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The music of MAR de GRISES invites to a desolate trip through the endless movement of our lives. Bitter feelings and the diverse forms in which the man expresses them are intermingled with the most various musical elements to create an intense sonorous film, where moving emotions emerge from overwhelming atmospheres.

This is somewhat of a surprise, the up-and-coming Finnish doom label Firebox signing a Chilean band with an original take on doom metal. Mar De Grises ("sea of gray") has produced an extraordinary debut album in The Tatterdemalion Express, mixing elements of doomdeath, ambient, funeral doom, and even progressive into a seemless and unique sound. The songs are long (averaging around eight minutes each), sometimes complex but never overly ambitious. This is one of the best doom albums in the last several years." - BNR Metal Archive

"Their music is not powerful only by virtue of its intense melancholy,
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MAR DE GRISES The Tatterdemalion Express album cover 4.00 | 3 ratings
The Tatterdemalion Express
Death-Doom Metal 2004
MAR DE GRISES Draining the Waterheart album cover 3.25 | 3 ratings
Draining the Waterheart
Death-Doom Metal 2008
MAR DE GRISES Streams Inwards album cover 3.58 | 6 ratings
Streams Inwards
Death-Doom Metal 2010

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MAR DE GRISES First River Regards album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
First River Regards
Death-Doom Metal 2009

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MAR DE GRISES Streams Inwards

Album · 2010 · Death-Doom Metal
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This record of the Chilean progressive doom metal band "Mar de Grises" is quite challenging and everything but easy to digest. It kicks straight off with melancholic or even depressive melodies that develop a very dark atmosphere in the uneasy and somewhat completely inappropriated opener "Starmaker" that immediately hits you like a comet. Heavy doom metal riffs and controlled death metal vocals meet more progressive passages with cold electronic or robotic sounds and whsipered or spoken word passages. In some tracks, one can also listen to clean vocals reminding me of those in the German gothic metal band Crematory or choirs that give the album a more epic and cinematic touch as in "A Sea of Dead Comets" that reminds me of stuff like In Flames' "The Chosen Pessimist" concerning the negative atmosphere and the sluggish development. In general, the album gets a little bit softer and more progressive towards the end while the beginning is quite misanthropic and raw at some points.

The band is surely sophisticated and this record needs many spins before you might get a connection to it. The song writing is unpredictable and appears sometimes even directionless or boring. The record contains no hooks, gripping choruses or truly outstanding melodies that will stay on your mind for a while. As a highlight, I would probably cite the epic and diversified "Knotted Delirium" that could also please to fans of bands like Opeth as it mixes slow and sometimes even calm progressive doom metal passages with heavier parts by creating a whirlwind of emotions. For those who like heavier stuff, the surprisingly vivid "The Bell and the Solar Gust" is probably the most memorable song on the album and develops a drowning but at the same time almost dynamical sound.

Another outstanding track is without a doubt the bonus song "Aphelion Aura" which is also the longest song on the album. The track is even more minimalistic and probably the weirdest piece on here. Instead of the usual vocalist, it features a few clean and grounded female vocals that are underlayed by spacey lounge sounds and maybe something like modern jazz elements. The song is completely electronic and features no guitar or bass sounds at all. The song rather reminds me of some more introspective stuff by Adele but is three times longer than those songs wthout any logical reason. As you might guess, this band doesn't care about being popular in the metal scene or having an own style and don't stop their strange experiments.

In the end, it's very hard to get a connection to this band. Apart of those who are really open-minded and like to experiment new sounds and styles and fans of progressive doom metal, I can't imagine that many people might like this. While I recognize the band's courageous approaches and must admit that they have a couple of good ideas and a big talent when it comes to develop a melancholic atmosphere which is the leitfaden of this release, I can't really say that I would listen to this kind of music very often. It's music for special hours and quite hard to digest. In the end, it's tough to chose a rating for this band but as the record certainly has its moments, my final verdict remains quite positive.

MAR DE GRISES Draining the Waterheart

Album · 2008 · Death-Doom Metal
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Chilean Gothic Doom Metal. This is the simplest, most concise description of Mar De Grises’ (Sea Of Gray) music. All the requisite elements are present to warrant this description as well. Within the 64 minute release, we find plenty of slow tempos, sad, depressing melodies, Death Metal vocals & an overall darkly romantic vibe.

Now, depending on your taste this is the kind of album that will either bore one to tears or drive them there with its passion & conviction. Some purveyors of the genre will love this album for its pure rendition of the style, others will hate it for being more of the same when they crave something new. I’ll say that if you are one of the latter then you’d best be on your way. Draining The Waterheart stays true to its chosen genre and does a fine job and flying said flag. 2 of the 8 tracks here are sung in Spanish which, with these vocals, is nearly impossible to decipher let alone recognize. But, follow along with the lyric sheet and improve your bilingual skills. There are plenty of free online translators to help. The English lyrics are the usual poetic fare and fit the vibe of the music nicely.

Some bands seek to innovate while some bands just want to make the best music they can in the genre of their choosing. Mar De Grises plays good, strong, heavy music and fans of the style will find more to love inside this band’s dark embrace. Fans of Shape Of Despair, Draconian, My Dying Bride & the like take note.

MAR DE GRISES Streams Inwards

Album · 2010 · Death-Doom Metal
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Time Signature

Genre: gothic metal meets death-doom

This release by Chilean metal act Mar de Grises is a bit difficult to categorize, but I guess it can be described as a melancholic blend of doom and gothic metal with harsh death metal vocals.

All the tracks on this album are quit emelodic, containing elements that remind me a bit of "Mandylion"-era Gathering meets "Draconian Times"-era Paradise Lost, while other parts are more doom-metal like along the lines 2000s My Dying Bride. There is also a general melancholic feel that reminds me of the likes of Danish alt. rock / prog rock / art pop band Mew.

All in all, "Streams Inwards" is a haunting, but inspiring journey into the more melancholic aspects of gothic metal and doom metal, and I think that it's a quite interesting listen, which does require the listener to pay attention though.

I think that it will appeal to fans of doom metal and gothic metal.

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