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NIGHTRAGE - Sweet Vengeance Melodic Death Metal | review permalink
PAIN OF SALVATION - The Perfect Element, Part 1 Progressive Metal | review permalink
PAIN OF SALVATION - 12:5 Non-Metal | review permalink
CANNIBAL CORPSE - The Wretched Spawn Death Metal | review permalink
EDGUY - King of Fools Power Metal | review permalink
HARMONY - Dreaming Awake Neoclassical metal | review permalink
NIGHTINGALE - Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow, Part IV Progressive Metal | review permalink
NORTHER - Mirror of Madness Melodic Death Metal
SONATA ARCTICA - Winterheart's Guild Power Metal | review permalink
DIMMU BORGIR - Stormblåst Symphonic Black Metal
SONATA ARCTICA - Ecliptica Power Metal | review permalink
FATES WARNING - Still Life Progressive Metal | review permalink
EXTOL - Synergy Technical Thrash Metal | review permalink
FREEDOM CALL - Eternity Power Metal | review permalink
DARK MOOR - The Gates of Oblivion Power Metal
DREAM THEATER - Awake Progressive Metal | review permalink
CRADLE OF FILTH - Damnation and a Day Gothic Metal | review permalink
PAIN OF SALVATION - One Hour by the Concrete Lake Progressive Metal | review permalink
SYMPHONY X - The Odyssey Progressive Metal | review permalink
OPETH - My Arms, Your Hearse Death Metal | review permalink

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Progressive Metal 10 4.70
2 Power Metal 8 4.50
3 Melodic Death Metal 6 4.50
4 Death Metal 5 4.40
5 Metalcore 4 4.25
6 Hard Rock 3 4.33
7 Symphonic Black Metal 3 4.00
8 Gothic Metal 2 4.00
9 Black Metal 1 4.00
10 Brutal Death Metal 1 4.00
11 Neoclassical metal 1 5.00
12 Non-Metal 1 5.00
13 Technical Death Metal 1 4.00
14 Technical Thrash Metal 1 5.00

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THROWDOWN Beyond Repair

Album · 1999 · Metalcore
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...And they do exactly that

This record, from one of the few California hardcore bands to gain national attention, can be summed up in one descriptive word: MOSH. That's exactly what this band wants you to do, and they help you through it with easy-to-shout-along words and plenty of tough-as-nails breakdowns. All you tough guys, limber up and get ready to bust out with the windmills and floorpunches; Beyond Repair is one of those records that you just cannot sit still while listening. Meant to be played at high levels, Throwdown delivers a devastating sonic assault from start to finish. Many consider this to be the best Throwdown release, and it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to do. So why only 4 stars? Well, there is not a lot of variety on this album. Not all albums NEED variety, but in this case, it is difficult to listen to this from start to finish without getting a little bored in the middle. However, the standout tunes (No One, Don't Lose Sight, Power Figure, and Get Sick) are enough to make this a worthy investment.

EARTH CRISIS Forever True 1991-2001

Boxset / Compilation · 2001 · Metalcore
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Mourn this loss,

There will never be another band like Earth Crisis. This release, a collection of selected tracks from each album they released on Victory Records, was the culmination of a decade of tireless work, touring, and songwriting on the part of this revolutionary band. Forever True is actually a very good introductory route for this band; if you're looking to get into Earth Crisis, this is a good first disc to pick up. It starts out with some material from Slither, skips Breed the Killers (that album is owned by Roadrunner Records), goes through Gomorrah's Season Ends and so on back through their career. The shining moments are the tracks from Destroy the Machines and the two original EP's, as these songs heralded the arrival of a new era in hardcore, an era that is already winding down. The live tracks at the end are a special bonus; a fiercer version of "Sunshine of Your Love" - complete with guitar solo! - cannot be found anywhere else. Earth Crisis will be missed.

DREAM THEATER Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

Album · 2002 · Progressive Metal
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The best,

Many die-hard Dream Theater fans don't agree, but I think this album is their best work so far. But I also don't think it would be so if it hadn't been preceded by their previous works. Every album has been a powerful statement in its own right; and 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence is the next logical step, made possible and necessary by the monumental showing of 1999's Scenes From a Memory. This is NOT an album for a first-time Dream Theater listener. It stands more as something for those already familiar with Dream Theater's sound to enjoy. There was a definite style change for this album - a "coming together" of each member into one, solid unit. We already know what stellar musicians each one of them is; now they are showing us that they can write real songs without sacrificing any of the technique and flair we've grown to expect and love. With this album, Dream Theater has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a BAND, not just a collection of different musicians going off on their own. My only regret is that John Myung's bass is so low in the mix; rarely is he audible.

DREAM THEATER Falling Into Infinity

Album · 1997 · Progressive Metal
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Better than the rest,

Each one of Dream Theater's full length releases has been completely different from the every other one; so you never really know what you're going to get when you pick up a new album. Falling Into Infinity contains a few traces of the hard-hitting Awake in songs Just Let Me Breathe or Burning My Soul, but also explores an unprecedented softer side in Hollow Years, Take Away My Pain, and Anna Lee, which might be the "sequel" of sorts fo Space-Dye Vest. Many people regard this as the "worst" Dream Theater album due to its leanings toward mainstream music, notably on such tracks as You Not Me, Burning My Soul, and Hollow Years. But it is redeemed with dazzling brilliant songs such as New Millennium, Lines in the Sand, and the amazing and emotion Trial of Tears trilogy at the end. As a whole, this album is great. While it will never be considered on the same level as Scenes from A Memory or Images and Words, it nevertheless belongs in your collection if you call yourself a Dream Theater fan.


Album · 2000 · Hard Rock
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Without a doubt, Dream Theater are the biggest giant overshadowing this side-project, which also includes members of the Dixie Dregs, Winger, and King's X. For listeners of Dream Theater, Platypus appeals to fans of Myung and Sherinian most. It will probably prove to be a good record to listen to when you want to hear something that contains grade-A musicianship but isn't necessarily spazzing out the way bands like Dream Theater often do in terms of time, signatures, etc. If you're in the mood for straight-ahead rock and roll with rock-solid performing, this is the band for you. The lyrics tend to focus on a rocky relationship Ty Tabor had recently been in, so it'll appeal to your melancholy moods as well. I particularly enjoy Rod's drumming on this album.

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