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Burst was a progressive metalcore / post-hardcore / post-sludge metal band from Kristinehamn in Sweden, active between 1993 and 2009.

Rock without age, metal without spikes, progression without beards, melodic without complacency; tastefully experimental, abrasive, atmospheric, harmonious, offering blunt force, warm soundscapes and somber moods. Descriptions and metaphors are in abundance for Bursts surprisingly accessible musical language.

Burst thrive on an undying, unyielding, and uncompromising love of music. Their purpose is to channel this fixation into the format that make up the band, by whatever path they need to take, and wherever this may lead them. Truly unaware of fads and trends, Burst write music for their own satisfaction, and thus always dig deep into their collective pool of influences, indulging in their peculiar nuances in order to retrieve something truly honest and passionately heartfelt. Always deeply sincere, yet often with a mischievous wink in the eye.

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BURST Discography

BURST albums / top albums

BURST Two Faced album cover 2.92 | 2 ratings
Two Faced
Metalcore 1998
BURST Conquest: Writhe album cover 3.33 | 2 ratings
Conquest: Writhe
Metalcore 2000
BURST Prey On Life album cover 4.33 | 7 ratings
Prey On Life
Metalcore 2003
BURST Origo album cover 4.27 | 5 ratings
Hardcore Punk 2005
BURST Lazarus Bird album cover 3.98 | 14 ratings
Lazarus Bird
Progressive Metal 2008

BURST EPs & splits

BURST Burst album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Metalcore 1995
BURST Shadowcaster album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Metalcore 1996
BURST Forsaken, Not Forgotten album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Forsaken, Not Forgotten
Metalcore 1998
BURST In Coveting Ways album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
In Coveting Ways
Metalcore 2002
BURST Forlani / Sculpt The Lives album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Forlani / Sculpt The Lives
Metalcore 2003
BURST Burst / The Ocean album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Burst / The Ocean
Metalcore 2005

BURST live albums

BURST demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

BURST Promo 2001 album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Promo 2001
Metalcore 2001

BURST re-issues & compilations

BURST In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe
Metalcore 2003
BURST Origo + Prey On Life album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Origo + Prey On Life
Metalcore 2005

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BURST Reviews


Album · 2005 · Hardcore Punk
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"Origo" is the 4th full-length studio album by Swedish progressive post-hardcore act Burst. The album was released through Relapse Records in October 2005. It´s the successor to "Prey on Life" from 2003 and features the exact same lineup who recorded the predecessor. "Prey on Life (2003)" saw Burst signing to Relapse Records, after releasing their first two albums on a smaller label, and they generally received a lot of posititive feedback from fans and critics alike.

Stylistically the music on "Prey on Life (2003)" was progressive post-hardcore, which is both aggressive and adventurous in nature, and the basis is the same on "Origo" although it´s overall a relatively different sounding album to it´s predecessor. Linus Jägerskog´s aggressive shouting hardcore vocals are still the main vocal style, but a few more clean vocal sections have been incorporated to the material on "Origo", and it´s overall a more melodic and varied release than "Prey on Life (2003)". Heavy progressive tracks like "Sever" and "Flight´s End" are complimented by faster and more aggressive tracks like "Slave Emotion" and "Stormwielder", and Burst even venture into instrumental post-rock territory on "It Comes Into View", which is a nicely atmospheric track.

In the case of "Origo" it´s not really fair to only mention specific tracks though, as the album is cleverly constructed to be a collective listening experience. Great care has been taken to place the songs on the tracklist to create the right atmosphere or emotion at the right time and it´s a praise worthy effort which pays off in the end, when the listener is left with a feeling of having listened to a journey of creative musical ideas, which comes together as a perfect whole (not completely unlike how "Prey on Life (2003)" is also constructed).

Although the basis of the band´s music is predominantly made up of two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals, Burst have opted to include atmospheric keyboards to the music. The keyboards are generally used tastefully and only for effect, so it´s not an omnipresent dominant feature. "Origo" features a powerful, clear, and detailed sound production, which suits the material perfectly, and we´re also treated to high class musicianship from all involved, so upon conclusion this is a high quality album release by Burst. There´s not a single negative thing I can say about "Origo" and a 5 star (100%) rating is fully deserved.

BURST Prey On Life

Album · 2003 · Metalcore
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"Prey On Life" is the 3rd full-length studio album by Swedish progressive post hardcore act Burst. The album was released through Relapse Records in September 2003. Burst showed great progress and will to experiment with their original melodic post hardcore sound on the preceeding "In Coveting Ways (2002)" EP, but "Prey On Life" shows Burst at the top of their game.

The music on "Prey On Life" is intriguing on many levels. First of all it´s a pretty extreme album (not death/black/grind extreme). The vocals by Linus Jägerskog are especially savage. I struggle to come up with a vocalist with a more caustic and aggressive delivery. This one is a blood cougher. Shouting and raw hardcore type vocals. The clean vocals, which Burst would start using more on later releases, are only featured briefly on the track "Crystal Asunder". The music itself is very energetic and while rooted in hardcore, Burst take that style and twist it completely into something of their own. References to acts such as The Ocean, Converge and the post hardcore pioneers in Breach are valid enough but Burst stand out from the crowd as something special because of the way they combine extreme aggression, melody, and progressive ideas. The two guitarists compliment each other very well and it´s seldom they play the same notes. The bass and the drums are technically well played and adventurous.

Besides the high level musicianship it´s the songwriting that needs to be mentioned as one of the standout features on "Prey On Life". Innovative and adventurous are two words that come to mind when trying to describe the music on "Prey On Life". The album is a kind of loose musical concept with a recurrent theme in the intro track "Undoing (Prey on Life)", the intermezzo track "Fourth Sun", that divides the album in two, and in the outro track "Epidemic". Picking highlights is difficult because all tracks on the album are of such high quality but the opening trio of tracks (excluding the intro) "Iris", "Sculpt the Lives" and "Rain" are simply outstanding aggressive and technical/progressive post hardcore tracks. Especially the latter mentioned is pure genious in my book. "Monument" and "Visionary" also deserve special mentions.

The sound production is powerful and detailed, and while it´s clear enough to be able to differenciate what the instruments do at any given time, it´s also raw and hits like a hammer. It´s a very successful sound production which perfectly suits the music.

"Prey On Life" is an outstanding album in my book and if you need an introduction to the more adventurous side of post hardcore, I´d strongly recommend that you make "Prey On Life" one of your first purchases. Burst have developed and refined their sound on subsequent albums, but the perfect balance between sophisticated progressive ideas and raw hardcore power on "Prey On Life" is something I dare say they will never achieve again. To my ears this album is a pure masterpiece. High quality musicianship, a powerful sound production, and outstanding and innovative compositions. A 5 star (100%) rating couldn´t be more deserved.

BURST In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe

Boxset / Compilation · 2003 · Metalcore
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"In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe" is a compilation album by Swedish post hardcore act Burst. The album was released through Ritual Records in 2003. The compilation includes the band´s 2nd full-length studio album "Conquest: Writhe (2000)", the "In Coveting Ways (2002)" EP, and a single from 1998 titled "Forsaken Not Forgotten". This is a great way to be introduced to the early music by Burst instead of purchasing the releases seperately. And pretty surely a much cheaper one too.

CD1 features the tracks from "In Coveting Ways (2002)" and "Forsaken Not Forgotten (1998)". The 4 tracks from "In Coveting Ways (2002)" are high quality material while the 2 tracks from "Forsaken Not Forgotten (1998)" should probably be considered as bonus material as they don´t exactly feature the same high standards as the rest of the material on this compilation.

CD2 features all tracks from the band´s 2nd full-length studio album "Conquest: Writhe (2000)". It´s a pretty strong post hardcore album with a slight progressive edge but the material are generally not as strong as the material from the "In Coveting Ways (2002)" EP on CD1.

All in all this is an interesting compilation and a very worthy purchase. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is certainly warranted and considering that the original releases are probably very hard to come by today, compilations like these are always welcome.

BURST In Coveting Ways

EP · 2002 · Metalcore
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"In Coveting Ways" is an EP release by Swedish post hardcore act Burst. The EP was released through Chrome Saint Magnus in 2002. It was released between their 2nd full-length studio album "Conquest: Writhe (2000)" and the band´s 3rd full-length studio album "Prey on Life (2003)". All tracks on "In Coveting Ways" were re-released as part of the "In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe" compilation album in 2003. On "Conquest: Writhe (2000)", Burst showed a lot of interesting progress from their original melodic post hardcore style, but on "In Coveting Ways" they are close to perfecting their more progressive post hardcore style and the 4 tracks on the 16:37 minutes long EP could easily have been included on "Prey on Life (2003)". Both in terms of overall style but certainly also because of the high quality of the tracks.

The music on the EP is still based on melodic post hardcore, but even though the roots of Burst music are in hardcore the 4 tracks on the EP feature experimental twists and turns. The two longest tracks "Scavenger" and "Paradise Regained" feature multible sections while the two shorter tracks "Black But Shining" and "Ars Diavoli" are more energetic and direct but still rather sophisticated. For example take a listen to the fast-paced riff in "Black But Shining" that is doubled by an acoustic guitar. To my ears that´s a great adventurous idea and a shiny example of the importance of details in music. The vocals are raw hardcore screaming/shouting and Linus Jägerskog delivers his vocals with conviction and passion. Somehow he is able to sound both really aggressive and melancholic at the same time. I was a bit overwhelmed by the aggressive "core" type vocal approach when I initially started listening to Burst but over time I´ve grown to really appreciate his aggressive vocal style.

The musicianship are on a high level all around. Burst are an incredibly well playing band, but that was more or less obvious already on their debut album, but on this EP Burst show what they are capable of and it´s quite a bit actually. Fast intricate riffing and a dynamic rhythm section are in addition to the strong vocals some of the assets on "In Coveting Ways".

The sound production is powerful, professional and well sounding. A bit darker than the more clear sound on "Prey on Life (2003)" but still very well sounding. Overall "In Coveting Ways" is a very worthy purchase for people into challenging semi-progressive melodic post hardcore with extreme vocals. The music features many similarities to the music by artists like The Ocean, Converge, and Breach but Burst ultimately have their own unique style. "In Coveting Ways" is easily worth a 4 star (80%) rating.

BURST Conquest: Writhe

Album · 2000 · Metalcore
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"Conquest: Writhe" is the 2nd album by Swedish post hardcore act Burst. The album was released through PFC/Prank Records in 2000. The 11 tracks on the 36:06 minutes long album are also featured on the "In Coveting Ways & Conquest: Writhe (2003)" compilation album along with the 6 tracks from the 2002 "In Coveting Ways" EP.

Burst debut full-length studio album titled "Two Faced (1998)" was a pretty simple and effective hardcore album with melodic leanings that showed the more progressive direction that Burst would take later on in their career, but only in very brief glimpses. With "Conquest: Writhe", Burst take another step towards the more experimental sound they would perfect on "Prey on Life (2003)".

The music is melodic post hardcore with a few experimental elements here and there. An example would be the screaming (almost growling vocals) over an acoustic part in "Juxtaposed" or the choice of unconventional notes and chord progressions which make this album quite different from other hardcore albums. I would go as far as to call "Conquest: Writhe" a sophisticated hardcore album. I wouldn´t go as far as to call the music progressive though. All tracks are solid but there are few truly standout moments on the album and it does get a bit same sounding along the way. There are not enough fixpoints/hooks in the songs to tell them apart. Don´t get the wrong idea though this is still quality music if you like melodic post hardcore (think a band like Converge) with a pretty angry sounding frontman.

The musicianship are generally strong on "Conquest: Writhe" and I really enjoy the melodic chords progressions and the tight playing rhythm section. Linus Jägerskog has a pretty extreme voice and it´s probably an aquired taste if you can appreciate his raw shouting delivery, but personally I really enjoy his brutal and fiercely aggressive vocal style. The album features a professional, clear and powerful sound production, which suits the music well. Upon conclusion I´d call "Conquest: Writhe" a good quality transition album that sees the band holding on to their hardcore past, but at the same time experiment with more progressive ideas. They are not fully there yet but a 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is still warranted.

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