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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 116 3.67
2 Hard Rock 110 3.65
3 Progressive Metal 95 3.85
4 Non-Metal 64 3.71
5 Thrash Metal 46 3.68
6 Alternative Metal 41 3.79
7 Metal Related 38 3.83
8 Heavy Alternative Rock 29 3.59
9 NWoBHM 19 4.16
10 Avant-garde Metal 15 3.83
11 Symphonic Metal 14 3.86
12 Melodic Death Metal 13 3.73
13 US Power Metal 12 3.92
14 Proto-Metal 12 4.25
15 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 8 4.13
16 Death Metal 8 3.38
17 Glam Metal 7 3.21
18 Power Metal 7 4.21
19 Sludge Metal 7 4.07
20 Metalcore 6 3.75
21 Death-Doom Metal 6 3.83
22 Doom Metal 5 4.40
23 Hardcore Punk 5 3.70
24 Gothic Metal 4 4.00
25 Groove Metal 4 3.63
26 Black Metal 4 3.75
27 Stoner Metal 4 4.00
28 Stoner Rock 4 3.50
29 Rap Metal 3 3.83
30 Funk Metal 3 2.83
31 Heavy Psych 2 4.25
32 Grindcore 1 3.00
33 Nu Metal 1 1.50

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IRON MAIDEN Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City

Live album · 2020 · Heavy Metal
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There are two viewpoints for looking at the way Iron Maiden operates nowadays, of which one is to see them as an endlessly cashgrabbing nostalgia act milking the fans with a live release after another. This is of course wrong since the other, better, opinion is that if there's no live release from every tour, there's not enough! Plus they've had a continuous cycle of album tour -> hits tour -> album tour -> hits tour going on since 98, so it's not a thing they started doing in their old days.

So for me, being a semi-obsessive semi-diehard, every live release is a reason for celebration. Frankly I did not see this one coming since apart from Flight 666 they have not done any official releases from the retrospective tours despite some of them containing very strong era-specific themes that people like me would love to have. Extremely loosely based on a Maiden themed mobile game Legacy of the Beast this tour fleshes out the regular hit list with deep cuts from different points in the past, even including the Blaze era.

I saw the show in Helsinki and absolutely loved it. The stage presentation with the airborne spitfires and stained glass cathedrals was the most stunning I'd ever seen them do, and the setlist is indeed a treat. But one thing I noticed clearly was that, finally, age was starting to catch up with them. It just so happens that the person setting the tempo and keeping the beat is also the oldest member of the band, and Nicko McBrain's performance was regrettably sloppy with many a fill going sorta almost like it should but stumbling halfway.

Taken by itself the all the deficiencies of this release are not too obvious, but I happened to listen to Nights of the Dead right after the brilliant Flight 666 the other day, and compared to that one the tempos seem a bit sluggish in places, band performance less than airtight, bass sound is thin, guitars pretty quiet and Bruce, while hitting the notes, is laboring like hell. You get used to the mix after a few songs, but in comparison to the older release the difference was very obvious. One thing is the audience noise which sounds like some weird synthetic din, and as this release was a covid-19 stopgap it might even be possible that they never recorded the audience properly in the first place and had to manufacture something in its place.

The pure golden setlist takes this one very far, but the performance and production keep it from reaching its full potential. For the first time I'm a bit concerned about the future of Iron Maiden.

AC/DC Live At River Plate

Live album · 2012 · Hard Rock
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Oh AC/DC - the eternal, unchanging, ever dependable. After going into hibernation following the Stiff Upper Lip world tour nobody, including the band themselves, seemed to know if there was ever going to be a new AC/DC album. It took its time but there it was in the end, Black Ice. More of the same ol', obviously, everybody still seemed to be in shape to deliver.

But to deliver on stage is a whole different deal, especially when it's a bunch of old farts still trying to rock out like youngsters. The major concern at least for me was Brian Johnson's voice, after all his style of singing, ahem, vocalizing ("If you want a singer, go check out the local church choir" is a quote of his that's stuck with me for years) is one that will easily blow the vocal chords to shreds. Maybe it was the years of rest his voice got, but here he's just as good as he ever was. And thankfully that goes for the entire group. AC/DC's never been so much about tempo and dexterity as about groove and badassery, and those are qualities that age doesn't tend to hinder, though it's understandable that they're not quite as reckless and dangerous as the band that recorded If You Want Blood.

As far as the setlist goes, it's hard for AC/DC to squeeze any new material among the countless classics they just have to play every night (as evidenced by them playing only one Stiff Upper Lip song on many of the nights on that tour), but here they manage to play four. Now when it comes to studio albums AC/DC The Relevant Recording Artist sort of ends for me after Flick of the Switch, but from this newest batch especially Rock 'N' Roll Train and Big Jack don't stand out too badly. The rest of it is pure Greatest Hits material, but since it's been 20 years since the last live album, it's okay to get new versions of the same songs.

I saw AC/DC on the Black Ice tour, and by seeing I mean that I was drinking beer with buddies at the back of the Olympic Stadium, a hundred metres from the stage, barely catching a glimpse of Angus Young's bare arse. And I had a blast. I've since held the opinion that AC/DC is the ultimate party band, because if a tightass like me who has never before or never since gone to a rock show for anything else than the music and the music only thinks it was completely sensible to spend 80 euros on the ticket and several more on beer without even bothering to watch the band play, there's something in it that nobody else has.

This release does a fine job capturing that something. It's AC/DC, it's live, and they've still got it.

IRON MAIDEN Best Of The B'Sides

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2002 · Heavy Metal
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Review originally posted 1507 days ago as part of the novella that is my Eddie's Archive review.

Best of the B'Sides shows the other side(s) of Maiden, as the title suggests. This album contains not only the best of their single b-sides, but most of them, and they can be divided into four categories: original non-album material, original live material, cover songs paying tribute to their influences, and the merry silliness. The band is made of a bunch of funny blokes, but as it may be wise, they don't let that fact shine through too much on their actual albums. Some unfortunate omissions are the Thin Lizzy cover Massacre, original piece I Live My Way from the X Factor sessions and the infamous Message from 'Arry, a secretly recorded confrontation between Nicko and Steve after a roadie was sent to tell something to Nicko in the middle of his drum solo, which he messed up because of the distraction. But the stuff that is included ranges from interesting to funny to quite brilliant.

This compilation fittingly starts off with the first song ever completely written by Steve Harris, aptly titled Burning Ambition, and the three song Di'Anno portion also contains a fine live rendition of Drifter and much more interestingly a re-recording of Invasion, originally found on the Soundhouse Tapes. The Bruce era contains a lot of cover tunes and a couple of originals, both new and re-recorded. Some of the highlights of this section are the Jethro Tull cover Cross-Eyed Mary, the Nektar cover King of Twilight, Reach Out (written by Dave Colwell for the project band called Entire Population of Hackney containing a couple of Maiden members) which is brilliantly sung by Adrian Smith with Bruce providing soaring backing vocals, the original piss-take tribute to their manager Rod Smallwood called Sheriff of Huddersfield and the budgie cover I Can't See My Feelings. Two early days tracks, Prowler and Charlotte the Harlot are reworked in 1988, but these versions offer nothing much, except Bruce's voice which lacks the madman charisma needed for Prowler, and a bigger sound.

Some of the most interesting tracks come from the Blaze era. Yesterday I complained in my review of the X Factor that the album could do with a couple of faster tracks, and here they are. Justice of the Peace and Judgement Day come from the same sessions, but the band decided to give the album a darker edge by leaving these up-tempo pieces out. After some thought I've come to the conclusion that it was a wise decision, as the tracks aren't quite up to the standards of the eventual album. The familiar pre-show tape track Doctor Doctor by UFO is great to hear in Maiden form too, and the compilation ends with a couple of good live tracks first from the tours with Blaze and then from the Ed Hunter reunion tour.

IRON MAIDEN Beast Over Hammersmith

Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2002 · NWoBHM
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Review originally posted 1507 days ago as part of the novella that is my Eddie's Archive review.

Beast Over Hammersmith is a real treasure to any friend of the early Maiden. This full length concert recording was captured very early on the Beast on the Road tour in March 1982, in fact less than a week before the release of The Number of the Beast. So all the people in attendance that evening heard classics like Hallowed Be Thy Name and the Beast title track for the first time ever, only the Run to the Hills single with b-side Total Eclipse being released before. A lot of minds were blown that night, and we're lucky to hear it in retrospect. Imagine a band on the brink of breakthrough, just recorded the album of a lifetime, a future classic, kicking off the tour that will take them to stars. This album is the soundtrack of that scenario. The band is young, hungry and they damn well know what kind of an album they've just recorded. Everyone including the soon-to-depart Clive Burr gives their 110%, and what's especially great is that Bruce's voice, which is a problem on many of their 80s live recordings is in top shape with only less than a month of touring behind them. The entire new album except Invaders and Gangland is performed together with selections from the first two albums. Murders in the Rue Morgue and Killers especially are given a great treating. This is a wonderful piece of Maiden history and very much recommended to every serious fan.


Promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs) · 2002 · NWoBHM
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Review originally posted 1507 days ago as part of the novella that is my Eddie's Archive review.

The journey into the Iron Maiden BBC Archives begins in November 1979 with Iron Maiden's first radio session, long before their first album was released. Two fifths of the album recording line-up is still missing, with a short time member Tony Parsons handling the other guitar and Doug Sampson playing some of his last beats for Maiden before being replaced by Clive Burr. The tracks were pretty much in their finished form and the band sounds a lot tighter than on the Soundhouse Tapes sessions a year previously. The oldest Iron Maiden recordings officially released on cd, definitely worth hearing if you're a fan [actually I was wrong, as a couple of the Soundhouse tapes recordings were in fact released on CD on the limited edition Best of the Beast. -2014 edit]. The other sample of the Paul Di'Anno era comes from Reading Festival in the fall of 1980, the debut album had been released five months previously and the British metal audience is clearly embracing the band. The band plays well and even brings out an early version of Killers, with different lyrics, that they almost mess up in the beginning with someone missing their cue.

The Bruce era starts on the same festival two years later with a fine performance from the Number of the Beast tour, but that's a subject we'll return to under Beast Over Hammersmith. The real treat of this double cd is an eight song excerpt from the 1988 Donington Monsters of Rock, Iron Maiden at the very top of their game after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Two people had been trampled to death earlier that day during the Guns n' Roses show, but the band had yet to learn about it and they're firing on all cylinders. After the intro to Moonchild, the opening blast of the band kicking in is... I don't know what to say, devastating? With pure energy and burning drive the band rips through the set containing such rare pieces as Infinite Dreams and the Seventh Son title track, the only flaw being Bruce's road worn voice, which sounds very strained in places. I'm still waiting for the Maiden England re-release [Hell yeah. -2014 edit], but as this is now the only official live recording from this era that's available to me, I'm enjoying it wholeheartedly.

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