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INCUBUS (CA) - A Crow Left of the Murder... Heavy Alternative Rock
INCUBUS (CA) - Morning View Heavy Alternative Rock
JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Heavy Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
KORN - See You on the Other Side Nu Metal
RAMMSTEIN - Sehnsucht Industrial Metal
SOUNDGARDEN - Superunknown Heavy Alternative Rock
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Metallica Heavy Metal
ALICE IN CHAINS - Dirt Alternative Metal
ALICE IN CHAINS - Facelift Alternative Metal
QUEENSRŸCHE - Rage For Order Heavy Metal
RAINBOW - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Metal
ANTHRAX - Worship Music Thrash Metal
A PERFECT CIRCLE - Thirteenth Step Metal Related
LED ZEPPELIN - Physical Graffiti Hard Rock
LED ZEPPELIN - Presence Hard Rock
METAL CHURCH - Metal Church US Power Metal

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 535 3.92
2 Heavy Metal 481 4.06
3 Thrash Metal 403 4.05
4 Alternative Metal 300 3.97
5 Non-Metal 253 3.77
6 Nu Metal 253 4.20
7 Industrial Metal 162 3.95
8 Heavy Alternative Rock 136 3.71
9 Stoner Metal 119 4.13
10 Progressive Metal 109 2.97
11 Glam Metal 105 4.14
12 Groove Metal 104 3.92
13 Death Metal 103 3.87
14 Funk Metal 97 4.12
15 Metal Related 83 3.64
16 Proto-Metal 82 3.45
17 Sludge Metal 72 4.18
18 NWoBHM 65 4.22
19 Stoner Rock 63 4.21
20 Power Metal 62 3.56
21 Metalcore 61 3.86
22 US Power Metal 59 4.06
23 Hardcore Punk 56 3.74
24 Rap Metal 51 3.75
25 Crossover Thrash 43 4.07
26 Heavy Psych 40 4.03
27 Technical Thrash Metal 30 3.83
28 Speed Metal 27 3.57
29 Melodic Death Metal 27 3.44
30 Melodic Metalcore 25 3.92
31 Black Metal 25 3.30
32 Traditional Doom Metal 25 3.84
33 Technical Death Metal 24 3.58
34 Avant-garde Metal 23 3.57
35 Folk Metal 19 3.87
36 Doom Metal 19 3.66
37 Symphonic Metal 15 3.53
38 Neoclassical metal 14 3.61
39 Gothic Metal 12 3.50
40 Atmospheric Black Metal 12 2.25
41 Death 'n' Roll 11 4.00
42 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 10 3.40
43 Mathcore 9 3.50
44 Melodic Black Metal 9 4.11
45 Grindcore 7 3.93
46 Brutal Death Metal 7 3.43
47 Death-Doom Metal 6 3.00
48 Symphonic Black Metal 5 1.80
49 Deathcore 4 2.88
50 Goregrind 3 3.33
51 Trance Metal 3 2.17
52 Funeral Doom Metal 2 4.75
53 Electronicore 2 3.00
54 Cybergrind 2 4.00
55 Drone Metal 1 3.50

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SHOOTYZ GROOVE Jammin' in Vicious Environments

Album · 1994 · Rap Metal
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Many rap metal bands were a lot more metal than hip hop, that's not to diss all those bands, Stuck Mojo is probably my favorite rap metal band but you could just as easily call them a thrash/groove band. From a standpoint of reaching the peak of what a genre can be, I'd say the unfortunately forgotten Shootyz Groove perfected it like no other band prior to the nu metal explosion where better and deeper genre infusion became more common.

When the band name drops both Slayer and A Tribe Called Quest in the liner notes as inspiration, you know you're getting the real deal. These guys have the riffs of a thrash band, the funky hooks of both hip hop and funk metal, and the lyrical flow and performance of a classic hip hop group. The first thing I thought of when I first heard them is if The Pharcyde went metal. The way the two rappers trade off one another and their exuberant delivery reminds me a lot of the aforementioned band, especially in my two favorite tracks In the Ocean and Soulfreak. In the Ocean especially stands out, with the vocals flowing perfectly with the song's thrash riffs.

This is the kind of album that perfectly appeals to both hip hop and metal fans.

BLACK SABBATH Technical Ecstasy

Album · 1976 · Heavy Metal
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For the most part, the albums made by the original Black Sabbath lineup are considered untouchable legends in the world of rock and metal, that is until Technical Ecstasy. There's this idea that they just went straight from hot shit to just shit, no gradual decrease of quality, just a complete 180. To each their own if one believes that, but I think a combination of the reputation Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die get and coming from the wrong place to listen really neglects how good these albums sound.

Sabbath was already getting a bit more experimental on Sabotage, and this just continues that on a grander scale. Opener Back Street Kids is maybe 70's Sabbath's most hyper and pumped up song, sounding closer to the faster and more melodic direction metal was going in. It's Alright is the first song Bill Ward sings on, and it's a nice unique song in the band's catalogue. It has a laidback rock vibe in the vein of The Guess Who, in contrast to the incredible energetic drums that open up the following Gypsy. Honestly Bill Ward was on fire on these last two 70's Sabbath albums.

The funky All Moving Parts (Stand Still) has such a great groove, and there's something about funky songs from heavy bands in the 70's that's just instantly addicting. Rock 'n' Roll Doctor is another ridiculously catchy groove, and is the best boogie rock out there. Usually the highlight of the album is considered to be the closing Dirty Women. Personally I'm not a fan of some of the changes in sound it goes through, but the middle section is maybe Ozzy's best vocal performance ever. He has this rough and gravely tone that I've never heard him do on any other song, and hearing him almost roar "Oh dirty women, they don't mess around" over this heavy ass riff that sounds right out of the breakdown in Jethro Tull's Minstrel in the Gallery is one of the coolest sections of any song.

So yeah, it's pretty damn good. The next album would be even better though and my favorite Ozzy-era Sabbath album. Also that cover rocks, more albums should use Rene Magritte-esque surrealism.

GODFLESH Songs of Love and Hate

Album · 1996 · Industrial Metal
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I could ramble on about how much I love this album and how much it's helped me though my life, but I'll keep things concise. This is Godflesh's peak, screaming with the most emotion while also having the catchiest hooks. It's depressive in such an honest way, Broadrick's vocal performance screams all the feelings emoted by the music, and the atmosphere is drenched in lugubriousness. Brooding hip hop beats in Circle of Shit and Kingdom Come are both groovin' yet enhance the haunting atmosphere. It's probably the closest there's ever been to Illbient metal.

If you're just looking for noisy industrial, Streetcleaner is your album. However, if you love electronic and hip hop and want something that's really emotionally heavy, this and Us and Them are Godflesh's best. This can be either catharsis or simply a fantastic and infectiously catchy album.

PANTERA Far Beyond Driven

Album · 1994 · Groove Metal
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"I'M, shedding skin, changing within, falling in"

No other band sings to the anger, frustrations, and deep inner emotions like Pantera for me. They hit hard both physically and emotionally on such a primal level, It's always a release of all the built up emotions ready to come out.

Far Beyond Driven is the band at their most thunderous production, on a good stereo this has the resonance of a cannon blast or an explosion. There's really cool atmospheric touches, mainly on Shedding Skin, probably my favorite song on here if I had to pick. The echo effect on Phil's vocals when he says "I'm" is a small detail yet enhances it a lot and compliments the crawling main riff.

Dimebag's guitar riffs are at their sludgiest, dripping with heavy weight and combined with dissonant screeching and breakdowns. Rex Brown's bass shows its true groove and great hooks, always complimenting Dime's discordant solos. The drums as always pack a punch, going from double kick to a syncopated swing. Phil's vocals though are what completes the extreme fury of this album, with some of the most intense vocals ever put to record, especially with the likes of Slaughtered.

There's so much variety throughout the album, yet always the same energy. Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills is noisy, chaotic, and incredibly dissonant. It reminds me of Slab!, with the combination of spoken word, huge drums, and screeching feedback. Some of the riffs sound a bit southern like something from Down, most notably on I'm Broken, but with the added extra aggression. The contrast is great, especially with 25 Years which always gets me pumped at the end, it's like the musical equivalent of a street brawl. Sometimes the variety is within one song, short songs like Strength Beyond Strength are as if they're split into different sections. It's something I haven't heard elsewhere other than some Megadeth songs like Wake Up Dead.

Ending with a mellow cover might seem odd at first, but with this album, Planet Caravan is a perfect finale. This album is so intense that it's near impossible to sit still, and the Black Sabbath cover acts as a perfect cool down after never letting up for 50 minutes. Far Beyond Driven was the band becoming even more than a fantastic thrash/groove metal band, and really can't be compared to anyone else.


Album · 1989 · Metal Related
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You can't go wrong with any of the Chili Peppers' first five albums, but I've always been of the opinion that Mother's Milk is the best of them. It just sounds like a band at their peak, in several ways. It's relentlessly energetic, there's a consistent focus on funky jams, and it's the ultimate party metal album.

Everyone talks about the fantastic cover of Stevie Wonder's classic Higher Ground, but that causes it to overshadow the rest of the album. Opener Good Time Boys is probably my favorite, a funky hair metal classic. Subway to Venus takes the old school P-funk vibe of their Freaky Styley album and combines it with the big sound of this album. Nobody Weird Like Me and Punk Rock Classic straight up thrash, and the former perfectly contrasts the explosive and galloping riffs and drums with some touching vocal melodies. The swaggering Sexy Mexican Maid is a particular fantastic song as well.

Just like it opens with a bang, it closes with the massive funk stomp of Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky. After a bassline that sounds right out of Among the Living, it's all slapping hooks and catchy Funkadelic-esque chant choruses.

Mother's Milk is one of funk metal's finest, especially on the glam metal influenced side of it, nothing beats this, Extreme, and Mindfunk's debut for total funky party metal.

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