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Album · 2002

Filed under Power Metal


1. Metal Invasion (6:51)
2. Flying High (4:11)
3. Ages of Power (4:44)
4. The Spell (0:56)
5. Bleeding Heart (5:00)
6. Warriors (4:22)
7. The Eyes of the World (3:57)
8. Flame in the Night (4:59)
9. Land of Light (3:56)
10. Island of Dreams (4:18)
11. Turn Back Time (5:04)

Total Time: 48:22


- Chris Bay / Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
- Cédric "Cede" Dupont / Guitars
- Ilker Ersin / Bass
- Dan Zimmermann / Drums

Guest musicians:

- Oliver Hartmann / Vocals (choirs)
- Tobias Sammet / Vocals (choirs)
- Janie Dixon / Vocals (choirs)
- Mitch Schmitt / Vocals (choirs) (1-3, 5-11), Vocals (additional harsh) (3)

About this release

Release date: June 3, 2002
Label: Steamhammer

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

After two fantastic records, guitarist Sascha Gerstner left the German Melodic Power Metal band Freedom Call to join the subgenre’s legendary grandfathers Helloween. No one could blame him for such a good career move, but what would this mean for Freedom Call? Sometimes losing a guitar player can really damage a band, but Freedom Call didn’t fall into that trap here. Turns out, fans need not have worried. Mainman Chris Bay and Drummer Dan Zimmerman (of Gamma Ray fame) so embody the core Freedom Call sound that it didn’t shake things up too much.

Eternity, the band’s third full-length opus, still boasts the same standard of guitar work as its predecessor. It’s a real guitar hero record in fact. Elsewhere; It still has the same almost-too-sickly-sweet style, the same sense of cheesy fun and it really is the logical successor to the two records that preceded it. There’s a few surprises to be found, such as an almost Cradle Of Filth sounding moment at one point, but for the most part this is your typical Freedom Call music (and thankfully so). If you like the band’s previous work then make sure to pick up a copy of Eternity too.

The kind of Metal fan who scowls at Dragonforce isn’t going to find much to hang onto here, but if you love Melodic European Power Metal this is definitely a great album for your collection, and one you will continue listening to beyond just the initial purchase-high. Chocked full of melody, harmony, and very major key, this is happy sounding, clean, pleasant Metal for people in a good mood.

Interestingly, while most albums are usually quite top-heavy with all the best songs at the front end, Eternity keeps getting better as it unfolds, with most of the real gems towards the back of the record. Highlights include ‘Warriors’ ‘Eyes Of The World’ ‘Land Of Light’ and ‘Island Of Dreams.’ The combination of Chris’ songwriting, Dan’s playing talent and the slick production (also courtesy of Chris Bay) makes for some seriously palatable Power Metal.

If you like this sort of music, check this band out. If you like this band, definitely don’t skip Eternity, its absolutely worth your time and attention.

Members reviews

Posi metal!

Feeling down? Life got you in the dumps? Sad about a recent turn of events in your life? Angry at the world, your job, people around you? Wish you could find some way to cheer up and feel happy and hopeful once again? The answer: ETERNITY! Nothing will put a smile instantly on your face like this album. From start to finish (excepting the rather sad, but still awesome, closer) this is positive, upbeat, energetic metal. In fact, this could be the happiest metal band in the history of the style!

The mix is good; the production is top notch. The music really calls to mind the images on the cover and booklet, although there does not appear to be a theme or concept to the album. The guitarists, while obviously musically adept, eschew mindless scale-shredding in favor of hummable, memorable, melodic lines that add to the music infinitely.

Listening to this, the one impression that comes through loud and clear is that this is feel-good music. It never fails to pull my spirit up into the clouds, no matter how low I may be. Better than most therapy.

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  • 666sharon666
  • DippoMagoo
  • KatiLily
  • Nergal131

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