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Album · 2003


1. A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon (2:03)
2. The Promise of Fever (5:56)
3. Hurt and Virtue (5:23)
4. An Enemy Led the Tempest (6:12)
5. Damned in Any Language (A Plague on Words) (1:57)
6. Better to Reign in Hell (6:11)
7. Serpent Tongue (5:10)
8. Carrion (4:42)
9. The Mordant Liquor of Tears (2:35)
10. Presents From the Poison-Hearted (6:19)
11. Doberman Pharaoh (6:02)
12. Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness) (5:39)
13. A Scarlet Witch Lit the Season (1:33)
14. Mannequin (4:26)
15. Thank God for the Suffering (6:13)
16. The Smoke of Her Burning (5:00)
17. End of Daze (1:24)

Total Time: 76:53


- Dani Filth / vocals, lyrics
- Paul Allender / Guitar
- Martin Powell / keyboards, Violin, guitars
- Dave Pybus / Bass
- Adrian Erlandsson / drums
- Sarah Jezebel Deva / backing vocals

Guest performers:

- David McEwen / Narration (On all "Intro" tracks, except "The Mordant Liquor of Tears")
- Madame Slam / Fellation
- László Zádori / Conductor
- The Budapest Film Orchestra and Choir

About this release

Label: Sony Music
Release Date: March 25, 2003

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Cradle of Filth pulled off a coup rivalled by few (if any) extreme metal bands when they were signed by Sony, and I suspect the band on some level realised that they couldn't count on the deal lasting long (this would be their only album for Sony before transferring to Roadrunner) so they might as well make the absolute most of it whilst they could. Hence, Damnation and a Day, a concept album based around John Milton's Paradise Lost with orchestral backing.

It's certainly a ballsy move, but structurally it doesn't work as well as their previous concept albums - for instance, the regular instrumental orchestral interludes break up the flow of the album in a rather obtrusive and disruptive way, and the individual compositions seem rather business-as-usual for Filth, as though they were relying on the orchestra to provide a new and compelling twist. The long history of rock musicians teaming up with orchestras is littered with albums where the rock music is watered down and the orchestral music is incompetently applied, and this is yet another one.
The start of the millenium really was a high point for these guys. Releasing their most successful album, and having music videos such as Her Ghost In The Fog, From The Cradle To Enslave & Born In A Burial gown playing frequently on music channels, the band had sparked up an even bigger fan base, a more collective knowing and had drawn extreme amounts of attention on them, making them the 2nd most succesful British metal band (with Iron Maiden being first...which means they've outsold Judas Priest!)

The band opted for a more commerical signing to a major label was a big step forward. Now knowing major labels, they probabbly wanted Cradle to make another Midian...and sell more than they originally did...but Cradle had other plans.

When signed to a major label, it does seem a bit of a dare to make an over 70 minute concept album, with an orchestra, choir and alot of experimental approaches to songwriting.

Now this is a concept album based on Milton's epic Paradise Lost. Of course with their own twists and turns, and Dani's unique dark poetic style. Now the concept is told brilliantly, and I think story wise, it betters Cruelty & The Beast. This has to be one of Dani's most strongest lyrical moments.

Musicaly the album is different too. With dramatic orchestration, at times dramatic presentation of songs, its not a standard gothic extreme metal album, which is really impressive from these guys. The songs aren't too long and dramatic as some can be, with them all being 4-6 minutes long...although their is 17 tracks on this. The production is sligtly different too, with the guitar and drums really being like a drill on the album. I love the guitar tone on this album, its so dark and powerfull. The orchestra doesn't overbear the album too much as well, with some songs not even having any. The songs also seem to be built around the concept, instead of the other way around, like on previous releases.

I know I say this with a few Cradle albums, but this album really is the pinacle of Dani's vocal powers. Not only in ability, but also use, with his use of vocals really highlighting the telling of the story at hand, and also keeping the reader interested...and marvelling at his high screams (only me and him can do them properly :D)

The tracks are as strong as ever, and even stronger in some cases, with each song really being a highlight, and its hard to not try and forget them. Each song also is almost like a different experiment for the band. Now signing to a major label, and making a quite experimental album wasn't the smartest move for these guys, but I really think this is album is a complete and utter classic album, and is incredibly underlooked by metal fans, and even Cradle fans. Although, this album, even though quite experimental at times, is still incredibly accesible. This was my first album from these guys, and I completely fell in love with them after that. This album really is a rollercoaster of evil and beauty.

1. A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon - Very evil and epic. Great way to start an album...and suprising and scaring the listener. 9/10

2. The Promise Of Fever - This is one of their best songs...PERIOD! Such power and agression, and what a way to push this rollercoaster. Riffs that are like brain surgery...and orchestrations that send chills down my spine every time I hear it. Epic as hell!!! 10/10

3. Hurt & Virtue - A slightly more melodic touch in this song, adding to the dank and dark. One of the most dramatic songs on the album. Great use of layering vocals. 10/10

4. An Enemy Led The Tempest - What a killer intro...pnuematicaly being drilled into ur skull. Amazing song, with dark and epic moments, and again the use of dramatics is used effectively. 10/10

5. Damned In Any Language (A Plague On Words) - Amazing interlude, with the narrations sending chills down your spin. Really evil, and amazing lead in to the next song. 10/10

6. Better To Reign In Hell - What a killer name for a song. And what a killer song. Great chorus and a kick ass riff. Dani's vocals are sick as hell. 10/10

7. Serpent Tongue - One of the most interesting songs on the album, with slight experimentation, musically and even the way the song is structure. Great vocals from Dani, and a killer chorus. 10/10

8. Carrion - Great intro...really makes you thrash like a fish out of water. Pretty evil and eerie. 9/10

9. The Mordant Liquor Of Tears - A slight beautiful moment on the album...but also very evil at the same time. 9/10

10. Presents From The Poison Hearted - One of the highlights on the album I believe. Great atmospheric intro. Some really kick ass riffs, and the arrangement is killer too. Dani's vocals are as interesting as ever. 10/10

11. Doberman Pharoah - A slight middle eastern influence (apparently influenced by Nile). Just an epic, evil dramatic song, with some nice beautiful moments too. 10/10

12. Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) - One of their most accesible songs, yet being quite eerie at the same time. Great chorus and some interesting lyrics. The music video for this song is really cool too, although it was banned on t.v....spoil sports. 10/10

13. A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season - Another nice interlude. 8/10

14. Mannequin - The pop song of the album...kind of. Yes this is probabbly one of these guys most accesible songs, mainly cause its one of their most popular. Kick ass song, with a cool chorus, and some nice twists and turns. 10/10

15. Thank God For The Suffering - One of these guys most interesting songs in my opinion. The gothicy Paradise Lost (the band) influenced moment, with some clean vocals from Dani...kind of...A very dark, yet beautiful song. One of my brother's favourite Cradle Of Filth songs I believe. The orchestration is also really beautiful too, and adds to the beauty. 10/10

16. The Smoke Of Her Burning - A pretty epic end, especially lyrically. Very evil, with some great vocals, and a killer chorus. 9/10

17. End Of Daze - It comes full circle really. 9/10

CONCLUSION: This is in the 161 album list somewhere...and it will always be. I will always love this album...and this album will always love me. Even the artwork alone is worth the price.

Members reviews

Dark perfection,

This album is quite good, especially in light of the band's recent work. Dani Filth explores his ridiculously wide vocal range through this masterpiece as usual, and spends a little more time in the low end of things. The artwork is all well-done and the sound production is second to none. What really grabbed my ears was the vast improvement in Adrian Erlandsson's drumming work -- he really pulls out all the stops on this album, with some of the tightest fills and one of the steadiest blast beats I've ever heard. This puts him in the same league with Nick Barker in my opinion. The songs are all pleasantly varied so that they don't blend together, and of course there are the classic interludes we've all come to expect between each portion of the album. This is the best work the band has produced since Dusk and Her Embrace, and it might even be better. If you liked this band before, you'll love them even more after this. If you didn't like them before, you owe it to yourself to give this album a good listen.

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