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Savatage is a heavy metal/progressive metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1979. The band is known for recording many rock operas. Early on, Savatage was a traditional heavy metal band, who stood out from the pack due to guitarist Criss Oliva's uncommonly heavy riffing and vocalist Jon Oliva's unique vocal stylings.

Following the failure of Fight for the Rock, an attempt to commercialize their sound, Savatage began moving in a more operatic direction, releasing a number of rock opera albums in collaboration with producer Paul O'Neill.

After the tragic death of Criss Oliva, the band soldiered on to continued critical acclaim but diminishing commercial success. However, Oliva and O'Neill lucked out when a single from Dead Winter Dead, "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)", managed to crack the singles chart. The song, a reworking of a classic Christmas hymn, acted as a launching pad for the immensely
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SAVATAGE Discography

SAVATAGE albums / top albums

SAVATAGE Sirens album cover 3.43 | 32 ratings
US Power Metal 1983
SAVATAGE Power Of The Night album cover 3.29 | 34 ratings
Power Of The Night
Heavy Metal 1985
SAVATAGE Fight For The Rock album cover 2.50 | 24 ratings
Fight For The Rock
Heavy Metal 1986
SAVATAGE Hall Of The Mountain King album cover 4.03 | 57 ratings
Hall Of The Mountain King
US Power Metal 1987
SAVATAGE Gutter Ballet album cover 3.81 | 55 ratings
Gutter Ballet
Heavy Metal 1989
SAVATAGE Streets: A Rock Opera album cover 3.82 | 44 ratings
Streets: A Rock Opera
Heavy Metal 1991
SAVATAGE Edge Of Thorns album cover 3.80 | 55 ratings
Edge Of Thorns
Heavy Metal 1993
SAVATAGE Handful Of Rain album cover 3.65 | 35 ratings
Handful Of Rain
Heavy Metal 1994
SAVATAGE Dead Winter Dead album cover 3.82 | 46 ratings
Dead Winter Dead
Heavy Metal 1995
SAVATAGE The Wake Of Magellan album cover 4.04 | 48 ratings
The Wake Of Magellan
Progressive Metal 1997
SAVATAGE Poets And Madmen album cover 4.22 | 26 ratings
Poets And Madmen
Progressive Metal 2001

SAVATAGE EPs & splits

SAVATAGE The Dungeons Are Calling album cover 3.21 | 18 ratings
The Dungeons Are Calling
US Power Metal 1984

SAVATAGE live albums

SAVATAGE Japan Live '94 album cover 2.75 | 8 ratings
Japan Live '94
Heavy Metal 1995
SAVATAGE Ghost In The Ruins: A Tribute To Criss Oliva album cover 3.79 | 9 ratings
Ghost In The Ruins: A Tribute To Criss Oliva
Heavy Metal 1995

SAVATAGE demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

SAVATAGE re-issues & compilations

SAVATAGE From The Gutter To The Stage: The Best Of 1981 - 1995 album cover 4.33 | 3 ratings
From The Gutter To The Stage: The Best Of 1981 - 1995
Heavy Metal 1995
SAVATAGE The Best And The Rest album cover 3.50 | 2 ratings
The Best And The Rest
Heavy Metal 1997
SAVATAGE Believe album cover 2.62 | 4 ratings
Heavy Metal 1998
SAVATAGE Still The Orchestra Plays: Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2 album cover 4.50 | 1 ratings
Still The Orchestra Plays: Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2
Heavy Metal 2010
SAVATAGE Return to Wacken album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Return to Wacken
Progressive Metal 2015

SAVATAGE singles (2)

.. Album Cover
2.00 | 1 ratings
One Child
Progressive Metal 1996
.. Album Cover
2.50 | 4 ratings
Progressive Metal 2001

SAVATAGE movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
3.83 | 3 ratings
Japan Live '94
Heavy Metal 1995


SAVATAGE Edge Of Thorns

Album · 1993 · Heavy Metal
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Savatage is one of those bands that has quite a few albums in competition for their magnum opus, and depending on some, Edge of Thorns is that album. The most prominent difference here is that Zachary Stevens replaces Jon Oliva on vocals, though Oliva was still heavily involved in writing. Zachary has a more refined vocal style; it’s smoother and more operatic, and dare I say accessible. This reviewer prefers Jon’s poignant delivery and passion, but Zachary is certainly no detriment to the band.

Otherwise, the album is a pretty balanced package, a culmination of the styles they’ve developed on the past 3 albums. It’s lush with piano, and features a strong variety of riff driven rockers, beautiful ballads and effective instrumentals. Unfortunately the first 2 tracks are the strongest, which is a pet peeve of mine. Monstrous openers showcase precisely Savatage utilizing their melodic ballad-meets-metal style (Edge of Thorns) and classic riff writing prowess (He Carves His Stone), but it never meets those heights again. Thankfully, there aren’t any bad tracks, and the album is class quality front to back.

SAVATAGE Commissar

Single · 2001 · Progressive Metal
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Savatage are an iconic band that have attracted praise both from metal and progressive rock press and fans. Some of their records rightly belong in the metal music annals. Alas, Poets and Madmen, their last album to date, isn't one of them. It's a deflated, uninspired record that, while touching all the right notes that are typical of Savatage's music, comes across as a faded version of the band that once was, leaving me deeply dissatisfied.

Released in February 2001, Commissioner is the single that preceded the full-length album Poets and Madmen. It is comprised of three songs. Two are taken from the forthcoming LP ("Commissar" and "Drive"), while the third ("Voyage") is a short original instrumental. Of the two album tracks, "Commissar" is the best. It contains all the elements that characterize Savatage's music: driving guitar riffs, check. Sophisticated piano and keyboard arrangements, check. Vocals that range from hard and gritty to velvety and sweet, check. Choral arrangements to give the music an extra dramatic flavor, check. Blistering guitar solos, check. However, although the band use all the right ingredients, the final product is a little insipid. The melodies are not that transcendental and everything feels like a half-hearted attempt to follow the classic Savatage formula (including a little déjà-vu moment on the fast vocal section of the song that reminds me of a similar passage from The Wake of Magellan). The meandering and shifting song structure does not help either. "Drive" is a shorter, more compact piece that pushes harder on the accelerator with a heavier sound and faster tempo. Again, it ticks all the right boxes but fails to leave a lasting impression. Meanwhile, "Voyage" is a 2 minutes and a half long instrumental acoustic piece by Al Pitrelli: nice but nothing to write home about.

The two album songs are exactly the same versions that you can find on the full-length and the only new track is really not much more than a small acoustic postlude, so given the choice I do not see why you should get this instead of the LP. A little more extra material, or at least alternate versions of some album tracks, could have made this a semi-interesting release. But the lack of extra non-album material combined with my general coldness towards the material from Poets and Madmen, makes me rate this release as really only for completionists who want to have all Savatage's releases. Everyone else should just get the full-length album.

SAVATAGE Streets: A Rock Opera

Album · 1991 · Heavy Metal
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Savatage’s first attempt at a full on Rock Opera is mostly successful. The sound mostly picks up right from the more operatic parts of Gutter Ballet. They turn up the cheese, usually working well with it as they always have. The highs here are magical; Tonight He Grins Again is one of their finest songs ever, and Believe is a great ballad and closer.

The issue here is the same as many other overlong concept albums. At 16 tracks and almost 70 minutes, there is a lot of filler. The first half particularly struggles to deliver as many of the songs are kind of just fun rockers, which is not Savatage’s niche (The only ballad on this half, A Little Too Far, is their worst ever). The second half leans more into the melodic balladry they’re so good at, picking up a nice melancholic tone that brings it home nicely. The lyrics are good, but the story itself really isn’t all that compelling, as it’s just a rock star who got fame, hit rock bottom, got back to rocking… We’ve heard it a million times.

Overrated, especially compared to their other albums, but still holds many gems.

SAVATAGE The Wake Of Magellan

Album · 1997 · Progressive Metal
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"The Wake Of Magellan" is the 10th full-length studio album by US power/heavy/progressive metal act Savatage. The album was released through Atlantic Records in September 1997 (not released until April 1998 in the US). It´s the successor to "Dead Winter Dead" from 1995 and features the exact same lineup who recorded the predecessor. Just as the case was with "Dead Winter Dead (1995)", "The Wake Of Magellan" is a concept release with all tracks making up a story. It´s essentially the story of an old Spanish sailor who sails his ship into the Atlantic ocean to die, but ends up saving a stowaway who has been thrown overboard from another ship, and his realization that all life is precious and that he should cherish his life instead of trying to commit suicide. It´s slightly deeper than that though as the main story is based on two real life events: The murder of Irish reporter Veronica Guerin (murdered while fighting the drug trade in her homeland) and the Maersk Dubai incident where a captain threw three Romanian stowaways overboard in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

"The Wake Of Magellan" is composed and structured much like you would imagine a heavy rock/metal Broadway musical would sound like. The two opening tracks "The Ocean" and "Welcome" are an almost arch typical Broadway musical show style opening, with the latter even featuring the lyric line: "Welcome to the Show". Ever since "Gutter Ballet (1989)" and especially "Streets: A Rock Opera (1991)", Savatage have incorporated more and more theatrical/musical style moments to their albums (on some albums more than on others) and it was almost inevitable that they would one day end up releasing an album like "The Wake Of Magellan".

It´s of course no surprise that Savatage are able to pull off doing something like this with what sounds like a natural ease. They have always been incredibly skilled and clever composers and equally brilliant musicians. The album concept works pretty well and "The Wake Of Magellan" is a dynamic and varied listen. From quiet piano/vocal moments to bombastic keyboard laden heavy rock/metal, Savatage can do it all. Zachary Stevens has a powerful voice and he is able to sing both mellow and melodic and more raw and hard rocking with the same amount of conviction. Original lead vocalist/keyboard player Jon Oliva has a few lead vocal songs on the album, which he also did on the last couple of releases, and we´re instantly reminded of how great a singer he was/is. Not to take too much away from Stevens, who is very talented and gifted singer with a great powerful voice, but Oliva is just a world class vocalist with a unique voice and singing style, and his performances on the early Savatage are not easily matched.

"The Wake Of Magellan" features a well sounding and detailed production, which suits the material well, and upon conclusion it´s another high quality release by Savatage. While the album certainly has its heavy riffs and hard rocking rhythm sections, it´s not Savatage most heavy release, and it´s probably very much up to the ears that hear if the listener will be able to enjoy the theatrical/Broadway musical style direction the band have taken on the album. Personally I would have prefered a lot more raw and heavy moments to the mellow piano driven story telling sections/tracks, but that´s a subjective view, and objectively seen "The Wake Of Magellan" is a high quality release and a 3.5 star (70%) rating is more than deserved.

SAVATAGE Dead Winter Dead

Album · 1995 · Heavy Metal
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"Dead Winter Dead" is the 9th full-length studio album by US power/heavy/progressive metal act Savatage. The album was released through Atlantic Records in October 1995. It´s the successor to "Handful Of Rain" from 1994 and features a couple of lineup changes since the predecessor as guitarist Alex Skolnick has jumped ship, and has been replaced by a returning Chris Caffery (who performed with Savatage in the late 80s and also collaborated with Jon Oliva on the Doctor Butcher project) and former Alice Cooper guitarist Al Pitrelli. Drummer Steve Wacholz had in reality already left Savatage before the recording of "Handful Of Rain (1994)" although he is credited for playing on the album. On the tour supporting "Handful Of Rain (1994)", Jeff Plate was hired as the band´s drummer, and he makes his first studio album appearance on "Dead Winter Dead".

"Dead Winter Dead" is a concept release (their second concept release after "Streets" from 1991), taking place in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war in the period 1990 to 1994. The main characters of the story are a young Serbian man and a young muslim Bosnian girl, who during the story realise the terrors of war and that fighting each other won´t help them have the future they both dream of. The story also features other twists like the old man playing Mozart and Beethoven compositions on his cello in the town square while mortar shells rain down from the sky around him (ultimately killing him). A symbol of beauty destroyed by the ugliness of war.

Stylistically "Dead Winter Dead" is a dynamic and varied release. Everything from mellow ballad type passages, to power ballads, orchestral arrangements and musical style melodies and build-ups, choirs and counterpoint vocal parts, to the occasional harder edged US power/heavy metal track, are featured on the album. All arranged on the tracklist to accompany the storyline. The band are as always professional and well playing, and the two new guitarists do a great job throughout the album. Zachary Stevens sings most lead vocal parts, but Jon Oliva makes a return singing lead vocals on "I Am" and "Doesn´t Matter Anyway" as well as singing backing vocals on "Starlight". While Stevens is a powerful and skilled vocalist, it´s hard not to notice how much stronger the vocal part of the music becomes when Oliva sings. Stevens is a class act, but Oliva is in the world elite of metal singers, and that´s just hard to compete with.

"Dead Winter Dead" is a well produced album and features a mix where all details are clearly audible. So upon conclusion "Dead Winter Dead" is another high quality release by Savatage. It´s one of their most progressive releases in terms of diversity and compositional sophistication, but it´s also one of their least "metal" releases in terms of sheer heavy metal power, and the listener should brace themselves for a more musical style listening experience. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

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