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The Vicious Rumor's History

August 27, 1979 - Geoff Thorpe moves from Hawaii to Santa Rosa, California, to pursue his musical career and start his own band. For the first year, before even having the band together, Geoff went to every concert and club show, passing out Vicious Rumors business cards, which helped to generate a interest in the music scene when the band did start finally playing out in the clubs.

1980 - VR plays the first "Metal Monday" along with Metallica, Motley Crue, Laaz Rockit and Exodus. Metal Mondays were metal shows sponsored by the San Francisco radio station KRQR, featuring the best metal acts in the Bay Area at Bill Graham's, "The Old Waldorf", the premier club in the Bay Area at the time. "Metal Mondays" were the birth of the Bay area Metal scene.

1982 - VR appears on KMEL's
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VICIOUS RUMORS albums / top albums

VICIOUS RUMORS Soldiers Of The Night album cover 3.27 | 14 ratings
Soldiers Of The Night
US Power Metal 1985
VICIOUS RUMORS Digital Dictator album cover 4.21 | 21 ratings
Digital Dictator
US Power Metal 1988
VICIOUS RUMORS Vicious Rumors album cover 3.91 | 17 ratings
Vicious Rumors
US Power Metal 1990
VICIOUS RUMORS Welcome To The Ball album cover 4.16 | 13 ratings
Welcome To The Ball
US Power Metal 1991
VICIOUS RUMORS Word Of Mouth album cover 3.70 | 11 ratings
Word Of Mouth
US Power Metal 1994
VICIOUS RUMORS Something Burning album cover 2.93 | 7 ratings
Something Burning
Groove Metal 1996
VICIOUS RUMORS Cyberchrist album cover 3.15 | 9 ratings
Groove Metal 1998
VICIOUS RUMORS Sadistic Symphony album cover 2.28 | 5 ratings
Sadistic Symphony
Groove Metal 2001
VICIOUS RUMORS Warball album cover 3.86 | 11 ratings
US Power Metal 2006
VICIOUS RUMORS Razorback Killers album cover 4.06 | 14 ratings
Razorback Killers
US Power Metal 2011
VICIOUS RUMORS Electric Punishment album cover 4.29 | 8 ratings
Electric Punishment
US Power Metal 2013
VICIOUS RUMORS Concussion Protocol album cover 3.96 | 3 ratings
Concussion Protocol
US Power Metal 2016
VICIOUS RUMORS Celebration Decay album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Celebration Decay
US Power Metal 2020


VICIOUS RUMORS The Voice album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
The Voice
US Power Metal 1994

VICIOUS RUMORS live albums

VICIOUS RUMORS A Tribute To Carl Albert album cover 2.50 | 1 ratings
A Tribute To Carl Albert
US Power Metal 1995
VICIOUS RUMORS Plug In And Hang On: Live In Tokyo album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Plug In And Hang On: Live In Tokyo
US Power Metal 2004
VICIOUS RUMORS Live You To Death album cover 4.55 | 2 ratings
Live You To Death
US Power Metal 2012
VICIOUS RUMORS Live You To Death 2 – American Punishment album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Live You To Death 2 – American Punishment
US Power Metal 2014

VICIOUS RUMORS demos, promos, fans club and other releases (no bootlegs)

VICIOUS RUMORS Demo I album cover 2.50 | 1 ratings
Demo I
Heavy Metal 1982
VICIOUS RUMORS Demo II album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Demo II
Heavy Metal 1983

VICIOUS RUMORS re-issues & compilations

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VICIOUS RUMORS movies (DVD, Blu-Ray or VHS)

.. Album Cover
5.00 | 1 ratings
Crushing The World
US Power Metal 2005


VICIOUS RUMORS Soldiers Of The Night

Album · 1985 · US Power Metal
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"Soldiers Of The Night" is the debut full-length studio album by US, California based power/heavy metal act Vicious Rumors. The album was released through Shrapnel Records in May 1985. Vicious Rumors was formed in 1979 and released a demo cassette tape in 1982 and a second one in 1983 before being signed to Shrapnel Records for the release of "Soldiers Of The Night". Compared to the demo lineups only lead vocalist Gary St. Pierre and guitarist Geoff Thorpe remain. New in the lineup are guitarist Vinnie Moore, bassist Dave Starr, and drummer Larry Howe. The only track from the demos which has been re-recorded for "Soldiers Of The Night" is "In Fire" (which was actually featured on both demos). The rest of the tracks on the 11 track, 38:50 minutes long album are new original material.

The material on "Soldiers Of The Night" is in a traditional heavy metal style, which is fairly standard for the time and the genre. The quality of the material is relatively high and the tracks are generally catchy and powerful heavy metal. Vicious Rumors can arguably write an effective metal tune. The musicianship is also strong and especially the guitarists play some really well played guitar solos. Lead vocalist Gary St. Pierre has a strong voice and a convincing delivery too, so all in all the performances are a great asset to the album. The inclusion of a guitar solo instrumental in "Invader" may be a bit "old school", but on a release like this it works pretty well. The remaining tracks (save for the opening intro track "Premonition") are all relatively standard vers/chorus structured material with vocals.

The sound production is not the strongest production from that time, but "Soldiers Of The Night" is not a bad sounding release either. It just could have been better sounding. Overall "Soldiers Of The Night" is a good quality heavy metal release, which may not be the most original sounding release from those days, but which is still a solid and well played album. A 3 - 3.5 star (65%) rating is deserved.

VICIOUS RUMORS Celebration Decay

Album · 2020 · US Power Metal
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I’ve been a fan of Vicious Rumors since their eponymous third album released back in 1990, an album they still haven’t bettered to this day by the way. This was not only down to a great collection of songs but the vocal prowess of the sadly deceased Carl Albert who died in a car crash in 1995. The band have continued to release well played US power metal albums adopting the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach apart from a diversion into a more groove metal direction in the late nineties.

Celebration Decay is the bands thirteenth studio album and not surprisingly follows the same template as the last few albums with the usual mixture of up and mid-tempo metal and the occasional plodder. Here though the balance lies more towards the mid-tempo which to be honest is not always to the albums benefit as Vicious Rumors are usually at their best when flying at full pelt. Any Last Words is one of the better mid-paced songs however with a strong hook and a riff that is very reminiscent of another of the bands songs that I annoyingly can’t currently put my finger on. There are some great songs such as Arrival Of Desolation with its galloping riff and rhythm section, something the band seem to do on most albums, there’s the opening title track which is one of the faster songs here. The album seems to run out of steam a bit at times though with the forgettable Darkness Divine being a prime example, not bad by any means, but lacking a memorable hook and guitarist Geoff Thorpe takes over on lead vocals who despite being a fine guitarist is no more than a passable vocalist. It’s followed by the equally plodding Long Way Home. Talking of vocals, since the death of Carl Albert the band seem to have struggled to find a lasting replacement changing vocalists almost every album. The latest recruit is Nick Courtney who whilst having a decent set of pipes struggles to inject much in the way of melody into his performance, something Albert always did, even against the hardest of riffs.

Collision Course Disaster is very welcome as by the time it arrives it’s the first fast song we’ve had for some time. It also boasts one of the albums strongest set of riffs. The album also goes out on a faster note with Masquerade Of Good Intentions.

Celebration Decay is a decent enough album but it’s the bands weakest of the last five, the best being 2011’s Razorback Killers if you’re interested. That’s a shame as the band is usually fairly consistent with releasing strong albums. Nevertheless it’s good to have them back and I’m confident that Vicious Rumors still have great albums in them and next time we’ll have something as good as their last, Concussion Protocol.


Demo · 1983 · Heavy Metal
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"Demo II" is as the title suggests the 2nd demo cassette tape by US, California based heavy/power metal act Vicious Rumors. The demo was self-released in May 1983. Since the release of the first demo there have been a couple of lineup changes as guitarist Jim Cassero has been replaced by Chuck Moomey, and drummer Jim Lang has been replaced by Don Selzer. Vicious Rumors were formed in 1979 and released their first demo cassette tape in 1982. The track "In Fire" was also featured on the first demo in a shorter and less developed version.

Stylistically the 3 tracks on the 13:37 minutes long demo continues the heavy/US power metal style of the first demo. "Steeler" is a relatively hard edged heavy/US power metal track (and probably the track which resembles the band´s later more defined US power metal style the most), while "In Fire" is a more melodic traditional heavy metal track greatly influenced by Iron Maiden. "I Can Live Forever" has a more hard rocking feeling to it´s tradtional heavy metal sound and it reminds me a bit of contemporary Judas Priest.

It´s obvious the band have developed their songwriting and playing skills since the first demo, and the sound quality is also slightly better on this demo than on the first. It´s still pretty lo-fi and unpolished though. The three tracks show that Vicious Rumors were still working on finding their own sound, but despite the stylistic inconsistency of the tracks, they are all quality material and a 3 star (60%) rating is warranted. Certainly a promising demo release.


Demo · 1982 · Heavy Metal
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"Demo I" is as the title suggests the 1st demo cassette tape by US, California based heavy/power metal act Vicious Rumors. The demo was self-released in 1982. The lineup at this point consisted of Gary St. Pierre (vocals), Geoff Thorpe (guitars), Jim Cassero (guitars), Jeff Barnacle (bass), and Jim Lang (drums).

Vicious Rumors were formed in 1979 and although they are primarily known as a US power metal act, the early 80s were a bit too soon to be tagging anything US power, and the 2 tracks on the 6:39 minutes long demo are also more traditional heavy metal type material than US power. It´s pretty hard edged though, and references to the most intense and aggressive Judas Priest aren´t all wrong.

The demo features a pretty lo-fi sounding production, and while such productions can sometimes provide equally raw and unpolished music, it´s not really the case here. The sound quality is simply of such a low quality that it´s disturbing for the listening experience.

Given the lo-fi sound quality it was actually a bit surprising to learn that the track "One Way Ticket" off this demo was picked to be featured on the 1984 Shrapnel Records "U.S. Metal Vol. IV" compilation, but on the other hand, if you can look past the abysmal production values, it´s obvious that Vicious Rumors are a talented bunch of guys and the songwriting isn´t the worst either, although at this point pretty immature and lacking a personal sound. A 2.5 star (50%) rating is warranted.


Album · 1990 · US Power Metal
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Vicious Rumors' self-titled album was their first major label release, and as such finds them polishing up their style and steering it at points in a more accessible direction than the preceding album. It's a solid Iron Maiden/Judas Priest-influenced effort, though some of the songs outlast their welcome a bit (World Church gets rather repetitive) and the second side unfortunately seems a bit thin. In fact, I have to wonder whether deadlines imposed by the label or some other disruption caused them to hurry this album, with the more polished and accomplished songs clustered together on side A and side B being thrown together quickly to make the product.


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more than 2 years ago
Vicious Rumors definitely are a US power metal band. Back in the day 'power metal' was used as a term referring to music which was a bit faster and heavier than traditional metal, but not quite as fast and heavy as thrash metal - this was before Euro power metal took over and smeared everything with cheese.
Wilytank wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Are you really sure, that power metal is the main influence in their music?
more than 2 years ago
Yes, I absolutely love "Welcome to the Ball"
Nightfly wrote:
more than 2 years ago
These guys never got the attention they deserved - a truly great band!


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