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Freedom Call is a German power metal band created in 1998 by guitarist/singer Chris Bay and Gamma Ray's drummer Dan Zimmermann. They've released 6 studio albums so far: Stairway to Fairyland (1999), Crystal Empire (2001), Eternity (2002), The Circle of Life (2005), Dimension (2007) and Legend of the Shadow King (2010). You can also find an EP (Taragon, 1999) and a Live Album (Live Invasion, 2004) in their discography. In 2012 they released Land of the Crimson Dawn, and in 2014 they released Beyond, with the compilation Ages of Light coming in 2013.

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FREEDOM CALL Discography

FREEDOM CALL albums / top albums

FREEDOM CALL Stairway to Fairyland album cover 4.25 | 4 ratings
Stairway to Fairyland
Power Metal 1999
FREEDOM CALL Crystal Empire album cover 4.28 | 5 ratings
Crystal Empire
Power Metal 2001
FREEDOM CALL Eternity album cover 4.47 | 7 ratings
Power Metal 2002
FREEDOM CALL The Circle of Life album cover 3.90 | 6 ratings
The Circle of Life
Power Metal 2005
FREEDOM CALL Dimensions album cover 3.57 | 3 ratings
Power Metal 2007
FREEDOM CALL Legend of the Shadowking album cover 3.83 | 3 ratings
Legend of the Shadowking
Power Metal 2010
FREEDOM CALL Land of the Crimson Dawn album cover 2.94 | 5 ratings
Land of the Crimson Dawn
Power Metal 2012
FREEDOM CALL Beyond album cover 3.65 | 4 ratings
Power Metal 2014
FREEDOM CALL Master of Light album cover 4.69 | 4 ratings
Master of Light
Power Metal 2016
FREEDOM CALL M.E.T.A.L. album cover 5.00 | 1 ratings
Power Metal 2019


FREEDOM CALL Taragon album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Power Metal 1999

FREEDOM CALL live albums

FREEDOM CALL Live Invasion album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live Invasion
Power Metal 2004
FREEDOM CALL Live in Hellvetia album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live in Hellvetia
Power Metal 2011

FREEDOM CALL demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

FREEDOM CALL Freedom Call album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Freedom Call
Power Metal 1998

FREEDOM CALL re-issues & compilations

FREEDOM CALL Ages of Light 1998 / 2013 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Ages of Light 1998 / 2013
Power Metal 2013

FREEDOM CALL singles (4)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Silent Empire
Metal Related 2001
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Zauber der Nacht
Power Metal 2010
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Rockin' Radio
Power Metal 2012
.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Power & Glory
Power Metal 2012

FREEDOM CALL movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
0.00 | 0 ratings
Live In Hellvetia
Power Metal 2011


FREEDOM CALL Master of Light

Album · 2016 · Power Metal
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Power metal has a reputation as being rather light and happy compared to most other metal sub-genres, with some detractors referring to it as “flower metal”. Obviously, as a huge fan of the genre I could easily provide counter examples of bands that play harder edged power metal, but today I’ll be talking about a band that most definitely fits all descriptions such detractors may have, and yet they also happen to be one of the most fun and addictive bands in all of metal.

That would be German band Freedom Call, who stormed onto the scene in 1999 with their impressive debut Stairway to Fairyland, an album which introduced fans to their brand of super epic and very cheerful power metal. With their third release Eternity, they perfected this sound, producing a masterful album full of epic melodies and huge choruses, and while their next few albums featured some experimentation, with not everything working (Legend of the Shadowking, in particular, had some pretty major lows,) the band’s heart and soul were always there. With their previous album Beyond, the band fully embraced everything that made their early albums so special, while maintaining just a tiny bit of their modern experimentation, which resulted in their best album since Eternity, so I was very excited to see if their next release would keep the resurgence going. Well, their ninth full-length release, Master of Light, is nowhere, and I can say right off the bat this thing feels like classic Freedom Call through and through, and it’s not only an improvement over the already awesome Beyond: It may very well be their best release to date!

At their core, Freedom Call sound like a fairly traditional German power metal band, in that their music is mostly fast paced and it tends to be fairly guitar driven, with keyboards and symphonic elements used occasionally for added effect, but their music is exceptionally light and melodic, even as far as their genre goes. They tend to focus more on light melodic guitar leads and rhythms guitars, with riffs mostly used in quick bursts, and their songwriting is heavily focused on huge vocal melodies and choruses. In fact, while lead singer Chris Bay is a solid vocalist in his own right, and does a great job of carrying songs when he has to do, the band tends to use layered vocals more often than not, with a near constant use of choir vocals throughout, and that’s one thing that instantly helps them stand out from the pack. Another thing is that even compared to other bands in the genre, their lyrics tend to be very fun and upbeat in a way that is often cheesy, but combined with how the music sounds it always just feels right. Basically, if you’re having a bad day and need some cheering up, or if you just want some fun, super happy music with just a slight edge to party to, Freedom Call could easily become your go to band.

One area where the band has had ups and downs throughout their careers is in the songwriting, as I alluded to already. While albums like Eternity and Crystal Empire flowed smoothly and were pretty much flawless the whole way through, more recent albums have been less successful at times, mixing in the kind of classic, speedy feel good power metal the band specializes in with some kind of weird attempts at being dark, some overly sugary pop influenced track, or some other kind of weird experiment gone wrong. Their previous album Beyond already showed the band moving away from this trap, as even its few experiments were more successful, and overall it had the same kind of flow their early albums had, and I’m happy to report Master of Light is the same way, as most songs here are upbeat in the kind of way the band always excels at, and even the few slower tracks fit in wonderfully, with only one song initially feeling a bit weird, though even it eventually won me over, as I’ll talk about in a bit.

One thing’s for sure: Opening track “Metal Is for Everyone” wastes no time in creating a fun, positive mood, as it kicks off with some light keyboards and epic choral vocals, before the riffs slowly kick in, and then it turns into the kind of fun, super cheesy yet ultimately addictive kind of power metal the band can always be counted on to deliver, with its verses being fast and fun, and the chorus being insanely catchy and upbeat. Its bridge section is nonsensical and silly but in the kind of way that puts a smile on my face, just the way this band always does at their best. Next up, “Hammer of the Gods” is slightly slower, though still a bit up-tempo, and it’s an even lighter track where the lead melody is quite nice, and it too has an instantly engaging chorus that hooks you in and doesn’t let go.

There are many fast paced tracks here, but they tend to fall into two categories. First up, are the more traditional power metal songs that bring to mind bands like Helloween and Gamma Ray with their guitar leads, blistering fast riffs and choruses. The first of these is “Kings Rise and Fall”, a song which would very much feel at home on an album by either of the aforementioned bands, especially its chorus and solo section, though Freedom Call takes it further with their choir vocals and superb vocal melodies, while “Riders in the Sky” is similar though it has slightly heavier riffs, and if anything it’s an even faster track, with yet another outstanding chorus.

Secondly, we have tracks where the band uses everything they have and go all out, creating some of the most epic, super upbeat and cheesy, yet insanely fun power metal. After the opening track, the next example of this is “A World Beyond”, a track which starts off with some weird distortion effects in the background during an epic open choral section, which also uses some marching drums, and then the track immediately speeds up, with symphonic elements in full effect, and it becomes the kind of light, upbeat track that would have felt at home on Eternity. It has an exceptionally strong chorus, as well as an epic section with choir vocals and a surprisingly heavy section in the middle leading into the solo section, but the highlight of the track is the last run through the chorus, where the guitars sound even more happy than usual, and the whole thing is just unbelievably huge and epic sounding, eventually leading to a nice quiet section that ends the song. That is probably my favorite on the album, though “Emerald Skies” is up there as well, with its excellent use of symphonic elements during the chorus to make for a sweeping score to go along with the full speed attack of the rest of the band, and as is par for the course on this album, the chorus is extremely catchy and fun, with that orchestral score really adding a nice effect, especially during the incredibly epic final run at the end. Lastly, “Hail the Legend” is a fun, keyboard driven track that stays great the whole way through, though it once again shines during the chorus, which starts off at a pretty good pace, before the double bass drums fully kick in halfway through and from there it just becomes insane. That song also has a really cool guitar solo towards the end that sounds fairly unique and is a bit more advanced compared to other solos on the album.

On the slightly slower but still upbeat side of things, we have the title track, which starts off with a nice acoustic guitar led section that would feel at home on an Iron Maiden song, before the choir’s kick in and the song speeds up just a little bit. This track makes especially effectively use of the huge choir vocals during the chorus, and there’s also a brief but very obvious nod to classic Metallica early on, which is pretty neat. The one somewhat odd sounding track I referred to earlier is “Ghost Ballet”, and with a name that sticks out immediately when looking at the track listing, it’s no surprise it sounds a bit different from the rest of the album. It starts off with some weird electronic beats before bringing in the kind of down-tuned guitar work the band occasionally uses on their more experimental work. The song is rather slow, a bit dark and heavy at times, and its odd rhythms initially threw me off, but in the end, its fun chorus ended up winning me over, and the track definitely has that unique charm always found in Freedom Call’s music. On the lighter side of things, “Rock the Nation” is the kind of soft, mid-paced melodic metal track the band is known to bring out from time to time, relying on it’s nice melodic guitar leads and ever happy chorus to deliver something that while not as epic as many tracks on the album, is still a lot of fun and serves as a bit of a breather before the awesomeness of the last two tracks.

Speaking of which, closing track “High Up” begins with a slow preview of the chorus before picking up the pace a bit and turning into something quite similar to “Beyond Eternity” from the last album, in that it’s a very simplistic, somewhat repetitive track which mostly relies on its chorus, but when that chorus is so undeniably catchy and addictive, it all works out. Last but not least, we have the ballad, “Cradle of Angels”, a track mostly dominated by acoustic guitars, which moves nicely through its verses and chorus, before a very nice guitar solo comes in, and then the track ends with, you guessed it, a super epic final run through the chorus, which takes the song to new heights and is certainly one of the highlights of the album.

I’ve talked a lot about amazing choruses in this review, but simply put, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for in your power metal, to go along with insanely happy lyrics, fast paced songwriting and some insanely epic choir vocals, then Freedom Call never disappoints and Master of Light is no exception. In fact, I’d put it right up there with Eternity as the band’s best, most consistently enjoyable album to date, and it’s certainly one I’d recommend to all fans of lighter power metal, and just anyone looking for an upbeat, insanely fun album to listen to.

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Album · 2007 · Power Metal
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Freedom Call released one of the Power Metal subgenre’s absolute finest albums with their seminal debut album, Stairway To Fairyland… a flowery, melodic, ridiculously happy spin on the Keeper Of The Seven Keys formula that rivalled the likes of genre milestones such as Somewhere Far Beyond, the aforementioned Keeper’ and Glory To The Brave in terms of quality and enjoyability.

Five albums into their career, several line-up changes later, in 2007, the German band released the concept album Dimensions. It saw something of a stylistic shift. Each of their previous albums was an evolution of the sound that came before, but this was the biggest and most pronounced change to date. The Freedom Call sound could always sort of be seen as sort of analogous to Keepers era Helloween, or Land Of The Free era Gamma Ray, but on this album they seem to be going for the sound of the big Derris-fronted commercial singles… y’know, tracks like ‘Live Now,’ ‘Mrs God’ and ‘Mr Torture’ … those sorts of commercial, Hard Rock meets Power Metal tunes, that aren’t so speedy or virtuosic or metallic, make a lot of appearances on Dimensions. The songs ‘Mr. Evil,’ ‘The Queen Of My World’ and ‘Blackened Sun’ are particularly noteworthy examples of this.

Change their style they may have done, but let up in quality they clearly refused to. Dimensions is a pretty strong album. ‘Magic Moments’ for example is equal to anything on their early records, it may have a strange The Cure’s Love Cats sort of feel to it, but its damn good fun! The album closer ‘Far Away’ takes a sort of Bruce Springsteen vibe, throws in bagpipes and jumbles that all together with the Freedom Call sound… sounds like a mess in theory, but seriously, if it doesn’t make you smile when you actually hear it, you must be having a bad day!

I can see how some fans might jump ship on this album, and how some potential fans may be put off; It’s a wizards & demons themed concept album set in the future taking already flowery music and making it even more commercial and saccharin… “how cheesy can you get?” etc. …but for me it is worth the money and well worth the time. No its not brutal, no its not traditional but yes, yes it is good!

FREEDOM CALL The Circle of Life

Album · 2005 · Power Metal
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After releasing three brilliant studio albums of pure, happy-sounding Melodic Power Metal between 1999-2002, the German band Freedom Call decided to spice things up a little bit. Consequently; their fourth studio album, 2005’s The Circle Of Life is something of a transitional affair, seeing the band keep one foot in the early sound that defined them, and stepping out towards their Hard Rock influenced sound of their later material. The Circle Of Life features more keyboards and less guitars during verses for example. The keyboard sounds used are less piano-sounding and more artificial and ‘80s sounding. The tempos are frequently more midpaced than the focus on speed the band had previously. The production is that little bit slicker and more commercial. Every song sounds like a single.

It could be easy to call this album a sell-out or overproduced or something along those lines, if it weren’t for the fact that its brilliant. Yes, The Circle Of Life sees Freedom Call experimenting with new ideas rather than rehashing their beginnings, but doing so without compromising on quality. If you like Power Metal bands’ big singles more than the thrashier deep cuts then this is a perfect album for you.

I guess “new ideas” is a relative term though, as ‘The Gathering’ may sound like something off of Emerson Lake & Palmer’s Works album and ‘Kings & Queens’ may blatantly steal the riff from Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark At The Moon. Regardless, The Circle Of Life sees the band in fine form, delivering fine songs. Its shinier, more polished and more varied… but in a way that makes you think of the word “mature” rather than “mistake.”

Highlights include the stomping ‘Hero Nation’ which has a fun marching feel and some of Chris Bay’s most evocative vocals to date, as well as the fun album opener ‘Mother Earth’ which doesn’t sound like your average Freedom Call tune and the album-closing Title Track. Well, that could just as easily be anything in the second half… This albums got that thing that Eternity had, were it just gets better as it goes on!

Overall; The Circle Of Life is a damn strong, damn enjoyable album. It isn’t a clone of the seminal debut Stairway To Fairyland, but its equally worth your attention. Turns out the band are great at more than one style. Great band, Great album. Check it out!


Album · 2002 · Power Metal
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After two fantastic records, guitarist Sascha Gerstner left the German Melodic Power Metal band Freedom Call to join the subgenre’s legendary grandfathers Helloween. No one could blame him for such a good career move, but what would this mean for Freedom Call? Sometimes losing a guitar player can really damage a band, but Freedom Call didn’t fall into that trap here. Turns out, fans need not have worried. Mainman Chris Bay and Drummer Dan Zimmerman (of Gamma Ray fame) so embody the core Freedom Call sound that it didn’t shake things up too much.

Eternity, the band’s third full-length opus, still boasts the same standard of guitar work as its predecessor. It’s a real guitar hero record in fact. Elsewhere; It still has the same almost-too-sickly-sweet style, the same sense of cheesy fun and it really is the logical successor to the two records that preceded it. There’s a few surprises to be found, such as an almost Cradle Of Filth sounding moment at one point, but for the most part this is your typical Freedom Call music (and thankfully so). If you like the band’s previous work then make sure to pick up a copy of Eternity too.

The kind of Metal fan who scowls at Dragonforce isn’t going to find much to hang onto here, but if you love Melodic European Power Metal this is definitely a great album for your collection, and one you will continue listening to beyond just the initial purchase-high. Chocked full of melody, harmony, and very major key, this is happy sounding, clean, pleasant Metal for people in a good mood.

Interestingly, while most albums are usually quite top-heavy with all the best songs at the front end, Eternity keeps getting better as it unfolds, with most of the real gems towards the back of the record. Highlights include ‘Warriors’ ‘Eyes Of The World’ ‘Land Of Light’ and ‘Island Of Dreams.’ The combination of Chris’ songwriting, Dan’s playing talent and the slick production (also courtesy of Chris Bay) makes for some seriously palatable Power Metal.

If you like this sort of music, check this band out. If you like this band, definitely don’t skip Eternity, its absolutely worth your time and attention.

FREEDOM CALL Crystal Empire

Album · 2001 · Power Metal
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The German Melodic Power Metal band Freedom Call’s second full-length studio album, 2001’s Crystal Empire, feels very much like a continuation of their seminal debut album Stairway To Fairyland. Its got the same thunderous double-kicks, the same joyous uplifting choruses and the same tasteful lead guitar lines. Once again it was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, who has worked with almost every Power Metal great you’d care to name.

Mainman Chris Bay has a tremendous vocal skill with a huge range, a lot of power and a real ear for melody… and that’s on top of the already excellent musical skills. The effortless sounding guitar lines stick in your head, the occasional chunky riffs that break things up, these things really elevate the album from just another face in the crowd to something noteworthy.

If you are into bands like Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Edguy, Hammerfall or especially Gamma Ray and Helloween (and this album does feature guitar from Helloween’s Sacha Gerstner and drums from Gamma Ray’s Dan Zimmermann) then Freedom Call are a band that are seriously worth checking out. They are talented, passionate and consistent. They deliver exactly what you want… happy sounding Power Metal full of melody, bombast and mythical lyrics. The band have been described before as the world’s happiest sounding Power Metal band so you can imagine a sort of ballpark sound from that description alone.

Compared to their debut, this is a pretty similar affair. Its slightly more polished, slightly less complex and more commercial, but more or less in the exact same style, which is good news as their debut was absolutely fantastic. Clear production, excellent musicianship, stellar vocals and a general consistency and lack of weak tracks make this an essential purchase for anyone interested in the band. Add to that some genuinely enjoyable songs and you’ve got a bit of a rager on your hands.

Overall; if you like the band, get this album. If you haven’t heard the band but might like to, try this album. Highlights include: The concert baiting ‘Farewell,’ as well as the hugely enjoyable trio of ‘Call Of Fame,’ ‘Ocean’ and ‘Palace Of Fantasy.’ Check these out if you want to hear what the album is like.

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