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MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - Countdown to Extinction Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - The World Needs a Hero Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - United Abominations Thrash Metal
MEGADETH - The System Has Failed Thrash Metal
OPETH - Orchid Death Metal
OPETH - Morningrise Death Metal
OPETH - Still Life Progressive Metal
LACUNA COIL - Unleashed Memories Gothic Metal
DIO - Holy Diver Traditional heavy metal
INCUBUS (CA) - A Crow Left of the Murder... Hard Rock
INCUBUS (CA) - Morning View Hard Rock
JUDAS PRIEST - Nostradamus Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Stained Class Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Screaming For Vengeance Traditional heavy metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Painkiller Power Metal
JUDAS PRIEST - Angel Of Retribution Traditional heavy metal
KORN - See You on the Other Side Nu Metal

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Rock 478 3.95
2 Thrash Metal 448 4.58
3 Traditional heavy metal 388 4.34
4 Alternative Metal 181 4.10
5 Industrial Metal 150 4.17
6 Death Metal 141 4.42
7 Power Metal 130 4.39
8 Non-Metal 126 3.25
9 Progressive Metal 103 3.48
10 Groove Metal 102 4.26
11 Nu Metal 76 3.69
12 Proto-Metal 72 3.92
13 Stoner Metal 70 4.62
14 Doom Metal 67 4.38
15 Metalcore 64 4.01
16 US Power Metal 57 4.51
17 Black Metal 53 4.19
18 Melodic Death Metal 52 3.98
19 Metal Related 50 3.76
20 Hardcore and crust 45 4.02
21 Folk Metal 44 4.58
22 Funk Metal 42 4.39
23 Glam Metal 42 3.74
24 Sludge Metal 41 4.57
25 NWoBHM 40 4.46
26 Crossover Thrash 35 4.47
27 Speed Metal 34 4.34
28 Neoclassical metal 26 4.23
29 Technical Death Metal 26 4.25
30 Grindcore 23 4.13
31 Symphonic Metal 20 4.17
32 Brutal Death Metal 19 4.16
33 Avant-garde Metal 19 3.79
34 Atmospheric Black Metal 14 3.14
35 Death 'n' Roll 12 4.63
36 Melodic Black Metal 10 4.55
37 Symphonic Black Metal 10 4.50
38 Gothic Metal 9 4.39
39 Deathcore 8 3.69
40 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 8 3.44
41 Death-Doom Metal 6 4.00
42 Mathcore 6 2.75
43 Drone Metal 2 1.50
44 Funeral Doom Metal 2 5.00

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BLIKSEM Gruesome Masterpiece

Album · 2015 · Thrash Metal
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Forming back in 2007, Belgian thrash metal act Bliksem blasted onto the scene with their debut studio album Face the Evil in 2013. Two years later the band released their second and unfortunately final studio album before breaking up in 2017. While being their final album, they thankfully went out with a bang and delivered one of the greatest modern thrash metal albums with their Gruesome Masterpiece.

Rampaging thrash with a strong sense of melody and variety is the name of Bliksem's game here, and they master each level. From mosh-pit ready thrash anthems like "Kywas", "Twist the Knife", and "Fucked Up Avenue" to doom metal dirges like the almost ten-minute long "Morphine Dreams", they've got it all. Along with the blend of thrash and doom, there's also a mix of stoner, classic metal, and alternative metal. The closest comparison I can make is a band like Death Angel, who perhaps first mastered the combination of thrash and alternative.

Duel guitarists Jeroen De Vries and Toon Huet smack the listener across the face with killer riffs and hooks, case in point, the stomping thrasher "Room Without a View". It just gets even better once bassist Jan Rammeloo and drummer Rob Martin comes in with a slamming rhythm section. Speaking of Rob Martin, he is a master behind the kit. Just take a listen to the blistering "Twist the Knife", he just attacks the drum set like there's no tomorrow. The end of the song especially amazing, and features an fantastic crashing beat that is impossible to not stomp along to. Of course, one can't forget vocalist Peggy Meeussen who masters both melodic clean vocals and roaring thrash vocals. Her vocals remind me a bit of the Guano Apes' Sandra Nasić.

If you're looking for some melodic yet blistering thrash, Bliksem's Gruesome Masterpiece is an essential listen. While the band did call it quits in this year of 2017, they fortunately left behind a modern thrash classic. You done good Bliksem, you done good. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

SKEPTICISM Stormcrowfleet

Album · 1995 · Funeral Doom Metal
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MMA Reviewer's Challenge: Album selected by siLLy puPPy

Doom Metal is a slow and dark genre to begin with, having its start all those years back in 1970 with Black Sabbath's self-titled song from their debut. Sometime in the 90's, however, a handful of bands wanted to go even slower. Adding ambient atmospheric passages to this slow and brooding delivery, bands like Esoteric and Skepticism became known as Funeral Doom.

Skepticism came onto the scene in 1995 with their debut Stormcrowfleet, whose text-less album cover doesn't explain much. The only thing you can really gather from it, is that this is an album shrouded in mystery and darkness. Presented in lo-fi drone, are massive vibrating guitar riffs and lumbering drums. All brought together with low, deep, unintelligible and gravely growls and somber organ and keyboards that are dripping with lugubriousness.

Much of the album strikes up images of a war march, or even old school sci-fi and horror films with the eerie atmosphere. "Pouring" plods along like an army feeling defeated, yet still going out to the desolate battlefield. Meanwhile, "The Rising of the Flames" sounds like a lonely and perilous journey across the ocean, or perhaps in this case, the river styx. Back to the old school sci-fi/horror imagery, I think the final two songs showcase this best, with their majestic yet ominous keyboard use. Sync those keyboards up with a classic sci-fi or horror film from the 50's-80's, and it would really not sound out of place.

Stormcrowfleet is one of the best funeral doom metal albums you'll find, and really puts the "doom" in doom metal. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!


Album · 1988 · Alternative Metal
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"All your fears are lies"

The late 80's were one of the best times for metal in my book. Thrash Metal was at it's height, and the grunge, stoner rock/metal, and death metal scenes were all kicking off. The metal scene in Washington birthed many now classic bands, with one of those bands being Soundgarden, one of the greatest metal acts of the late 80's and early 90's, and of all time. After contributing to the Deep Six compilation (which also featured grunge/sludge metal pioneers Melvins) and releasing the Screaming Life EP in '87, the band unleashed their debut studio album in 1988.

Unlike most metal bands of the late 80's, Soundgarden had zero elements of thrash or the hair bands, and instead contributed to the slowly growing doom/stoner/sludge metal genres birthed all those years ago by Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer. Soundgarden featured the fuzzy distortion of old school psychedelic rock, the dark crushing riffs of Black Sabbath and Budgie, the attitude of The Stooges, and the screaming siren of vocalist Chris Cornell that was reminiscent of 70's classic rock vocalists such as Robert Plant and Burton Cummings.

UltramegaOK is a raw, rough, rockin', and varied debut. It really takes all of the band's influences together, and makes each song stand out with it's own sound. The album opens right up with the groovy rockers "Flower" and "All Your Lies", which are among the band's best early cuts. The former has one of Kim Thayil's grooviest hooks, rumbling bass from original bassist Hiro Yamamoto, Matt Cameron's always tight drumming, and Chris Cornell's beautiful melodies. The band was already in top form on this first record. "Beyond the Wheel" and "Incessant Mace" are pure doom metal, and absolute favorites of mine and classics of the genre. The former is a haunting dirge with some of Cornell's most spine-chilling screams, and the latter song's crushingly heavy riffs sound straight from the riff master himself, Tony Iommi.

"He Didn't" has a main swirling riff that is quite reminiscent of the ominous theme song of The Twilight Zone, which fits perfectly in a metal setting. The band brings it to a speed metal pace with the shredding "Nazi Driver" and "Head Injury", with the latter being a bit punky. Both tracks have absolutely groovin' bass runs, rampaging razor-sharp guitar riffs, and Cornell's raw siren screams dominating those and most of the album. Soundgarden has done many amazing cover tunes, and this album's cover of the blues classic by Howlin' Wolf, "Smokestack Lightning", is no exception. It's a masterpiece of soulful blues metal, with Thayil delivering metallic blues riffs with much conviction and Cornell really shows his amazing vocal range here. He goes from a bluesy croon throughout most of the song to high-pitched screams that rival Rob Halford's vocals on the early Judas Priest albums.

You may be wondering what's with the weird album name, and it partly has to do with the production. The band didn't think the production turned out all that well, hence the name UltramegaOK. I personally have no issue with the production, I think it fits perfectly fine with the raw and dirty heavy metal that this album displays. The album was remastered though, so even if it does bother you, it sounds a bit cleaner on the 2017 remaster.

Even on their first studio album, Soundgarden made a masterpiece. There are a couple of minor issues, those being the short interludes that just act as a few minutes of filler. "Circle of Power", which is a more hardcore punk-sounding track with Yamamoto on vocals, kind of breaks the flow a bit but it's still a good song that sits in okay with the variety of the album. If you're a fan of old school 70's metal, classic blues rock, grunge, or doom/stoner metal, do yourself a favor and check this album out. It's a near perfect album that deserves more attention. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!


Album · 2004 · Doom Metal
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With doom metal and it's sludge and stoner brethren being pretty underrated to begin with, there's bound to be amazing bands that get forgotten about even among the genre's cult following. One of these bands is the Floridian band Floor, who just so happens to mix doom, sludge, and stoner all into one.

While their self-titled debut album was released in 2002, the band has been around since 1992. While most of their recordings before '02 were singles and splits, they did record Dove in 1994. For whatever reason the album wasn't released until a decade later in 2004, the year the band broke up, only to reform in 2010.

Dove is one of the heaviest albums I've ever heard, yet features no bass. It's hard to believe, but all of the distortion, feedback, and crushing brutality is just completely brought by guitars and drums. The opening two tracks "Who Are You" and "Namaste" are short but destructive rampaging blasts of sludgy chaos, which feature screeching feedback alongside Sabbath-esque riffing that is cranked up to 11. This is followed and perfectly contrasted with my favorite on the album, the more laidback "In a Day". This track has more of a stoner vibe, but not without more high-pitched distortion breaking in from time to time in the song. The main guitar riff sounds incredibly close to a bass with a distortion pedal, but it's not, surprisingly. "Figure It Out" also mixes some stoner elements, and Steve Brooks' vocal style on these two tracks really contribute to the overall stoner feel.

Most of the doom metal is saved for the end of the album, which would contain "Floyd", the title track, and "I Remember Nothing" (Which is omitted on the vinyl version). All three of these tracks kind of blend together, with "Floyd" being the most enjoyable of them. The title track could be an almost perfect eighteen-minute behemoth of sludgy dirges, but it ruined by wasting probably about ten of those minutes. For the first eight-minutes, it slowly crushes your skull with pure force, and if it was just that it would be perfect for when you're in the mood for slow and meandering doom. However, it ends with random annoying talking, which I always find annoying when it appears, as well as just incoherent feedback and drone. The end of the title track pretty much sums up "I Remember Nothing", and unfortunately that title fits pretty well.

Despite the album's shortcomings with the final two lengthy tracks, Dove is a masterpiece of doom/sludge metal. If you love screeching distortion and feedback and crushingly brutal slabs of riffs, Floor is up there with the best and is definitely an essential listen. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

MESHUGGAH The Violent Sleep of Reason

Album · 2016 · Progressive Metal
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When people talk about extreme metal, they usually mean thrash, death, and black metal. However, doom metal and groove metal are a couple of genres that can be among the heaviest music out there yet get forgotten in discussions of extreme metal. For the latter, it's Meshuggah that has to remind listeners that groove metal can harbor colossal brutality on the same level if not more so.

The band wastes no time in beating you over the head with a mixture of jackhammer riffing, drum attacks, and sludgy dirges. It's business as usual for the band, with insane syncopation, downtuned dirges, groovy hooks, piercing thrashings, and Jens Kidman's brutal screams and roars. "Born in Dissonance" may as well be the band's theme song, it pretty much displays what the band is all about. The sludgy "By the Ton" is another perfect representative for the band, as they sure deliver their destructive grooves by the ton. If they tuned the strings any lower, they'd break the sound barrier. "Monstrocity" is the main highlight, with the main riff sounding like a much heavier Korn, it's about as catchy as you can get while still crushing every listener's skull. "Our Rage Won't Die" is a groove-thrash fest to the most crushing degree.

There's really nothing else to say. It's brutal as fuck, it's heavy as balls, it's skull crushing as hell, it's Meshuggah. Basically, if you liked the last couple Meshuggah albums or just like uncompromising brutality you won't be disappointed. Warning: May cause intense headbanging and extreme whiplash if you have long hair. Hope you found this review helpful, feel free to comment!

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