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HELLOWEEN - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I Power Metal
CRIMSON GLORY - Transcendence US Power Metal | review permalink
MEGADETH - Rust in Peace Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Master of Puppets Thrash Metal
METALLICA - ...And Justice for All Thrash Metal
ANNIHILATOR - Never, Neverland Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Reign in Blood Thrash Metal
PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell Groove Metal
MEGADETH - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? Thrash Metal
METALLICA - Ride the Lightning Thrash Metal
ANNIHILATOR - Alice in Hell Thrash Metal
SLAYER - Seasons in the Abyss Thrash Metal
SEPULTURA - Beneath the Remains Thrash Metal
FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - The Cold Heavy Metal
ANGELUS APATRIDA - Clockwork Thrash Metal
IRON MAIDEN - The Number Of The Beast NWoBHM
IRON MAIDEN - Somewhere In Time Heavy Metal
CRADLE OF FILTH - Cruelty and the Beast Gothic Metal
CRADLE OF FILTH - Dusk and Her Embrace Symphonic Black Metal
CRADLE OF FILTH - V Empire or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein Symphonic Black Metal

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Metal Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Thrash Metal 64 4.58
2 Heavy Metal 47 4.47
3 Progressive Metal 19 4.74
4 Death Metal 18 4.50
5 Gothic Metal 17 4.76
6 Hard Rock 16 4.31
7 Groove Metal 13 4.58
8 Alternative Metal 13 4.46
9 Power Metal 13 4.46
10 US Power Metal 9 4.28
11 Symphonic Black Metal 6 4.92
12 Metal Related 6 4.33
13 Nu Metal 6 4.58
14 NWoBHM 5 4.70
15 Non-Metal 5 3.70
16 Symphonic Metal 5 4.50
17 Technical Death Metal 5 4.80
18 Heavy Alternative Rock 5 4.80
19 Black Metal 4 4.63
20 Melodic Black Metal 4 4.63
21 Melodic Metalcore 3 4.33
22 Melodic Death Metal 2 4.50
23 Metalcore 2 3.50
24 Technical Thrash Metal 2 4.50
25 Industrial Metal 2 1.25
26 Grindcore 2 3.50
27 Hardcore Punk 1 2.00
28 Brutal Death Metal 1 3.50
29 Crossover Thrash 1 4.00
30 Avant-garde Metal 1 3.00
31 Death-Doom Metal 1 4.50
32 Folk Metal 1 5.00
33 Glam Metal 1 4.50
34 Speed Metal 1 4.50

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LIMP BIZKIT Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

Album · 2000 · Nu Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This has to be one of the most controversial albums ever. One quick look on it's ratings shows reactions from total hate to adoration.

Well I have to agree that Limp Bizkit is not the most influential or original band but back there in the late 90's and the beginning of the century they were probably the hottest band on the earth. After it's groundbreaking predecessor "The Significant Other", the expectations for "Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water" were for another masterpiece. But did LB achieve that? My answer is Yes! Compared to SO, CSATHDFW is a bit more polished and commercial maybe but songs like My Generation, Full Nelson, Rollin' and Take A Look Around are still kick ass rockers. Alongside with them we have another bunch of hits - My Way, Livin' It Up and the great hip-hop tune Getcha Groove On. So let's put all the hatred aside. LB are great musicians and Fred Durst is really great vocalist. After all CSATHDFW is not composed to show complex songwriting or musicianship, it's all about partying.

CHIMAIRA The Age of Hell

Album · 2011 · Groove Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The godfathers of the so called "New Wave Of American Heavy Metal" are back! For some reasons Chimaira didn't reach the success they deserved which is really poor because they have their own unique style that puts the band above the cliches of mediocre metalcore often labeled to their music.

The Age Of Hell is their sixth studio record. There are some line-up changes but the core of the band consisting of guitarist Rob Arnold and vocalist Mark Hunter are still here so all the typical Chimaira elements have found their place on the album. Of course as usual they added some new nuances to their music. In contrast with it's predecessor The Age Of Hell is much more diversed and complex. In fact the album is some kind of combination between "Resurrection" and "The Infection". All songs clock around 4 minutes. The exception is the great closing instrumental track called "Samsara".

The production of the album is clean and powerful. Rob performs some really impressive guitar solos and Mark alongside with his typical aggressive harsh vocals makes some clean parts where the vocal harmonies remind of Alice In Chains.

With The Age Of Hell Chimaira prove themselves as one of the most innovative bands in metal music today. I really hope they'll get the reaction this fantastic album deserves. The Age Of Hell is highly recommended to all open-minded metal fans.

VICIOUS RUMORS Razorback Killers

Album · 2011 · US Power Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Vicious Rumors have always been one of the most underrated bands. These American veterans deserved much more. Their albums with Carl Albert (RIP) are timeless classics and masterpieces for metal music. Now after 30 years of ups and downs they are still able to kick ass.

Razorback Killers is another great chapter in their discography. It is easily one of the best power metal releases this year. Vicious Rumors are back in their best form. Balancing on the edge of thrash and power metal the guitar duels between the founder Geoff Thorpe and the new axeman Kiyoshi Morgan are just brilliant. Well no one can replace the divine voice of Carl Albert but the new singer Brian Allen has strong powerful voice and fits really nice to the songs.

Razorback Killers is great symbiosis between the classic and the modern times in heavy metal. In this abundance of mediocre pretending releases these oldschool compositions packed in newschool production are great choice for all heavy music lovers. The new Vicious Rumors album won't cause revolution or shoot his creators to the mainstream but is great present to their dedicated fans and 4,5 stars rating is absolutely deserved!


Album · 2011 · Hard Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Wow this is really good! That's the very first time I listen to this band and I'm really impressed. I can say love from first sight. I don't know for their previous releases but the label metalcore is absolutely absurd for IV. What we have here is great example of modern hard rock/alternative metal with some southern influences. MATSOD's new album is cocktail of wild energy, adrenaline and some beautiful lyrical moments mixed with the smell whiskey so typical for southern rock. Dallas Taylor is great singer. Sometimes he really reminds of mixture between Dexter Holland, Dave Grohl and Corey Taylor but he has his own unique touch to the music that makes this band so cool. IV is really highly recommended for fans of modern alternative bands like Stone Sour, Godsmack, Foo Fighters and as I mentioned above Offspring but in their more mature period. Fans of southern rock and Load/Reload era of Metallica should also check this out.

ALICE COOPER Constrictor

Album · 1986 · Hard Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
That's the way I like uncle Alice! Released in 1986 Constrictor is a great example of it's era. Back in the 80s glam rock and metal were very popular so mr. Cooper's decision to record album like this seems no surprise. And the result is fantastic! This album has all the ingredients needed to be essential. Solid rock anthems, great musicianship and production. There is no need to describe the album song by song but I have to mention Teenage Frankenstein one of the most popular Alice Cooper songs, Thrill My Gorilla with it's Judas Priest like chorus and the closing track He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) written for Friday 13th soundtrack with it's disco like synth parts. In conclusion 25 years later in the time of hard and glam rock revival this album still sounds fresh and modern.

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    [QUOTE=rushfan4][QUOTE=Double-D]The new Marlene And The Sons Of Disaster album  IV. Absolutely brilliant! Please add it to their discography page. [/QUOTE] I have added the new album from info I found on the internet. Please review and let me know if any changes are needed.  Thank you.[/QUOTE]Seems OK. Thanks!
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Now -- what are you listening to?
    The new Marlene And The Sons Of Disaster album  IV. Absolutely brilliant! Please add it to their discography page.
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Review Reporting Thread
    So Master Of Puppets deserve 0,5 stars because it's overrated?!? I can agree but how can he explain that minutes after review he ranks something with 0,5 without even knowing what this album is. When I don't like any band I just don't vote for it, it's easy. I understand that every single user is important, but guys like this one should be banned immediately.


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