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EDGE OF SANITY - Crimson Melodic Death Metal | review permalink
CROWBAR - Odd Fellows Rest Sludge Metal | review permalink
IRON MAIDEN - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Heavy Metal
GOJIRA - From Mars to Sirius Death Metal
GOJIRA - L'Enfant Sauvage Death Metal
MASTODON - Leviathan Sludge Metal
MASTODON - Crack The Skye Sludge Metal
CROWBAR - Broken Glass Sludge Metal
SYSTEM OF A DOWN - Mezmerize Alternative Metal
MESHUGGAH - Nothing (2006) Progressive Metal
GORGUTS - Obscura Technical Death Metal
MELVINS - Houdini Sludge Metal
MELVINS - Stoner Witch Stoner Metal
THE SMASHING PUMPKINS - Siamese Dream Heavy Alternative Rock
WISHBONE ASH - Argus Proto-Metal
KING CRIMSON - Red Proto-Metal
KING CRIMSON - In The Court Of The Crimson King Proto-Metal
LED ZEPPELIN - Led Zeppelin IV Hard Rock
RUSH - Moving Pictures Hard Rock

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Sludge Metal 68 3.79
2 Death Metal 38 3.84
3 Technical Death Metal 33 4.12
4 Stoner Metal 32 3.73
5 Progressive Metal 32 3.67
6 Non-Metal 32 3.64
7 Atmospheric Sludge Metal 28 3.77
8 Alternative Metal 26 3.81
9 Heavy Metal 18 3.50
10 Nu Metal 16 3.59
11 Hard Rock 16 4.16
12 Thrash Metal 14 3.50
13 Hardcore Punk 12 4.17
14 Heavy Alternative Rock 12 4.04
15 Doom Metal 12 3.67
16 Metal Related 12 4.04
17 Groove Metal 11 3.91
18 Proto-Metal 8 4.06
19 Stoner Rock 6 4.00
20 NWoBHM 6 4.08
21 Metalcore 6 4.00
22 Melodic Death Metal 5 3.70
23 Melodic Metalcore 4 4.13
24 Industrial Metal 4 4.00
25 Mathcore 4 4.00
26 Atmospheric Black Metal 4 3.63
27 Technical Thrash Metal 4 3.63
28 Death 'n' Roll 3 4.00
29 Heavy Psych 3 3.50
30 Funk Metal 2 3.00
31 Grindcore 2 4.00
32 Drone Metal 2 3.00
33 Funeral Doom Metal 1 2.50
34 Avant-garde Metal 1 4.50
35 Black Metal 1 4.00
36 Brutal Death Metal 1 3.50
37 Crossover Thrash 1 4.00
38 Pagan Black Metal 1 1.50
39 Power Metal 1 4.50
40 Rap Metal 1 3.50
41 Traditional Doom Metal 1 2.50

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Album · 2021 · Sludge Metal
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What does one expect when checking out new obscure sludge releases? Slow and brooding guitars obscured behind an overly atmospheric soundscape? Think again. Fans of the early 90s New Orleans sludge scene should find themselves pleasantly and nostalgically surprised with this debut album from Hungarian outfit Rural Pitchfork as it harkens back to exactly that with its doomy, bluesy riffs, aggressive, ragingly angry vocals, and deep, powerful production. It occasionally hints at the more progressive sludge wave of the 00s peppered and exhibits some mild elements of stoner metal but is essentially a raw old school (new) sludge album. It's a well-produced affair with enough oomph to let the powerful riffs shine through without being too glossy and is ideal for the material.

Album length can be quite a divisive topic with many feeling that albums with a duration south of 30 minutes cheat them out of listening time. I can empathise with that viewpoint somewhat but would argue that on this release it is entirely appropriate as there is not much variation throughout – one of the main weaknesses of the album. The other significant weakness is the fact it leans so heavily on the guitar and vocal styles of Kirk Windstein that it's pretty much a carbon copy of sludge pioneers Crowbar (coming pretty close to matching Kirk in sheer force of vocal and riff delivery but not coming close to attaining the same level of emotional projection).

Despite a lack of originality, the riffage is seriously meaty so the aforementioned issues don't entirely prevent the album from being a downright raging sludgefeast, showcasing that Rural Pitchfork are a band with great potential but would benefit greatly from developing their sound in a more authentic fashion on future releases.

CONAN Existential Void Guardian

Album · 2018 · Doom Metal
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Released in 2018, “Existential Void Guardian” is the fourth full length studio album by UK doom metal titans Conan. It’s a release which carries on in a similar vein to the preceding albums. This is certainly not a negative point as the consistently high standard of said releases is commendable and on this one, the songwriting has an even greater level of sophistication.

As usual, we are instantly lambasted with an impenetrable storm of monumental riffs from which there is no escape. The guitar tone is beyond powerful and is amongst the densest I’ve ever heard. This is accompanied by angst ridden and enraged vocals which are reminiscent of Scott Kelly. The overall vibe is somewhat a fusion of the abrasive, pained anger of Neurosis and the slow stoner doom of Sleep but avoiding the whole idea of creating a 1 hour long track from a handful of riffs and jam-like solos.

Aside from the songwriting, one thing that stands out from previous releases is the production - clearer, warmer and more professional sounding without going so far as to sound overly polished. This is ideal for not compromising the delightfully ludicrous levels of heaviness in the music.

“Existential Void Guardian” is an utterly crushing album and truly provides the sense of an impending disaster looming on the horizon. If doom metal is your thing, you should familiarise yourself with Conan’s material if you have not already.

ENRAPTURE Another Green Drought

Album · 2021 · Atmospheric Sludge Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Released in January 2021, “Another Green Drought” is the debut studio album by Norwegian progressive sludge/post-metal band Enrapture. From the very first track, it is clear we have a trio of skilled musicians who play as a tight unit and display a high level of confidence in their musicianship. The material has a progressive structure and showcases a sophisticated approach to songwriting by displaying continual variances in chord progressions, riff structures, tempo and time signatures with rhythmically complex arrangements throughout. In addition, we see an abandonment of the traditional verse/chorus method in favour of a through-composed structure.

The opener “Badlands” wastes no time and instantly pummels the listener with a healthy dose of powerful, crunchy riffs and aggressive, technical drumming accompanied by harsh screamed vocals. This sets the tone for the whole album but there are moments of respite here and there in the form of more atmospheric sections with clean vocals, some of which touch lightly on psychedelic music. The penultimate track “Groundswells” is a standout track boasting riff after riff of killer sludge before building into an atmospheric epic.

The album is of a consistent quality but my greatest joy comes from the successful juxtaposition of the brutally heavy side of metal and the mood-elevating qualities of post-rock music which does not always work for me. On this release, it is truly majestic and transports me between heaven and hell and sometimes to both simultaneously – the best example of this is showcased in “Floodwaters and the Desert” which features a dreamlike soundscape overlain with a mixture of harsh screaming, some clean vocals and delightful mix of heavy and uplifting lead guitar parts.

In conclusion, we are presented with a high quality and confident sounding debut release by Enrapture in a time when a plethora of bands are trying to project a similar sound. I feel Enrapute have done well to differentiate themselves somewhat from their peers and I am very much looking forward to hearing what they produce next.

Highly recommended to fans of Intronaut and Mastodon.


Album · 2021 · Sludge Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Kaptan Kadavra are a Turkish metal band who self-released their self-titled album on the 1st of January 2021. Although filed here under sludge metal, I find it hard to pinpoint the album to one specific genre as elements of few other metal sub-genres genres are equally prominent. The overall sound of the album is heavy, raw and powerful with abrasive guitars and harsh, mid to high-pitched vocals that cross the bridges of death and black metal while the heaviness is interspersed with lighter sections of cleaner, middle eastern influenced guitar work and atmospheric samples of dialect. The production is fairly raw which suits the musical style well and my only complaint would be that the drums are a bit too low in the mix for my preference.

Although slow to mid-tempo, bluesy sludge riffs are present, the album also delivers a serious amount of groove with some guitar parts and rhythms taking influence from the staccato-like riffs of early Helmet but turbocharged with a healthy dose of Gojira-style aggression, pick raking/scraping and pinch harmonics. This is best documented in the fifth track “Buhar Gücü”.

A personal highlight is the third track “Güller Açar” which boasts a great sludgy stoner metal riff as its main theme but also has faster and more angular segments that sound more calculated and remind me of the precise and robotic structures of Meshuggah’s music.

The album reaches its mellowest point on “Beni Hayat Yoruyor” which adds a psychedelic factor before the onslaught continues again. Aspects of Mastodon’s early work can be heard towards the end of the album in the octave-drops in the track “Katiyen”, the excellent harmonising guitar flicks in “Tasikardi” and most of all in the aggressive heavy riffing of the closing track “Et ve Kemik”.

Overall, this is an interesting and enjoyable composition which successfully integrates influences from a wide range of metal sub-genres and is delivered by skilled musicians. Kaptan Kadavra are definitely a band I’ll be keeping an eye on.


Album · 2021 · Sludge Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
“Low N Slow” is the fourth studio album from Ohio based sludge metal outfit Sweaty Mammoth (best band name I’ve heard in a long time). It was digitally self-released by the band in February 2021. The overall sound is dominated by low tuned, thick guitars and clean, melodic vocals which should please fans of Floor and Torche but lacks some of the rather accessible and poppy hooks present in the music of these bands - in particular, the latter. Fans of Mastodon's mid 00s work should also enjoy the crushing and sludgy, yet intricate guitar work.

There is also a notable fusion of elements of 90s sludge metal and 70s classic rock (think Blue Öyster Cult) while the jam like guitar solos are reminiscent of the stoner rock/metal scene of the 90s and 00s. Tempo wise, the album maintains the classic sludge formula of being pretty slow sporadically interspersed with faster and more aggressive parts. Although the bulk of the vocal delivery is clean, harsh screaming does feature occasionally, most notably on “Minwax Polecat” and the final track “In” which builds up to become an utterly crushing doom fest before ending with a weird trippy outro.

The album is consistent in quality throughout so it’s hard for me to pick specific highlights but my favourite tracks are the aforementioned “In” and “Pube Casino” – a mainly instrumental track which combines blistering lead guitar parts and slower atmospheric parts into a neat, coherent piece of music which would not sound out of place on Mastodon's 'Blood Mountain" album.

There may be nothing ground-breaking here but its definitely worth checking out as it is well played music with plenty of strong, meaty riffs as well as bringing something fresh to the world of sludge and I have found it extremely enjoyable listening and it will become part of my regular rotation.

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    [QUOTE=Triceratopsoil] The 2nd half of Bishop's self-titled debut is some of the trippiest black metal I've heard.The album started off reminding me of Celeste, and transformed into this hypnotic industrial horror music. A bit like Lord Mantis meets Thorns.  Also for fans of Darkspace & Bezmir.  Awesomeedit:  come to think of it, side A reminds me more of Indian than Celeste[/QUOTE] Just listened to that Bishop album and enjoyed it immensely. Wouldn't be surprised if that knocks something off the current list. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    From Lithuania....delightfully brutal post-metal/sludge (mildly blackened)....highly recommended.
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    Welcome to MMA. I'm also a big fan of Gojira, Tool and Neurosis but black metal is a genre I'm only beginning to dive into. Any recommendations for a novice?


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