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FATES WARNING - Inside Out cover
3.86 | 37 ratings | 5 reviews
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Album · 1994


1. Outside Looking In (4:50)
2. Pale Fire (4:18)
3. The Strand (5:29)
4. Shelter Me (4:45)
5. Island In The Stream (6:30)
6. Down To The Wire (4:30)
7. Face The Fear (5:37)
8. Inward Bound (2:34)
9. Monument (6:34)
10. Afterglow (3:26)

Total Time 48:37


- Ray Alder / Vocals
- Jim Matheos / Guitar
- Frank Aresti / Guitar
- Joe DiBiase / Bass
- Mark Zonder / Drums & Percussion

About this release

July 26th, 1994
Metal Blade

Expanded Edition as well as the combo edition with the album Disconnected has the following bonus tracks:

11. Outside Looking In (demo)
12. Shelter Me (demo)
13. Island In The Stream (demo)

Reissued in 2012 with a bonus disc with the following tracklist:

1. Outside Looking In (live)
2. Down To The Wire (live)
3. The Eleventh Hour (live)
4. Point Of View (live)
5. Face The Fear (live)
6. Outside Looking In (demo)
7. Pale Fire (demo)
8. Shelter Me (demo)
9. Island In The Stream (demo)
10. Face The Fear (demo)
11. Monument (rough mix)
12. Circles (demo)

The 2012 Reissue also has a bonus Dvd with the following tracklist:

Inside Out Live

1. Outside Looking In (1994/1995)
2. Pale Fire (1993/1994)
3. The Strand (1994)
4. Shelter Me (1993)
5. Island In The Stream (2010)
6. Down To The Wire (1994/1995)
7. Face The Fear (1994/1995)
8. Monument (1994/1995)
9. Afterglow (Slide Show)

Dvd Extras

10. Live In Still Water (1994)
11. Through Different Eyes (1995)
12. Guardian (Mike Portnoy Drums) (1994)
13. Shades Of Heavenly Death (1995)
14. MTV Europe Interview (1995)
15. Eye To Eye (1994/1995)
16. Face The Face Of Fear (1994)
17. Don't Follow Me (1994)
18. Shortest Show Ever (1994)
19. Guardian (Arch/Alder Duet) (1994)

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

The follow-up to the highly successful 'Parallels', 'Inside Out' is almost identical in sound and style to its predecessor, so much so that it is often regarded as "Parallels Part 2", though I find it is an unfair assumption as this album does contain material of some merit, even going as far as to say it's some of the bands tightest and most consistent songwriting.

Musically, this album follows on where 'Parallels' left off, which a strong emphasis on duel-guitar melodies that allow both players to shine, Mark Zonder's incredible drumming that adds so much flavor to the music, without dominating or taking too much spotlight, and Ray Alder's vocals which truly peaked here, especially in terms of range and capability.

The production is neat and tidy, with no musician being given preference. It does a good job of being a metal album, while also emphasizing the melody of the band.

With songs like 'Outside Looking In', 'Monument', 'Pale Fire', 'The Strand' and 'Face the Fear', it's clear that 'Inside Out' is an underrated classic, which is often overshadowed by the strengths of what came before. It's got some of the bands strongest material and is definitely a worthy addition to the collections of metal and prog fans.
Fates Warning's Inside Out takes the overall compositional approach of Parallels and gives it a rather more harsh and edgy production style, which feels like an attempt to hop on board the sort of grimier aesthetic that had become popular in the mid-1990s. Between this and the fact that this doesn't really show much development over Parallels (to the point where if you presented this as a collection of off-cuts from the Parallels sessions, perhaps with a remix to suit the smoother production of that album, you could probably persuade people that was the case), and this just doesn't feel like such an essential part of the Fates Warning discography.
"Inside Out" is the 7th full-length studio album by US progressive metal act Fates Warning. The album was released in July 1994 by Metal Blade Records. Fates Warning had enjoyed some commercial success with "Parallels (1991)", which is arguably the most accessible album release by the band, and in some ways the sound on "Inside Out" follows the same formula. Ultimately I think "Inside Out" sounds very different from "Parallels" though.

The much colder and harsher production (courtesy of Fates Warning and Bill Metoyer) sounds very different from the warm and polished Terry Brown production that graced "Parallels". The technical playing is also more prominent on "Inside Out", than was the case on the more subtle progressive "Parallels". There are even a couple of relatively long instrumental parts on the album. Most notably the closing minute of "The Strand" and the middle section in "Monument". The drumming in particular is more prominently technical this time around. Drummer Mark Zonder hits more off-beat notes on this album than what you hear on a standard Bob Marley release and I guess that speaks for itself. Mark Zonder´s playing is as always very tasteful though and his drumming style unique.

Tasteful is actually a very good way to describe the music on "Inside Out". While the vocal melodies are not as memorable as they were on the last album and the playing is more focused on technical details than was the case on "Parallels", the band still create clever compositions and they sound like they play everything with ease. There is a unique flow in the songs that, along with the simultanious clean electric and distorted guitar playing, is one of the defining characteristics of this era Fates Warning. One of the other defining characteristics is of course the distinct sounding vocals by Ray Alder. His performance here is confident and he possesses great skill and the ability to create great emotional impact. The lyrical content hasn´t changed much since "Parallels", and still deal with thoughts and emotions in general.

The songs on the album are generally accessible and memorable. There are several standout tracks on the album but I´d mention "Outside Looking In", "Pale Fire", "The Strand", "Island in the Stream" and "Monument" among the highlights.

"Inside Out" is another outstanding release by Fates Warning and while it´s true that the album is often mentioned as a release that stands in the shadows of "Parallels", I think "Inside Out" in it´s own right is a unique release that deserves a lot of praise. "Inside Out" fully deserves a 5 star rating in my book.

"Inside Out" marks the end of an era in Fates Warning´s career as long-time members Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiase would leave the band after the tour supporting the album. The loss of especially Frank Aresti would have a major impact on how the next couple of albums would sound as Fates Warning opted to continue with only one guitarist. But bassist Joe DiBiase´s contributions to the unique sound that Fates Warning had in the late eighties/ early nineties definitely shouldn´t go unnoticed either.
Time Signature

Genre: progressive metal

Fates Warning is one of my favorite bands, and "Inside Out" is one of the main reasons why. "Inside Out" has been described as an underrated album, and it probably is - maybe it's because of the very uninteresting cover artwork that it did not capture the attention of that many people.

Musically, however, it's got everything. It's got Zonder's brilliant drumming. It's got guitar harmonies. It's got guitar solos. It's got simple and comples riffs. It's got catchy melodies. It's got fantastic vocals. It's got odd time signatures. It's got "Monument", which is my favorite Fates Warning track. It's even got the obligatory couple of ballads that I don't care fore.

It is true that "Inside Out" is softer than Fates Warning's older stuff, but that does not make it a bad album. Ofcouse, I'm biased, as I think it's one of the best rock albums ever.
Inside Out is something of a less metal version of their previous album, Parallels, but don’t let that scare you away. There are still several great songs on here. In fact, there is not a single song on the album that I dislike. It is a very consistent effort by the band with several memorable choruses and with great vocal delivery by singer Ray Alder. His vocals are phenomenal in “Shelter Me”, “Island In The Stream”, and album closer “Afterglow”.

Guitarists Jim Matheos and Frank Aresti play with a lighter, more melodic approach than on past albums, but I’m a fan of the results. The guitars on “Pale Fire”, “Down To The Wire”, and the instrumental “Inward Bound” certainly falls under melodic territory. There are some parts of the album where there is a more metallic attack on the guitar (parts of “Outside Looking In” and “Monument”, for example), but overall nothing overly aggressive in nature. Despite this, I’d still brand the album as a metal album by a metal band.

While the album has more of a laid back vibe, this doesn’t mean drummer Mark Zonder is going to be satisfied playing straightforward drum parts. His signature playing style is in tact and can be heard on tracks such as “The Strand” and “Face The Fear” among others. Unfortunately for bassist Joe DiBiase, his presence on the album isn’t as recognizable, with only his playing in “Monument” being immediately noticeable.

Though lacking in heaviness in places, Inside Out is an excellent album that prog metal fans will certainly appreciate.

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