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Album · 1996

Filed under Power Metal


1. Father Time (5:01)
2. Will The Sun Rise? (5:06)
3. Eternity (6:55)
4. Episode (2:01)
5. Speed Of Light (3:03)
6. Uncertainty (5:58)
7. Season Of Change (6:56)
8. Stratosphere (4:52)
9. Babylon (7:09)
10. Tomorrow (4:51)
11. Night Time Eclipse (7:58)
12. Forever (3:08)

Total Time: 68:32


- Timo Kotipelto / vocals
- Timo Tolkki / guitars
- Jari Kainulainen / bass
- Jens Johansson / keyboards
- Jörg Michael / drums

About this release

Release date: July 1996
Label: Victor / Noise Records

Japanese bonus track:
13. When The Night Meets The Day (5:30)

Japanese re-release in 2002 also features:
14. Future Shock '96.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

This is where things just start to go right for Finnish Power Metal legends Stratovarius. Some bands just take a while to really get it right. They formed all the way back in 1984 and gradually mutated with experience and line-up changes from being a solid but forgettable underground Heavy Metal band that didn’t even tour to one of the world’s premier Power Metal bands. Their first three albums were respectable efforts with main guitarist Timo Tolkki on vocals and stylistically lacking much of the melodic Euro flavour or symphonic pomp of their more famous material. Their fourth album saw them add a new lead vocalist in the iconic Timo Kotipelto and start gearing up to become the band they always had the potential to be.

In 1996 the band exploded in terms of quality, memorability, confidence and power. They released the Episode album, their fifth studio long-player, and the first to feature the ‘classic line up’ with the aforementioned Kotipelto and Tolkki (and not forgetting bassist Jari Kainulainen) now joined by the new additions of German Jörg Michael (of Rage fame!) on drums and Swedish Jens Johannson (of Yngwie Malmsteen fame!) on keyboards. This line-up just all compliment each other’s styles really well and bring the best out of each other.

The thundering double kicks of Jörg perfectly suit Tolkki’s Priest-meets-Scorpions-meets-early-Queensryche style riffs. The guitar and keyboard trade-off solos between Tolkki and Johannson are some of the best in the genre and take what Blackmore and Lord were doing in the ’70s and both modernize and metalize it. Kotipelto’s soaring vocals are finely accentuated by background keys from Johannson and are given the room to breathe by the long ringing chords that Tolkki drops over that perfectly-synced rhythm section. This is perfect musical harmony exemplified.

The album contains some of the band’s absolute finest work, such as ‘Father Time,’ ‘Tommorow,’ ‘Will The Sun Rise?’ ‘Speed Of Light’ and the furious instrumental ‘Stratosphere.’ How many bands has this stuff influenced over the years?! You can hear it absolutely dripping down through history to bands like Sonata Arctica and Dragonforce and so, so many others. Hell, even the ballad is great. Sometime I get a bit sick of Power Metal bands doing ballads but ‘Forever’ on this album is absolutely beautiful, so simple and sweetly and perfect.

There’s a bit of variety too, on the slow and pounding numbers like the ominous and threatening sounding ‘Uncertainty’ which sounds like if someone took Metallica’s ‘Wherever I May Roam’ and Queensryche’s ‘Roads To Madness’ and mixed them together. There’s the eastern tinged ‘Babylon’ and the almost eight minute long multi-part, multi-tempo, mutli-mood ‘Night Time Eclipse’ which would foreshadow the band’s slow transition into progressive territories. ‘Season Of Change’ sees the band work with a full orchestra and gives them a symphonic feel similar to Italy’s Rhapsody.

Overall this album was a real triumph for the band, it is a diverse and entertaining journey of an album full of depth and character and indeed some absolutely off the chain virtuosic (yet perfectly balanced) musicianship. It was the beginning of a solid run of really great records with the so called classic line-up and a record that no fan of either the band nor the genre should overlook. Visions might be the first Stratovarius album new fans should check out, but Episode should swiftly follow!
Stratovarius could be accused of making endless variations on the same album, but in the case of Episode it's a solid (if unremarkable) instance of the album in question. Timo Tolkki's hyperkinetic guitars and Jens Johansson's keyboards are cranked up to 11, and indeed the band as a whole are on full technical showboating mode, but if this is the style of power metal you like that's exactly what you are after. Stratovarius go full cheese with their brand of power metal, making them a decidedly acquired taste, but I guess if you're up for trying them out this is as good a starting point as any.

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