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Previously known as Silverspoon, having issued the 'Sink Or Swim' demo under their former name, PAGAN'S MIND came into being during mid 2000. Frontman Nils K. Rue had previously sang for Sunset Strip. Guitarist Thorstein Eugen Aaby had previously been employed by acts such as Deadline and Sunset Strip whilst drummer Stian Lindaas Kristoffersen has experience with WOODSTONE, King's Quest and Sunset Strip. Rue, alongside Carnivora members Tore Moren and bassist Bjarne Torud, in association with erstwhile Street Legal drummer Bjorn Olav Bol Ladval and ex-Circus Maximus keyboard player Espen Storø also operate the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band Ozzmosis.

Signing to the Facefront label the group adopted the revised title and introduced new members guitar player Jorn Viggo Lofstad of Cry Free and Trivial Act bass player Steinar Krokmo. Following recording of the debut 'Infinity Divine' album, produced by none other than TNT guitarist Ronni Le Tekro, the band also

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Heavenly Ecstasy: LimitedHeavenly Ecstasy: Limited
Limited Edition
Steamhammer / SPV 2011
Audio CD$7.50
$7.45 (used)
Infinity DivineInfinity Divine
Alliance 2004
Audio CD$42.95
$19.99 (used)
Celestial EntranceCelestial Entrance
Alliance 2003
Audio CD$35.69
$25.00 (used)
Heavenly EcstasyHeavenly Ecstasy
Steamhammer / SPV 2011
Audio CD$7.97
$8.49 (used)
God's EquationGod's Equation
Alliance 2008
Audio CD$13.60
$12.24 (used)
Enigmatic: CallingEnigmatic: Calling
LMP 2005
Audio CD$59.95
$19.75 (used)
Live EquationLive Equation
Edge J26181 2011
Audio CD$79.75
$77.95 (used)
Celestial Entrance By Pagan's Mind (2002-11-25)Celestial Entrance By Pagan's Mind (2002-11-25)
Audio CD$92.61
Enigmatic Calling By Pagan's Mind (2005-06-06)Enigmatic Calling By Pagan's Mind (2005-06-06)
Audio CD$89.30
God's Equation By Pagan's Mind (2007-11-12)God's Equation By Pagan's Mind (2007-11-12)
Audio CD$58.17
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.. Album Cover 3.21 | 10 ratings
Infinity Divine
Progressive Metal 2000
.. Album Cover 4.39 | 21 ratings
Celestial Entrance
Progressive Metal 2002
.. Album Cover 4.59 | 15 ratings
Enigmatic: Calling
Progressive Metal 2005
.. Album Cover 3.90 | 11 ratings
God's Equation
Progressive Metal 2007
.. Album Cover 3.93 | 17 ratings
Heavenly Ecstasy
Progressive Metal 2011

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PAGAN'S MIND Celestial Entrance

Album · 2002 · Progressive Metal
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Primeval Scum
I had been hearing the name Pagan's Mind thrown around a lot recently, with comparisons to Dream Theater. Despite my dislike for Dream Theater, I finally decided to check out Pagan's Mind's highest rated album on RYM, "Celestial Entrance".

My expectations weren't particularly high, but I was immediately drawn into the album by "Through Osiris' Eyes". The song is now one of my favorite power metal songs of all time, featuring a chorus that is simply beautiful, epic and melodic. Though the rest of the album never quite reaches the level of eargasm I experienced on the second track, there is no shortage of great songs.

There is a nice variety here. There are the slower, more melodic songs like "Through Osiris' Eyes" and blazing-fast heavier songs like "The Seven Sacred Promises". Perhaps the most technically impressive sequence in Pagan's Mind's entire career is the two-part Back To The Magic of Childhood instrumental. "Part 2: Exploring Life" in particular is stuffed full of sheer awesomeness and great riffs. It was nice to heard this band just do its thing and shred and make wonderful music without relying on Nils K Rue.

The overall sound Pagan's Mind goes for is sort of a blend of power metal and progressive metal. The songs are quite long with a lot of progressive elements, keyboards and complex riffing, but the vocals are the sort more often heard in power metal (high, operatic choruses...etc).

Not including the intro, here are my ratings for each song: 2. Through Osiris' Eyes - 5/5 3. Entrance: Stargate - 3/5 4. ...Of Epic Questions - 4.5/5 5. Dimensions of Fire - 3/5 6. Dreamscape Lucidity - 4/5 7. The Seven Sacred Promises - 4/5 8. Back to the Magic of Childhood, Part 1: Conception - 3.5/5 9. Back to the Magic of Childhood, Part 2: Exploring Life - 4.5/5 10. In Brilliant White Light - 2.5/5 11. Aegean Shores - 4/5 12. The Prophecy of Pleiades - 3/5

Overall : 3.73/5

PAGAN'S MIND Enigmatic: Calling

Album · 2005 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Pagan's Mind may have an "Enigmatic Calling" but their musical agenda here couldn't be more easily digestible, offering up mostly traditional power metal fare with sufficient influence from progressive metal to add some interesting twists to proceedings. With a futuristic sheen added at points by Ronny Tegner's keyboards, I'm reminded of a mashup of the prog-leaning approach Iron Maiden took on Seventh Son of a Seventh Son with the aesthetic they adopted for Somewhere In Time, which is no bad thing. Vocalist Nils K. Rue takes the opportunity to show off some impressive range to boot, helping set Pagan's Mind ahead of the pack.

PAGAN'S MIND Celestial Entrance

Album · 2002 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Celestial Entrance is the 2nd studio album by Pagan's Mind, and in this album we see potential realized. It is perhaps the most musically interesting of their albums, containing possibly the most interesting song structures, time signature changes, and technical wizardry. Some highlights include the dizzying instrumental "Back to the Magic of Childhood, Part 2: Exploring Life", the frightening metal sounds of "...Of Epic Questions", the spookiness of "The Prophecy of Pleiades", and the fist pumping "Aegean Shores". This is a perfect album for someone who loves Power Metal, and wants to experience Progressive Metal without diving in headfirst, and conversely would be a great album for any Progressive Metal lover who wants to try out some Power Metal.

PAGAN'S MIND God's Equation

Album · 2007 · Progressive Metal
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God's Equation is the fourth studio album of this band, and while in many ways they sound much more polished, I personally felt like I was starting to see their decline, a conclusion that was re-inforced for me with their fifth album: Heavenly Ecstasy. I say this because I noticed in this album a decline in the interesting time-signature changes and technical playing I had heard in the previous two albums. This being said, God's Equation is a stellar album - the sound production is improved from the last album, and some of my favorite songs by the band are actually on this album, including the epic Osiris' Triumphant Return, the otherworldly Painted Skies, spacey sounding Spirit Starcruiser, and heavy monsters Evolution Exceed and Alien Kamikaze.

PAGAN'S MIND Heavenly Ecstasy

Album · 2011 · Progressive Metal
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Oh, Pagan's Mind, how you broke my heart with this album. I expected so much from you, based on your previous works. But with this album you commited the cardinal sin for me and released an album full of repetitious songs devoid of the previous mastery of time signature changes I had heard from you in the past, lacking in interesting song structure, and featuring less of the overall technical wizardry I had come to expect of you. I don't know if the switch to blue-based album covers to a red-based album cover somehow subconsciously did this to you, or if you picked a red-based album cover because you subconsciously realized you had sold out to the masses, but I was so sad as I listened to this album. I am hoping this is merely a phase - we shall see. To the readers - if you want to listen to Pagan's Mind at their best, go listen to Enigmatic: Calling, Celestial Entrance, or God's Equation.

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