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METALLICA - ...And Justice for All Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal
SLAYER - South of Heaven Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Seasons in the Abyss Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
NEVERMORE - Dead Heart in a Dead World Thrash Metal
DØDHEIMSGARD - 666 International Black Metal
DØDHEIMSGARD - Supervillain Outcast Industrial Metal
CARCASS - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious Death Metal
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ENSLAVED - Vertebrae Progressive Metal | review permalink
FATES WARNING - Parallels Progressive Metal | review permalink
FATES WARNING - Inside Out Progressive Metal | review permalink
CATHEDRAL - Forest of Equilibrium Doom Metal | review permalink

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 578 3.46
2 Thrash Metal 359 3.55
3 Progressive Metal 224 3.71
4 Technical Death Metal 139 3.72
5 Heavy Metal 124 3.51
6 Black Metal 107 3.38
7 Hard Rock 83 3.46
8 Melodic Death Metal 70 3.72
9 Brutal Death Metal 56 3.55
10 Technical Thrash Metal 52 3.76
11 Stoner Metal 50 3.59
12 Doom Metal 45 3.61
13 Grindcore 45 3.13
14 Non-Metal 41 3.56
15 Death-Doom Metal 39 3.40
16 Sludge Metal 38 3.59
17 Alternative Metal 37 3.42
18 Groove Metal 35 3.60
19 Power Metal 34 3.69
20 Metal Related 33 3.59
21 Crossover Thrash 33 3.41
22 Avant-garde Metal 32 3.61
23 Atmospheric Black Metal 29 3.38
24 US Power Metal 29 3.64
25 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 25 3.76
26 Metalcore 24 3.60
27 Industrial Metal 24 3.63
28 Gothic Metal 22 3.43
29 Hardcore Punk 20 3.60
30 Death 'n' Roll 18 3.31
31 Symphonic Black Metal 17 3.29
32 Traditional Doom Metal 16 3.81
33 Melodic Black Metal 14 3.36
34 Deathgrind 12 3.50
35 Goregrind 10 2.65
36 Speed Metal 10 3.40
37 Proto-Metal 10 3.70
38 Stoner Rock 8 4.00
39 Glam Metal 7 3.21
40 Deathcore 7 3.50
41 Depressive Black Metal 6 3.50
42 Heavy Alternative Rock 6 3.58
43 NWoBHM 5 3.60
44 Mathcore 4 3.25
45 Melodic Metalcore 4 2.63
46 Drone Metal 4 3.50
47 Crust Punk 4 3.25
48 Cybergrind 4 3.75
49 Folk Metal 3 3.33
50 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
51 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
52 Rap Metal 3 3.50
53 Symphonic Metal 3 3.17
54 Nu Metal 2 3.00
55 Funeral Doom Metal 2 3.50
56 Funk Metal 1 3.50

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MEMORIAM Requiem for Mankind

Album · 2019 · Death Metal
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"Requiem for Mankind" is the 3rd full-length studio album by UK, Birmingham based death metal act Memoriam. The album was released through Nuclear Blast Records in June 2019. It´s the successor to "The Silent Vigil" from 2018 and it´s the band´s third album in as many years since they formed in 2016. Memoriam is a four-piece and consist of former and present members of Bolt Thrower, Benediction, and Cerebral Fix, dedicated to playing early 90s influenced death metal. The kind of death metal most of them played in their respective bands in the early 90s.

Stylistically the material on "Requiem for Mankind" continue the predominantly heavy and mid-paced old school death metal style of the two predecessors, but Memoriam have hit something right on this one, which they didn´t fully achieve on the preceding releases. Both were decent quality old school death metal albums, but with "Requiem for Mankind", Memoriam have raised the quality of all features to arguably make it the band´s most interesting release to date. The songwriting is memorable and catchy, the performances are strong (Karl Willetts does not sound hoarse and out-of-breath like he sometimes did on the preceding releases), and the sound production is raw, powerful, and punchy. A real treat to fans of old school death metal and early 90s Bolt Thrower in particular (the war themed lyrics also point in that direction).

"Requiem for Mankind" is quite the nice surprise after the rather mediocre "The Silent Vigil (2018)", which is an album that had me questioning the relevance of Memoriam. "Requiem for Mankind" answers all my questions with quality and more...quality, and I hail the band for being able to lift the quality of both their songwriting and their musicianship. The powerful and well sounding production job is another contributing factor to "Requiem for Mankind" being such a great release, but it´s the quality and memorability of the songwriting, which is the greatest difference from its direct predecessor. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

NIHILITY Thus Spoke The Antichrist

Album · 2019 · Death Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Thus Spoke The Antichrist" is the debut full-length studio album by Portugese death metal act Nihility. The album was released through Black Lion Records in May 2019. Nihility is a five-piece act formed in 2012 in Porto.

"Thus Spoke The Antichrist" features 8 tracks and a total playing time of 28:51 minutes, so it´s a relatively short release. It´s enough time to get to know Nihility though. The music style is death metal which draws influences from various sub-genres of the main style. It´s not old school, but it´s not deathcore/breakdown type death metal either, or melodic death metal for that matter. As the music features many different elements and influences it´s not easy to label or describe correctly. Despite the many different influences Nihility don´t have a particularly original sound.

Nihility are a technically well playing band, and the vocals (which are predominantly growling) are decent too. They could have prospered from a more unique singing approach, but there are occasional deviations from the deep growling, and those moments are great for the variation of the vocals on the album. "Thus Spoke The Antichrist" features a powerful and clear sounding production, which suits the material well. Upon conclusion it´s good quality death metal release. It´s solid but lacks a few memorable hooks to elevate it to a higher state, but a 3 star (60%) rating is still deserved.


Album · 2018 · Progressive Metal
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"The Wake" is the 14th full-length studio album by Canadian progressive/thrash metal act Voivod. The album was released through Century Media Records in September 2018. It´s the successor to "Target Earth" from 2013 and features one lineup change as bassist Jean-Yves "Blacky" Thériault has been replaced by Dominic "Rocky" Laroche. Thériault´s second tenure with Voivod had not been without issues, and a change in personale was needed to keep the ship afloat. While it´s been 5 years since the release of "Target Earth (2013)", Voivod have not been dormant in the intermediate years, but have released a string of minor releases (singles, splits, and EPs), a compilation album, and a boxset, and they have toured quite a lot too.

"The Wake" continues the sci-fi themed progressive metal style of "Target Earth (2013)" and feels like a natural successor (although "Target Earth (2013)" is overall a little more raw and thrashy). It´s through and through the sound of Voivod. Creative dissonant guitar riffs and jazz/fusion influenced guitar solos, heavy bass lines, organic drumming, and lead vocalist Denis "Snake" Belanger´s distinct sounding vocals in front. Voivod were never an easy or accessible listen, and they haven´t eased up on the oddities or the adventurous and challenging songwriting on "The Wake" either. The surprise element may be gone after all these years (although the successful use of a string quartet on "Iconspiracy" and "Sonic Mycelium" definitely is something new in the Voivod universe), but Voivod are still a force to be reckoned with, both musically and creatively.

Voivod have been through some different musical phases in their long career and if I have to compare the sound and atmosphere on "The Wake" to something else the band have released, if would be a combination of the three albums released in the years 1989-1993. The music on "The Wake" features some of the odd and twisted musical ideas and dissonant riffs of "Nothingface (1989)", the occasional melodic moment similar to "Angel Rat (1991)", and the sci-fi atmospheres and storytelling of "The Outer Limits (1993)". There aren´t that many thrash metal elements, although "The Wake" is occasionally a pretty heavy release.

"The Wake" features a powerful, organic, and detailed sounding production, which suits the material on the 8 track, 55:57 minutes long album perfectly. It´s not an album which grapped me immediately and it took a few spins to sink in and for me to be able to tell the tracks apart, but given a few spins it´s a very rewarding release, featuring many details and intriguing musical ideas. I haven´t always been impressed with Voivod´s post-2000 output, but they managed a return to form with the release of "Target Earth (2013)" and with "The Wake" they prove that the high quality of the direct predecessor wasn´t a one-off. In fact I think "The Wake" may even be a step up in quality from the predecessor and a 4 star (80%) rating is deserved.

DARK MILLENNIUM Where Oceans Collide

Album · 2018 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Where Oceans Collide" is the 4th full-length studio album by German progressive metal act Dark Millennium. The album was released through Massacre Records in August 2018. It´s the successor to "Midnight in the Void" from 2016 and there´s been one lineup change since the predecessor as drummer Christoph Hesse has been replaced by Andre Schaltenberg. Dark Millennium formed in 1989 and initially disbanded in the mid-90s after releasing two demos and two full-length studio albums. They returned to the scene after 23 years and released "Midnight in the Void" in 2016.

"Midnight in the Void (2016)" was an independent release and it featured Dark Millennium shooting in many musical directions and although the quality of their output was generally high, the album was a bit inconsistent in style and also a bit too long for its own good (70 minutes long). It seems like the band have felt the same way about the album, as "Where Oceans Collide" is about 20 minutes shorter than its predecessor, and predominantly features shorter and more consistent in style tracks. The music style is progressive death/doom but Dark Millennium have their own distinct sound, and death/doom may not be the most correct label to put on their music, although some of the core elements of the band´s sound come from that style of music. There is one exception on the album, and that is the 11:44 minutes long closing track "Across Oceans of Souls", which is a classical music composition played on keyboards/piano.

Lead vocalist Christian Mertens has a raw snarling vocal style, which is quite intense and convincing, and the musicianship is generally on a high level on all posts. The sound production is professional and pretty well sounding too, so "Where Oceans Collide" is a good quality release on most parameters. The songwriting is consistent in quality, but it´s generally not a release featuring many standout tracks and upon conclusion "Where Oceans Collide" seldom reaches excellence although it is overall a decent release. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.

DARK MILLENNIUM Midnight in the Void

Album · 2016 · Progressive Metal
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"Midnight in the Void" is the 3rd full-length studio album by German progressive metal act Dark Millennium. The album was independently released in October 2016. It´s the successor to "Diana Read Peace" from 1993 and although there are 23 years between the two releases, there has only been one lineup change as bassist Klaus Pachura has been replaced by Gerold Kukulenz. Dark Millennium formed in 1989 and disbanded in the mid-90s after releasing two demos and two full-length studio albums. They started out playing death metal with doomy sections and occasionally progressive structures, but on "Diana Read Peace (1993)" there wasn´t many death metal elements left in the band´s music.

The death metal elements have returned on "Midnight in the Void", as lead vocalist Christian Mertens again treats the listener to his raw yet intelligible snarling vocals. He has the ability to sound both aggressive and desperate at the same time, and he is actually quite the unique singer. While he is probably the greatest asset here because of his incredible voice and delivery, he is unfortunately also the biggest downfall, because of the often badly written lyrics, which often border and sometimes enter cringe worthy territory. I hate to come down on him like this, being a second language English speaker myself, but I´m sure a little translation help/help understanding the English language could have made a major difference.

The instrumental part of the music is quite eclectic, and while there are atmospheric doom/death sections on the album, Dark Millennium are far from being a standard act in that genre. Some tracks are progressive in nature featuring adventurous song structures and odd musical ideas. The most obvious example is of course the 17:25 minutes long closing track "From a Thousand Years of Yore", but most tracks feature unconventional musical ideas. Take for example the funky guitars on "Dressed for Suicide", and you just know this is not your everyday doom/death metal album release.

"Midnight in the Void" features a powerful, detailed, and clear sounding production, which suits the material well, and upon conclusion "Midnight in the Void" is a welcome comeback for Dark Millennium. It´s an interesting release and features many great musical moments, but it´s not a perfect release, and there are less remarkable tracks and sections on the album too. At 70:21 minutes it´s also a bit too long for its own good, and my attention begins to wander at some points during the playing time. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is still deserved though and to the more musically adventurous listeners, they can probably add a half star to that rating.

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