphrodite). Very catchy.

9. Rein Raus - Metallica with even more balls. Another cathcy kick ass song.

10. Adiós - Sounds like if Metallica could still make good songs. Great chorus in this song.

11. Nebel - A nice calm way to end the album.

CONCLUSION: An essential metal buy. It's just perfect really. Long live the crazy Germans.

Members reviews

"We just push boundaries ( Quote: Till Lindemann to Kerang magazine) We can't help it if people don't like those boundaries being pushed". With reviews in the past saying "this is great music to invade Poland" or how about "sending the peasants fleeing into their barns and bolting the doors" you know this should be one good Metal album and expectations that you have,should be met with another classic Rammstein album.

Recorded in 2000 and released the following year in April with five singles pulled from the album and for a non english and Metal production it made number ten in the charts in Australia which is no mean feat as the world was Eminem crazy around that time and rap was providing fierce competition for any genre of music let alone Metal.

This was their third studio release and begins with Mein Herz Brennt with that pounding chorus but the second track with the sound of the Jackboots intro is one catchy tune and with the repetition of the title and a nice tasty lead break near the end of the tune you have something that is completely suitable if an invasion of a nearby country is your ambition..Driving stuff . Also was the first single from the album. Track five is the next stop and that being the song Fever FreI! which was another single taken from the album for a soundtrack as the proceeding track Ich Will was also issued as a single but it is Fever Frei! with it's quiet little keyboard intro which quickly dissolves to what musically is the complete opposite with driving guitars and rythmn and once again it is those chorus's that the band does so well with the repetition of Bang Bang Fever Frei. Only just over three minutes in length and three wonderful minutes it is. Along comes the title Mutter which follows and is slower in Tempo than the proceeding two but bold would be the most suitable description of this wonderful song. Every song contained within this album is worthy of mention as there is not a poor one. Why the female Bobo who is again providing assistance with Till's vocals is not a band member has me a bit puzzled as she is nearly always there with their albums. Track 11 Nebel is the finisher and one great finisher it is. Another of their ballads could be the best description with the spoken verse by Till and yes it is that use of chorus again that makes the song with Till Lindemann soaring vocals in that wonderful German dialect and language.

Mutter in German means Mother and for me that is the best description because this is a Mother of an Industrial Metal album.
Rammstein had a major breakthrough in America with their hit single "Du Hast," and while that song does indeed rock, the rest of the album was a little inconsistent. Mutter is a major step forward, with better songs, more variety and more complex arrangements. You can really hear the band maturing as artists throughout this release.

A Wagnerian epic quality is very much present here, with soaring choruses, passionate string sections and of course the thundering power chords. Most of the songs have moderate tempos, which works well to emphasize the sense of the majestic. "Mein Herz Brennt," "Sonne," and the title track are all great examples of this style.

However, the speed metal fan should not despair either, since there are a couple of truly great faster songs. "Links 2 3 4," although not super-fast, is certainly uptempo and provides the obligatory military feel utilized by so many German metal bands. "Adios" is one of my favorite tracks on the album, with a rapid-fire thrash-metal style guitar part.

Rammstein haven't lost touch with their industrial roots, and electronic programming is sprinkled liberally throughout the record, although it functions mainly as part of the background texture rather than as an essential feature of the songs. As powerful as most of the material is, it does seem to run out of a steam a bit towards the end. "Zwitter" and "Rein Raus" are okay, but nowhere near as impressive as what came before. Luckily, Rammstein were smart enough to make sure the last couple of tracks were winners, making it easier to forget the weaker ones sandwiched inbetween.

Overall, Mutter is a very strong, if not quite perfect, example of Industrial Metal. Guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

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