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Album · 1991


1. Gothic (4:43)
2. Dead Emotion (4:33)
3. Shattered (3:58)
4. Rapture (5:09)
5. Eternal (3:46)
6. Falling Forever (3:27)
7. Angel Tears (2:36)
8. Silent (4:35)
9. The Painless (3:58)
10. Desolate (1:52)
11. Rotting Misery (Doom dub) (6:00)
12. Breeding Fear (Demolition dub) (4:47)

Total Time: 49:31


- Nick Holmes / Vocals
- Gregor Mackintosh / Lead guitar
- Aaron Aedy / Rhythm guitars
- Steve Edmondson / Bass guitar
- Matthew Archer / Drums

Additional Personnel:
- The Raptured Symphony Orchestra / orchestral sections
- Sarah Marrion / vocals

About this release

Label: Peaceville Records
Release Date: March 1991

Recorded at Academy Music Studios, West Yorkshire. November 1990 - January 1991

2003 re-release includes 2 bonus tracks

Re-released in 2008 with bonus DVD

Music written by Gregor Mackintosh. Lyrics by Nick Holmes.
Engineered by Keith Appleton.

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Gothic is the second album by the Godfathers of death / doom / gothic metal. Being definitely rather influential record for the genre it contains a lot of early Paradise Lost anthems. The style in harsh and slow, as do the vocals. The production of the album is quite mediocre and the musicians were still looking their shape. Gothic as a name gave the direction of the band for long years to come, but it is not a gothic album itself. Recommended for all fans of the band and genre, and yet do not expect miracles from this unpolished studio record.
It's taken me a long time to warm to the Peaceville school of death-doom metal, and I remain unimpressed by a lot of its products, but finally I have found an album from this stable which makes me say "Yes, this is genuinely a classic worthy of its high reputation". I think what had put me off Gothic before was that I'd come to it expecting an album which sounded at least vaguely similar to the gothic metal that followed it or the gothic rock which was in vogue at the time, and aside from some production touches on the slow lead guitar chords and the like it really isn't like that - it's more of a death-doom album with lyrics dedicated wholly to the same absolute gloom that the goths were exploring but with its style very much in the sickened-to-the-heart gruesome corruption of the death-doom style. An album which makes you truly believe that the universe has died and you are a maggot inside its rotting corpse.
"Gothic" is the 2nd full-length studio album by UK doom/death metal act Paradise Lost. The album was released through Peaceville Records in March 1991. The early nineties UK scene was a hot spot for doom/death metal. Acts like My Dying Bride, Cathedral, Anathema and of course Paradise Lost took the ultra heavy beats of 70s and 80s doom metal artists like Black Sabbath and Trouble and combined them with the brutality and rawness of the, at the time, new death metal style. Paradise Lost debut full-length studio album "Lost Paradise (1990)" was generally well received by both fans and critics alike and are widely regarded as one of the earliest examples of the doom/death metal style. Paradise Lost was never content to stagnate though and already mixed in elements from other styles on "Gothic".

Unlike what the title may suggest the music on "Gothic" isn´t as such gothic metal. That term wasn´t even coined at that point. The band play around with dark gothic atmospheres, clean female vocals and some orchestration, but the basis in the music is still doom/death metal. It´s more melodic than the case was on the debut album and quite often the heavy doomy riffs are accompanied by melancholic lead guitar themes. The tracks are epic in nature and there are moments of monumental beauty on display several times during the playing time. The way the tracks are arranged they give you a breathtaking effect when they build to their epic climaxes. There is no better example than when the growling vocals kick in after the intro to the title track. Such powerful emotions on display there. The vocal delivery is absolutely fantastic on the album. The female vocals are alright, but it´s the growling vocals by Nick Holmes that take the prize. Powerful, brutal and intelligible. Probably one of the most commanding growling vocal performances I´ve yet encountered. The choice to put him real high in the mix is brilliant to my ears.

While there are certainly goth tinged and melodic tracks on the album like "Angel Tears" and "Eternal", "Gothic" is not a soft type doom/death metal release and tracks like "Dead Emotion" and "Falling Forever" pull in a more brutal direction albeit still maintaining a melodic edge. However a clear development towards a more melodic sound is heard even in the most brutal tracks compared to the more raw and brutal "Lost Paradise (1990)".

Upon release "Gothic" almost instantly found an audience who understood the groundbreaking nature of the album and in retrospect it´s obvious that not many other albums from that time sounded like this (what happened in the following years is another story). The combination of dark gothic atmospheres, lead guitar melodies, brutal growling and crushingly heavy doomy riffs was quite unique. Personally this was a favorite of mine for years, but while I still enjoy the album and hear great qualities in the music, there are also features on the album that I´ve become more critical about over the years. The bad quality drumming in particular but also the sound production, which might suit the music perfectly, but does feature a couple of technical errors that to my ears are slight issues. So "Gothic" is one of those nostalgic albums that I would have rated with a 5 star (100%) rating when it was released, but now I feel a 4 star (80%) rating is more appropriate. It´s however still a highly recommendable doom/death metal album packed in gothic atmospheres and I still haven´t listened to any other album that sounds quite like it.

Members reviews

Gothic is pretty much where Gothic Metal got it’s name and signature sound, especially the title track. Of course, the majority of this album isn’t actually Gothic Metal – rather straightforward Death Doom is the name of the game here. They add some female vocals and melodic lines every so often, but otherwise this is pretty stripped down and basic.

My favorite part of this album are actually Nick’s vocals. Those are some monstrous howls right there, and the heavy reverb ensure they create a great atmosphere on their own. I appreciate this one a lot more than when I first heard it, but I still see it as an overrated stepping stone simply leading the way to truly great Death Doom and Gothic Metal that other bands would perfect.

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