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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Death Metal 1048 3.38
2 Thrash Metal 567 3.48
3 Progressive Metal 313 3.70
4 Technical Death Metal 193 3.69
5 Heavy Metal 175 3.53
6 Black Metal 150 3.33
7 Melodic Death Metal 111 3.76
8 Technical Thrash Metal 95 3.63
9 Hard Rock 90 3.47
10 Brutal Death Metal 77 3.59
11 Non-Metal 71 3.37
12 Crossover Thrash 66 3.40
13 Stoner Metal 64 3.62
14 Sludge Metal 63 3.58
15 Death-Doom Metal 62 3.44
16 Grindcore 60 3.25
17 US Power Metal 58 3.69
18 Doom Metal 54 3.62
19 Alternative Metal 52 3.44
20 Power Metal 49 3.65
21 Groove Metal 46 3.61
22 Metal Related 45 3.67
23 Gothic Metal 44 3.50
24 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 33 3.74
25 Death 'n' Roll 31 3.19
26 Metalcore 31 3.50
27 Industrial Metal 31 3.68
28 Atmospheric Black Metal 30 3.38
29 Avant-garde Metal 29 3.62
30 Hardcore Punk 24 3.69
31 Speed Metal 23 3.15
32 Melodic Black Metal 20 3.48
33 Traditional Doom Metal 20 3.77
34 Deathgrind 20 3.52
35 Symphonic Black Metal 19 3.37
36 Goregrind 14 2.79
37 Proto-Metal 12 3.75
38 Stoner Rock 10 3.90
39 Crust Punk 9 3.44
40 Deathcore 8 3.50
41 Heavy Alternative Rock 8 3.63
42 Glam Metal 7 3.21
43 Depressive Black Metal 7 3.43
44 Symphonic Metal 6 3.50
45 NWoBHM 5 3.60
46 Cybergrind 5 3.80
47 Mathcore 5 3.40
48 Drone Metal 4 3.50
49 Funeral Doom Metal 4 3.75
50 Folk Metal 3 3.33
51 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
52 Neoclassical metal 3 3.33
53 Melodic Metalcore 3 2.67
54 Rap Metal 3 3.50
55 Nu Metal 2 3.00
56 Funk Metal 2 3.25
57 Trance Metal 1 3.00

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CHRONICLE Welcome the Darkness

EP · 2014 · Melodic Death Metal
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"Welcome the Darkness" is an EP release by Danish, Frederikshavn based death metal act Chronicle. The EP was independently released in July 2014 and it´s the band´s first release. The original CD version of the EP was limited to no more than 50 copies, but "Welcome the Darkness" is of course also available in digital form.

Stylistically Chronicle play a hybrid blackened melodic death metal/thrash metal style. The vocals are blackened snarling and the instrumental part of the music features elements from both melodic death metal but also some unmistakably thrasy riffing and rhythms (EP opener "Hell Is for Heroes" is the most valid example of that).

Considering that "Welcome the Darkness" is Chronicle´s first release (no demos from these guys), it´s a well produced EP. The band´s songwriting still needed a bit more maturing, but they obviously have the skills to develop their style further on future releases. A 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.


Demo · 2022 · Death Metal
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"Demo" is the first demo recording by Danish death metal act Afdød (translates to Deceased). The demo was independently released in October 2022. Afdød formed earlier the same year in the town of Slagelse.

The demo features two tracks and a total playing time of 10:32 minutes but as both tracks are around 5 minutes long you still get a good impression of what Afdød are about and what their intentions are for future releases. Stylistically Afdød play a sludgy, brutal, and predominantly mid-paced death metal style which features brutal growling and also some nice atmospheric lead guitar work. A few times I´m reminded of fellow Danes in Baest, but Afdød are generally slower and more brutal than their more well known countrymen.

Afdød have managed to create a well produced first demo featuring both good quality songwriting and some strong musical performances. This is definitely a quality demo release, which could just as well have been released as a single or an EP. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.

CHIMAIRA The Impossibility Of Reason

Album · 2003 · Groove Metal
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"The Impossibility Of Reason" is the second full-length studio album by US, Ohio based hardcore/groove metal act Chimaira. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in May 2003. It´s the successor to "Pass Out Of Existence" from October 2001 and features one lineup change since the predecessor as guitarist Jason Hager has been replaced by Matt DeVries.

The lineup change is however the least of it. As Chimaira grew increasingly tired of being called a NU metal band and the Korn and Slipnot comparisons wouldn´t cease, Chimaira made a conscious decision to adjust their sound and ditch the NU metal elements. They still play a hybrid sound which features elements from hardcore, metalcore, groove metal, alternative rock/metal (listen to the chorus on "Down Again" or "Pictures in the Gold Room" for proof of that), and even the occasional faster-paced thrash metal riffs and rhythms. Heavy Chugging start/stop riffs and rhythms spiced up with massive breakdowns and ultra aggressive hardcore vocals and the occasional clean vocal moment. Keyboard/electronics guy Chris Spicuzza spice the sound up even further providing the music with some layered atmospherics. One other big difference on this album compared to the early work of Chimaira is the omnipresence of lead guitar work.

Ditching the NU metal elements was arguably a good decision and although some listeners will still have a hard time appreciating the clean vocals alternative rock/metal parts of the music, Chimaira really are a convincing ultra heavy and fiercely aggressive band when they choose to be. They produce some of the same immediate heavy grooves and aggression as Hatebreed did on their contemporary releases (listen to tracks like "Power Trip" and "Cleansation" for proof of that), although Chimaira are overall a more diverse act. An example of that is the 13:30 minutes long instrumental album closer "Implements of Destruction".

"The Impossibility Of Reason" features a heavy, clear, and detailed sound production, which perfectly suits the material. Lead vocalist Mark Hunter and guitarist Rob Arnold are responsible for producing the album (Colin Richardson is credited for mixing) and they did a great job here, bringing out the best elements of Chimaira´s sound. A 3.5 - 4 star (75%) rating is deserved.

CHIMAIRA Pass Out Of Existence

Album · 2001 · Metalcore
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Pass Out Of Existence" is the debut full-length studio album by US, Ohio based hardcore/groove metal act Chimaira. The album was released through Roadrunner Records in October 2001. It´s the successor to the January 2000 "This Present Darkness" EP and it features the same sextet lineup who recorded the EP.

Stylistically the material on "Pass Out Of Existence" is generally a more metallic version of the hybrid hardcore, NU metal, and groove metal style of the early releases (demos and EPs) from Chimaira. The chugging heavy riffs and grooves are still the core of the band´s sound (and of course the heavy breakdowns) along with the ultra aggressive screaming hardcore vocals from Mark Hunter. There are still some NU metal elements in the way Hunter talk/whisper sings at times and in some of the dynamics of the music, which remind me of Korn, but other than that this is some pretty aggressive hardcore/groove metal. The increased metal orientation and the fast played start/stop riffing sometimes make me think of contemporary alternative/groove metal Fear Factory (hell... the cover artwork even has some of the same colors as Fear Factory´s 2001 "Digimortal" album). Chris Spicuzza who handles electronics adds an industrial element to the band´s sound too, so Chimaira cover quite a few bases.

"Pass Out Of Existence" features a powerful, heavy, and detailed sound production, which suits the material well. Although the previous minor releases were all pretty well produced too, the sound production on this debut album is arguably a step up in quality. Upon conclusion Chimaira have created a good quality debut album. They would soon grow tired of reviewers (like me) comparing them to Korn and calling their music NU metal (mind you I only wrote above it is an element of their sound) and more or less ditched that element on their future releases. So this is the last release of the first era of Chimaira, before they adjusted their sound. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is warranted.

CHIMAIRA This Present Darkness

EP · 2000 · Metalcore
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"This Present Darkness" is the second EP release by US, Ohio based hardcore/groove metal act Chimaira. The EP was released through East Coast Empire Records in January 2000. The regular EP consists of 5 tracks and a total playing time of 22:30 minutes, but it actually features no less than 69 tracks, most of which are short "silence" tracks. Three of the "hidden" tracks are actual songs though. Two of them are early demo tracks ("Empty" and "Silence"), which the band opted to put on the EP to honor their former bassist Andrew "AE" Ermlick and the last track is the joke track "Satan's Wizards". The two tracks from their second demo ("This Present Darkness" and "Divination") were re-recorded and included here, so in reality there are only three new original songs featured on the EP.

Stylistically Chimaira at this point play a hybrid groove metal, NU metal, and hardcore style, which is based on heavy chugging riffs and grooves and ultra aggressive screaming hardcore vocals. The NU metal element and the Korn influences are pretty strong on this release with lead vocalist Mark Hunter talk/whisper singing in addition to delivering his usual aggressive screaming hardcore vocals. Chimaira have added Chris Spicuzza to the lineup who handles electronics, making the band a sextet on this release. The addition of Spicuzza provides the music with another layer although his presense isn´t that dominant here. "This Present Darkness" features a heavy, raw, and detailed sounding production. It could have been even more "in your face", but it´s pretty effectful as it is. A 3 star (60%) rating is warranted.

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  • Posted 6 days ago in Metal Up Your Ass and all that Jazz Room V2
    I went to a gig last night and watched these two bands play:´s not often enough I go see Danish underground death metal acts play and this show cost only 100 Danish Kroner (around $14/15).I liked Chronicle which was melodic death metal influenced by The Black Dahlia Murder (at least that´s how I heard it), but Dysgnostic was a bit too much for me with their almost clone Ulcerate dissonant technical death metal style. They were arguably a skilled band but that type of music soon becomes chaos on my ears in at live environment.Still an overall good quality show, in a very small venue, giving both the guitarist and the bassist of Chronicle the opportunity to go out among the audience and play. The guitarist even went to the bar at the back of the room and played from there for a few seconds. Nice little touch. UMUR2024-02-17 01:47:54
  • Posted 15 days ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V3
    [QUOTE=Psydye][QUOTE=UMUR][/QUOTE] Such an awesome album! Nothing they did afterwards compares(at least from what I listened to).[/QUOTE] It`s the only Dismember album I listen to frequently, so I completely agree. This one is definitely awesome though. UMUR2024-02-08 09:38:42
  • Posted 16 days ago in Now -- what are you listening to? V3


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