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MOTÖRHEAD - The Best of Heavy Metal | review permalink
AUTOPSY - Severed Survival Death Metal
NAPALM DEATH - Scum Grindcore
SCORPIONS - Lovedrive Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Defenders Of The Faith Heavy Metal
METALLICA - Kill 'em All Thrash Metal
SAXON - Wheels of Steel NWoBHM
MOTÖRHEAD - Ace of Spades Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - 25 & Alive: Boneshaker Heavy Metal
NAPALM DEATH - The Peel Sessions Death Metal
MEGADETH - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? Thrash Metal
S.O.D. - Speak English or Die Crossover Thrash
VAN HALEN - Van Halen Hard Rock
SLAYER - Hell Awaits Thrash Metal
DEEP PURPLE - Made In Japan Hard Rock
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid Heavy Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin Hard Rock
OZZY OSBOURNE - Tribute Heavy Metal
MOTÖRHEAD - On Parole Heavy Metal | review permalink
MOTÖRHEAD - No Remorse Heavy Metal | review permalink

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Heavy Metal 208 3.46
2 Hard Rock 171 3.42
3 Thrash Metal 114 3.44
4 Death Metal 45 3.51
5 NWoBHM 32 3.70
6 US Power Metal 21 3.55
7 Speed Metal 17 3.32
8 Glam Metal 12 3.13
9 Crossover Thrash 11 2.95
10 Grindcore 9 3.33
11 Technical Thrash Metal 9 3.28
12 Industrial Metal 8 3.31
13 Alternative Metal 7 2.86
14 Technical Death Metal 7 3.93
15 Progressive Metal 7 3.36
16 Proto-Metal 5 2.90
17 Power Metal 5 3.80
18 Non-Metal 5 2.70
19 Groove Metal 5 3.10
20 Melodic Death Metal 3 3.50
21 Doom Metal 3 3.83
22 Neoclassical metal 3 3.50
23 Rap Metal 2 3.50
24 Death-Doom Metal 2 4.00
25 Death 'n' Roll 2 2.75
26 Metal Related 2 2.00
27 Goregrind 2 4.50
28 Gothic Metal 2 3.50
29 Crust Punk 1 3.50
30 Deathgrind 1 2.00
31 Folk Metal 1 4.00
32 Funk Metal 1 4.00
33 Hardcore Punk 1 4.50
34 Heavy Alternative Rock 1 3.50
35 Stoner Metal 1 4.00
36 Symphonic Metal 1 2.00

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MORBID ANGEL Abominations of Desolation

Demo · 1991 · Death Metal
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Abominations of desolation was the first studio recording of Morbid angel. It was recorded in 1986 and must be considered as a demo. The band was dissatisfied with the results and the release was only years later,in 1991, by decision of record label Earache.(lucky they did because it's an interesting record.) The lineup was Trey Azagtoth on guitars and Mike Browning on drums and vocals, completed with bassist Sterling von Scarborough and guitarist Richard Brunelle. David Vincent did the production and later he joined the band with drummer Pete Sandoval. The music of the album sounds very rough,dark and evil. It already shows the talents of a skilled death metal band. Many songs are re-recorded for Altars of madness & Blessed are the sick,and some for Covenant and Formulas fatal to the flesh. I really enjoy these old demo songs,despite their own dissatisfaction. I like the old metal of those years. Abominations contains their all-time classic Chapel of ghouls and great songs as Unholy blasphemies,Abominations and the very fast Hell spawn. The quality of the sound is tolerable,rather good for demo quality. It was a wise decision to release these songs from the great death metal band.


Boxset / Compilation · 2000 · Heavy Metal
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A very good compilation from the period 1975 'til 2000. The first disc is well-filled with the old Motörhead classics, and this time there are also tracks included from the début Motörhead and On parole. Good to hear Motörhead, White line fever, Iron horse and City kids on a compilation. There is also a version of motörhead on the album which is performed by Hawkwind. Many other great songs are passing by as Killed by death(edit version),Louie Louie(alternate version), Damage case and Dead men tell no tales. I really like this uncomplicated,hard-boiled heavy rock. Each disc ends with some rough sounding live tracks, which must have been taken from the No sleep 'til Hammersmith bonustracks. The second disc starts with the fast ones Iron fist & Heart of stone, which are followed by the more melodic Shine & I got mine. Then we have four songs from the magnificent Orgasmatron album. The chase is better than the catch is an oldie and was already appearing in a live version on disc1. The Roc'k'n'roll album is represented by three of the best songs,including the titletrack. The last five studio tracks are handling the period'90-'00 with Sacrifice and The one to sing the blues as the most marvellous ones. The best of Motörhead is an unique summary of 25 years Motörhead.


Boxset / Compilation · 1988 · Heavy Metal
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No remorse was the first official Motörhead compilation and their last album for Bronze records. It's well-filled with all-time favourites, some singles and b-sides and four new songs by the new line up of Lemmy,Würzel,Phil Campbell and Pete Gill. Killed by death was such a new one, and it became one of their most famous songs ever. Steal your face and the fast ones Snaggletooth and Locomotive are also great tracks. They also recorded two versions of Under the knife which have been added to the remastered version. For the greater part No remorse contains material from the albums made by the classic line up of Lemmy,Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor. Ace of spades,Jailbait,Stay clean,Bomber, Iron fist,Metropolis,Overkill and Stone dead forever are some of the many highlights they made. Please don't touch and Emergency are performed by Headgirl;a recording in collaboration with Girlschool. Shine and Dancing on your grave are two great songs with guitarist Brian Robertson, who replaced Clarke after Iron fist,but was dismissed within'a year by Lemmy. Robertson gave the songs more melody but was hard to handle on stage. Taylor also left the band,so Lemmy could form a new line up. No remorse only contains work from the Bronze recordings, there are no songs from their début and On parole included. An essential compilation, especially for the four new songs.

SAXON Live... in the Raw

Live album · 2000 · Heavy Metal
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This Saxon album was recorded in Antwerpen,Belgium,during the 1981 Strong arm tour. It's a release under licence from former Saxon drummer Pete Gill. The record sounds like an official bootleg. The quality of the sound is a little bit poor.It's dull and vague, but the Saxon fans can easily enjoy the album. There are not much live recordings available from classics like See the lights shining, Hungry years and Stand up & be counted. And they are playing a lot of all-time classics like Frozen rainbow, 20,000 feet,747 and,of course,Wheels of steel. Saxon delivered a great concert. the raw is interesting for those who already own the most of their live recordings.

SCORPIONS Still Loving You: More Gold Ballads

Boxset / Compilation · 1992 · Hard Rock
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This is an uninteresting Scorpions compilation. Almost every song is remixed and inferior to the original version. Only wind of change is not remixed. The other songs have new drumparts with a flat and too heavy sound,and that's no good for the precious ballads on the album. Many songs lost some sharpness with these remixes. They added some acoustic guitars to When the smoke is going down and made a new guitar arrangement for the end of Holiday. Living for tomorrow is a live recording from Russia. It appears here for the first time,but later they added the song to the Live bites compilation. Still loving you could be a good alternative for people who only like the ballads,but the remixes made it unpleasant.

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  • Posted more than 2 years ago in I can't stand Slayer
    I really like them. They give me exactly what I want to hear when I'm in the mood for ruthless thrash. They have their own sound with rough vocals, wild-noisy solos and spectacular drumwork. Sure,there are more bands but Slayer gives me the aggression I simply like the most.        Their music is original,especially the first years of their carreer,and has influenced many other bands. I don't think they are overrated.It's a good thing when people go out of their mind on Slayer. When I was younger there were times I released almost every day my energy on them. Now today my collection is too big to hear them regular,but still they are favorite. Hell awaits & South of heaven are some of the classic albums, but I also like albums as Divine intervention & Christ illusion. The weakest album is Diabolus in musica. However it has great tracks as Bitter peace,Scrum &Point;also maybe the most progressive album. As far as I understood they won't continue Slayer when the members reach an age of far in the 50.slow man2010-04-27 16:19:30
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Saxon live
    My last concert was the gig Saxon played 0n 27-03 in Hardenberg,Holland. I like to tell about it: Me & another Saxon fan arrived too late to see the support act,but just in time to buy a couple of beers. The location,bar-dancing Poppodium,can handle 400-500 visitors at a rough estimate of mine. The gig of tonight was original planned for october past year but they had to cancel some gigs at that time,by illness of singer Biff Byford. They catched up with that by playing every evening a gig for a period of a week,Holland was the last. Bassist Nibbs Carter was at home because his wife had a bad health. He was temporary replaced by Kingdom comes Yenz Leonhardt.      The gig started at 9PM by playing a tape with Seek & destroy from Metallica,followed by the usual Saxon intro of dark,mysterious keyboards. Saxon entered the stage and kicked-off with Battalions of steel which was followed by Heavy metal thunder. As always the band gave an energetic quality show that continued with Dogs of war and their last single Live to rock. The band is in good shape and Motorcycle man and Metalhead are real treats. Played for us by Paul Quinn & Doug Scarrat on guitar, Nigel Glockler on drums, Yenz Leonhardt on bass and audience favorite Biff Byford. They dedicated the song Requiem to the memory of Mick Cox.(Rose tattoo)                         One of the highlights of the evening was the medley. Introduced by biff as:the first song handles about the vikings, second:the Scottish, third:girls, fourth:speed. It became an amazing medley with Warrior, Battle cry, Sixth form girls and Man & machine. The semi-ballad The eagle has landed gave us some rest for a while. Strong arm of the law was the next one,followed by the Broken heroes ballad and the tuneful metal from And the bands played on. Much fast ones this evening:To hell and back again was a pleasant suprise. The remainder part of the show consisted of 747(strangers in the night), one more fast one with 20,000 feet and Princess of the night,which had an extra long intro featuring Biff Byford & Paul Quinn in the spotlight. This is their 30th anniversary tour. Doug Scarrat stood also in the spotlight with a solo as intro for Wheels of steel.It's the last one before the encores,and it contains the traditional part of Biff speaking to the audience. It was nice to shout Wheels of steel on Byford his command.               The song came to an end and we could shout: Saxon,Saxon,Saxon.          Sure they returned to the stage. The first encore was the mighty Crusader and one more time the crowd went wild. Saxon left the stage again but our applause made them come back to play Denim & leather for us. This was definite the last song. Biff called us a good audience.You could see he was a little tired this evening,but he really did his best-all of them. mister Leonhardt had a good time in the band and played very enthusiastic. Nigel Glockler is a technical powerdrummer who can be incredible with his rolls and double-bassdrum. Doug Scarrat is skilful heavy metal guitarist. Paul Quinn is very massive as rhythm guitarist. The band played roughly 1hour 50minutes this evening. The gig was sold out. I'm not 100% sure about the runnin'order of the setlist and the number of visitors. Saxon rules!
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in slow man the newbie
    Well,thanks for all but i believe i need to dig up some English grammar again. Through the years i've lost some of it.{I haven't lost my taste for good hardrock/metal.} So the next time I visit the metalstore,I will have a look for some good old grammar books. It's a great site here. I recommend it to other people if I have the opportunity.


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