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Album · 1975

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Room Service (3:00)
2. Two Timer (2:49)
3. Ladies In Waiting (2:33)
4. Getaway (2:43)
5. Rock Bottom (3:55)
6. C'mon And Love Me (2:58)
7. Anything For My Baby (2:35)
8. She (4:09)
9. Love Her All I Can (2:41)
10. Rock And Roll All Nite (2:48)

Total Time 30:14


- Paul Stanley / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Gene Simmons / bass guitar, vocals
- Ace Frehley / lead guitar
- Peter Criss / drums, percussion, vocals

About this release

Release date: March 19, 1975
Label: Casablanca Records

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Another Kiss album, and not a lot different than the previous two. Short, sleazy, rock songs about the usual 1970’s affair... sex, women, partying, sex, drinking, women, and occasionally, something different, like sex, women and partying all at once.

It’s easy to see how this might have been a bit more revolutionary in the 70’s, but these albums sound pretty tame and immature by today’s standards. The production is decent enough, and the playing is consistently good (though again, pretty laid back), but after two previous albums of similar material, ‘Dressed to Kill’ just tends to bore.

‘Room Service’, ‘Getaway’ and ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ (admittedly, an early Kiss classic), are the only really half-decent tracks here worth remembering. Still, it’s only half an hour long, so it’s not doing any harm, and Kiss will always be a guilty pleasure of mine, and everyone else’s.

With that said, despite three pretty mediocre releases, the next album is where my fandom for the band really begins, for it’s the album that changed my life. The best is definitely yet to come...
A substantial improvement both over the tepid Hotter than Hell and the inconsistent (but often fun) debut album, Dressed to Kill sees Kiss take a "less is more" approach - rather than producing a 35-40 minute album with filler, they decided to make a shorter than average album (it's only half an hour long) without any - an approach I wish more bands would take. Like the debut album, Dressed to Kill is an infectious party album, and whilst the best tracks would get meatier interpretations on Alive! it still deserves kudos for being the best of the three studio albums whose material gave birth to that record.
Ah yes, I will never forget the feeling of listening to Kiss after hearing their massive hit singles "C'mon and Love Me", and "Rock and Roll All Nite" that were played on TV music shows back to back. The makeup, the costumes, the sound – there was nothing on the planet quite like Kiss. Yet the album cover cheekily depicts the four in suits!

The music here is a very unpolished production, the sound is not as heavy as albums to come but there are still some bonafide Kiss Klassics here. 'Room Service', 'Getaway', 'Rock Bottom' and 'She' are the best tracks; perhaps 'She' was best heard live, they were always heavier live in these early days.

This album is essential in Kisstory because of the most recognised mantra that still is known throughout the world, “I wanna rock and roll all night, and party everyday!” 'Rock and Roll All Nite’ was released in its live format as a single later on in the year and sounded way better than the studio version, Simmons has death metal vocals on the live performance. It reached number 12 on the singles charts and sent Kiss on their way to stardom. The re-release of the album features a better sound, not as thin as the vinyl, but still these early years were only the beginning for the greatness to come, and following this was the awesome ground breaking “Alive!”

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