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Album · 2003

Filed under Groove Metal


1. Cleansation (04:07)
2. The Impossibility of Reason (03:42)
3. Pictures in the Gold Room (04:26)
4. Power Trip (02:48)
5. Down Again (04:20)
6. Pure Hatred (04:18)
7. The Dehumanizing Process (04:10)
8. Crawl (03:30)
9. Stigmurder (04:38)
10. Eyes of a Criminal (05:16)
11. Overlooked (04:10)
12. Implements of Destruction (13:30)

Total Time 58:55

2004 Collector’s Edition bonus disc: Reasoning the Impossible

1. Indifferent to Suffering (04:21)
2. Without Moral Restraint (04:01)
3. Fascination Street (04:18)
4. Let Go (demo) (04:20)
5. Pass Out of Existence (demo) (03:47)
6. Severed (demo) (02:59)
7. Forced Life (demo) (04:32)
8. Dead Inside (demo) (03:41)
9. Power Trip (live) (02:57)
10. Cleansation (live) (03:43)

Total Time 38:39


- Rob Arnold / lead guitars
- Mark Hunter / lead vocals, guitar (track 12)
- Matt DeVries / guitars
- Jim LaMarca / bass
- Chris Spicuzza / keyboards, backing vocals
- Andols Herrick / drums

About this release

CD released 13th May 2013 on Roadrunner Records (RR 8397-2).

2CD limited collectors edition released 2004 on Roadrunner Records (RR 8397-8).

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

The Impossibility of Reason was Chimaira's first record to transition the band from metalcore to groove metal, and it's obvious which genre fit the band more as subsequent releases followed the same line of thinking. It's not hard to understand why The Impossibility of Reason was such a breakthrough record for the band; it's almost perfect production quality bringing out never-before-seen qualities of Chimaira previously not seen under their banner.

Chimaira's 2003 album showcases a new and improved set of tracks, tuning down electronic elements to create a more clean yet powerful album. Rob Arnold has mentioned that bands they've toured with's influence on the band, these compatriots including the likes of In Flames (whose history is almost like the reverse of Chimaira's) and Soilwork. The influential melodic death metal style of these bands is evident on The Impossibility of Reason, an album littered with brash unforgiving sonorous riffs give way to energetic spectacles of raw power. The band holds a candle to the likes of Mudvayne, in fact this album in particular is very similar to Mudvayne's then-studio output (i.e. The End of All Things to Come), albeit with less experimental qualities.

The tracks are nearly all stunning. Not one misses a beat and keeps the sort of power-trip (funnily enough a track on the album) like theme of the album going. The dark, film-score like nature of the album's #1 single 'Down Again' is endearing, as well as the anger-filled 'Pure Hatred' (which I first heard on an episode of Mythbusters in 2004). It might be a bit cliche but Chimaira's closing epic 'Implements of Destruction' is an actual epic, not five minutes of music with eight minutes of silence/noise/sound effects, and is highly recommended. It goes through a variety of drum pattern and stylistic changes, all in an instrumental format. I'd suggest listening to the album to get a taste of it for yourself.

Lastly, the band itself. Chimaira's raw style is owed completely to Andols Herrick on drums and Rob Arnold on guitar. This as well as the Chad Grey-like Mark Hunter on vocals. The guitar section of Chimaira is where the band stands out the most, with the aforementioned Rob Arnold accompanied by Matt DeVries, both of whom would go onto play live guitar and bass respectively for Six Feet Under in 2011 and 2012.

A highly respectable release and a key contributor to the New Wave of American Heavy metal movement, Chimaira and their 2003 album are not to be underestimated. Mind your mind when entering this territory.
From the menacing opener `Cleansation,’ to the final instrumental number `Implements of Destruction,’ there are no weak moments on Chimaira `s 2003 breakthrough album The Impossibility of Reason.

Every song is of the same high quality, with boundless energy and the perfect attitude its no surprise that this album became the darling of a lot of magazines back when it was new. Its important to note however, The Impossibility of Reason is more than just a flavour of the month release from 2003 however, this album is a bone fide classic and has truly stood the test of time, loosing none of its appeal or impact.

Heavy, bouncy groove metal breakdowns mix with the frequent virtuosic guitar solos, outstanding drum breaks and singer Mark Hunter’s excellent mix of high and low vocals. Even the song structures are noteworthy on this album, far more interesting than those of many of the band’s contempories.

Drummer Andols Herrick is really something special, his unconventional style sees him employing beats you would never expect to fit under the riffs, rolling on the ride cymbal and large sections of songs will often feel more like a drum solo than a bridge.

The Title track is one of the finest moments in the entire Chimaira catalogue, as is `Pictures in the Gold Room,’ in fact its difficult to choose stand out moments because this album is faultless from beginning to end.

The album also features the singles `Powertrip,’ and `Pure Hatred,’ which have been present on the set list of basically every Chimiaira concert ever since and also the more radio friendly number `Down Again.’

The only real flaw on this album is that the lyrics are not particularly great, especially when you consider how excellent a lyricist Mark would become with newer songs like ‘Left For Dead,’ and ‘The Flame.’ If you are willing to let this go there is not much you won’t enjoy about this record.

Everything you could want in a modern metal album is present and accounted for here on The Impossibility of Reason and if you like Chimaira you really have no excuse not to buy it.

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