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Album · 2001


1. The Words Unspoken (5:29)
2. Crescendo of Thoughts (5:24)
3. In the Deepest of Waters (7:07)
4. Chameleon Carnival (4:59)
5. Star Shooter Supreme (5:18)
6. Extension of the Wish (10:03)
7. Arch Angel (5:53)
8. Journey of Polyspheric Experience (demo version) (7:30)

Total Time: 51:45


- Thomas Lejon / drums
- Gert Daun / bass
- Johan Reinholdz / guitar
- Martin Hedin / keyboards
- Lawrence Mackrory / vocals

About this release

Century Media 8000-2

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

We all have those bands that we're huge fans of, yet no one else has ever heard of them. Or perhaps they have, but they're just not as passionate about them as you are. Maybe they like the odd song, or mildly enjoy their discography, but wouldn't go as far as to consider them a favourite of theirs.

Allow me to introduce you to "that band" of mine.

Stumbling across Andromeda online, I purchased this almost immediately after hearing and falling in love with the title track, 'Extension of the Wish'. I couldn't believe how stellar this, their debut album, was. Being a huge fan of progressive metal, theirs was the perfect sound. Atmospheric with a spacey vibe, and full of the usual over-the-top virtuoso performances that you'd expect of the genre. How are this band not more well-known?!

Written by guitarist Johann Reinholdz (who was only 21 at the time... jeez...), 'Extension of the Wish' is full of guitar and keyboard acrobatics that put most other bands to shame. The drumming is absolutely insane, yet Thomas Lejon never misses a beat, and singer David Fremberg's powerful voice is full of passion and raw energy.

Opening track 'The Words Unspoken' is one of the best prog metal songs I've ever heard, and instrumental 'Chameleon Carnival' is an absolute joy to listen to, showing off Reinholdz's vast knowledge of guitar scales and fret-board mastery. Then there's songs like 'Crescendo of Thoughts', 'Star Shooter Supreme', 'Arch Angel', bonus track 'Journey of Polyspheric Experience' and of course, the title piece itself, 'Extension of the Wish'. There is not a dull moment on this incredible album and it's an absolute travesty that not many people know this band exists.

Without a doubt Andromeda are one of my all-time favourite bands, and this, their debut release, is exactly why. It may seem ludicrous to think a band can get a five-star rating with their first outing, but damn, 'Extension of the Wish' really is that good! If you're into prog metal, do yourself a favour and get this album now.
7/8's the new groovy!

Note, I have not heard the original Extension of the Wish, only this version, and I love it! Although the album art is much less creative, the music is still great. Andromeda has really created their own brew of progressive metal, something that, surprisingly, is not really influenced by Dream Theater. They are definitely one of the more creative prog metal bands in the mix. Extension of the Wish is a favorite of mine; it's a great album in general.

The Words Unspoken has a nice technical 7/8 intro, as do most of the songs, with a spacey distorted guitar. The technicality of the song is impressive, with switch off solos between synth and guitar. The new singer really shows off his pipes on this song.

Crescendo of Thoughts opens up yet again with that spacey and groovy 7/8 soloing between synth and guitar. The melody is most prominent in this song, among the instrumental technicality.

In The Deepest Waters is a fun track, yet again in 7/8 (I think the drummer just lays out a beat and the other players just solo around it). The rhythms and instrumental sections are nice, as are the semi-melodic choruses. The outro neatly fades into the next track, another upside of the album.....

....Starshooter Supreme is a great fun track built (again) around 7/8. The soloing is fun and inventful, as are the verses and chorus.

Chameleon Carnival is easily one of the best tracks on the album, a fun instrumental 7/8 groove built around some fun solos between guitar, bass, and synth. A very fun track to listen to; it's one of those prog songs that you just want to bob your head to.

Extension of the Wish is the first truly melodic song on the album. It's just over 10 minutes, being the longest track on the album. The song is built not around 7/8, but a 10/8 groove, finally a change! The verses and chorus are very melodic are definitely something that could be remembered. The album begins a slow decline after this, as the first songs are much more upbeat and fun that the remaining tracks.

Arch Angel is the second really melodic song, with a much lighter chorus and not as much technicality when it comes to soloing, which is reduced in number.

Journey of Polyspheric Experience is a really spacey song. You just want to kick back and be enveloped by the spacey synth voice. It has a really trippy feel to it, with less technicality again. The chorus isn't "melodic," but more lighter and is more of a psychedelic-metal feel.

Eclipse, the last and most likely lightest track on the album, tries to fit in a little symphonic into the space metal. The soling is slower, more careful, less upbeat and fun, and more focused on staying both technical and melodic in feel. A nice end to a great space metal album.

ALBUM OVERALL: A fantastic album. The first 6 are much better than the remaining 3, but all 9 are still fantastic. The technicality really outmatches the melodic element, so it doesn't have all three of the Dream Theater "prog, metal, and *melodic*," but it is still fantastic. A great deviation from traditional prog metal, and a fantastic album. 4+ stars.

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