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Fates Warning is an American progressive metal band, formed in 1982 by vocalist John Arch, guitarists Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini, bassist Joe DiBiase, and drummer Steve Zimmerman in Hartford, Connecticut. Fates Warning has experienced numerous line-up changes. From 1982 to 1996, and temporarily in 2010, Matheos and DiBiase were the only original members of the band, with Matheos being the only constant member. Their current lineup consists of guitarists Jim Matheos and Frank Aresti, vocalist Ray Alder and bassist Joey Vera. Drummer Bobby Jarzombek has been part of Fates Warning since 2007 but is only a live member. As a pioneer of the American progressive metal movement, Fates Warning rose to international fame in the 1980s and was ranked as one of the early flagship bands of progressive metal along with Queensrÿche and Dream Theater, who were responsible for creating, developing and popularizing that genre. Fates Warning has released read more...
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FATES WARNING albums / top albums

FATES WARNING Night On Bröcken album cover 2.79 | 34 ratings
Night On Bröcken
Heavy Metal 1984
FATES WARNING The Spectre Within album cover 3.94 | 38 ratings
The Spectre Within
US Power Metal 1985
FATES WARNING Awaken The Guardian album cover 4.11 | 48 ratings
Awaken The Guardian
US Power Metal 1986
FATES WARNING No Exit album cover 4.16 | 55 ratings
No Exit
Progressive Metal 1988
FATES WARNING Perfect Symmetry album cover 4.15 | 68 ratings
Perfect Symmetry
Progressive Metal 1989
FATES WARNING Parallels album cover 4.14 | 76 ratings
Progressive Metal 1991
FATES WARNING Inside Out album cover 3.86 | 37 ratings
Inside Out
Progressive Metal 1994
FATES WARNING A Pleasant Shade Of Gray album cover 3.99 | 51 ratings
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray
Progressive Metal 1997
FATES WARNING Disconnected album cover 4.11 | 41 ratings
Progressive Metal 2000
FATES WARNING FWX album cover 3.29 | 37 ratings
Progressive Metal 2004
FATES WARNING Darkness In A Different Light album cover 4.11 | 28 ratings
Darkness In A Different Light
Progressive Metal 2013
FATES WARNING Theories Of Flight album cover 4.36 | 21 ratings
Theories Of Flight
Progressive Metal 2016
FATES WARNING Long Day Good Night album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Long Day Good Night
Progressive Metal 2020


FATES WARNING live albums

FATES WARNING Still Life album cover 4.41 | 14 ratings
Still Life
Progressive Metal 1998
FATES WARNING Awaken The Guardian Live album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Awaken The Guardian Live
Progressive Metal 2017
FATES WARNING Live Over Europe album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live Over Europe
Progressive Metal 2018

FATES WARNING demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

FATES WARNING Demo album cover 2.00 | 1 ratings
Heavy Metal 1984
FATES WARNING Dickie album cover 3.25 | 2 ratings
US Power Metal 1985

FATES WARNING re-issues & compilations

FATES WARNING Chasing Time album cover 4.31 | 7 ratings
Chasing Time
Progressive Metal 1995

FATES WARNING singles (4)

.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
Silent Cries
Progressive Metal 1988
.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
Through Different Eyes
Progressive Metal 1989
.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
Pale Fire
Progressive Metal 1994
.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
A Pleasant Shade Of Gray: Part II
Progressive Metal 1997

FATES WARNING movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
3.67 | 4 ratings
The View From Here
Progressive Metal 2003
.. Album Cover
3.67 | 3 ratings
Live In Athens
Progressive Metal 2005


FATES WARNING Awaken The Guardian

Album · 1986 · US Power Metal
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For their third album, Fates Warning followed mostly the same sound of their acclaimed sophomore album, The Spectre Within. The band’s highly melodic and often progressive yet deceptively simple music offers accessible entertainment. Most of the power metal influence from their last album is gone unfortunately, resulting in a slower and more sustained delivery.

John’s vocals, while never outstanding, are certainly stronger here than ever before, and his passionate delivery accompanied by the somewhat neoclassical musicianship add a flavor of theatrical atmosphere to the music. The long songs are never boring, containing multiple movements and layered with harmonies. While I miss the speed of their previous release, they certainly check every other box of 80’s Heavy Metal very well.

FATES WARNING The Spectre Within

Album · 1985 · US Power Metal
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Fates Warning did something incredible on their sophomore album; they took two metal subgeneres that hadn’t even begun evolving yet and combined them to create an even more unique sound that would be mimicked forever. Of course I’m talking about Progressive Power metal.

Now, this album isn’t true Progressive Power Metal, but it’s absolutely clear this is where it started, and some moments in their songs actually delve completely into this territory. The songs are speedy, complex, long and changing, and feature some nearly operatic vocals about space and stuff. There are no weaknesses whatsoever to this album. Of course things could be improved, as hundreds of bands have done since, but at the time it was released, absolutely nothing could have touched this in this realm of metal.

Keep in mind, their debut album was a very, very generic Heavy Metal album with absolutely nothing substantial about it at all.


Album · 2004 · Progressive Metal
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Released in 2004, ‘FWX’ is the tenth studio album by progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning, and much like previous releases ‘A Pleasant Shade of Grey’ and ‘Disconnected’, it shows a band who are continuing to develop and experiment, with more focus on a heavier sound and more traditional song-structures.

Unlike its predecessors, there’s only a minimal use of keyboards and sequencing here, which is a shame as I felt on the last two albums that the band had a great and well-rounded sound, and I was hoping they’d continue in that vein. Especially as, instead of relying on tried and tested prog metal traits such as excessive flashy guitar solos, there was a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, and a fantastic interplay between guitars and keyboards, working together instead of trying to out-perform each other in shredding competitions.

However, this is still a good release, and Fates Warning’s “less is more” approach works well for them here. Sole guitarist Jim Matheos can write some incredible and compelling riffs, Ray Alder’s powerful vocals suit the heavier style of the album, and the simpler arrangements make the songs easier to digest. The polished production gives the music a loud and vibrant sound too.

Overall, ‘FWX’ is far from Fates Warning’s best album, but tracks like ‘Heal Me’, ‘Simple Human’, ‘Crawl’, ‘Stranger (With a Familiar Face)’ and the haunting and melancholic ‘A Handful of Doubt’ are all worth checking out, and given time, this album can grow on you, it just depends on whether you have the patience to let it or not.


Boxset / Compilation · 1995 · Progressive Metal
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"Chasing Time" is a compilation album by US progressive/power metal act Fates Warning. The compilation was released through Metal Blade Records in July 1995. Fates Warning were formed under the Misfit monicker in 1982 but changed their name to Fates Warning in 1984. Up until this release they had released seven full-length studio albums. Each of those albums are represented with at least one track on "Chasing Time" (some with more). In addition to the original studio tracks "Chasing Time" also features a two previously unreleased tracks in "At Fates Fingers" and "Circles". The former is an instrumental and re-arranged version of "At Fates Hands" from "Perfect Symmetry (1989)" while the latter was recorded in 1993 but shelved. Some parts of the track would later appear as part of other tracks on "Inside Out (1994)". On a maybe less interesting note "We Only Say Goodbye" from "Parallels (1991)" appears here in a remixed version.

So "Chasing Time" is more or less a best of compilation with a few rarities thrown in to make it a worthwhile purchase for the hardcore fans of the band too. The latter part of the band´s audience need not go out of their way to get "Chasing Time" in my opinion though, as the rarities are only moderately interesting. "Chasing Time" is more a release for the casual listener, who gets an easy way to get into Fates Warning without having to listen to seven full albums of music, and for that purpose the compilation works really well. You get a fairly good idea of the music style on each of the band´s releases. The tracklist is not chronological, which might confuse new listeners, but to my ears the choice to arrange the compilation like that actually works pretty well. You can always argue if the right songs where picked for the tracklist or not, but as it is it´s a pretty good presentation of Fates Warning up until 1995. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

FATES WARNING Disconnected

Album · 2000 · Progressive Metal
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Well, 'A Pleasant Shade of Gray' appears to have been a hit with fans, so why not continue in that direction? With the single guitar/keyboard approach that incorporates more ambience, as well as a beefier production that gives the band a heavier sound, 'Disconnected' picks up right where its predecessor left off.

It seems odd for a progressive metal album to be considered "stripped down", but that's exactly what we have here. With the songwriting being the main focus, and not the performances of individuals, there is some solid music that lacks a lot of the shredding musical virtuosity associated with the genre. And it's a refreshing change.

That's not to say these guys are slouches! Guitarist Jim Matheos can write some very interesting guitar riffs, and drummer Mark Zonder is an absolute beast. Neither man afraid to stray away from standard 4/4 time signatures and go completely bonkers in some places, yet with riffs that don't come anywhere near to being too flashy or overbearing. When you include eerily compelling keyboard work by Kevin Moore (yes, THE Kevin Moore), it makes for an all-round solid package by one of prog metals pioneers.

Songs like 'One', 'So', 'Pieces of Me' and the absolute gem of the album, the 16-minute 'Still Remains', make this an essential progressive metal release, especially for fans who are growing weary of excessive soloing and musical indulgence.

FATES WARNING Movies Reviews

FATES WARNING The View From Here

Movie · 2003 · Progressive Metal
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After owning this DVD for around 4 years, I can say one thing for sure. It serves as a healthy crash course in the Ray Alder era of Fates Warning. It was actually my first Fates Warning purchase, and I now consider them one of my favorite prog metal bands. All of the footage included features the band fronted by Ray Alder, but they do touch briefly on the John Arch-era material (“Prelude To Ruin” but done with Alder). A large portion of the concert footage can be described loosely as bootleg quality (at least when it comes to production and editing), but definitely above average in terms of overall visual quality.

As great as this is as an introductory piece to Fates Warning fan, it may also find it’s place in your collection to be a temporary one. In recent years, Metal Blade Records has done an outstanding job in re-issuing a large portion of Fates Warning’s back catalog. As many of their re-released albums have included a great amount of footage on bonus DVDs, much of what exist on The View From Here has become available in other ways. Additionally, I believe the band’s complete performance of A Pleasant Shade of Gray is available on DVD in some markets.

I also wonder why, on a DVD that runs roughly an hour long, they chose to include two examples of song repetition. You get both the music video for “Point of View” and their performance of the song at the Dynamo festival. The same Dynamo concert features a performance of “The Eleventh Hour”, which is also included as a bonus performance from another venue in rough bootleg quality. There were surely plenty other performances in the Fates Warning archives that could have added some more variety to this compilation.

As a big fan of this group, I was pleased to see some of the behind the scenes footage from the making of their Disconnected album. Though I’ll admit, it doesn’t go into too much depth. There is also a small trailer for the promotion of the Parallels album. To see the creation of Parallels in more detail, check out their 2CD/1DVD re-issue of that album.

This is a good DVD to pick up for more die-hard Fates Warning fans and those who are just getting into the band. Merely an appetizer.


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