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Arch / Matheos is a project evolving around Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos and former Fates Warning vocalist John Arch.

The band also features Frank Aresti on guitars, Joey Vera on bass, and Bobby Jarzombek on drums.
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ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance album cover 4.20 | 48 ratings
Sympathetic Resonance
Progressive Metal 2011

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ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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Arch/ Matheos is the project that was to be the next Fates Warning album but never came to be. Instead Fates Warning’s vocalist John Arch and guitarist Jim Matheos came together to create something as special that would please Fates Warning fans and beyond.

The album “Sympathetic Resonance” opens with 'Neurotically Wired', and immediately the high powered high register vocals of Arch resonates beautifully. The vocals are as clear and exceptional as in the Fates Warning days. The guitars hammer on with pounding riffs as one would expect from the legendary guitarist Matheos. There are some stunning time sig changes and overall a strong prog metal vibe.

The melodic chorus on 'Midnight Serenade' is infectious, and this is followed by the longest song,'Stained Glass Sky'. This features amazing dextrous lead guitar work and a killer riff. 'On the Fence' is more emotional, a power ballad of sorts, and particularly shines with Matheos’ lead breaks and guitar tones. 'Any Given Day (Strangers like me)' begins with wonderful instrumentation, and acoustic vibrations. It builds with a great percussion meter from Bobby Jarzombek, and switches tempo at will with some pummeling riffs and the omnipresent bassline of Joey Vera.

The closer is 'Incense and Myrrh', a short track with enough power to make it worthwhile. The distorted riffs resound nicely in the ears, and has an outstanding melody.

Overall this album is a real crowd pleaser, a definitive prog metal album, and hopefully not the last time Arch and Matheos will collaborate, as they are obviously capable of greatness even without the Fates Warning moniker.

ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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I was so happy to see this named the album of the year for 2011 on this site. This was my favourite Metal album of that year and without question the most anticipated record for me as well for 2011. And no it did not disappoint. Unoficially this is a FATES WARNING album with the rest of the FATES band here helping Arch and Matheos out.I have to mention that Arch's solo record "Twist Of Fate" is still one of my favourite Prog-Metal albums ever and that's why i was so anxious to hear this when the news about this broke. Arch is my favourite vocalist ever and he really puts on a show here. "Neurotically Wired" is dark to start as reserved vocals join in.When it kicks in heavily i can't stop smiling. I'm just blown away by Arch. Incredible track ! "Midnight Serenade" is atmospheric to start as riffs and vocals follow. Another song i can't get enough of. "Stained Glass Sky" is the longest tune and they contrast the heavy and mellow sections well. "On The Fence" is another favourite. A dark and heavy ride just the way i like it. "Any Given Day(Strangers Like Me)" is another rip your face off intense track. "Incense And Myrrh" is my least favourite but it does sound great once it kicks in after a couple of minutes. A must have for Prog-Metal fans, no doubt about it. I can't praise this one enough.

ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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Another album that's highly praised but didn't do much for me. Not sure because I don't really dig FATES WARNING or this record is just simply lack of great tracks, felt too flat without any significant melodies, and a bit too modern for me. 'Neurotically Wired' starts slow before the heavy rhythm kicks in, however after the first 4-5 minutes, I just don't get the essence and I think it lack of powerful melodies, even though I admire the great harmonic vocals and the thundering solos here. 'Midnight Serenade' is better than the opening tune even though I still think it's quite decent modern metal tune.

'Stained Glass Sky' steals the show for me. A long and complex intro gradually build the song's momentum, I can feel a thick middle-eastern scent here, and the song itself is very dynamic, I love the slowtempo acoustic insertion in the middle, and overall perhaps the best track of the album. Although 'On The Fence' is the real stain here, a very average and kinda bored me to death, easily the weakest track and a big mistake.

'Any Given Day' is explosive, a good prog/metal track but I believe I've heard many better tunes to be honest. 'Incense and Myrrh' is interesting but doesn't really live up my expectation that this is gonna be an awesome closer. A short acoustical-driven track, quite slow, probably to lower the tension, I don't really mind this at all. For fans of both members, 'Sympathetic Resonance' is a must, but to me, overall a good album, bordering on average, and could have been much better. 65-70%

ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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Sympathetic Resonance is an album that was rumored to be the next Fates Warning album. I'm actually quite pleased it was not, though I do happen to be a Fates Warning fan. Featuring the vocals of former Fates Warning vocalist John Arch and Fates Warning’s guitarist Jim Matheos, there were of course many high expectations for this album. What I find unique about this album is the complete absence of keyboards, a common piece of a Progressive Metal band. Despite this absence, the band has a HUGE sound. And while it is most definitely a Progressive Metal album, it would be very accessible to fans of other Metal sub-genres. Sounding like a cross between Queensryche and Rush at times, with bombastic heavy guitar riffs and Led Zeppelin-esque vocals, this album will rock your socks off!

ARCH / MATHEOS Sympathetic Resonance

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
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"Sympathetic Resonance" is the debut full-length studio album by US progressive metal act Arch / Matheos. The album was released through Metal Blade Records in September 2011. Arch / Matheos is a project formed by former Fates Warning frontman John Arch and Fates Warning guitarist and main composer Jim Matheos. Since John Arch left Fates Warning in 1987, little has been heard from the singer. The 2003 "A Twist of Fate" EP, which was released under his own name, and which was also created in collaboration with Jim Matheos, didn´t result in a comeback to the scene. It did however signal that John Arch wasn´t completely through with music and when he was approached by Jim Matheos, who had written material for a new project, his interest was aroused and the two of them started sending music files to each other. Matheos would send his compositions to Arch, and Arch would write melody lines and lyrics to go along with the compositions. When it came to recording the album they enlisted a couple of prolific and greatly skilled musicians to record the bass, drum and lead guitar parts in bassist Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Engine, Armored Saint), drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Fates Warning, Halford, Iced Earth) and lead guitarist Frank Aresti (Fates Warning).

The music on the album is guitar driven progressive metal rooted in the eighties progressive metal movement (before keyboards became an integrated part of most progressive metal music). With all musicians involved being related to Fates Warning, it´s impossible not to think of this album in relation to that band and especially the early John Arch-led Fates Warning releases, but ultimately "Sympathetic Resonance" doesn´t sound like neither that era nor later Fates Warning eras. Arch / Matheos have succeeded in striking a good balance between recognisable elements from their Fates Warning past (and for some present) and an original progressive metal sound.

The riffs are dark and heavy, the rythm section provide complex and powerful playing and John Arch signature high pitched and nasal vocal delivery is the icing on the cake. The latter´s vocal melody lines are amazing to say the least. Not only is he one of the most powerful and distinct sounding vocalist in metal, his way of writing melody lines is brilliant too. Lots of twists and turns delivered with great passion and conviction.

The 6 tracks on the album are for the most part structurally complex. Especially the three longest tracks on the album, "Neurotically Wired", "Stained Glass Sky" and "Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me)", are really complex, going through multible sections and atmospheres. That´s why it´s also great for the dynamics of the album that the band include more direct and relatively more "simple" tracks like "Midnight Serenade" and "Incense and Myrrh". While the former is a powerful progressive metal track the latter is a beautiful ballad, that closes the album in great style. The dark and heavy "On the Fence" is probably the least remarkable track on the album, but it says a lot about the quality of the rest of the material, when a fantastic track like "On the Fence" is pulled out as an example of a slight decline in quality. And mind you I say a SLIGHT decline in quality.

"Sympathetic Resonance" is simply through and through a fantastic progressive metal release to fans of guitar and vocal driven progressive metal. We´re talking top notch musicianship, a warm and powerful sound production and outstanding songwriting. To my ears progressive metal doesn´t come better than this. "Sympathetic Resonance" is a born classic in the genre and fully deserves a 5 star (100%) rating.

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Wow this could prove to be fantastic.
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Stooge wrote:
more than 2 years ago
This is the first time I've heard of this project (aside from their Twist of Fate collaboration). I wonder if this will be similar because the lineup is basically FW.


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