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MEGADETH - So Far, So Good... So What! Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - The System Has Failed Thrash Metal
OPETH - Orchid Death Metal
OPETH - Morningrise Death Metal
OPETH - Still Life Progressive Metal
LACUNA COIL - Unleashed Memories Gothic Metal
DIO - Holy Diver Traditional heavy metal
INCUBUS (CA) - A Crow Left of the Murder... Hard Rock
INCUBUS (CA) - Morning View Hard Rock
JUDAS PRIEST - Nostradamus Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Killing Machine Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Angel Of Retribution Traditional heavy metal
KORN - See You on the Other Side Nu Metal

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 527 3.90
2 Thrash Metal 470 4.55
3 Traditional heavy metal 409 4.31
4 Alternative Metal 182 4.02
5 Industrial Metal 163 4.14
6 Non-Metal 151 3.27
7 Death Metal 142 4.37
8 Power Metal 131 4.32
9 Progressive Metal 110 3.47
10 Groove Metal 102 4.18
11 Stoner Metal 80 4.60
12 Nu Metal 73 3.60
13 Doom Metal 68 4.26
14 Metalcore 67 3.93
15 Proto-Metal 65 3.78
16 Black Metal 54 4.15
17 US Power Metal 54 4.47
18 Melodic Death Metal 52 3.94
19 Metal Related 52 3.81
20 Funk Metal 50 4.35
21 Glam Metal 45 3.96
22 Hardcore and crust 45 3.97
23 Folk Metal 43 4.52
24 Sludge Metal 42 4.56
25 NWoBHM 41 4.45
26 Speed Metal 37 4.32
27 Crossover Thrash 37 4.35
28 Neoclassical metal 27 4.26
29 Technical Death Metal 27 4.22
30 Grindcore 24 4.02
31 Brutal Death Metal 21 4.12
32 Avant-garde Metal 20 3.90
33 Symphonic Metal 20 4.15
34 Atmospheric Black Metal 14 3.00
35 Death 'n' Roll 12 4.58
36 Melodic Black Metal 11 4.55
37 Symphonic Black Metal 11 4.41
38 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 9 3.39
39 Deathcore 9 3.33
40 Gothic Metal 9 4.33
41 Death-Doom Metal 6 3.92
42 Mathcore 6 2.75
43 Funeral Doom Metal 2 5.00
44 Drone Metal 2 1.50

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Album · 2008 · Stoner Metal
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Sadly, there are many bands that suffer from the unfortunate fate of that "sophomore slump", and never get out of it. Some bands stagnate, and some get worse. One such band that belongs to the latter, in my opinion, is Elder. While many disagree and prefer the neo-psych/prog rock styling of their recent material (their 2017 album in particular), Elder had an amazing winning sound on their self-titled debut from 2008.

This is pure distorted, fuzzed out, and groovy stoner metal at its finest. Nick DiSalvo brings somewhat of a sludgy Crowbar-esque delivery with his gruff vocal performance, but it's blended with riffs that are right out of the holy gospel of Tony Iommi. The solos are often pretty bluesy, but sound as heavy as the rest with the crushing distortion. There's an amazingly heavy bottom end, with the bass rumbling at your feet, while the drums keep a constant punch. Right at the beginning of the album, "White Walls" rises from the pit with a rumbling bassline that fire right into a stoner-doom plod. "Ghost Head" is a masterpiece of stoner metal, and probably my favorite on the album. The crash cymbal perfectly opens up the song, and the fuzzy guitar riffs groove like there's no tomorrow. DiSalvo's vocals switch from gruff to a more Floor-esque style, and really fit the somewhat bouncy groove.

The production is just what you would expect from a stoner metal album, full of powerful and punchy distortion. It's as groovy as Black Sabbath, fuzzy as Blue Cheer, and as heavy as Soundgarden. If you're looking for some great stoner metal that you may have missed over the years, this album is right up there with the best. It's a damn shame that they didn't continue with this sound, as this is absolutely killer. If this review doesn't explain enough, just try not to instantly get addicted to the blistering riffing of "Hexe" (Or the whole album for that matter). There's no need for drugs, when the music can do the work for you. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!


EP · 2014 · Atmospheric Black Metal
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Sometimes, music is more of an experience or a journey than anything else. There's nothing quite like entering the mosh pit for an Anthrax or Exodus classic, or gaping in awe of a neo-classical shredder on stage. There's also an introspective and contemplative side, which can transport the listener to a whole different world and setting. Myrkur, a Danish one-woman black metal band, rests on this side.

Myrkur takes the listener to dark hollow Gothic chambers and secluded forests, with no sign of other life. It's a spine-chilling trip among harsh black metal dirges and mystical Scandinavian folk tunes, which is one of the best and most fitting combinations I've heard. Myrkur's vocals have the perfect contrast, switching between caustic black metal shrieks and soulful choir vocalizations, both sending chills down the spine. As opposed to some black metal that is just constant chug and fast same-y guitar riffing, Myrkur creates both beautiful and stark moods with each riff, with some particularly crushing yet atmospheric hooks. The bridge and end of "Latvian Fegurd" in particular blends the heaviness of a doom metal riff, with ominous aura. "Nattens Barn" has a guitar hook that's close to thrash, which surprisingly fits on an album like this, maybe because of the layering of atmosphere.

The production suits the EP perfectly, having a crackling rawness yet, just enough cleanness to be completely audible unlike many black metal albums. The black metal tracks utilize this perfectly, while the short folk pieces speak with much clarity despite the raw edge.

If you're looking for some beautiful yet heavy black metal, Myrkur is a must listen. Take a break from the daily grind, and visit some Gothic chambers and dark forests in the comfort of your home, car, library, or wherever you enjoy listening to music. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

ELDER Reflections of a Floating World

Album · 2017 · Hard Rock
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Reviewer's Challenge Selection: August 2017

What's worse than bad? I didn't know before, but this album answers that question.

Some people will say that a boring album is worse than a bad one, which I personally disagree with. I'd rather listen to a really boring album than a flat out terrible one, but guess what? This album manages to somehow be both boring AND awful, and how do you ask? Well join me on this masochistic journey, through the seas of mediocrity.

Mastodon's new album mostly rested on the lame side, and Coheed and Cambria has some pretty mediocre stuff too. So take that, and make it worse. Add in some generic ambiance that does nothing but act as filler to justify the long song lengths, making the listener ask where the actual music is, and you've just about got it. Guess what though? The music isn't any better than the droning ambient parts, so you may as well just turn it off and stare at a blank wall. Most of the songs sound pretty much the exact same and follow the same pattern. Synthetic rock riff, emo-esque vocals, droning ambiance, then repeat. It just all sounds so soulless, and doesn't have any riff, melody, hook, or anything that gets me into the music or brings out any emotions. There is one song that stands out though among the boring stuff. That is "The Falling Veil", and it stands out it all the wrong ways.

Why is it so bad? First of all, it takes like two minutes for the actual song to start playing, but when it starts, you'd rather go back to the ambiance. The riff sounds like some sickening happy melody for the newest summer pop hit. It sounds way too flowery for an what an album like this is trying to do. For a little while it goes away, so you just get some more boring riffs and vocals, but it comes back. Oh yeah, this is the main riff, so be prepared to wish that you are falling with that veil and falling right off a cliff. Coupled with a stale polished production, this is not what I look for in a supposedly "hard rock/stoner rock" album. Also, every song is way too long. If you can make it work, go ahead and make an album with all songs being 8+ minutes. However, when you make the listener need to cleanse their ears within two minutes, it's clearly just not working.

There is little music that annoys as much as this album, but when I listen to this album I just feel depressed. Usually I listen to depressing and sad albums when I feel the same to make me feel better. This does the opposite, I was in a pretty good mood before listening to this. Now I just feel annoyed, but maybe it's because this album doesn't sound like what was advertised. This album is considered stoner rock, but it's really not. The only brief moment that is stoner in anyway and sounds decent is a 30 second riff around the 3 minute mark of "Blind". Besides that, it's a pretentious indie/prog rock album that's trying to disguise itself as a stoner rock album. If you want real stoner rock, check out some Clutch or Fu Manchu. Unless you want the Top 10 indie rock hits but made overly long, I would avoid this album.

RAVEN Rock Until You Drop

Album · 1981 · NWoBHM
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Forming in 1975, Raven blasted onto the NWoBHM scene in 1981 with the release of their debut studio album Rock Until You Drop. These guys are pure old school heavy metal, owing much of their sound to Judas Priest while already having their own identity to make them stand out as one of the leading figures of the quickly growing 80's British metal scene.

Most of the album displays a perfect performance of classic heavy metal at it's finest, with influences of late 70's Priest and sometimes a nod to the catchy hard boogie rock of Bon Scott-era AC/DC, with opener "Hard Ride" in particular. It sounds right out of one of those classic AC/DC albums complete with gang shouts and some pretty Angus Young-esque guitar riffs. Speaking of riffs, Mark Gallagher is a master, just take a listen to the godly riff during the bridge of "Over the Top" or the epic gallop at the end of "For the Future". These two tracks are contrasted with a nice little classical guitar interlude "39/40" placed in the middle of the album.

John Gallagher and Rob "Wacko" Hunter provide a killer rhythm section that sounds very loose and free-flowing, which fits perfectly for an album that just wants you to rock till you drop. The bass has a nice thump throughout the album, while you can hear how "Wacko" probably got his nickname with an absolutely pummeling drum performance. John Gallagher's vocals are a bit like a punky Rob Halford, this punk edge can be heard especially in "Hellraiser/Action". Occasionally the band gets into some proto-thrash areas, mainly in the riff during the bridge of "Lambs to the Slaughter".

Every song on the album is killer, but if I had to pick highlights I'd choose "Hard Ride", "Hell Patrol", "Over the Top", the infectiously catchy title track, "Lambs to the Slaughter", and the epic album finisher that is "Tyrant of the Airways". The title track is a slamming rocker that immediately starts the headbanging, and "Tyrant of the Airways" is like a driving drill with a great mellow bridge as contrast.

Already on their debut Raven were at the top of their game, and Rock Until You Drop is easily one of the best records of the NWoBHM. If you're looking for some raw and pure heavy metal, check this killer album out. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

ROCK GODDESS It's More Than Rock and Roll

EP · 2017 · Traditional heavy metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Despite every metal fan knowing about the NWoBHM, most of the bands that belonged to it are sadly forgotten these days sans Iron Maiden and Saxon. Some people will know about the first two Def Leppard albums and the first Diamond Head album, but try and ask someone about any other bands and it will just get harder and harder. This is such a damn shame, as bands like Girlschool, Raven, Jaguar, Satan, Tygers of Pan Tang, and Rock Goddess delivered some of the greatest classic metal albums of the 80's. Out of those bands, Rock Goddess is back with their first release of new material in 30 years, and boy, do they deliver.

This is what I call classic heavy metal, no flash and flair, just pure old school metal. Jody Turner's vocals and guitar work is of classic metal tradition, filled with both raw attitude and melody. Her solos are beautifully melodic, while the main riffs always have a gritty crunch or piercing bite. Tracey Lamb's bass gives each song a great bottom end, enhancing the crunchy heaviness. Julie Turner gives an absolutely pounding drum performance, especially on the final track "We're All Metal". The title track is epic in it's delivery, and the killer "Back Off" is probably my favorite on the EP.

Everything about this release screams classic metal, and this is how it should be done. If you're looking for some killer 80's style traditional metal, this is the best you'll find. I can't wait for what Rock Goddess have coming next, because this is already some of the best classic heavy metal I've ever heard. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

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    I've heard of them for a long time, but never gotten around to listening to them. I should fix that.


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