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Album · 2005


1. The Celestine Prophecy (7:37)
2. Enigmatic Mission (5:17)
3. Supremacy, Our Kind (6:01)
4. Entrance to Infinity (7:49)
5. Coming Home (instrumental) (2:36)
6. Celestial Calling (7:00)
7. Taken (7:35)
8. Resurrection (Back in Time) (6:37)
9. Appearance (instrumental) (1:52)
10. Search for Life (5:01)
11. New World Order (8:14)

Total Time: 65:44


- Nils K. Rue / Vocals
- Jörn Viggo Lofstad / Guitars
- Steinar Krokmo / Bass
- Ronny Tegner / Keyboards
- Stian Kristoffersen / Drums

- Espen Mjøen / Vocals (Backing)

About this release

Release date: April 18th, 2005
Label: Limb Music GmbH

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Pagan's Mind may have an "Enigmatic Calling" but their musical agenda here couldn't be more easily digestible, offering up mostly traditional power metal fare with sufficient influence from progressive metal to add some interesting twists to proceedings. With a futuristic sheen added at points by Ronny Tegner's keyboards, I'm reminded of a mashup of the prog-leaning approach Iron Maiden took on Seventh Son of a Seventh Son with the aesthetic they adopted for Somewhere In Time, which is no bad thing. Vocalist Nils K. Rue takes the opportunity to show off some impressive range to boot, helping set Pagan's Mind ahead of the pack.
Pagan's Mind is a unique act that leans more towards european melodic Power Metal, but in many of their albums add progressive elements that make their music very interesting and, to be quite frank, quite wonderful. They have a dark, spacey-futuristic feel that mainly comes from the keyboard playing of Ronny Tegner. Add to this the stellar guitar work of Jorn Viggo Lofstad (who I have heard compared to Eddie Van Halen, and while I see this I feel his playing is far superior and adds some of the flavor and techniques of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani maybe) and the unearthly, often banshee-like, 80's metal-style singing of Nils K. Rue, and thunderous drumming of Stian Kristoffersen, and you have quite an amazing style.

Enigmatic: Calling is the third studio album by the band, and is probably my favorite overall. In this album, Pagan's Mind treads right on the border of Progressive and Power Metal, having one foot firmly planted on either side. The whole album has a very other-worldly, spacey, futuristic feel to it that is hard to explain, but can be perfectly summed up in the first few minutes of the final song "New World Order", which is incidentally my favorite song by the band. I would actually recommend that anyone who wants to know what this band is about go listen to that song as it perfectly showcases everything the band does so very well. But this is not the only good song on the album - the whole album is filled with head-banging, eerie, spacey metal that will have you fist-pumping all the way through. This is a perfect album for someone who loves Power Metal, and wants to experience Progressive Metal without diving in headfirst, and conversely would be a great album for any Progressive Metal lover who wants to try out some Power Metal.

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