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Album · 1981

Filed under Hard Rock


1. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (5:44)
2. Put The Finger On You (3:28)
3. Let's Get It Up (3:54)
4. Inject The Venom (3:32)
5. Snowballed (3:23)
6. Evil Walks (4:23)
7. C.O.D. (3:19)
8. Breaking The Rules (4:23)
9. Night Of The Long Knives (3:25)
10. Spellbound (4:29)

Total Time 40:04


- Brian Johnson / vocals
- Angus Young / guitar
- Malcolm Young / guitar, vocals
- Cliff Williams / bass, vocals
- Phil Rudd / drums

About this release

Atlantic/Albert, 23 November 1981.

A remastered version was released in 2003 by Epic Records.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

I'll admit that I have quite a bit of sentiment attached to this album. It was the first band album I owned. I had a compilation of hits from '82, which included Rush's "Tom Sawyer", but "For Those About To Rock" was my first real album and my big step into hard rock and heavy metal.

I grew up in a neighbourhood of all boys with older brothers, and as my friends and I were in our final years of elementary school, their older brothers were bringing home the sounds of junior high. My friends across the street first introduced me to The Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up" which I thought was pretty cool. But then they let me hear the title track from "For Those About To Rock" and I was hooked. By my 12th birthday I had my first AC/DC album and it has received plays again and again over the decades.

Listening to it again recently, thirty two years later, I find I still love it. I know most votes go to "Back in Black" for the best Brian Johnson album but I prefer this one still. After the success with "Hells Bells" and it's slowly building up intro, the Aussie rockers tried a similar approach with the title track here. The drums are loud and hit hard. In fact, although AC/DC have rarely been noteworthy in the drum department, the production and playing of the drums on this album really make them stand out for me. This opening song really sets the tone for the band: loud and hard with Johnson giving it his all. Of course one of the highlights is the 21 gun salute with real cannons blasting. My friends and I tried to count if there were indeed 21 shots, but it wasn't easy to count on a cheap cassette player when the band was just as explosive and concussive as the cannon blasts.

The album's songs are really well ordered as the beginning of each song seems to follow abruptly after the end of the previous track with a slightly different tone that is so perfect that it's as if the band wrote the songs in this order just to make each subsequent track start up so well after the last. Particularly side one is impressive as we go from hot and excited adult-themed "Put the Finger on You" to the party rock "Let's Get It Up" (great song for those 80's teen house parties) to the sneering and grinning "Inject the Venom" that has a real punching chorus, to "Snowballed", the perfect wind up for an unrelenting, hard hitting first side.

Side two begins with a personal favourite, "Evil Walks". The next four tracks continue delivering the goods in the same vein as side one. For nothing but a good hard rocking time, this album kicks buttock through and through. The guitars are tight and the transitions between the riffs glide and dive with precision.

If there would be anything to say against the album it would be that, like most if not all of AC/DC's canon, it can be pretty formulaic. The songs are about sex, rock and street life. Nearly any one song is as good as another, though I wouldn't go as far as to accuse the band of writing any fillers. Still, one may notice certain similarities between "Snowballed" and side two closer "Spellbound" or the beginnings of "Inject the Venom", "Evil Walks" and "Night of the Long Knives". Different yet similar.

Nevertheless, this remains my favourite album with Brian Johnson and in my opinion a very excellent example of what a real ass-kicking hard rock album can be like.
"For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" is the 8th full-length studio album by Australian hard rock act AC/DC. The album was released through Albert/Atlantic Records in November 1981.

...following up two multi-platinum selling albums like "Highway to Hell (1979)" and "Back in Black (1980)", must have been a daunting task, even for a band of AC/DC´s caliber, and there were in fact a few bumps on the road ahead, but they had nothing to do with the commercial success of the album, which was the first AC/DC album to enter No. 1 on the US Billboard Chart. The problems were linked to the recording of the album. The band and producer John "Mutt" Lange found it difficult to find their sound at the abandoned factory in France they had installed themselves in, and the initial sessions had to be abandoned. The band took some time off to play the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington park in August 1981 and returned revitalized to a new rehearsal/studio location on the outskirts of Paris. And this time things clicked.

While "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" doesn´t feature as many "classic" AC/DC tracks as it´s famous predecessor, there are more than a couple of really great tracks featured on the album. The title track is the most famous (a live standard from that day on), but "Let's Get It Up" is usually also considered among the classics. I´d like to mention "C.O.D." too as one of my personal favorites.

The music style is the usual blusy hard/heavy rock with lead vocalist Brian Johnson´s irresitable raw and rusty voice in front. So everything is as it´s supposed to be. Never come to an AC/DC album expecting a musical revelation in terms of development, but of course there are little tweaks here and there that make all albums by the band stand out from each other. Yes they are small, but they are there. "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" doesn´t quite live up the the extremely high standard of it´s two predecessors, but it´s still a great album by AC/DC and a 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.
Time Signature
AC/DC salute you...

Genre: hard rock / heavy metal

As with "Back in Black", "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" is one of the finest hard rock releases ever, and pretty falls under the metal genre album rather than the bluesey boogie rock style associated with AC/DC's ealier albums - it should be mentioned that ther are plenty of blues influences on "For Those About to Rock" though.

As with "Back in Black", there really is no weak song on "For Those About to Rock", and especially "Let's Get It Up", "Inject The Venom", "Snowballed", "Evil Walks", and the, by AC/DC standards, slightly quirky "Breaking the Rules" are all based on riffs that are super catchy, while "Night Of The Long Knives", the title track, "Spellbound" with its slightly darker athmosphere show that the Young borhters are able to write heavy songs without them necessarily being blues-driven.

Apart from the title track, this album does not really contain any anthemic songs, but I'd still argue that it's one of the best releases within the realm of traditional heavy metal, and it belongs in any metalhead's collection.

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