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Album · 1976

Filed under Hard Rock


1. Back In The Saddle (4:40)
2. Last Child (3:26)
3. Rats In The Cellar (4:06)
4. Combination (3:40)
5. Sick As A Dog (4:11)
6. Nobody's Fault (4:25)
7. Get The Lead Out (3:41)
8. Lick And A Promise (3:05)
9. Home Tonight (3:16)

Total Time 34:34


- Steven Tyler / lead vocals, percussion, harmonica, keyboard
- Joe Perry / guitar, backing vocals, 6-string bass
- Brad Whitford / guitar
- Tom Hamilton / bass, guitar
- Joey Kramer / drums, percussion

- Paul Prestopino / banjo

About this release

May 3, 1976

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I think my testosterone levels doubled while listening to this on my way to work today. No wonder i loved this as a teen. I've mentioned before that AEROSMITH were my first real favourite band and the first concert i went to was to see them in Toronto in the late seventies. It's funny how your opinion of a band can change over the years though as i have no respect for these guys now and haven't for a long time. In fact i'd flush all their music down the toilet except for "Rocks", "Toys In The Attic" and "Live Bootleg". But listening to these classic albums reminds me why they were so legendary back then. I would place "Rocks" slightly above "Toys In The Attic" as i find it way more consistant even though it doesn't reach the high("Sweet Emotion") of "Toys...". This album does "sound" amazing though and it's obvious these guys were abundantly talented. Tough to pick a top three so i'll go with a top four which includes "Back In The Saddle" a concert opener for many years. "Last Child" is this Bluesy tune that is just plain nasty. "Sick As A Dog" is a top four as well along with "Nobody's Fault". This is an album that rocks hard and the only thing keeping me from 5 stars is the final track called "Home Tonight" which is a sappy ballad-like tune. I have a huge amount of respect for this bands work on this record and "Toys In The Attic". It all went downhill from here sadly.
I like Aerosmith! But there's something, I just can't explain in words I guess, but they are never 'there' for me.

Music for me is all about albums, not songs, and the only real good album from the band I've heard till now is Nine Lives (1997).

But dont get me wrong, Rocks, like the name says, literally, rocks. It's a very good album, but again, Aerosmith's always missing something, a touch I guess. Maybe we need some really remarkable guitar solos. Joe Perry is a good guitar player, but he'd never been able to create a really good 'singing' solo. You know, the kind you can whistle with. I think this would be essential to a Hard Rock/Blues Band like Aerosmith was/is.

But hey, there's great songs here like 'Back In The Saddle', 'Rats In The Cellar', 'Sick As A Dog' and 'Home Tonight'.
Without question, Rocks is my favorite Aerosmith record. While not what we would consider to be metal nowadays, Aerosmith have undoubtedly inspired several bands in the genre ranging from glam metal bands (Guns N Roses) to thrash metal artists (Metallica). Rocks is a major reason why such bands look back on Aerosmith with such fondness.

The album starts with two classic rock songs in “Back in The Saddle” and “Last Child”. Both songs are mid paced in terms of tempo, and feature some excellent riffing by the duo of Joe Perry and the less-praised Brad Whitford. “Rats In The Cellar” is the most up beat song on Rocks, featuring some great harmonica playing by Steven Tyler as well as a great chorus. Some of the riffing during and following the solo section reminds me of what would go on to be known as speed/thrash metal, kind of like how Metallica would close songs in the Kill em All era.

“Combination” is an overlooked song on the album. Written by Joe Perry, “Combination” features great dueling vocals by Perry and Tyler, as well as a nice dirty (if that makes sense) rhythm guitar sound. “Sick as a Dog” may be my favorite song on Rocks. This song features bassist Tom Hamilton switching to guitar and Perry playing the bass (though he plays the guitar solo at the outro). The vocal delivery and the melody are very sing-along-able. It’s a rock song that is somewhat lighter in nature compared to many of the other songs.

“Nobody’s Fault” is a heavier, mid paced tune. I’m a fan of Joey Kramer’s drumming on this track, which stands out the most to me. “Get The Lead Out” is probably the song on Rocks that most resembles what the band would produce in the late 80s and early 90s, particularly during the verse. The bluesy guitar and vocal tradeoffs work to great effect. “Lick and a Promise” has something more of an old-school rock n roll vibe to it, though slightly heavier. Surprisingly, there is only one legitimate ballad on this one, “Home Tonight”. It’s a beautiful song with great vocals by Tyler and effective melodic lead guitar playing to support the song structure.

This is one of those albums I haven’t listened to in about a year, and while revisiting it, I still can’t find any major flaws in it worth complaining about. The production is good for it’s time, and every song is memorable and well executed. An essential listen!
As the title suggests, Aerosmith’s fourth studio album rocks. It’s often regarded as one of the band’s best releases, along with the preceding Toys In The Attic. There are some differences between the two albums, most notable probably is that Rocks probably is heavier and a tad less blues-oriented than Toys In The Attic. Also, it sounds more complete to my ears.

The album kicks off in an excellent way. “Back In The Saddle” is a heavy opener, followed by the more melodic first single, “Last Child”. “Rats In The Cellar” is another heavy rocker in the vein of the album opener, although it has faster tempo and is more bluesy. There are some less notable tracks on the album, like “Combination”, “Lick and a Promise” and the most bluesy track on the album “Get The Lead Out”. None of these tracks are bad by any means, though definitely not on the same level as most of the other tracks. “Nobody’s Fault” was the album’s second single. It’s a very vicious track, featuring a somewhat unexpected melodic chorus. “Sick as a Dog” is another great track, featuring a mesmerizing intro that turns into groovy song. The album closes, just like Toys In The Attic, with a ballad. “Home Tonight” is the perfect ending for Rocks, and certainly a highlight in Aerosmith’s career.

As “Home Tonight” fades out the album ends. A great album it was, not having any bad moments, though some parts weren’t as satisfying as others. Fortunately, this goes only for a small minority of the music and therefore I rate this album 4 stars without any doubt at all.

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